Your TOP 10 wishes for a new Depeche Mode album

By Dec 7,2015

3. Back to basics

For many fans the last few Depeche Mode albums are no longer what the band was about.

Says Yves Besson: “I don’t understand why they keep on saying they experiment with sounds. They don’t, it all sounds pre-programmed. Where are the sound sculptures and different approaches they had over the years? It’s all gone in the same blob which makes every album since “Exciter” sound exactly the same: uninspiring, boring to the point I have stopped buying their material and now just check Spotify in the false hope they get their shit back together. “Delta Machine” was so bad I was over happy I didn’t spend money on that release at all.”

A few other fans just want to go straight back in time. Tiffany Neylan: “I would love to see a combination of “Black celebration”/”Music for the masses”/”Violator” return, but it ain’t gonna happen, so let’s just move on.”

Scott Campbell words it like this: “A retro fitted album fit lyrically for today would be a nice resurgence of GOOD music.”

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