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  • Digital Police Scanners - they do a brilliant job when on the road in the USA

  • The Unkindness Of Ravens – I Used To Be So Pretty (EP – Sonic Fire Records)

  • Asus showcases SonicMaster laptop with Musicbox web app

  • What company to use for my own bandstore?

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  • Your movie library at a good price? Yes you can !

  • AudioCubes from Belgium become international success

  • How to make your music website make some real profit? - get $25.00 for free

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    VNV Nation news

    vnv nation VNV Nation are Ronan Harris (electronics, lyrics, vocals) and Mark Jackson (drums). VNV Nation�s inspiration was originally the clash of modern and classical Europe cultures, where mythology and technology live in an uneasy fusion but this has since broadened to encompass a world view. The music ranges from electronic dance music to ballads and classical inspired music. Inspirations are taken from a wide range of styles including contemporary underground club culture, industrial and classical music. The lyrics draw on philosophy, literature, art, politics and different forms of symbolism. VNV Nation does not advocate any ideology. It is a metaphor for expression.

    Recent VNV Nation news

    VNV Nation to release album as single vinyl, not as a double vinyl

    READ MORE | Posted on 10/01/13

    Instead of a double vinyll, we have been informed by Audioglobe (in a rather funny yet very cynical e-mail to be honest) that it will be a single vinyl. (...)

    VNV Nation offer free download from track of new album 'Transnational'

    READ MORE | Posted on 09/23/13

    Available now is a free download of the track 'Retaliate' taken from VNV Nation's new forthcoming album 'Transnational'. You can download it below. (...)

    New VNV Nation album 'Transnational' - here are some more details (UPDATE)

    READ MORE | Posted on 08/15/13

    Out October 4th is the new VNV Nation album 'Transnational', so Audioglobe informs us. (...)

    VNV Nation announce first tour dates to support 'Transnational' album release

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/12/13

    Out now are the first live dates for VNV Nation's upcoming 'Transnational Tour 2013' to support the release of the 'Transnational' album in September. (...)

    VNV Nation launch free EP 'Crossing the Divide EP' - get it now

    READ MORE | Posted on 05/17/12

    The biggest band in the industrial scene, VNV Nation, have a new EP out, 'Crossing the Divide EP'. And guess what, you can download it absolutely for free! (...)

    Justin Bieber goes futurepop by covering VNV Nation's 'Tomorrow Never Comes' - listen to the preview

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/01/12

    When indie music and popular music join hands you can get the most weird (or terrifying) combinations. Out next week is Justin Bieber's take on VNV Nation's 'Tomorrow Never Comes'. Preview available. (...)

    I voted for VNV Nation as best live band of 2011 - vote here to make VNV Nation win!

    READ MORE | Posted on 12/22/11

    The nominees for the Side-Line awards 2011 are known. Vote now for VNV Nation to win the award of best live band of 2011! The voting ends on December 31st 2011 at midnight CET. (...)

    I voted for the new VNV Nation CD as best album of 2011 - vote here to make VNV Nation win!

    READ MORE | Posted on 12/22/11

    The nominees for the Side-Line awards 2011 are known. Vote now for VNV Nation - 'Automatic' (CD - Anarchron sounds) to win the award of best album of 2011! The voting ends on December 31st 2011 at midnight CET. (...)

    I voted for VNV Nation as best band of 2011 - vote here to make VNV Nation win!

    READ MORE | Posted on 12/22/11

    The nominees for the Side-Line awards 2011 are known. Vote now so VNV Nation can win the award of best band of 2011! The voting ends on December 31st 2011 at midnight CET. (...)

    New Release By VNV Nation/mindFIELD keyboardist Gabriel Shaw

    READ MORE | Posted on 12/06/11

    Gabriel Shaw (VNV Nation, mindFIELD) announces the release of the 2nd digital album by his project Ionnokx (pronounced like 'eye-on-ox') titled 'Reverse Potential'. (...)

    VNV Nation remix vinyl box set in the making

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/06/11

    According to our latest info VNV Nation are planning a vinyl box to be released on Anachron. As far as we could gather it will be a very limited box-set, containing 5x 10'' vinyls with remixes from the latest album and previous albums. (...)

    VNV Nation reveals snippets new 'Automatic' album + tour dates

    READ MORE | Posted on 08/28/11

    Out on September 16th via Anachron Records is the new VNV Nation album 'Automatic'. More details after the jump. (...)

    VNV Nation and Scooter to remix Within Temptation

    READ MORE | Posted on 06/30/11

    VNV Nation and Scooter will be remixing the upcoming single “Sinêad” by Within Temptation. (...)

    VNV Nation announces 'Automatic' + tour

    READ MORE | Posted on 05/16/11

    The new VNV Nation album 'Automatic' will be released in September. The album has been in production for a while now as many Side-Line readers know by now. (...)

