Reptilicus|Senking – Unison (CD Album – Artoffact Records)

By Feb 1,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electro, IDM.

Background/Info: Icelandic Reptilicus and German Senking joined hands for the realization of a documentary about analogue/modular synths. They were invited to experiment with synths in a famous studio in Ontario. After that experiment both bands together with Danish artist Rúnar Magnússon as a third member decided to work on the raw material, which resulted in this “Unison”-album.

Content: If you’re familiar with the sound and releases of both artists you simply can figure that this is the meeting between ‘avant-garde’ artists; Reptilicus being more specialized in sound experiments and Senking as an ambassador of IDM. “Unison” exactly sounds that way, sometimes more into IDM and other parts into pure experimentation. The very unique sound treatments however remain the main characteristic of this work.

+ + + : “Unison” is an album you’ve to listen to several times. It’s sophisticated and sometimes deeply experimental, but I like its accessibility. The great sound treatments and IDM touch mixed with some down-tempo cadence are getting the tracks fascinating. The work is filled with great analogue effects, deep-vibrating sequences, cold sound treatments and a constant mix between industrial- and space-like sounds. “Delivery” is a little sonic jewel.

– – – : The experimental side is sometimes a bit too explicit, but that’s probably because I’m not a huge fan of experimental music.

Conclusion: “Unison” is a fascinating experience for the artists, but still for the audience. It’s a modern work accomplished with ‘old’ instruments, but modular synths got famous because of their unique sound magic.

Best songs: “Delivery”, “Shiver”  “Inner Fish”.

Rate: (7½).

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