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Ghost & Writer play rare gig this Saturday 13/8 at Fort II Wommelgem (Antwerp/Belgium)

Ghost & Writer, the band created by Frank Spinath (Seabound) and Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen) will play a very rare gig at Fort II Wommelgem (Antwerp/Belgium) this Saturday August 13th 2016, with True Zebra as support.

For the occasion, an exclusive and strictly limited CD, “Girls Rejected”, will be on sale at the merch stand: an eight tracks CDR with various collaborations. You’ll find collaborations with Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots who sings “on Never Take Fire”; Miss FD who remixes and sings on “Quit” plus you’ll get an unreleased rarity, some remixes (“Never take Fire” remixed by Mark B from Decay Inc) and a couple of demos, all mastered by Krischan from Rotersand.

An exclusive Ghost & Writer t-shirt will also be available at the merch table. See you in Antwerp !

Below is the sleeve of the strictly limited CD: