December 2014
Agonoize – Apokalypse / Deluxe Edition (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Avarice In Audio – Shine & Burn (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Endanger – Burn Down This House From The Inside (Digital Single – Infacted Recordings)
Heimatærde – Kaltwærts / Deluxe Edition (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Iris – Radiant (CD Album – Dependent)
Junksista – High Voltage Confessions (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
NordarR – Ein Mann Mehr (CD EP – Emmo.Biz)
Solitary Experiments – The 20th Anniversary Compilation (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Umbra Et Imago – Die Unsterblichen (CD Album - Oblivion/SPV)
Welle: Erdball – Ich Rette Dich! (CD EP – Synthetic Symphony)
Agent Side Grinder – This Is Us (Vinyl 12” – Progress Productions)
BhamBhamHara – Progressive Body Music (CD Album – Scanner)
Henric de la Cour (DVD – Progress Productions)
[:SITD:] – Dunkelziffer (DCD Album – Scanner)
SPC ECO – Sirens And Satellites (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
SPC ECO – The Art Of Pop (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Stewart Walker – Ivory Tower Broadcast (CD Album – Mundo Recordings)
Volkova – Silent Howl (Vinyl 12” + Digital – Tacuara Records)
Wulfband – Wulfband (CD Album – Progress Productions)
V/A 2004 – 2014 Progress Productions 10 Years Anniversary Compilation (DCD Album – Progress Productions)

November 2014
2ND Civilization – Let’s Play (CD Album – Space Race Records)
Distortion Of Events – Self-Mythos (CD EP – Zodarion Records/Black I.P Studio)
Grandchaos – We Suffer When The World Changes (CD Album – EK Product)
Mechatronic – Dystopia (CD Album – Space Race Records)
Monolog – Merge (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Oyaarss – Zemdega (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Red Industrie – Censored (CD Album – EK Product)
Scarlet Soho – Two Steps From Heartache (CD EP – Scarlet Soho)
TourDeForce – Jedem Das Seine (CD Album – Space Race Records)
XTR Human – Atavism (CD Album – No EBM Blanc)
BeNe GeSSeRiT – The SeCoND BeNeFiT (Vinyl 7” – EE Tapes)
Chamaeleon – SicK | perVerTed (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
Das Ding – Triffid Farm / We Can Rebuilt Him (Vinyl 7” – Seja)
Electric Resistance – Brave New Day (CD EP – Insane Records)
Fatal Casualties – Psalm (Vinyl Album – Seja Records)
Kaltherzig – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain (CD Album – Cold Insanity Music)
KMFDM - Our Time Will Come (CD Album - KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records)
Life In Sodom – The World I View (CD Album – Nutrix Recordings)
Pseudo Code – The Radio’s On (CD Album – EE Tapes)
Sleetgrout – Try To Die (CD Album – Insane Records)
Contaminated Intelligence – Mental Fractures (Digital EP – Contaminated Intelligence)
Contaminated Intelligence – Prepare (CD Album – Contaminated Intelligence)
Dicepeople – End Of Line (CD Album – Sonic Serendipity Records)
Esplendor Geometrico – Sheikh Aljama (Vinyl Album – Geometrik)
Esplendor Geometrico – Arispejal Artisaró + (Vinyl Double album – Geometrik)
Gnawed – Feign And Cloak (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
IRM – Closure (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
Psychopomps – Infection Start 90 (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Sigma Octantis – Dissipations (CD Album – Malignant Antobody)
V/A Label Noir Vol.2 (CD Album – Label Noir)
Binary Park – Singularity (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Chrysalide – Personal Evolution (CD Album – Dependent)
Circuito Cerrado – Distortment (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Frozen Plasma – Crazy (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Lovelorn Dolls – Japanese Robot Invasion (DCD Album – Alfa Matrix)
Menschdefekt – Touch Of Madness (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Psy’Aviah – The Xenogamous Endeavour (DCD Album – Alfa Matrix)
Ruined Conflict – Revolutionary Mayhem (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Shiv-R – Wax Wings Will Burn (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Torul – All (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
The Dreamside – The Sorrow Bearing Tree (CD Album – Spin Moon)
Friends Of Alice Ivy – The Golden Cage And Its Mirrored Maze (CD Album – Elysium Sounds)
Grausame Töchter - Glaube Liebe Hoffnung (DCD Album - Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Harm Joy – Silver Lining Of The Mushroom Cloud (CD Album – 73 Seconds Bismarck/
Machinery Of Joy – On The Verge Of Sleep (Vinyl Album – Target Records)
NZ – Aggressions (CD EP –
Parzival – Casta (CD Album – Mighty Music)
White Trash Wankers – Electrobilly Horrorshow (CD AlLbum – Eine Tasse Jäger Records)
V/A Pagan Love Songs Vol.3 (DCD Album – Alice In…/Dark Dimensions)
V/A Treatment Of The Dead (CD Album – Cold Spring)

October 2014
Adam X – Irreformable (CD Album – Sonic Groove)
ADMX-71 – The Redacted Files (Vinyl EP – L.I.E.S.)
