October 2014
Atomzero - "MisDirection"

September 2014
Mushy - "My Life So Far"
Oil 10 - "Human Decision Required"
Led Er Est - "Bladiator (at Room 205)"
KLOQ - "High"

May 2014
Alien Hand Syndrome - "Sore Moon"
Combichrist - "From My Cold Dead Hands"

April 2014
The Capsules - "Our Apocalypse"
Tying Tiffany - "One Second"

March 2014
Purple Fog Side - "The Farewell"
Systemshock - "Cheater"
Cold In May - "The Reason"

February 2014
Joy Shannon & The Beauty Marks (feat. the Dovelles) - "Liam Neeson"
Ohm - "When Robots Fuck"
Cryo - "Common Man"

January 2014
Dani'el - "It's Time"
Kloq - "High"
Voicecoil - "Vision"

December 2013
Neutral Lies - "Decipher Me"
Aube L - "How I can save me"

November 2013
Torul - "The Fall"
Solar Fake - "The Pages"
Tense - "Disconnect Myself"
Funker Vogt - "The Firm"

October 2013
T.O.M.B. - "Abysmal Channeling"
Flesh & Fell - "The Devil In Me"
Die Krupps - "Risikofaktor"
Tense - "Disconnect Myself"

September 2013
Aube L - "How I can save me"
Agent Side Grinder - Mag 7 (Jasper TX remix)
Daemonia Nymphe - "Selene's Awakening Horos"
Blank - "Dio/Chemicals"

August 2013
Fatal Casualties - "A very strange shortfilm"
Daemonia Nymphe - "Selene's Awakening Horos"

July 2013
Niton Decay - "Deny The Decay"
Attrition - "Narcissist"
Noblesse Oblige - "Chasing Shadows"

June 2013
Revenant Cult - "Spectral Heresy (Blast Radius Scarlet Light Remix)"
Neurobash - "Continuum"
Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - "Shy"
Technoir - "We Came For Love"

May 2013
Aktivehate - "Spite"
Soldout - "94"
Krystal System - "Rage"
Cygnosic - "As We Approach The End"

April 2013
Peter Murphy - "Velocity Bird"
Combat Voice - "The Red Line"
La Lune Noire - "Point of no Return"

March 2013
Mesh - "Born to Lie"
Saline Grace - "Memory Lane"
X-Marks The Pedwalk - "Tormented skin"
Project Pitchfork - "Rain"

February 2013
Night Club - "Lovestruck"
Orange Sector - "Der Maschinist"
Aircrash Bureau - "Zerstoerer der Welt"
Vomito Negro - "Emerging Souls"

January 2013
Titans - "My Sorrow"
Redrum Alone - "RevolutionAir"
Lights of Euphoria - "Schwarze Sonne"
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - "Wir Reiten"
Grausame Töchter - "Beleidigte Engel"

December 2012
Halo Effect - "Sector Beta"
Propulsion - "Control Alt Delete"
Sonik Foundry - "Slipping Away"

November 2012
The Cure - "Burn (Null White Mix)"

October 2012
Madness of the Night - "She is the Demon"
Stephen Hummel - "Birds"
Fox Hunting - "Hurting"
Impakt! - "For Our Lost Empire"
Hirsute Pursuit - "Boys Keep Swinging"

September 2012
Tiny Boys - "Gonna Get My Gun"
Restricted Area - "When It Comes"
x** - "Burning Down"
Pavla Mikulasova - "Nothing Compares to You (Sinead O'Connor Cover)"

August 2012
Soaked - "Gemlike"

July 2012
Felix Marc - "Give Back The Moments"
Diskonnekted - "Justify"
State of the Union - "Dancing in the Dark"

June 2012
Namnambulu - "Memories"
Happiness Project - "Blue Eyed Boy"

May 2012
Grendel - "Timewave Zero"
Black Light Discipline - "Walls Inside Us"

