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  • Digital Police Scanners - they do a brilliant job when on the road in the USA

  • The Unkindness Of Ravens – I Used To Be So Pretty (EP – Sonic Fire Records)

  • Asus showcases SonicMaster laptop with Musicbox web app

  • What company to use for my own bandstore?

  • Free Hip Hop Internet radio toolbar - advertisement

  • Online Casino Launchpad: Your definite guide into online casino land? This might be your best bet!

  • Your movie library at a good price? Yes you can !

  • AudioCubes from Belgium become international success

  • How to make your music website make some real profit? - get $25.00 for free

  • Next generation HD DVD based music distribution and marketing platform launched

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    Newlydeads - Dreams From A Dirt Nap (cd Full Effects Records) [0]

    This CD is a kind of collection of songs recorded by this American band between 1997 and 2001. I didn’t know them at all but I was rather impressed by their style and ability. They seem to have been active in various styles, ranging from more metal industrial (some songs reminding me of an inspired Ministry) to more gothic or electronic pieces. They indeed do not deny their origins and influences (hailing from Hollywood, their more decadent side pervert some of their songs), delivering us two cover song from Siouxsie (with their scary “Cities In Dust”) and Love N Rockets (a good version of “Go” is featured here). 18 tracks in total and numerous relentless dancefloor killers for the dark crowd. (CF:7/8)CF.

    imageMusic Non Stop (...)

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  • 2ND Civilization – Let’s Play (CD Album – Space Race Records)

  • Distortion Of Events – Self-Mythos (CD EP – Zodarion Records/Black I.P Studio)

  • Grandchaos – We Suffer When The World Changes (CD Album – EK Product)

  • Mechatronic – Dystopia (CD Album – Space Race Records)

  • Monolog – Merge (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)

  • Oyaarss – Zemdega (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)

  • Red Industrie – Censored (CD Album – EK Product)

  • Scarlet Soho – Two Steps From Heartache (CD EP – Scarlet Soho)

  • TourDeForce – Jedem Das Seine (CD Album – Space Race Records)

  • XTR Human – Atavism (CD Album – No EBM Blanc)

  • BeNe GeSSeRiT – The SeCoND BeNeFiT (Vinyl 7” – EE Tapes)

  • Chamaeleon – SicK | perVerTed (CD Album – Artificial Sun)

  • Das Ding – Triffid Farm / We Can Rebuilt Him (Vinyl 7” – Seja)

  • Electric Resistance – Brave New Day (CD EP – Insane Records)

  • Fatal Casualties – Psalm (Vinyl Album – Seja Records)

  • Kaltherzig – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain (CD Album – Cold Insanity Music)

  • KMFDM - Our Time Will Come (CD Album - KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records)

  • Life In Sodom – The World I View (CD Album – Nutrix Recordings)

  • Pseudo Code – The Radio’s On (CD Album – EE Tapes)

  • Sleetgrout – Try To Die (CD Album – Insane Records)

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  • Miserylab - 'This project is completely reliant on social media'

  • What social media does a band like KMFDM use and how do they do it? We probed Sascha K.

  • Obszön Geschöpf - at this moment the situation is: NO CONCERT = NO MONEY, it's simple

  • Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman

  • Bel Canto - It's more like hitting the beats correctly

  • Neutral Lies - electronic Hexagone beats

  • Gothminister - 'I wouldn't trade my life I have today for the status of a superstar!'

  • Apoptygma Berzerk - Maybe I actually scare away a lot of people as well

  • Page - Swedish is a part of Page. It is part of the package, the concept.

  • Cervello Elettronico - 'I like reading about chaos. It makes me feel more grounded.'

  • Front Line Assembly - 'Rhys is becoming less and less important'

  • ADMX-71 - I want a tangible way for us artists to release our music

  • Diorama - Lack of sleep, self-doubts and very happy moments!

  • Lacrimosa - Of course I did stupid things, but at least I'm 100% free to do what I want as an artist

  • Resist - The variety that we present sometimes works for us but sometimes has worked against us.

  • Babylonia - Facebook has the biggest impact !

  • Recoil / Alan Wilder - I'm not naive

  • BOREDOMproduct - we only focus on doing good releases

  • Darkmen - Get an opinion of your own, don't follow the masses !

  • In Strict Confidence - 'Being number 1 is always a great thing for a band's ego'

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    music news headlines

    Deviant and Orgy get tour gear stolen in Newcastle - tour continues

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/27/14

    Not so pleasant news for Deviant and Orgy. Someone broke into their trailer last night and stole nearly all of their tour gear: guitars, samplers, projectors, wireless mikes, etc.. (...)

    Eurorock announces extra names: Kant Kino, Lescure 13, Alien Vampires, ... + last days to get your tickets at early bird prices!

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/26/14

    The Belgian industrial/electro/doommetal festival Eurorock has announced more names for their May 14/15/16 2015 festival edition. (...)