    Side-Line presents: Infest 2011 with VNV Nation, Alien Vampires, ...

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/20/11

    Taking place between Friday 26th - Sunday 28th August, again at Bradford University Student Union, West Yorkshire is Infest 2011. Full line-up after the jump. (...)

    VNV Nation fanvideo for 'Illusion' removed after 3.4 million views

    READ MORE | Posted on 10/13/10

    A rather emotional Ronan Harris posted on his Facebook that after 3.4 million views, the fan-video for VNV Nation's 'Illusion' and Andrew Huang's 'Doll Face' has 'unfortunately' had to be removed. (...)

    Industrial music streaming service MOG - sign up now for a 14-day FREE trial

    READ MORE | Posted on 09/27/10

    Side-Line has been testing a music streaming subscription service in the USA that might well be your cup of tea if you are based in the US and missing out on Spotify... Check this link to get your free 14-day trial version! (...)

    Correction regarding 'New VNV Nation remix-album 'Crossing the Divide' finally announced' article - UPDATE

    READ MORE | Posted on 08/05/10

    Important update - VNV Nation send us a mail regarding the article saying 'No fixed date has been decided. The release was delayed until after summer due to unforseen issues that had delayed the release a few times already. As soon as we have a fixed release date, we will let everyone know.' (...)

    VNV Nation 'Faith, Power And Glory Tour' to start on September 2

    READ MORE | Posted on 09/01/09

    Following the release of their new album "Of Faith, Power And Glory", VNV Nation will start their European 'Faith, Power And Glory' tour next week on September 2 in Rostock / Germany. (...)

    VNV Nation to launch 'Of Faith, Power, and Glory' - interview the band !

    READ MORE | Posted on 06/08/09

    Following on from the inaugural release on their self-owned label Anachron, the limited Boxset "Reformation 01", Irish/English duo VNV Nation are now set to release their long awaited new full-length album. (...)

    More details on VNV Nation's 'Reformation' release

    READ MORE | Posted on 02/13/09

    Out on Anachron in March is the long awaited "Reformation" CD which will be released as a limited edition box-set, most probably containing also a DVD. (...)

    VNV Nation about to finish work on 'Reformation' album

    READ MORE | Posted on 01/12/09

    VNV Nation's Ronan Harris confirmed Side-Line that the band is about to finish work on their next release "Reformation". (...)

    VNV Nation and Glis on 2 exclusive dates in Southern California

    READ MORE | Posted on 10/17/08

    Next week Glis and VNV Nation will perform together in Southern California for two exclusive US dates. (...)

    December tour for VNV Nation in UK and Ireland

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/29/07

    VNV Nation have announced the dates for their upcoming Ireland and UK tour in December 2007. (...)

    And One cancels USA-tour with VNV Nation

    READ MORE | Posted on 06/22/07

    The VNV Nation headquarters have confirmed that And One have cancelled their slot as support band on the US tour by VNV Nation. (...)

    Side-Line presents: VNV Nation live in Holland + CD give away

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/26/07

    On May 19th VNV Nation will be playing live at the Grote zaal Effenaar in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). The gig will also be the final gig for the band's recent EU tour to promote their newest album "Judgement" which has been released on April 13 via the band's very own record company Anachron Sounds. (...)

    Side-Line 58 with VNV Nation on cover shipped out

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/23/07

    Out now is the 58th issue of Side-Line music magazine which features VNV Nation on the cover and presents other interviews with bands like Skinny Puppy, Type-O-Negative, Leaether Strip, The Crüxshadows, Wumpscut, Reaper, Assemblage 23, Mentallo & The Fixer, Zombie Girl, Angels & Agony, Grendel, S.a.m., Angelspit, Star Industry, Diorama, Lamia, Faderhead, HexRX, Autoclav1.1, Cruciform Injection, Necro Facility, Sirenia, Celluloide, Heliosphere, C/a/t, Derma-tek, Alien Produkt, Neongrau, Fake The Envy, Khvarena, Fetisch Mensch and the usual hundreds of new releases reviews, news and gossip. As usual we present you 2 subcription forms, a 6 issue subscription and a 4 issue subcription. (...)

    VNV Nation goes on a cruise

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/20/07

    The Annual Gothic Cruise & Masquerade Ball will be having VNV Nation live onboard this year for 7 nights performing a two hour live concert. (...)

    Side-Line presents: VNV Nation live on tour in Belgium

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/15/07

    UK's finest electronic export product VNV Nation will be landing in Belgium on March 27th at Hof Ter Lo during their "Judgement Tour 2007" to promote their newest upcoming release "Judgement". (...)

