Rabia Sorda – Eye M The Blacksheep (CD EP - Out Of Line)

Posted on 29/01/13

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Genre/Influences: Dark & punkish electro.

Content: While awaiting the 3rd full length of Rabia Sorda this new EP of Hocico frontman ‘Erk Aicrag’ has been introduced as ‘an anthem for the non-conformists, an Electronic-Body-Rock-New-Wave-Punk-bastard full of anger, energy and unbridled emotions!’

The title song opens this EP in a quite surprising style. Rabia Sorda empowered the electronic layers by solid guitar parts. Globally speaking the music and even Erk’s way of singing became quite punk-like. The song didn’t really impress me!

The choice of remixers is quite interesting and especially the empowered guitar remix of Lord Of The Lost. Among the 4 remixes left there’s a well-crafted and metamorphosed remix by Absolute Body Control, which moves back into some good-old 80s vibes. Another cool remix has been made by Officers, which sounds a bit electro-clash like.

There’s 2 more songs on this EP. First there’s an exclusive song entitled “Father”, which is a quiet and moody b-side song and again quite different from the familiar Rabia Sorda style. Next there’s a disappointing cover version of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”. This version sounds poorly inspired and is a real bad ode to the original song.

Conclusion: A great artwortk, which unfortunately is not in harmony with the content of this EP. This is a deceiving teaser to welcome the new album of Rabia Sorda!

Best songs: “Eye M The Blacksheep – Absolute Body Control Remix” and “Eye M The Blacksheep – Officers Remix”.

Rate: (DP:6)DP.

Band: www.rabiasorda.com / www.myspace.com/rabiasorda / www.facebook.com/rabiasordaofficial

Label: www.outofline.de / www.myspace.com/outoflinelabel / www.facebook.com/outoflinelabel

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