Blutengel – Monument (CD Album – Out Of Line)

Posted on 30/03/13

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Genre/Influences: Goth-pop, electro-pop.

Content: I was wondering what to expect from the new Blutengel-album. The successful band set up by Chris Pohl has been conquering the scene since the late 90s and after an impressive list of albums I got the feeling that it would be hard to get surprised.

But “Monument” sincerely took me by surprise as it sounds like the heaviest Blutengel album ever. The main ingredients remain of course quite melancholic-pop like, but most of the songs have been driven by a harder and pumping kick while Pohl’s vocals have reached a higher charismatic plateau. I also get the impression that there are more songs sung in English on “Monument”. I don’t have anything against Blutengel singing in German, but English songs often are more accessible for non German people.

The recently released EP “You Walk Away” remains one of the main songs of this album. It also perfectly demonstrates the heavier style of the band. Other cuts like “All These Lies” and “Tears Might Dry” confirm the empowered style of the new work. “Tears Might Dry” also appears to be one of the next potential hits of Blutengel.
But some German sung songs like “Wilst Du?” and “Deine Welt” also confirm the empowered style. I especially like the mix of Blutengel’s renowned melodic style together with the heavy danceable beats. “Deine Welt” is a very illustrative piece in the genre. But I also have to mention “Lebensrichter”, which is another cut in a similar vein, and maybe even harder.

All the songs do not feature the similar dynamism as “Monument”, but there are other that hide this kind of typical and pure melancholic sweet atmosphere. Another important move is the lack of female vocals on this album, Chris Pohl becoming more isolated, but reaching a new impressive level.

Conclusion: I’m not saying that Blutengel has reinvented his own sound, but it all appears like he seriously reconsidered some elements of the music to gain a heavier style.

Best songs: “Tears Might Dry”, “Wilst Du?”, “You Walk Away”, “Deine Welt”, “Lebensrichter”.

Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

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