Absent - Children (mcd Guérilla Underground)

Posted on 01/05/08

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Absent is A French duo that can be simply defined as an experimental entity. Their main efforts and interest seems to go to the composition of music for soundtracks. But the concept goes much further and really starts to become interesting when realizing that they like to work with other artists active in other disciplines. So this “Children”-release has been illustrated by texts of a female writer and images of someone else. Musical wise Absent surprises with a crystalline-like ambient music filled with remarkable sounds and other (and more experimental) scratches and effects. They for sure compose an alluring form of ambient where they distinguish themselves by the use of some delicate and cool sound sculptures. The track “La Division Mentale” is a very good example of this great form of ambient. They here even add some vague d’n’b elements. More than simple electronic ambient music, Absent sounds like an open minded project full of originality! This is definitely a very good alternative to the usual dark ambient forms we’ve been used to!
Band: www.collectif-ras.org / www.myspace.com/absentdarkelectronica
Label: www.guerillablog.free.fr / www.myspace.com/guerilla_underground_fr

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