    VNV Nation member delivers guest vocals on new Reaper album

    READ MORE | Posted on 01/19/07

    Mark Jackson of VNV Nation will be guest vocalist on a track included on the upcoming Reaper album "Hell starts with an H" which will be released end of February 2007 on Infacted Recordings. (...)

    VNV Nation announces new album and tour

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/06/06

    VNV Nation's next album "Judgement" will be released in April 2007. To coincide with this release, a world tour will start in Frankfurt on March 21, 2007. According to the band the new album will be "a firm step onward and promises to be VNV Nation's strongest release yet with a powerful mix of strong songwriting and emotional intensity". (...)

    Homecoming gig for VNV Nation

    READ MORE | Posted on 08/23/06

    VNV Nation are to play their first ever Irish concert in Dublin on 22 October. Ronan left Dublin to release the first VNV Nation recordings in London back in 1990 and at around the same time also started writing for Side-Line becoming its very first webmaster. In the sixteen years since, VNV Nation has become a cult act for the electro scene establishing the band as the absolute futurepop institution. (...)

    VNV Nation postpones DVD for a number of weeks

    READ MORE | Posted on 08/25/03

    Due to unforeseen technical problems the production schedule for the forthcoming VNV Nation DVD "Pastperfect" has been delayed by a number of weeks. Ronan Harris has been overseeing the production and is co-directing... (...)

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  • Aaron Holm + Matthew Felton – Transitions Seattle (CD Album – Dissolve Records)

  • Blackstone Rngrs – Descendant (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)

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  • Mobthrow – Unfolded (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)

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  • Strata Florida – Made Of Stars (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)

  • Young Boy – Other Summers (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)

  • ∆Aimon - ∆Aimon (CD Album – Artoffact Records)

  • Acquaintances – Acquaintances (CD Album – Epitonic/File13 Records)

  • Coil / Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled (CD EP – Cold Spring Records)

  • In Strict Confidence – Lifelines Vol. 1 / 1991-1998 (CD Album – Minuswelt Musikfabrik)

  • Nebelung – Palingenesis (CD Album – Temple Of Forturous)

  • Scott Miller / Lee Camfield / Merzbow – No Closure (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)

  • Troum – Syzygie (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)

  • Tunnels Of Āh – Lost Corridors (CD Album – Cold spring Records)

  • Von Magnet – Performances 1985 > 2013 (Double DVD – Von Magnet)

  • Z’EV – A Handful Of Elements (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)

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  • Miserylab - 'This project is completely reliant on social media'

  • What social media does a band like KMFDM use and how do they do it? We probed Sascha K.

  • Obszön Geschöpf - at this moment the situation is: NO CONCERT = NO MONEY, it's simple

  • Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman

  • Bel Canto - It's more like hitting the beats correctly

  • Neutral Lies - electronic Hexagone beats

  • Gothminister - 'I wouldn't trade my life I have today for the status of a superstar!'

  • Apoptygma Berzerk - Maybe I actually scare away a lot of people as well

  • Page - Swedish is a part of Page. It is part of the package, the concept.

  • Cervello Elettronico - 'I like reading about chaos. It makes me feel more grounded.'

  • Front Line Assembly - 'Rhys is becoming less and less important'

  • ADMX-71 - I want a tangible way for us artists to release our music

  • Diorama - Lack of sleep, self-doubts and very happy moments!

  • Lacrimosa - Of course I did stupid things, but at least I'm 100% free to do what I want as an artist

  • Resist - The variety that we present sometimes works for us but sometimes has worked against us.

  • Babylonia - Facebook has the biggest impact !

  • Recoil / Alan Wilder - I'm not naive

  • BOREDOMproduct - we only focus on doing good releases

  • Darkmen - Get an opinion of your own, don't follow the masses !

  • In Strict Confidence - 'Being number 1 is always a great thing for a band's ego'

  • More interviews

    music news headlines

    Tiamat singer quits via Facebook update

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/15/14

    Johan Edlund has decided to leave Tiamat. Edlund released a statement via the band's Facebook page saying that he has decided to leave Tiamat because his health 'doesn't work any longer'. (...)

    New Morten Harket album 'Brother' out now in Germany, the UK and Scandinavia

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/15/14

    The new Morten Harket album is also out Norway. Release dates in other territories are still to be confirmed. (...)

    Front Line Assembly album 'Echoes' to be released as vinyl 2LP (in 4 versions!)

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/12/14

    A few weeks ago we reported about the the new Front Line Assembly album 'Echoes' which is going to be released. But did you also know that there will be a vinyl release too? (...)

    Orphan Swords release 5-track EP 'Raum'

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/11/14

    After a pair of tapes the industrial-techno duo Oprhan Swords makes a new move via the Idiosyncratics label. (...)

