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Plastic Noise Experience to release first vinyl (and other extended formats) with new ‘Push And Punish’ album

Plastic Noise Experience goes vinyl, and to celebrate the event, old-school EBM veteran Claus Kruse made exclusive ‘vinyl remixes’ of 11 songs taken from his “Therapy” album, giving them a 12” extended version feel. The vinyl can be ordered right here and includes a CD version of the LP songs plus 8 bonus exclusive remixes by other EBM acts like Orange Sector, Nordarr, Mrdtc, T.H. Industry, Akalotz, Die6, Citric Acid and Solar Powered Vampyre.

You can order the vinyl (+ CD included) right now via the Alfa Matrix webstore.

For the hardcore fans, 6 additional exclusive remixes will be made available via the Bandcamp extended version which is available now for ordering. You’ll get 2 tracks already when doing so: “Control” and “Feel Me”. The extra exclusive remixes were executed by Implant, It, Mezire, T.A.N.K., Astma and White Trash Wankers.

You can listen to the first 2 tracks below.