Your TOP 10 wishes for a new Depeche Mode album

By Dec 7,2015

4. More SOFAD please!

When “SOFAD” was released, many old school fans complained there was too much rock in the album. Overtime though this critic has changed into an appreciation of the album, the songs and the production (although some still are not convinced by “Condemnation” though). Remarkably that album has been mentioned quite a few times as being the perfect basis “to get Depeche Mode back on the right track” as Ellen Houvist says.

Rich Hlava says: “I would so much love the 14th album to be a Delta Meets Devotions. The smokin’ rock sounds of SOFAD combined with the nostalgic electronics of Delta Machine. “Should Be Higher” from Delta Machine is perhaps my all-time favorite Depeche Mode song. So, of course, an entire album with the sounds of “Should Be Higher” Would Boost Me Higher!”

Ricardo Menzo described his disillusion with the latest Depeche Mode album (in order to get the band into a more SOFAD styled direction) as follows: “(We translated his mail from Spanish) “Listening to “Delta Machine” I don’t know what bothers me the most. The appalling songwriting? The bad bland singing? The lousy production? But one thing is sure, if you get the production and singing sound of SOFAD into the mix, I might just start to like what I hear. Until then, Depeche Mode sounds like yet another rock band lacking an own identity.”

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