Donor – Against All (Vinyl Album – Prosthetic Pressings)
God Destruction – Novus Ordo Seclorum (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Kevorkian Death Cycle – God Am I / European Edition (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Machines On Blast – Machines On Blast (CD EP – Pitch Black Impact Music)
Machinista – Xenoglossy (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Mr Kitty – Time (CD Album – Negative Gain Productions)
Sequential Access – Sex Addicts Anonymous (CD Album – Metropolis)
Spacebuoy – Intoxicated (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Alter Der Ruine – I Will Remember It All Differently (CD Album – Negative Gain Productions)
Electrovot – Elegant Love (CD Album – COP International)
Ethan Fawkes – All Your Lies (Digital EP – I-Traxx Red Edition)
My Woshin Mashin – To My Friends (CD Album – Tame Corbie Records)
Neuro-Sentence – The Shores Of Anhedonia (CD Album – Xperiment XIII)
nolongerhuman – Withdrawal (CD Album – COP International)
Panic Lift – Awake (CD EP – Metropolis)
Pole Folder & Simon Latham – Human (Digital EP – Electronical Reeds)
Pride And Fall – Turn The Lights On (CD EP – Dependent)
Vaniish – Memory Work (CD Album – Metropolis)
Antikatechon – Woe Is The Reward (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Daily Planet – Two (CD Album – Progress Productions)
Horologium – Labyrinthos (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Nahtaivel – Epicus Doomicus Eletronicus (CD Album – Wave Records)
Presence Of Mind – Interpersonal (CD Album – Cramada)
Sabled Sun – Signals IV (Digital Album – Cryo Chamber)
SAL – Achtung Banditi! (CD EP – Edison Box)
Sixthminor – Wireframe (CD Album – Megaphone Records)
Stoneburner – Songs In The Key Of Arrakis (CD Album – Distortion Productions)
We Need Secrets – Melancholy And The Archive (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
ASP – Per Aspera Ad Aspera (3CD Box Album – Gothic Novel Rock Records/Trisol)
Atomzero – Symbiosis (CD Album – Zapgun Recordings)
Devine Xperience – Devine Xperience (CD Album – Let’s Beat Milo Records)
Junksista – Vu D’En Face (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Mentallo & The Fixer - Zothera (3CD Album – Alfa Matrix)
Metroland – Thalys (CD EP – Alfa Matrix)
Project Pitchfork – Blood (CD Album – Trisol)
Sebastian Komor – Vikings, Thrones And Dragonbones (Vinyl Album – Alfa Matrix)
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – Mitternacht (CD Album + Book – Apocalyptic Vision/Trisol)
Tanzwut – Eselsmesse (CD Album – AFM Records)
In Slaughter Natives – Cannula Coma Legio (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Isolator – Culture And Principal Of Anti-Human Exaltation (CD Album – Black Plagve)
Lamia Vox – Inlumaeh (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Model Kaos – Phoenix (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Parade Ground – Strange World (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Astari Nite - Stereowaltz (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Substaat – Macht (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead – Starving The Fires / Part 1 (CD Album – Tumor)
Theologian & – Hubrizine (CD Album – Tumor)
Trepaneringsritualen - Perfection & Permanence (CD Album – Cond Spring)

September 2014
Ad Inferna – Opus 7 Elevation (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
A7ie – Distress V2.0 (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Die Braut – Parricida Perpetuo (CD EP – Advoxya Records)
ESR – Distorted Visions + Rebirth (DCD Album – Advoxya Records)
