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Mortiis offers free charity 3-track single via Side-Line (feat. En Esch remix) – get it here

In collaboration with Side-Line Magazine, the Norwegian musician Håvard Ellefsen aka Mortiis releases the free 3-track charity single “Too Little Too Late” via the magazine’s Bandcamp page.

The single features 3 tracks including a remix by En Esch (KMFDM, Pigface, and Slick Idiot) which is exclusive to this single.

The 2 other tracks are the album version of “Too Little Too Late” which is taken from the album “The Great Deceiver” (Omnipresence Productions) and “The Ugly Truth (Je$us Loves Amerika Remix)” which is taken from the album “The Great Corrupter” (Omnipresence Productions). Also included in the full download of the single is the back of the cover artwork featuring full credits.

This free single is part of a series of singles which will be released over time via Side-Line by bands who support the charity projects Side-Line is backing. Feel free to donate if you want to, you’ll be making a difference for someone else in need.

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