Combat Voice – Chaotic Universe (CD Album – EK Product)

Posted on 30/01/13

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Content: Combat Voice is one more Belgian project signed to EK Project. Richard Guillaume and Bernard Feron (previously involved in Mono Electronic Density and who was the original singer of FuzeBoxMachine) set up this new project in 2010. After a lesser promoted and rather unknown self-released debut CD they now have the opportunity on EK Product to reach a wider audience.

From start on Combat Voice reveals their retro-EBM influences. The compositions are rather minimal, rather simplistic but based upon strong bass lines and sequences plus good-old synth layers. Combat Voice sounds dark and minimalistic. I have a little problem with the vocals which are rather compressed and suffering from some lack of production. The way of singing is monotone. The backing vocals by Richard Guillaume are sometimes reminding to another –and more famous Richard while it reveals the retro EBM inspiration of the band.

Most of the songs reveal some good ideas, but I’m missing more elaboration. It all sounds a bit rudimentary. A few harder songs like “Absolute Mind Control” and “Adrenaline Fix” are much more convincing and definitely show the right path to walk on. In a different and really quiet style the song “Chaotic Universe” is quite interesting. There’s a great bass sequence running through the song reminding me of the music/tune of Brian De Palma’s movie “Body Double”. I also like the string sections that reinforce the song. From a pure artistic point of view this song for sure is the most achieved song of the album.

Conclusion: Combat Voice has to improve the global production of their work while holding on some interesting ideas they showed in the bass lines and synth parts. Nevertheless, I’m sure “Chaotic Universe” will catch the attention of retro-EBM lovers.

Best songs: “Absolute Mind Control”, “Chaotic Universe”, “Adrenaline Fix”.

Rate: (Tor Cleenics:6/7)Tor Cleenics.

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