April 2012
Glenn Love - "Anger Management"
Pavla Mikulasova - "Winter"
Filastine- "Gendjer2"
Filastine- "Gendjer2"
Digital Factor - "I Have To Hit You"

March 2012
Love in cage - "Minimal sound"
No Sleep by the Machine - "Last One"
João Paulo Simões - 'He Can Delve In Hearts'

February 2012
JUNE11 - "The Temple Of Wood"
The Eden House - "Neversea"
Tying Tiffany - "Show Me What You Got"

January 2012
Austra - "Spellwork"
Mana ERG - "Silently Burning Flannel"
The Pain Machinery - "Hard Cash"
Spiral69 - "Best Porno"
Massive Ego - "Master & Servant (Loep mix)"

December 2011
Midnight Syndicate - "Dark Legacy"
Massive Ego - "I idolize you"
Aesthetic Perfection - "Inhuman"
The Pain Machinery - "Hard Cash"

November 2011
Lost Area - "Black Storm"

October 2011
Monolith - "Terror Disco"
Extize - "Freed From Desire (Gala Tribute)"

September 2011
Evanescence - "What You Want"
Stahlnebel Black Selket - "Staatssicherheit"
Noiz+Zilenth - "Methamorfika"
Noiz+Zilenth - "Methamorfika"
Blind Passenger - "Electrocop"

August 2011
Restricted Area - "Weapon"
Kite - "Ways to Dance"
Ad Inferna - "Verklärte"
The Pain Machinery - "Total Recall"

July 2011
Flux - "So Much For Your Promises"
Ambassador 21 - "Face Your Future Killers (live at Dark Dance Treffen)"
Krystal System - "Nuclear Winter"

June 2011
DJ 3RR0R - "Tekkno Tekknology"
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - "Kriegserklaerung 1955"
Torul - Try

May 2011
SHIV-R - "The End"
Celluloide - "Imprévisible"
Dekad - "So Sorry"

April 2011
The Beauty Of Gemina - "Rumours (Live official video)"
True Zebra - "Delirious"
In Strict Confidence - "Silver Bullets"

March 2011
Tying Tiffany - "Miracle"
Malakwa - "Gimme Danger"
Razorfade - "Chemical Distraction"
Tying Tiffany - "Show me what you got (Official)"

February 2011
Moby - "Be The One"
Deviant UK - "Wreckhead"

January 2011
Underworld - "Bird "
Gary Numan - "Haunted"
Soldout -"I cant wait"
Tunes Of Dawn- "Upon My Grave"

December 2010
SHIV-R - "The End"
Filter - "The Inevitable Relapse"
Sopor Aeternus - "A Strange Thing To Say"
Post Death Soundtrack - "Ultraviolence"

November 2010
Lola Dutronic - "(Another) Christmas Without Snow"
I:Scintilla - "Capsella"
Trentemøller - "Sycamore Feeling"
Upsland - "Witches"

October 2010
Freakangel - "My Darling Bullet"
Bel Canto - "Birds o Passage"
The Young Gods - "Freeze (Rote Fabrik)"
OMD - "If You Want It"
Lola Dutronic - "Beautiful World (Slight Return)"

September 2010
Celluloide - "Coeur 8-bit"
Goose - Words (live Pukkelpop 2010)
Blind Passenger feat. Joke Jay (Ex- And One ) - "Don't Drag Me Down"

August 2010
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - "Dance The Way I Feel"
The KLF - Last Train to Trancentral 12"
Rammstein- Haifisch

July 2010
Nordarr - "Freunde"
SHIV-R - "The End"
Empire Of The Sun - "Walking On A Dream"
Midnight Syndicate - "Lost"

June 2010
Recoil - "Allelujah"
Miss FD - "Enter The Void"
Diorama - "Child Of Entertainment"
Yazoo - Don't Go (live)