Homicidal Feelings – Virtue To Vice (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Nano Infect – Scars Of Denial (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Proyecto Crisis – Under Control (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Stin Scatzor – Industremakes (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Subluminal Code – Karma In Mortem (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Viscera Drip – Abattoir (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Aharon – My Favourite Escape (CD EP – SLIM Label)
Aloysius Bear / ImQt – Aloysius Bear / ImQt (CD EP – SLIM Label)
And One – Magnet/Trilogie Edition (3CD Album - Deutschmaschine Schallplatten)
Deison & Mingle – Everything Collapse(d) (CD Album – Aagoo Records/Rev Laboratories)
Elastik – Rework (CD EP – Koma Records)
Heliophile – Downhill From Here (CD Album – Heliophile)
Museum Of Devotion - …To The Pink Period (CD Album – Infrastition)
Museum Of Devotion – Wants Versus Needs (CD Album – Infrastition)
Museum Of Devotion – Another Cold Wave (CD EP – Infrastition)
Steril – Misanthrop (CD Album – Frankahdafi Records)
BeNe GeSSeRiT – BeNeFiT (Cassette 45” Album – Insane Music)
Chvad SB – Crickets Were The Compass (CD Album – Silber Records)
Conjecture – Enter The Grove (CD Album – Ars Nocturna)
Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit – Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth?! (CD Album – Rustblade)
Electric Bird Noise – Kind Of Black (CD Album – Silber Records)
Feel No Other – Feel No Other (CD Album – Silber Records)
Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove – A Fistful Of Desert Blues (CD Album – Rustblade)
Oil 10 – Modularium (CD Album – Funk Welten)
Origami Arktika – Absolut Gehör (Vinyl Album – Silber Records)
V/A Insane Music For Insane People Vol.26 (Cassette 60” – Insane Music)
Asmodaeus – Lies And Logic (Vinyl Album – Starman Records/Walhalla Records)
Angst – Tar Ner Skylten (CD Album – Progress Productions)
Autoclav1.1 – Ten.One.Point.One (CD Album – WTII Records)
Frank Meyer / Roman Leykam – Levitation (CD Album – Frank Mark Arts)
Holm/Mirland – In Control (CD Album – Robotik)
Huminoida – Intoxicating Spring (CD + Vinyl EP – Out Of Range Recrods)
MultiColor – Cyclicity (Digital EP – Tympanik Audio)
Rentip – Daily Routines (Vinyl Album – Crime League)
Wulfband – Wulfband (CD EP – Progress Productions)
V/A Underground Wave Volume 4 (Vinyl Album – Walhalla Records)

August 2014
Acclimate V.1 – Noise Pigs (CD Album – Samboy Get Help! Recordings)
Accolade – Legends (Vinyl Album – Accolade)
Auto-Auto – Underwater Sounds Pt.1 (CD EP – Substream)
Battle Scream – Seelenfeuer (CD Album – Calyx Records)
Battle Scream – Abscheidsmelodie (CD EP – Calyx Records)
Electrosexual – Art Support Machine (Vinyl Album – Rock Machine Records)
Hecq – Conversions (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Rome – A Passage To Rhodesia (DCD Album + DVD + Vinyl – Trisol)
Rugitus Æternam – Rhythms For A Distorted Age (CD Album – MoonSlave Radio)
Tapage – Eight (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
 Berlin Babylon – Villains These Days (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Blind Vision – Works (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
 Diamond Version – CI (CD Album – Mute)
E-Craft – Re-Arrested (DCD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Eyescream – Noir (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Grendel – Soilbleed Redux V.2 (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Idlefon – Intensive Collectivity Known As City (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Robotiko Rejekto – Tanzlokal (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Tangent – Transience (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
