TOP 10 ambient releases of 2015 (by Simon Heath)

By Dec 30,2015

7. Apócrýphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri – “Onyx”

Simon Heath: “It feels odd putting an album on here that I was a part of myself, but I would be lying if I said I had not listened to this album a lot this year. This is the most natural collaboration I’ve ever been a part of, with Kammerheit and Apocryphos both being on the same page all the time. No inflated egos, no problems, just pure passion from everyone involved. I think this album will stay with me for a very long time and it would come as no surprise that we are all pre-planning for a followup.”

The “Onyx” collaboration album unites 3 veteran producers in the genre, Apocryphos, Kammarheit and Atrium Carceri. The signature analogue darkness of Kammarheit is combined with the layering of Apocryphos and the rhytmical and isolated pianos of Atrium Carceri. This album was created by cross linking 3 studios in Oregon (US), Pennsylvania (US) and Umeå (Sweden). It took over 3800 lines of studio notes to finalize the album.

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Ministry - 'People take so much for granted now. Times have changed indeed.' - Tech-Talk with DJ Wildhoney

Our TOP 10 vinyl releases of 2015

Our TOP 10 vinyl releases of 2015


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