S.E.T.I. – The Sphere Of Density (Album – Zoharum)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Cinematographic. Format: Digital, 2 CD. Background/Info: Andrew Lagowski has been involved with numerous projects, but Lagowski and S.E.T.I. definitely belong to the most renowned ones. 2020 seems to be a prolific year for this artist as he first released a new Lagowski-work and now moves on with S.E.T.I. The first disc features five new tracks while the second disc is a live recording. Content: The new songs are leading the listener into a dark, imaginary world. The tracks are progressively evolving, being composed with multiple sound effects, different noises and field recordings. The sound has something ominous, like announcing something bad and evil… leading the visitor through an imaginary gallery of horror. The tracks are extended; one is even going over the 23 minutes. The second album is a live recording that took place at “XVIII Wroclaw Industrial Festival”. It’s a one shot cut, totally improvised, but here again revealing an impressive sound/noise arsenal that will get you in its grip for more than 40 minutes. + + + : Andrew Lagowski simply confirms he’s an artist with different faces and sides, but he feels comfortable dealing with all sides of his creative brain. He’s a master in the … Continue reading S.E.T.I. – The Sphere Of Density (Album – Zoharum)