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Cult darkwave act Dorsetshire to return with new album, 21 years after their last one ‘Beast’

The German darkwave band Dorsetshire is back alive after a prologned silence that lasted 21 years (if you don’t count the few tracks and remixes that have been released here and there). The band has reunited now and has been re-recording some of their hits as well as new material which should be released in the next few months.

The band nowadays consists of frontman Monaco X, bassguitar player Mike, guitarist Andy Age, keyboardists Mr. H./Jogi/Bruno Kramm. It’s also in Kramm’s own studio where the band has been recording new material.

The band rose to fame with their debut CD “Das Letzte Gefecht” (1994) and the follow-up “Beast” (1996) after which the band called it quits in 1998.