Lagowski – Secrets Of Numbers (Album – Zoharum)

Genre/Influences: IDM, techno, experimental, minimal-electro. Format: Digital, CD. Background/Info: Andrew Lagowski strikes back with a new and very personal work. “Secrets Of Numbers” is inspired by a book the artist got from his father. It was a few months before his dad passed away and Andrew didn’t expect his father to have such a book as he was never interested in numerology. The experienced artist (we also know from his involvement with Terror Against Terror, S.E.T.I., Legion ao) composed ten new tracks. Content: Lagowski is an artist I’ve always admired for his global approach in dealing with electronics. This album is a new exposure from the man’s great talent and endless creativity. While some might say this work is techno music, you can hear techno is just an influence he has elaborated with intelligent and sophisticated sound treatments. The songs are well-crafted, revealing unique sound treatments and still a dark atmosphere recovering most of the work. The tracks are quite long in duration, but remain fascinating. + + + : Lagowski shows us a new exposure of his writing skills. This album is a bridge between techno music and IDM. It’s not only intelligent music because of the outstanding sound treatments … Continue reading Lagowski – Secrets Of Numbers (Album – Zoharum)