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Side-Line introduces The Violen(t) Vocation(s) – listen now to ‘Dying Memory’ (Face The Beat profile series)

The 58th track on “Face The Beat: Session 3” is by The Violen(t) Vocation(s), a project that offers the more electronica styled track “Dying Memory”. You can listen to the track below which can be downloaded via the free “Face The Beat: Session 3” compilation.

The German act The Violen(t) Vocation(s) was founded in October 2008 and is the project run by U. Munchow aka DJ Harder who has been in the music business for 37 years. The project has been offering music mixing EBM, dark wave, electronica, industrial and dark ambient with influences derived from such bands as Click Click , Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Ministry , Chrome , S.I.T.D. and more.

So far the project has released 2 EPs and 6 albums with “Overdosed … Brain(Damage)!” being the most recent. At the moment the band is working on an upcoming release : “Savage, Anger-Revenge”.

Here’s what Munchow says about his band: “The sound is and remains the sound from the 80s and 90s. The albums have been produced in topics. For example, the album “TotenTanz” handles about the 21 people who died at the love parade 2010. For me music is the movie in the listener’s head!”

You can find more info about the project on this Black IP Studio  Recordings page.