V/A Infactious Vol.4 (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Anna Aliena – Swinging Berlin (CD EP – Go!Diva Records)
Arbeit – Budowle Socjalizmu Nasza Duma (CD Album – Boargenes Diy)
Cabaret Voltaire - #7885 / Electropunk to Technopop 1978 - 1985 (CD Album – Mute)
Diskodiktator – Inte Så Svårt (CD EP – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Empire State Human – Futura (Digital Album – Empire State Human)
Non-Bio – Machine Cold Wash (Digital Album – Non-Bio)
Spaceheads – Trip To The Moon (CD EP – Electric Brass Records)
SubtractiveLAD – Wilderness (CD Album – SubtractiveLAD)
Taxim – Full Of Empty (CD Album – XenoBiotic Records)
Thot – The City That Disappears (CD Album – Black Basset Records)
Defrag – Drown (CD Album – Hymen Records)
Die Form - Rayon X (DCD Album - Out Of Line)
Funker Vogt – Survivor / Collector’s Edition (3CD Album – Repo Records)
Ginger Snap 5 – Snapped By You / Voice | Less (Digital Album – Ginger Snap 5)
God’s Own Medicine – Drachma (CD Album – Alchera Visions)
Lovelorn Dolls – The Thrill (Digital EP – Alfa Matrix)
Marc Houle – Fusion Pop (Vinyl 12” – Items & Things)
Marc Houle – Cola Party (Digital Album” – Items & Things)
Millimetric – Negative Leaders (CD EP – Space Factory Recordings)
MiXE1 – Starlit Skin (CD Album – MiXE1)

July 2014
Aborym – Dirty Remix (CD Album – Stridulation Records)
A.E.C – Sex.Drugs.Sequence (CD Album – Solid.Grey.Sky.Recordings)
Lord Of The Lost – From The Flame Into The Fire (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Melotron – Werkschau (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Nullvektor – Marathonmann (CD Album – Hands)
SaturmZlide – laZercowboys (CD Album – Hands)
Spookshow Inc. – Visions Of The Blinded World Pt.1 (CD Album – Spookshow Inc.)
Terrorkode – Frequency Overload (CD Album – Deathwatch Asia)
Wieloryb – Root (CD Album – Hands)
V/A Beat Cancer 2 (DCD + CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Atropine – Recurring Nightmares (CD Album – EK Product)
The History Of Colour TV – When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos (CD Album – Electro Arc)
Lightfoils – Hierarchy (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Mental Discipline – Butterfly (Digital EP – SkyQode)
Naxal Protocol – The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve (CD Album – Eibon Records)
Seasurfer – Dive In (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Vogon Poetry – Don’t Panic (CD Album – Vogon Poetry)
Zero-EQ – Fall (CD EP – Space Race Records)
V/A Net.Ware Delight (CD Album – Electro Arc)
Cease2Xist – WIYGN? (CD EP – Juggernaut Music Group)
Ira-K Organization – Parasite (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Kill The Sleeper – Rebirth (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Mr. Kitty – Life / Deluxe Edition (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group/Negative Gain Productions)
[Re]Noized – I Am Your Sin (CD Album – Malevolent Records/Juggernaut Music Group)
Riot Legion – Legion Of Chaos (CD EP – Higher Circuit/Juggernaut Music Group)
Ritual Aesthetic – Decollect (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
System:FX – We Are The Broken (CD EP – Juggernaut Music Group)
Tapewyrm – Misanthropic Noize (CD Album – Tapewyrm/Juggernaut Music Group)
Tapewyrm – House Of Cards (CD EP – Juggernaut Music Group)
A Spell Inside – Autopilot (CD Album – Scanner)
BhamBhamHara – Nur Für Euch (CD EP – Scanner)
Chainreactor – Mass Driver (CD Album – ProNoize)
Epoch – Sanctimonium (CD Album – Carbon 12 Records)
Hunter Complex – Hours (Digital EP – Narrominded)
New Days Delay – Erst Der Blitz Und Dann (CD Album – Alice In...)
