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  • Digital Police Scanners - they do a brilliant job when on the road in the USA

  • The Unkindness Of Ravens – I Used To Be So Pretty (EP – Sonic Fire Records)

  • Asus showcases SonicMaster laptop with Musicbox web app

  • What company to use for my own bandstore?

  • Free Hip Hop Internet radio toolbar - advertisement

  • Online Casino Launchpad: Your definite guide into online casino land? This might be your best bet!

  • Your movie library at a good price? Yes you can !

  • AudioCubes from Belgium become international success

  • How to make your music website make some real profit? - get $25.00 for free

  • Next generation HD DVD based music distribution and marketing platform launched

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    Newlydeads - Dreams From A Dirt Nap (cd Full Effects Records) [0]

    This CD is a kind of collection of songs recorded by this American band between 1997 and 2001. I didn’t know them at all but I was rather impressed by their style and ability. They seem to have been active in various styles, ranging from more metal industrial (some songs reminding me of an inspired Ministry) to more gothic or electronic pieces. They indeed do not deny their origins and influences (hailing from Hollywood, their more decadent side pervert some of their songs), delivering us two cover song from Siouxsie (with their scary “Cities In Dust”) and Love N Rockets (a good version of “Go” is featured here). 18 tracks in total and numerous relentless dancefloor killers for the dark crowd. (CF:7/8)CF.

    imageMusic Non Stop (...)

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  • Dance Naked – Point Of Change (Vinyl LP + CD Album – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • The Devil & The Universe – Haunted Summer (Vinyl LP + CD Album – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • Ghost Actor – Unfold (Vinyl LP – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • The Harrow / La Fete Triste – Axis / Giant (Vinyl 7” – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • Mordacious – Sinister (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

  • Petals And Thorns – The Broken Mirror (CD Album – Petals And Thorns)

  • Prager Handgriff – Roburit (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

  • Reliq – Empire Of Broken Signs (Vinyl 12” – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • Ruth & Mushy – Polaroïd/Roman/Photo/Remix (Vinyl 12” – Aufnahme Wiedergabe)

  • X Marks The Pedwalk – The House Of Rain (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

  • Aeverium – Break Out (CD Album – Out Of Line)

  • Angels & Agony – Monument (CD Album – Out Of Line)

  • Blutengel – Omen (DCD Album – Out Of Line)

  • Dubit – Fragmenti (CD Album – Several Reasons Recordings)

  • Formalin – Supercluster (CD Album – Out Of Line)

  • Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs (DCD Album – Out Of Line)

  • Ruhestaette Schwarz - Dark Wave Sex Zombies (Digital Album - Youtunez)

  • Terence Fixmer – Depth Charged (CD Album – CLR)

  • Theologian – Pain Of The Saints (DCD Album – Tumor)

  • V/A Endzeit Bunkertracks Vol.7 (4CD Box + Download Card – Alfa-Matrix)

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  • Miserylab - 'This project is completely reliant on social media'

  • What social media does a band like KMFDM use and how do they do it? We probed Sascha K.

  • Obszön Geschöpf - at this moment the situation is: NO CONCERT = NO MONEY, it's simple

  • Tying Tiffany - The music scene is not easy for a woman

  • Bel Canto - It's more like hitting the beats correctly

  • Neutral Lies - electronic Hexagone beats

  • Gothminister - 'I wouldn't trade my life I have today for the status of a superstar!'

  • Apoptygma Berzerk - Maybe I actually scare away a lot of people as well

  • Page - Swedish is a part of Page. It is part of the package, the concept.

  • Cervello Elettronico - 'I like reading about chaos. It makes me feel more grounded.'

  • Front Line Assembly - 'Rhys is becoming less and less important'

  • ADMX-71 - I want a tangible way for us artists to release our music

  • Diorama - Lack of sleep, self-doubts and very happy moments!

  • Lacrimosa - Of course I did stupid things, but at least I'm 100% free to do what I want as an artist

  • Resist - The variety that we present sometimes works for us but sometimes has worked against us.

  • Babylonia - Facebook has the biggest impact !

  • Recoil / Alan Wilder - I'm not naive

  • BOREDOMproduct - we only focus on doing good releases

  • Darkmen - Get an opinion of your own, don't follow the masses !

  • In Strict Confidence - 'Being number 1 is always a great thing for a band's ego'

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    music news headlines

    Out now, the new Star Industry album 'The Renegade' - available on CD/2CD and as HQ download

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/30/15

    Star Industry's new studio album, 'The Renegade', is out now! 'The Renegade' is the band's 5th full length album to date. (...)

    New Martin Gore video for 'Europa Hymn' hits the web - watch now on Side-Line

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/28/15

    Martin Gore has just released an animated video for 'Europa Hymn", directed by London based collective M-I-E. You can watch it above. (...)

    Cocksure gets the boot from Laibach tour for being... industrial

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/27/15

    Drama in industrial internet land. Laibach has decided to remove all support bands from its US bills. (...)

    Tolchock is back with what might be their final album ever

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/26/15

    'Elements of Rage' is Tolchock's third full album. Out via COP International this new Tolchock album might also be their last one according to the Swedish band. (...)

