Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb working on a new Noise Unit album

Good news, the duo Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb are working on a brand new Noise Unit album and this 15 years after the last album “Voyeur” was released on Metropolis. Precise details are not yet known though, more news as we get it. Noise Unit: a continuously evolving project Noise Unit is a Canadian industrial project founded by Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly as a side project. The band has seen several changes in line-up, with Bill Leeb being the only permanent member. Noise Unit’s first album, “Grinding into Emptiness” was a collaboration between Leeb and Marc Verhaeghen of Belgian industrial band Klinik and was released in 1989 through Wax Trax! and Antler-Subway. For the 1990 album “Response Frequency” Leeb was joined by Rhys Fulber. After the completion of the album, Verhaeghen left Noise Unit for several years while Fulber remained with the band for the next 3 releases. Verhaeghen resumed his collaboration with Noise Unit for the 1996 album “Drill” which also featured members of German industrial band Haujobb. Leeb finally teamed up with former Front Line Assembly member Chris Peterson in 2004 to release “Voyeur” in 2005 with further help from Jason Filipchuk and Michael Balch.