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Diverje returns with brand new album ‘We still remain’

Out in early July is the brand new Diverje release “We still remain”. The release is the band’s 10th album so far for this dark electro US act. The CD offers 12 brand new tracks with Vince Pujol(E.S.R/ B.M.D.) being included on a couple of them. Further remixes and collaborations are offered by Rick Sandoval, Inline Sex Terror and Viscera Drip.

“We still remain” is also available as a 3CD set (and 2CD set) right here on Indiegogo, which then includes “We still remix” and “Remix wars vol.1”.

Below are the covers for the 3 CDs (“We still remix” and “Remix wars vol.1”) which are in line of the artwork for “We still remain”. Diverje was started by Tommy T, front-man of DSBP Records, in 1996. The band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated since to create an industrial/electronic hybrid.