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Eusebeia – Introversion (Digital EP – Mindtrick Records)

Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, minimal-electronics, experimental.

Background/Info: Eusebeia is a project driven by Seb Watts you maybe know for his d’n’b work and/or you’ve discovered on the latest series of “Frequencies Of The Mind”. “Introversion” is the newest work of Eusebeia and still the first production on Mindtrick Records.

Content: “Introversion” has nothing in common with the familiar d’n’b standards. This work features 4 tracks driven by pure down tempo cadence and brings the listener into a pure ambient electronic universe. It sounds pretty ‘astral’-minded although sometimes a bit into darkness.

+ + + : Eusebeia released an interesting minimal electronic production, which clearly moves into the realms of ambient music although with this extra great and original sound treatments on top. I like the atmospheric side, inviting the listener to imagine a mysterious, but prosper world. The power is hidden in the global sound production of this creation.

– – – : The tracks are pretty similar to each other while the minimalism and experimental side of the work make it not exactly accessible although easy to listen to. I’m missing a real climax.

Conclusion: Eusebeia has found a right and comfortable place on Mindtrick Records to release this kind of high-tech and yet minimal-like work. This is electronic music from the stars, but definitely not my favorite Mindtrick-release.

Best songs: “Introversion”, “Dark Leaves”.

Rate: (6½).


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