    Hooverphonic looses singer (again)

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/26/15

    In mutual agreement Hooverphonic and Noémie Wolfs have decided to end their collaboration. That is what can be read on Hooverphonic's Facebook page. (...)

    Venal Flesh sign with Alfa Matrix and release first EP 'Sacrament To The Scalpel'

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/26/15

    Alfa Matrix has inked a deal with the dark electro project Venal Flesh. Hailing from Washington DC, USA the band will release an 8-track download EP 'Sacrament To The Scalpel' on April 3. (...)

    New VNV Nation album 'Resonance' available for pre-order now as 6x 10 inch vinyl set + CD!

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/26/15

    Out on Anachron Sounds by mid May is the newest VNV Nation album 'Resonance'. (...)

    a-ha announce new 'Cast In Steel' album + tour for 2016

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    Earlier this week Side-Line was the very first non-Norwegian news outlet to announce that a-ha had reunited and that this would be announced on March 25th via a press conference in Berln. That press conference at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin is now finished and just like we reported, a-ha have announced their return to the spotlights. (...)

    Kid Moxie '1888' album gets the vinyl treatment

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    Kid Moxie is the musical moniker of Greek born Elena Charbila, she is best known as one of the singers on the latest Fotonovella album. (...)

    'Themes' boxset by Psychic TV re-released and expanded to 7CD set

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    Out by mid-April is a reissue of the Psychic TV 6CD Boxset 'Themes' (now expanded to 7 CDs). The 7CD set holds a bonus-CD, recorded live in Depeche Mode City aka Basildon. (...)

    Volt 9000 sees new 'Timeshift' album released on vinyl only

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    Toronto-based duo Volt 9000 return with their fifth album and second for label Artoffact with 'Timeshift', the first vinyl release for the project. (...)

    Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key sees first solo album 'Music For Cats' released as double vinyl

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    'Music For Cats', recorded in the mid-90s, was Cevin Key's first solo effort. The album featured guest appearances from Dwayne Goettel, Genesis P.Orridge, Philth, Mark Spybey and others. Originally released on Metropolis Records in 1998, the CD is now out of print. (...)

    Aesthetic Perfection release 'Big Bad Wolf' ft. Tim Skold live video taken from upcoming 'Imperfect' CD/DVD

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/25/15

    Out now is a new Aesthetic Perfection live video for the track 'Big Bad Wolf' (ft. Tim Skold). The track was recorded on August 31, 2013 at the Complex in Glendale, CA, USA (...)

    Already 70% of the tickets sold for Eurorock

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/24/15

    The sales for the Belgian gothic/wave/industrial festival Eurorock (May 14-15-16) are going very well. The organisation has announced this weekend that they already have sold 70% of their tickets. (...)

    a-ha reunion to be announced on Wednesday March 25th

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/21/15

    According to an interview in the Norwegian Dagbladet Magazine a-ha's press conference, to be held at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin on Wednesday March 25 at 1:30pm CET will be about the band's reunion (for at least 2 years that is). (...)

    Front Line Assembly gets mega 6 vinyl boxset to celebrate the 20th birthday of 'Hard Wired' - 300 copies only!

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/20/15

    20 years ago, Front Line Assembly released the 'Hard Wired' album which quickly became a high impact recording in the genre. (...)

    New Anneli Drecker album 'Rocks & Straws' will be out in April on Rune Grammofon

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/19/15

    While an EU release is being worked on for later this year, we can already announce that the new Anneli Drecker album 'Rocks & Straws' will be out in Norway on April 23th on Rune Grammofon. (...)

    Former The Cure drummer featured on new Jenn Vix single

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/19/15

    Former The Cure drummer Andy Anderson has recorded a track with Jenn Vix, 'Eyes roll back', and that track is out now on Bandcamp (see below). (...)

    An electro tribute to Abba - out now

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/19/15

    The Eternal Sunday label has released 'An Electro Tribute To Abba' by Softcore Express feat. Polette. (...)

    Encephalon to release 2CD boxset of 'Psychogenesis' album

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/18/15

    Ottawa based electro act Encephalon is now finally rounding up to present the successor to their debut album 'The Transhuman Condition' released by Dependent in 2011. (...)

    Black Sun productions' 'OperettAmorale' featuring Coil's Johnn Balance, Lydia Lunch etc. featuring HR Giger artwork out on 2LP vinyl

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/18/15

    Out on 2LP vinyl is 'OperettAmorale' by Black Sun Production. It's the project's personal tribute to the poetry of German poet, playwriter and thinker Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956). (...)

    X Marks The Pedwalk new album 'The House Of Rain' is in the pipeline

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/18/15

    The new album of X Marks The Pedwalk 'The House Of Rain' will be imminently unleashed (March, the 27th) by Infacted Recordings. (...)

    Wumpscut's 'Blut Spuker Tavern' gets vinyl + boxset treatment - order your copy now

    READ MORE | Posted on 03/17/15

    Out by the end of April via the Beton Kopf Media label is the Wumpscut album number 19, 'Blut Spuker Tavern'. (...)

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