May 2010
Welle Erdball - "1000 weisse Lilien"
Bluba Lu - "Monetary Slave"
Ionic Vision - "Join The Rhythm Of The Machines" 2010 "
Neutral Lies - "(In your) Neutral Eyes"

April 2010
Shameboy - "Blastermind"
Kasper Bjrke - "Young Again"
Babylonia - "By My Side"
Code 64 - "Leaving Earth"

March 2010
In Strict Confidence - "Silver Bullets"
De/Vision - "Rage"
In Strict Confidence - "My Despair"
Unter Null - "Destroy Me"

February 2010
OOMPH! - "Ready Or Not (I'm Coming)"
Santa Hates You - "Rocket Heart"
Suicide Commando - "Die Motherfucker Die"

January 2010
Android Lust - "Stained"
Aha -"Foot Of The Mountain"
goJA moon ROCKAH - "Jetzt kommt die Nacht"
In Strict Confidence - "Forbidden Fruit"
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult -"The Devil Does Drugs"

December 2009
Psy'Aviah - Moments (feat. Suzi Q. Smith)
9 Elma - "Live Industrial 13 - Cannes 2009"
Portishead - Chase The Tear
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - "TV War"

November 2009
Das Ich - "Destillat"
Ladytron - "Ghosts"
Skinny Puppy - "Pro-Test"
Pet Shop Boys - "It's A Sin (live - Pandemonium Tour 2009)"
Diary Of Dreams - "The Wedding"

October 2009
Dupont - "New Dawn"
Esplendor Geometrico - "Live at DeciBELIO Festival"
Perfidious Words - "Another Day (unplugged)"
Frightdoll - Alone in This

September 2009
UNDERWORLD - "Beautiful Burnout"
Hairglow - "Let It Go"
Lacrimosa - "Lichtgestalt"
Royksopp - "Happy Up Here"

August 2009
IAMX - "Think Of England"
Mesh - "Leave You Nothing"
Scooter - "Lass uns Tanzen (Night Version)"
Waxdolls - "Chips"
Grace Jones - "Corporate Cannibal"

July 2009
Delirium - 'Silence'
IC 434 - 'Skull Watch'
Dolores O'Riordan - 'The Journey'

May 2009
Franz Ferdinand - 'No You Girls' (Vince Clarke remix)
Depeche Mode Tribute - 32 tracks - out NOW on Alfa Matrix !
CatwalkTrash - 'YourEyes'
In Broken English - 'Your Hands'

April 2009
Die Form - 'Poupée Mécanique'

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Agent Side Grinder to release 'This is us' vinyl on 300 copies only - order here

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Out by mid-December is the Agent Side Grinder vinyl 'This is us'. On this limited edition 12 inch vinyl the five piece Stockholm based act brings the title track accompanied by remixes from Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Destroid and more) and Red Idiot. (...)

QNTAL return with new album 'VII'

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Out on November 11 via Drakkar is the brand new QNTAL album 'VII', their 7th studio album so far. The first edition comes as a limited 6-panel Digipak with special cover-print in 'glow in the dark' ink. (...)

Billie Ray Martin returns with new single 'Off The Rails' featuring Hercules and Love Affair singer

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'Off The Rails' is the newest single from Billie Ray Martin featuring Hercules and Love Affair singer Aerea Negrot. (...)

The Monochrome Set sign to Hamburg-based independent label Tapete Records

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Legendary post punk act The Monochrome Set have inked a deal with Hamburg-based independent label Tapete Records, home of Lloyd Cole and Martin Carr, among others. (...)

Tympanik Audio to release 5th volume in 'Emerging Organisms' series

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Chicago-based electronic music label Tympanik Audio is to release volume 5 of their 'Emerging Organisms' compilation series showcasing 30 new and exclusive songs. (...)

C-Lekktor remixed on 'Rewind 10x'

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Out by the end of this month is a remix CD from C-Lekktor, called 'Rewind 10x'. (...)



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