    New Junksista album finally out incl. a 3CD version not available in regular shops

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Alfa Matrix has released the newest Junksista album 'High voltage confessions' - available as well in an exclusive mega limited 3CD version. (...)

    Brand new Celluloide album 'Art Plastique' available - order now

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Out today is 'Art Plastique', the 5th album of Celluloide. 'Art Plastique' is the band's first album fully written in French. (...)

    Avarice In Audio launch debut 'Shine & Burn' on Alfa Matrix - out now!

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Avarice In Audio launch debut 'Shine & Burn' on Alfa Matrix - out now! (...)

    Leaether Strip launches cover CD: 'Aeppreciation'

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Out by early January is a brand new cover album by Leaether Strip: 'Aeppreciation'. (...)

    Death In June reissues remastered albums on vinyl - get them here

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Death In June has announced a 25th anniversary reissue of 2 albums: 'The Corn Years' and 'The Wall of Sacrifice', each as 2LP vinyls. (...)

    Desireless & Operation of the sun return with brand new EP: 'Un Seul Peuple' - watch the video!

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/25/14

    Desireless & Operation of the sun return with a brand new EP, 'Un Seul Peuple', out on the Swiss label Urgence Disk Records. (...)

    Norwegian comedians Ylvis turn radio joke into interstellar sex education Kraftwerk homage aka dicks in space

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/21/14

    The Norwegian comedians and brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, known as the act Ylvis, are most famous for last year's YouTube-hit 'The Fox', now seen over 467 million times (!). (...)

    Alison Moyet live album to hit shops in January: 'Minutes and seconds live'

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/21/14

    After a splendid comeback album in 2013, 'The minutes', and an equally well received tour which also included highlights from her earlier solo and Yazoo repertoire, Alison Moyet returns with the live album 'Minutes and seconds live'. (...)

    Download sees OST 'Charlie's Family' released on vinyl - order now!

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/20/14

    Out by early 2015 via Artoffact Records is the vinyl version for Download's OST of the 'Charlie's Family' film. (...)

    New XMH download single 'The Blind' out now + video for new single 'The Blind'

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/20/14

    The Dutch harsh electro act XMH are back with a new download single (out on November 14, but already ready for ordering on Bandcamp): 'The Blind'. (...)

    Rest In Peace Ric Laciak, you lost the battle with cancer, but you won many people's hearts

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/19/14

    An immense shock is going through the worldwide EBM community as the news is spreading that Ric Laciak, founder of RAS DVA Records, has passed away. (...)

    Növö returns with 5-track single 'Zeitgeist' - out now

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/19/14

    Out now via Alfa Matrix is the 5-track single 'Zeitgeist' by the classic electronic act Növö (aka Laurent Boudic). (...)

    Star Industry announces new album with 'Eilyne' 4-track single

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/17/14

    Out now is the newest Star Industry single 'Eilyne'. The 4-track single acts as an appetizer for the band's upcoming new studio album 'The Renegade' which is in the final mixing stage now and is scheduled for an early 2015 street date. (...)

    Blutengel launches new video 'Asche zu Asche' - order your vinyl

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/17/14

    The electro-goth band Blutengel comes back with a new video for the single 'Asche zu Asche' in anticipation of the new album which will be released in 2015. (...)

    The Knife returns with 'Shake-up versions' on vinyl - order here

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/17/14

    Out on December 16 but available right here in pre-order on vinyl is the newest mini-album by Mute Records signed electronic act The Knife. (...)

    Tregenza of Goteki/Visage releases debut album, free for a limited time.

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/17/14

    After 3 years of work, Tregenza (former singer/songwriter of Goteki and guitarist for Visage) has released his first solo album 'Into The Void'. (...)

    Brand new London After Midnight and Lore pictures pop up online

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/16/14

    London After Midnight recently returned from a highly successful European tour headlining festivals and sold out concerts! The final concert was a hometown show in Hollywood, California at the world famous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip with longtime friend, Lore opening. (...)

    New Inertia single, 'Dark Valentine' out now

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/14/14

    Out now is the brand new Inertia single 'Dark Valentine', the single is a taster from the forthcoming new album due to be released in 2015. (...)

    Within Temptation launch 'Let us burn Elements & Hydra live in concert' on 2CDn DVD and Blu-ray - order now

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/14/14

    Just 10 months after Within Temptation released their album 'Hydra', the band presents the live DVD/BLURAY/2CD 'Let us burn Elements & Hydra live in concert'. (...)

    Culture Club cancels US tour due to health issues Boy George

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/14/14

    Culture Club has cancelled all of its upcoming United States and European tour dates after after doctors discovered a polyp in the Boy George's throat. (...)

    YouTube launches monetized subscription service music as well - Taylor Swift keeps quiet after Spotify reveals earnings

    READ MORE | Posted on 11/14/14

    YouTube has launched its monetized subscription service, YouTube Music Key, in the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with more countries launching soon. (...)

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