Noisuf-X – Invasion (DCD Album + EP – ProNoize)
Psyclon Nine – Disorder: The Shadow Sessions (CD Album – Metropolis)
Xenturion Prime – Mecha Rising (CD Album – Progress Productions)
Xotox – Redux (Vinyl Album – ProNoize)
Borghesia – And Man Created God (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Burial Hex – In Psychic Defense (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Connect_Icut – Small Town By The Sea (CD Album – Aagoo Records)
Contaminated Intelligence – Worn Teeth (CD EP – Contaminated Intelligence)
Cosmic Armchair – We’re Watching (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Deadwood – Sheolic (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Freakangel – Into The Fire feat. Javi Ssagittar (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Mesektet – Towards A Bleak Sun (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Shift – Altamont Rising (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
The Tablets – The Tablets (CD Album – The Tablets)

June 2014
Adan & Ilse – Birds Fallen From Heaven (CD Album – Unknown Pleasures Records)
Beata Beatrix – The New Gothic Generation (CD Album – Wave Records)
Cræsher – [π]oise / Self-Incestuous Noise Inception (CD Album – Stridulation Records)
Dominion – 8eeZ (CD Album – Wave Records)
Florence Foster Fan Club – Asymmetric (CD Album – Wave Records)
Inigo Kennedy – Vaudeville (CD Album – Token Records)
Roppongi Inc. Project – Schnarch Suite (CD EP – Roaring Disc Records)
Simi Nah – Be My Guest (CD Album – Why2k Music)
Soldout – Puppylove (CD Album – Flatcat Recordings)
Terra Sancta – Exile (CD Album – Tumor)
Cyance – Aphelion (Digital EP – Mindtrick Records)
Diary Of Dreams – Elegies In Darkness (CD Album – Accession Records)
Joachim Witt – Neumond (CD Album – Oblivion/SPV)
Known Rebel – Ocelo (Digital EP – Mindtrick Records)
Otavan Veret – Otavan Veret (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
[product] – Shallow Graves (CD Album – Vendetta Music)
Reutoff & Sal Solaris – Eigengrau (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Shrine – Nihil (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
TeHÔM – Lacrimae Mundi (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Treha Sektori – Severh Sehenh (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Anklebiter – Weight Of A Pronoun (CD Album – Crime League)
Click Click – Those Nervous Surgeons (CD Album – Dependent)
Cold In May – Dark Season (CD Album – SkyQode)
Dead Voices On Air – Did Digger Do Jehovah (CD Album – Crime League)
Detritus – The Very Idea (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Displacer – Foundation (CD Album – Hymen Records)
Displacer & Nimon – House Of The Dying Sun (CD Album – Hymen Records)
Front Line Assembly – Echoes (Digital Album – Metropolis Records)
Gnome & Spybey – Three (CD Album – Crime League)
Underhill – Prologue (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
A Pale Moon – Dark Waters (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Galahad – Season’s Greetings (CD EP – Danse Macabre)
Herzparasit – Gifttherapie (CD Album – Echozone)
Model Kaos – Fire + Ice (Digital EP – Danse Macabre)
No: Carrier – Wisdom & Failure (CD Album – Sonic Revolution/Echozone)
Nova-Spes – Black Sheep On White Fields (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Oberer Totpunkt – Desiderat (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
The Spiritual Bat – Mosaic (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Stoneman – Goldmarie (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Unterschicht – Monster Kopfkino (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
All Hallows Eve – The Dreaming (CD Album – Echozone)
Blac Kolor – Wide Noise (CD Album – Basic Unit Productions)
Die Form - Schaulust (CD EP - Out Of Line)
Fundetta – Mein Talent Ist Leben (CD Album – Echozone)
Liquid Grey – Arsenic Dreams (CD Album – Echozone)
Loewenhertz – Irgendwo In Deutschland (CD Album – Echozone)
Lord Of The Lost – La Bomba (CD EP – Out Of Line)
The Shallow Graves – Smoke-Screen for Your Broken dream (CD Album – Echozone)
V/A Electrostorm Volume 5 (CD Album – Out Of Line)
V/A Gothic Moods (DCD Album – Rockborn Records/Echozone)

May 2014
Cadlag – Cadlag Live Tape (CD Album – PharmaFabrik)
Decondition – Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin (CD Album – Nuit Et Brouillard)
Electrosexual – Tempelhof (Digital Single – Rock Machine Records)
Exponentia – Ghost (CD Album - Neris Records)