    More info on the Machinista debut album 'Xenoglossy'

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/11/14

    The swedish act Machinista has started the pre-orders for their debut album 'Xenoglossy'. (...)

    New Dani'el EP 'The Book: Revision' out tomorrow

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/11/14

    Croatian electro pop artist Dani'el will have a new digital 9-track EP out tomorrow (actually today on some download services). (...)

    Reissue of Soma Holiday's cult classic 'Shake Your Molecules'

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/11/14

    Out on Minimal Wave on April 30 is a remastered reissue of Soma Holiday's cult classic, 'Shake Your Molecules'. (...)

    Artoffact signs LA's 3teeth and plans vinyl and USB tooth - last chance to get yours

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/10/14

    3teeth, the glitch-industrial foursome from Los Angeles, has signed with Canada's fine label Artoffact. Their self-titled debut album will be released on CD and vinyl on Artoffact Records. (...)

    Rome to release 'A passage to Rhodesia' 2CD+DVD+book boxset this summer - order now

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/10/14

    Out in the middle of August is 'A Passage to Rhodesia', Rome's 10th album. The album comes as a book with 2CDs and a DVD plus a string of goodies like postcards, coins, posters, stickers etc.. (...)

    Seabound to kick off 'Speak In Storms' tour with label mates Iris

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/10/14

    Seabound are kicking off their 'Speak In Storms' tour with label-mates Iris tomorrow. For the occasion an exclusive and limited split EP is released. (...)

    10 vinyl set including book for Muslimgauze

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/09/14

    Out in early May, but available in pre-order now (and you better get it now before it's sold out), is Muslimgauze's 'Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-1988'. (...)

    7th edition of Coil 'Porto' live bootleg album

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/09/14

    Coil already releases the 7th edition of their 'Porto' album! 7 years after the last edition, this authorized bootleg recording of Coil's live performance on June 21st 2003 in Porto, Portugal finally is available again. (...)

    XMH lands new album 'In Your Face' in 2 versions - out now

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/09/14

    Produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Unter Null, Dunkelwerk, etc.) the album offers a more melodic side of the band reinforced by female backing vocals from Isa Garcia which match perfectly with Benjamin Samson's powerful growls (and that also counts when you see the band live at work). (...)

    Finally also in North America: Cabaret Voltaire's 'Drinking Gasoline' CD/LP/DVD

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/08/14

    The Cabaret Voltaire release 'Drinking Gasoline' was already released in January in Europe but only sees an april 22nd release in America (god knows why these rather large continent releases differences keep on existing). But here are the details for our North American readers. (...)

    The New Division back with 'Together We Shine' - and you better get it

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/08/14

    Sweden is not the only country which has a patent on scandic pop, as it seems America too has seen the light. (...)

    Do you want to remix Paul Waaktaar's (A-ha) 'Manmade Lake' ? A fruit basket is awaiting you!

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/08/14

    As a result of a Q&A with A-ha's Paul Waaktaar, you can now remix Waaktaar's newest song 'Manmade Lake' for a contest. (...)

    Plastic Noise Experience lands 'Therapy' in 3 formats

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/08/14

    Out now is the 8th studio album from German cult-act Plastic Noise Experience (PNE). The album comes after the release of last year's 'Control' EP and video clip. (...)

    Music Non Stop starts 'closing down sale'

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/04/14

    Music Non Stop have now launched their 'closing down sale'. Note that the store is no longer taking pre-orders for new releases, or items out of stock. (...)

    New Lovelorn Dolls album being produced by Helalyn Flowers' Max

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/03/14

    Helalyn Flowers have revealed that Max is behind the production of the second album by Belgian Goth Rockers Lovelorn Dolls. (...)

    Vaniish (ex-Veil Veil Vanish) to launch debut album Memory Work on CD and vinyl

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/03/14

    The San Francisco 4-piece Vaniish began when singer/guitarist Keven Tecon (ex Wax Idols, The Soft Moon, Veil Veil Vanish) left his previous bands after his mother's death in early 2013. (...)

    ZTT Records compile 80s on 'SO80S (So Eighties) presents ZTT' 2CD

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/03/14

    Out mid-May is the ZTT compilation 'SO80S (So Eighties) presents ZTT'. ZTT is the label of producer Trevor Horn and was founded in 1983 together with Paul Morley and Jill Sinclair. (...)

    RIP 'The Godfather of House' Frankie Knuckles (59)

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/03/14

    Frankie Knuckles is no more. The icon DJ died on March 31st. (...)

    Electronic music festival 10 Days Off calls it quits

    READ MORE | Posted on 04/03/14

    The electronic music festival 10 Days Off is no more. The 20th edition to be helt later this summer at the Vooruit in Ghent will also be the final one. (...)

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