Diorama - Even The DEVIL Doesn't Care (CD Album - Accession Records)

Posted on 24/02/13

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Genre/Influences: Elektro, Dark-Wave.

Content: Concepts like complex, hard to access, spherical, multi-layered, non-cliché, against mainstream, etc. come to mind when listening to studio-album number 8 of this band from the Southern part of Germany.

Singer and composer Torben Wendt takes us for another bombastic musical journey in his dark melancholic mind, colored by the musical escapades of colleagues Felix Marc (synths), Sash Fiddler (guitar) and Marquess (drums).

12 emotional and sensitive tracks (with an average length of 5.30 minutes) make from this CD a serious task to consume, because this is really not easy-listening light music, which you can ‘discover’ after one or two quick listening-sessions.

Torben's voice still sounds very good, so is the symbiosis between the keyboards and guitars as well.
The typical ’old’ Diorama-style can still be heared on "The Scale", an uptempo song from which a first videoclip was released, while some keyboard-parts on "My Favourite Song" reminded me, for some reason, of And One. "Hellogoodbye" (for me by far the best track on the album) and "The Long Way Home From The Party" are real dancefloor-fillers and make chance to become the next singles for sure.

Although "Even The DEVIL Doesn't Care" is very well produced, sometimes I have the impression that it becomes too dull (read: too boring and monotonous) after a while. At last the nice artwork by Katharina Schellenberger certainly needs to be mentioned, as it creates a new visual access to the atmosphere of the album.

Conclusion: This album has less danceable tracks than "Cubed", it's more an album to listen to and let your mind take away. The mysterious magnetism, a core element of Diorama is definitely still present. An album that probably will rise high in the (German Alternative) charts again.

Best songs: "Hellogoodbye", "The Scale", "Hope", "My Favourite Song", "The Long Way Home From The Party".

Rate: (WH:7/8)WH.

Band: www.diorama-music.com / www.facebook.com/pages/Diorama/20921056622

Label: www.accession-records.de / www.myspace.com/accessionrecords / www.facebook.com/accessionrecords

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