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IAMX announces new double EP ‘Everything is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)’ – listen to first new track

Expected to be released soon – but already available here – is IAMX’s newest double EP “Everything is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)”.

On part 1 of “Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)”, you’ll find 7 new IAMX tracks while part 2 holds material taken from 2015’s “Metanoia” LP reworked by Gary Numan and Mr.Kitty, Marat Sad, SlickNik_CE (aka Depeche Mode’s Christian Eigner and his partner Niko Stoessl), Aesthetic Perfection, and Future Funk Squad.

Check “The Void” (album version) below:

This is what Chris said about this new track: “The Void represents the end of an era. The completion of my own personal transformation after a 2 year battle with depression and chronic insomnia. It’s an addendum to the album Metanoia. The video is a fusion or a mashup of all the IAMX videos during this period. Some shot and directed by me, some by others. I see it as a celebration of my own private victory, my new found inner strength and also a symbol to my audience or anybody searching that life is extraordinary and happiness is conquerable. I’ve spent years putting together abstract visuals for our multimedia stage shows so I felt the video could also reflect this. There is no mind numbingly banal narrative, just a throbbing collage of transient images. The way my reality is and the way I love it .”