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Apoptygma Berzerk pays tribute to his roots on ‘Exit popularity contest’ – to be released on vinyl, cassette and CD – you can order your copy here

Apoptygma Berzerk is reinventing its sound which is different from, but complementary to, the electro rock future pop stylings of the previous releases. As a result the new 10-track album “Exit Popularity Contest” (a fix-up of the 12″ EPs “Stop Feeding The Beast”, “Videodrome” and “Xenogenesis”) brings instrumental music back into the spotlight.

On the album Groth pays homage to his roots through emulating the analogue soundscapes of innovators like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze plus adding some Krautrock rhythms of the likes of Neu!, Cluster and La Düsseldorf.

The release will be out as a very limited cassette release (which you can order now), on CD (available here) and on vinyl (available here).