Ficture – Roads To Everywhere (CD Album – Lemongrassmusic)
Model Depose – Nightwatch (CD EP – Model Depose)
Puin + Hoop – Er Zit Een Gat In De Soep (CD Album – Narrominded)
Schleimer K – 1981 First Album Plus Bonus Tracks (CD Album – Infrastition)
Zeistencroix – Stranger (CD Album – Zeistencroix)
V/A Transmission Nordwaves (CD Album – Infrastition)
The Additive – Aetherica (CD Album – SLIM.Label)
Cacophoneuses – The Myth Of Lorelei (CD Album – Hands)
Heimstatt Yipotash – Mecanismos De Control (CD Album – Hands)
Hezzel – Exposure (CD Album – Hands)
hyDrone – Chronos (CD Album – Hands)
Monolith – Crashed (CD Album – Hands)
Sylvgheist Maëlström – Pripyat (CD Album – Hands)
:Wumpscut: - Bulwark Bazooka (DCD Album – Beton Kopf Media)
:Wumpscut: - DJ Dwarf 14 (CD EP – Beton Kopf Media)
V/A Forms Of Hands 14 (CD Album – Hands)
Aesthetische – HybridCore (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
The Beauty Of Gemina – Ghost Prayers (CD Album – TBoG Music/SPV)
Erotic Elk – Burning Down Your House (Digital EP – Major Digital)
Johnathan Christian – Beautiful Hideous (CD Album – Johnathan Christian)
KirA – Spark Of Curiosity (CD Album – KirA/Frantic Promotions)
Mondträume – Empty (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Schwarzblut – Gebeyen Aller Verdammten (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Breaking The Void (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Tamtrum – ATVFM (CD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Alphaxone – Living In The Grayland (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)
Alt3r3d Stat3 – Dubbed In Black (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)
Atiq & Enk – Embracing The Unknown (Digital Album – Mindtrick Records)
Caprice – Girdenwodan Part 2 (CD Album – Prikosnovénie)
Christopher Kah - Electronic Boat Of The Fake / Acid On Acid (Digital Single – Flat Diamond Records)
Hopeful Machines – The Spring Of The Drowned Girl (CD Album – Hopeful Machines)
Mystified – Eschate Thule (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)
Satanismo Calibro 9 – Typhon Rising (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
THYX – Super Vision (CD Album – Thyx Records)
Uncodified / Satanismo Calibro 9 – Adamant Orgon Ritual (CD Album – Old Europa Cafe)
Calva Y Nada – Dias Felizes (CD Album – Emmo.Biz)
Har Belex / Fragile – Time Does Not Forgive (LP – Split Album – Caustic Records)
Frontal – Lass Uns Tanzen (CD Album – Emmo.Biz)
Leather Strip – Untold Stories / The Melancholic Sessions (DCD Album – Emmo.Biz)
Mekanik Disorder – Out Of Context (CD Album – Caustic Records)
MRDTC - #3 We Travel (CD Album – Emmo.Biz)
NZ – Raw And Pure (CD EP – Emmo.Biz)
Selofan – Verboten (LP Album – Fabrika Records)
Skorneg – Foehn (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
U-731 – By All Means… (CD Album – Infect/Malignant Records)

April 2014
Blutengel – Black Symphonies / An Orchestral Journey (CD + DVD Album – Out Of Line)
Client – Authority (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Combichrist – From My Cold Dead Hands (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Combichrist – We Love You (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Harms & Kapelle – Meilenstein (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Kloot Per W – Sex Wars EP (7” Single – EE Tapes)
Lord Of The Lost – Afterlife (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Miss Construction – United Trash / The Z Files (CD Album – Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Ost+Front – Olympia (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Too Dead To Die – Murder On The Dance Floor (CD Album – Out Of Line)
BhamBhamHara – Kreislauf (CD EP – Scanner)
Carretta & Workerpoor – I.N.T.R.U.D.E.R.S. Remixes (Digital EP – Space Factory)
Der Container Klang – The Rip Off (Digital Single – Sham Recordings)
Machinista – Arizona Lights (CD EP – Juggernaut Music Group)
Pittersplatter – Frozen (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Plastique De Rêve – Magnetic Motocross (Digital EP – Space Factory)
Presto Fervant – Banzai (7” – Sham Recordings)
Vanguard – Retribution (CD Album – Conzoom Records)
Vomito Negro – Death Sun (CD Album – Scanner)
V/A Swedish Oldschool EBM (7” – Sham Recordings)
Aaron Holm + Matthew Felton – Transitions Seattle (CD Album – Dissolve Records)
Blackstone Rngrs – Descendant (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
