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Otto Dix singer Michael Draw releases Russian opera tribute, gets remixed by Substaat

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange)

Michael Draw, the countertenor singer from the Russian darkwave band Otto Dix, released the “Cold Song” EP on October 30th 2017.
“Cold Song” is a song originally performed by Klaus Nomi, released on his eponymous album in 1981, then as a single in 1982, and remixed several times later.
It contains lyrics excerpts from Henry Purcell’s “What Power Art Thou” form the semi-opera “King Arthur”, performed for the first time in 1691.

The music by Henry Purcell was arranged in a darkwave and rock manner by the Russian composer Fyodor Arkhangelsky and remixed by Jarle Hansen from Substaat.

Jarle Hansen explains how this Norwegian-Russian collaboration came to happen:
– We met Michael (from Otto Dix) a couple of years back as we did a tour with them in Germany and Poland. Otto Dix is a very theatric band and I was very fascinated by their stage appearance and how they blended Michaels voice with electronic music.

– I have always wanted to try bringing in elements from classical music into the electronic scene. The last years a lot of well-known bands in the scene have done great concerts and recordings with a symphonic orchestra.
Then when Michael asked me if I would do a remix of his version of “Cold Song”, I was very happy, and also a bit frightened. This is “the other way around”, “electrifying” a well-known classic act is surely nothing you want to mess up.

– Just after Michael had released the single, I went to a Laibach concert in Oslo, surprised to hear that they have decided to do their own version of “Cold Song” on the tour this year. It was a great concert, and I really enjoy Laibach, but I prefer Michael’s version. I may not be completely objective though.

Get your own copy here:–cold-song-single-ru.html