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New video Moby & The Void Pacific Choir based on Max Fleischer’s 1930’s animation

Taking inspiration from Max Fleischer’s iconic animation of the 1930’s, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir (in collaboration with Steve Cutts) have released the music video for “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?”. “Are You Lost In the World Like Me” has been taken from the debut album “These Systems Are Failing” by Moby & the Void Pacific Choir.

The video – which you can watch right below – is what Moby calls “a lighthearted look at alienation, modern dystopian living, and the collapse of our species”.

The video was directed and animated by illustrator Steve Cutts who says: “For me the video is about our increasing dependence on technology and about human interaction today, or a certain lack of it. It focuses on the way tech is changing us – how we have become desensitized.” Moby adds: “A few years ago I saw Steve Cutts’ “Man” video and was amazed and blown away. I did some internet sleuthing and found his e-mail address and humbly asked him to make a video for me. And, lucky me, he agreed. The video he made for “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” is without question one of the best videos that’s ever been made for one of my songs.”