Blindness – Glamourama (Digital Single – Club AC30)

Posted on 30/01/13

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The UK-combo Blindness here delivers a 2-track single. I remember the band from their debut-EP “Confessions”. I was not that impressed although I remember there were some real cool ideas running through their work.

“Glamourama” is the newest single and a song that brings us back to their guitar indie-rock sounds mixed with electronics. The female singer adds a touch of grace to this song, which is still based upon a solid and carrying chorus. The b-side is a remix of “Confessions” by Markus Von Prause –who was previously involved in Christ Analogue. It’s a quite bombastic, but cool remix with some piano parts to calm it down.

Production-wise, the sound could have been a bit more polished. Blindness already shows a few good ideas, but that’s not enough to get totally convinced by their sound. A full length would be suitable to get a better idea about the band’s potential.

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