Front Line Assembly - Civilization (cd Synthetic Symphony)

Posted on 09/02/04

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The reunion of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber gave birth to another child in the FLA family, and the Godfathers named him “Civilization”. Announced by an angry and powerful “Maniacal” single, “Civilization” is more of a laid back low temp relaxed album than the single seemed to be announcing and was probably the only possible single off the album. Much closer to the complexity and strength of an album like “Implode”, “Civilization” is for me the best record produced by the Canadian duo together with the aforementioned “Implode” and the unavoidable “Caustic Grip”. We clearly feel that both friends really enjoyed working again together and imposed themselves no single limit, letting the FLA machine roll, letting the music flow… And with the work each musician recently did on their respective projects Delerium and Conjure One, the result is a melting pot of atmospheres, exotic elements, intricate song structures, and a perfect master of song writing ability bringing the exact balance between verse and chorus in every song, while keeping surprise moments here and there which make of this album a real mine of electronic sensations. FLA inflicts the senses with this brilliant record which reflects spontaneity and force, both at the same time for an overwhelming and uplifting final result. If you expected tough angry boys on this record, you shall be deceived, if you expected the genius fusion of two electronic composing masters, then “Civilization” has depth enough to transport you to the center of the Earth… and back. “Transmitter” and “Civilization” are pearls. Consume without moderation. (TSF:9) TSF.
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Posted by: sirhawk on Mar 29, 04 | 3:03 am

Wow, how the opinions spread widely! :D I personally like the fact that in my eyes, FLA is suppossed to be an "aggressive" act. If they want soft stuff, name it Delerium or Synaesthasia, or whatever catagory it deserves.They have done that in the past to perfection, so why quit now and make "FLA lite" like this album is and leave the edge out? And frankly, I LOVE Millenium...their best album...I am not a huge guitar fan, but the song writing is just top notch on that album...not one lame song on that one...but it wasn't because of the guitars, it just happen to have guitars on it. Liquid Seperation is pure energy and Search and Destroy has beautifull melody...and everything in between sounds great too!

Just one man's opinion though ;)

Posted by: on Mar 28, 04 | 11:58 pm

I have always liked FLA, the only drawback is the lyrics.
I forgot one thing as soon as they strat using guitars like in millenium, i cant stand it.

Millenium is worse than crap.

Posted by: Catgirl on Mar 17, 04 | 3:05 am

Ack! Duh...yah, I meant Rhys...not Chris. I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

The lack of anger doesn't bother me as well, but I do think Bill should lay the FLA project to rest and focus on what he seems to want to do which is write pop songs. Which fine...not bagging on him for it, but a "soft-core" FLA is just so....blah.

Oh well...not big deal. It's just music.

Posted by: on Mar 16, 04 | 6:39 pm

I think Civilzation is the best FLA album in a long time. Great production and musicality to it, and just plain great songs.

Not "angry" enough? Doesn't bother me at all.

The "angry thing" is so cliched in industrial, it's not even worth joking about anymore. I just want to hear good music from artists that evolve, and that's what Bill and Rhys have delivered.

Posted by: Catgirl on Mar 16, 04 | 4:02 am

Personally, I think Bill & Chris should put the FLA project to rest. They just don't have it in them anymore. It's painfully obvious that they want to produce "pop" like their Delerium project, so...they should just stick with that.

This new FLA disc just flat out lacked in many areas. It has a few good songs, but for the most part it was like watching a really old Rock star try to bang out those old songs one last time just for the cash.

Posted by: on Mar 16, 04 | 12:05 am

Man, it's tough.

If you stay the same your fans get tired and bored of it.

If you start straying from your sound your fans get frustrated and upset.

Posted by: sirhawk on Mar 15, 04 | 11:03 am

I just love ass kissers......the above review from cd Synthetic Symphony misses the whole point. Yes, the album sounds good, yes, it was produced well, and yes I enjoyed the album as a whole, but not as a FLA release. To me this was a mix of FLA and Delerium. Too much soft stuff....not enough anger....If I wanted to relax, I would put on a relaxing band like Gridlock....but if I want to hear angst and aggression, I put on FLA. I mean, c'mon, they have like a Billion side projects...all intended to have a different "side" of music my my mind, FLA always was the "pissed off" at the ones in control of the government/social order side of music theory, and here I just don't see it in this, I give this album a "C" because the class project was rock out 101, not mellow out 101....get your subjects right! :D

Posted by: on Mar 15, 04 | 6:51 am

It is apparent that Bill and Rhys are not "angry" any more.

Posted by: dave_M on Mar 13, 04 | 11:35 pm

The cd has great production and arangements but I find that overall the cd lacks and is not "angry". The lyrics for the first two tracks are quite childish and the rest of the cd lacks energy and sounds like it was comprised of left overs that didn't fit in with the last Delerium cd. Overall I was not terribly disapointed but I don't think it lives up tp the hype and for Leeb and Rhys to be working together again, I expected so much more from the collaboration. Maybe they should stop doing FLa, I don't think they have the drive that they used to have.

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