European Ghost – Collection Of Shadows (CD Album – Unknown Pleasures Records)

By Nov 27,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave, gothic.

Background/Info: “Collection Of Shadows” is the second album released by the Bologna (Italy) based trio European Ghost.

Content: This album brings us back to the darkest hours of cold-wave music. The tracks are pretty 80s like and characterized by cavernous vocals, melancholic guitar parts, deep vibrating bass play and electronic arrangements.

+ + + : If you’re nostalgic of cold-wave music this album is definitely a production you gone like. It reflects the true spirit of great cold-wave music. The guitar parts and electronic arrangements are complementary. The melancholic and depressed sounding music has been fully accomplished by judicious electronic sounds. The emotional way of singing is sometimes reminding me of Robert Smith, but I especially like the vocals production at the title song. There’s a great effect on top of the vocals making it sound a little less androgenic. “Collection Of Shadows” also is the most noticeable cut from this great and entertaining opus.

– – – : European Ghost is sometimes missing a personal sound DNA, but I think it clearly is not their intention to become a visionary band. I’m not complaining preferring to enjoy a good ‘stereotypical’ work instead of a poorly inspired innovating release.

Conclusion: “Collection Of Shadows” is a fascinating album, reflecting good-old 80s music and accomplished with maturity and passion.

Best songs: “Collection Of Shadows”, “Skeletons Are Dancing”, “My Hibernation”, “Acid Man”.

Rate: (7½).

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