The Capsules – The Long Goodbye (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Children Of The Stones – The Stars And The Silence (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Lia Fail – Cynical Stones (CD Album – Three Legged Cat Records)
Lilies On Mars – Dot To Dot (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Mobthrow – Unfolded (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Spotlight Kid – Ten Thousand Hours (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Strata Florida – Made Of Stars (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
Young Boy – Other Summers (CD Album – Saint Marie Records)
∆Aimon - ∆Aimon (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
Acquaintances – Acquaintances (CD Album – Epitonic/File13 Records)
Coil / Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled (CD EP – Cold Spring Records)
In Strict Confidence – Lifelines Vol. 1 / 1991-1998 (CD Album – Minuswelt Musikfabrik)
Nebelung – Palingenesis (CD Album – Temple Of Forturous)
Scott Miller / Lee Camfield / Merzbow – No Closure (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Troum – Syzygie (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Tunnels Of Āh – Lost Corridors (CD Album – Cold spring Records)
Von Magnet – Performances 1985 > 2013 (Double DVD – Von Magnet)
Z’EV – A Handful Of Elements (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
And Finally – Heartbreak Empire (CD Album – And Finally)
Dark Side Cowboys – Chronicles (CD Album – Moriensis Productions)
The Eternal Afflict – Perish! (CD EP – Afflict:Me Records)
Human [Is] – Weeping Angels (CD Album – Human [Is])
Inter-Connection – Strange World (CD Album – Inter-Connection/A Different Drum)
Lucy – Churches Schools And Guns (CD Album – Stoboscopic Artefacts)
Mika Goedrijk – Naked (CD Album – Ant-Zen)
My Dear Killer – Embrassé Par Un Démon (CD Album – My Dear Killer)
Nahtaivel – Pon Farr (CD Album – Wave Records)
V/A Hera, Protector Of Teddybears Since 2012 (CD Album – Choeur Noir)

March 2014
Acylum – Mental Disorder V.2 (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Aengeldust – Freakshow (CD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Clan Of Xymox – Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul (CD Album – Trisol)
Mantus – Portrait Aus Wut Und Trauer (DCD - Trisol)
Nachtmahr – Feindbild (CD Album – Trisol)
Növö – Zeitgeist (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Plastic Noise Experience – Therapy (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
This Morn’ Omina – L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes (DCD Album - Ant-Zen)
Tying Tiffany – Drop (CD Album – Trisol)
XMH – In Your Face (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Abstractive Noise – Of The Adder’s Bite (CD Album – Abstractive Records)
Afformance – Catch The Soap (CD EP – Catch The Soap)
Blevin Blectum – Emblem Album (CD Album – Aagoo Records)
Cervello Elettronico / Marching Dynamics – Split (CD Album – Square Wav)
Connect_Icut – Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again (CD Album – Aagoo Records/Rev Laboratories)
KK Null . Israel Martínez . Lumen Lab – Incognita (CD Album – Aagoo Records)
La Lune Noire – Echoland (CD Album – Svinx Records)
Struma – Septic Rust (CD EP – Struma)
Synthetic Union – Ancient Evil (CD Album – Synthetic Union)
Wynardtage – Close II Death (CD EP – E-Noxe)
2Kilos &More – 10 (DCD Album – Audiophob)
Amnistia – Anti#Versus (DCD Album – Scanner)
Deadliner - Wardenclyffe (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
DJ Hidden – Enclosed (DCD – Ad Noiseam)
Electric Breathing – Sweet Violence (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Epinephrin – Alles Auf Anfang (CD Album – Scanner)
Severe Illusion – Deliberate Prefrontal Leucotomy (CD Album – Complete Control Productions)
State Of The Union – My Time Away (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Still Patient? – Retrospective 88-2-99 (CD Album – Schwarzrock)
Still Patient? – Selective Perrception (CD EP – Schwarzrock)
Astrolab – Till This River Runs Dry (CD Album – D-Monic)
Cynical Existence – Erase Me (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Ex_Tension – Le Seuil De Tolérance (CD Album – M-Tronic)
Geomatic / Lagowski – Cosmochemistry (CD Album – M-Tronic)
HeartH – Future Is Born (CD Album – Hearth)
Jenx – Drift (CD Album – M-Tronic)
Junksista – Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch) (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Psy’Aviah feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – Our Common Future (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Spacebuoy – Fashionista (CD Album – Spacebuoy)
