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MAN/MACHINE/MUSIC: an evening of Kraftwerk, including an Apoptygma Berzerk intimate concert

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange)

Fans of Kraftwerk and fans of Apoptygma Berzerk – this is the night for you to unite! Although they probably have a lot of fans in common already, this evening will definitely have more fans bonding.

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On October 17th, the prestigious Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad will host a special exploration and celebration of the pioneering German electronic band Kraftwerk with Torgrim Eggen, Apoptygma Berzerk and Halvor Bodin. Acclaimed author and music journalist Torgrim Eggen will present a lecture on Kraftwerk and their influence on music, art, and culture. Combining visuals, interviews, and stories, Eggen will guide the audience through the creation of the singular electronica powerhouse of Kraftwerk and the band’s impact on the past, present, and beyond.

After the lecture (in Norwegian), Stephan and Jonas Groth of current leading electronica act Apoptygma Berzerk will perform Kraftwerk covers as well as original music from their last two experimental instrumental releases «Videodrome» and «Stop Feeding The Beast». APOP’s performance will be accompanied by a mesmerizing visual presentation by innovative artist Halvor Bodin. Bodin has designed most of APOP’s artwork over the years including the covers for «Videodrome», «Stop Feeding The Beast», and the classic «Welcome To Earth».

APOP has been on a long and fascinating musical journey. Shifting through and melding genres such as Futurepop, Trance, EBM, Industrial and Synth-Pop, the band has traveled from the underground to the commercial charts and now the art gallery, weaving a history similar to that of Kraftwerk in many ways. The music of APOP perfectly conveys how the seeds planted by Kraftwerk have germinated into interconnected yet still distinctively individual branches in an ever-growing musical tree.

This exclusive, intimate concert will be a truly unique event and a chance to experience Apoptygma Berzerk in a vastly different way than ever seen before.

Only 300 seats will be available for this special presentation. Reserve your tickets now to add your presence to the continuing expansion of the Kraftwerk universe!

Tickets here!

And as most Apop fans already know, they have a knack for doing great covers of songs they like – maybe we’ll hear one of these too? 🙂