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Love Spirals Downwards founding member re-records instrumental from 1994 album

California based Love Spirals Downwards is not exactly active, but it didn’t prevent multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lum to announce that he remade the “Ardor” (1994) instrumental “Mirrors a Still Sky”. The track is a new re-recording that he did in the studio earlier this year.
Says Ryan: “I’ve been in the ethereal zone for so long now in our studio, I thought it’d be a fun challenge to recreate an old LSD song with a superior recording studio . It’s not an exact duplication; I’ve kept the original’s vibe and intent while bringing in just a few new elements to enhance the mood. It’s a very emotionally intense instrumental, and revisiting it brought back a rush of all the feelings I had creating the original 20 years ago. I hope this recording may bring a similar joy to the listeners as it brought to me working on this project.”
You can ‘watch’ the song below.