IP Neva - Symbiosis Of Contradiction (cd Impulsive Art)

Posted on 03/06/09

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This is the debut release of the Russian based artist. On the band’s myspace, nature and electricity were mentioned as the main influences. All in all this is a varying ambient album with quite apocalyptic scapes, intelligent rhythms, dark atmospheres and surprising contradictions here and there. Harsh electronic elements intrude in calm atmospheric fields,(nature and electricity) and create harmonically controversial soundscapes portrayed in emotional IDM experiments and down tempo rhythms. “U Boat Performance” combines a choir with howling synth pads and crackling trip hop beats. Most tracks, like “The Process” don’t have real song structures but imply elements such as filtered voices, sighs and dark pads. A couple of songs have an underlying guitar riff e.g. “Constellation Of War” and “Whether In Numbers”. “Meteoric Rain” holds some drum and bass elements while “U-Boat Performace (Mobthrow Remix)” is an intelligent drum and bass track. On the project’s myspace you can watch an interview broadcasted on the Russian TV channel "Stolitsa" (Capital). Although the spoken language is Russian, it is worth to watch it because the interview is provided with a few shots in the man’s studio. If you ask me this will be a rising name among the electronic experimental scene.
Band: www.neverdie.ru / www.myspace.com/ipneva
Label: www.Impulart.com / www.myspace.com/impulart

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