Henric De La Cour – Mandrills (CD Album – Progress Productions)

Posted on 15/10/13

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Genre/Influences: Wave-pop.

Content: Henic De La Cour is back with his 2nd opus that comes 2 years after the self-titled debut-CD. I remember the debut album as a rather original production mixing 80s elements together with the particular timbre of voice of Henric De La Cour.

“Mandrills” holds on to the main ingredients that were already explored on the debut album, but the new work sounds more mature and accomplished. The artist sounds inspired by some good-old synth-pop formats -reminding me now and then of a band like A Flock Of Seagulls. But I also like the more contemporary approach based upon an elaborated sound writing and a perfect harmony between electronics and guitar. “Mandrills” is not exactly the most accessible pop production, but it’s an intelligent pop format. I especially like the progression of the tracks often leading to a kind of elevation. The alluring vintage synth lines are carrying most of the songs while the guitar injects an extra powerful aspect. Most of the songs are reflecting a taste of melancholia, which totally fits to this type of music.

Henric De La Cour has a very unique timbre of voice, which remains an essential element of this work. The song “Shark” reminds me a bit of Robert Smith. This song is an amazing wave-pop song featuring female guest vocals on top.

“Mandrills” is a succession of cool songs, sometimes dark, sometimes poppier and often evasive. Just at the moment I started to think that a ‘hit’ was the only element this album is missing comes the fabulous track “Rust On Rust”. This track sounds a bit heavier and maybe the song that will open the door to multiple clubs. The song is carried by an impressive bass line and achieved by great electro effects. This is the kind of song that will convince you to buy this album or simply discover the particular universe of Henric De La Cour.

But this Swedish artist gets also inspired by different music styles. It creates an interesting open-minded creation coming to a climax on the more psychedelic-like “Call It In”.

Conclusion: Henric De La Cour doesn’t exactly belong to the Swedish stereotypes of synth-pop. “Mandrills” is the perfect exponent to reveal a creative pop artist proving that there’re still intelligent musicians dealing with pop.

Best songs: “Rust On Rust”, “Shark”, “Sirens, No Harbour”, “Call It In”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8)ED.

Band: www.facebook.com/HenricDLC

Label: www.progress-productions.com / www.facebook.com/progresspro

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