Sweet William – Ocean (CD Album – D-Monic)

February 2014
Cryo – Retropia (CD Album – Progress Productions)
Fatal Casualties – SITM Remixes (CD EP – Seja Records)
God Module – False Face (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit – Taste Our Voodoo (DCD Album – Rustblade)
The Mighty Sieben – Each Divine Spark (CD Album – Redroom Records)
Seabound – Speak In Storms (CD Album – Dependent)
Spiritual Front – Black Hearts In Black Suits (CD Album – Rustblade)
Train To Spain – The Perfect Match (CD EP – Train To Spain)
ZX81 – Minyak (CD Album – Rustblade)
V/A A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life (LP Album – Seja Records)
Aesthetic Perfection – ‘Til Death (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Atrium Carceri – The Untold (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)
Celldweller – Blackstar Act 1: Purified (CD EP – FiXT Music)
Deutsche Bank – Autopop (CD EP – Deutsche Bank)
Elements – Awake (CD EP – Sleepless Records Berlin)
M.O.D. – Le Dios Mecanische (Digital Album – Gothic World Records)
Noir – Darkly Near (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Shatoo – Floodlights (CD EP – Emmo.Biz)
Suboctane – Underground Traffic (Digital Album – Mindtrick Records)
Welle: Erdball – Tanzmusik Für Roboter (CD Album – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Capital X – Wild Life (CD Album – Power Pack Records)
Day Before Us – Misty Shroud Of Regrets (CD album – Rage In Eden)
Diodati – Susurrus Lake (CD Album – Körperschall Records)
Dr. Kranck – Aus Der Dunkelheit Kommt Licht (CD Album – Körperschall Records)
Ginger Snap5 – Snapped By You (CD Album – SkyQode)
I.R.O.N – Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & Upgraded (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
[Kaiser(Schnitt)Amboss/Laslo] – 5 (x) 5th Season (CD EP – Kaiserküss/Poppypod)
Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr – Voir Dire (CD Album – Kentin Jivek)
Organisation Toth – The Sword Of Creation (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
V/A Ejekta Sampler (CD Album – Körperschall Records)
Coen Oscar Polack & Herman Wilken – Fathomless (Digital Album – Narrominded)
Control – Control (CD Album – Control/Trafficbeat Entertainment)
Ephemere – Niemandsland (CD Mini-Album – Ephemere/Whiterock Records)
Epoch – [R]Evolution (CD Album – Carbon 12 Records)
Mordacious – Bone Breaker (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
NamNamBulu – Sorry (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Orange Sector – Geile Zeit (Digital EP – Infacted Recordings)
Red Mecca – You Were Never Here (CD Mini-Album – Massproduktion)
Snuttock – Endless Rituals (CD Album – Snuttock/Morphius Records)
The Truth About Frank – The Carrion EP (CD EP – LYF Recordings)

January 2014
Black Saturn – Ned Jackson Is My Little Brother (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Capricorn 12 – Sometimes I Dream About Lilith (CD Album – Capricorn 12)
FluiD – Duality (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
LPF12 – Rising Through Barricades (Digital Album – Crime League)
Midas Fall – Fluorescent Lights (CD EP – Monotreme Records Ltd.)
Murmurists – I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Niton – Niton (CD Album – Pulver And Asche Records)
Öhm – Öhm (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
Pas Musique – Abandoned Bird Egg (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Volkova – Confusion Is A Good Weapon (CD Album – Tacuara Records)
IIoIoIoII – Sun (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Accessory – Resurrection (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Blutengel – Once In A Lifetime (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Lescure 13 – Too Much… Motherf***ers! (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Ost+Front - Bitte Schlag Mich (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Rabia Sorda – Hotel Suicide (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Rummelsnuff – Kraftgewinn (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Solitary Experiments – Phenomena (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Suicide Commando – Unterwelt (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Tactical Module – Into Exile (CD Album – Juggernaut Music Group)
Dani’el – The Book (CD Album – Conzoom Records)
Helalyn Flowers – Videodope (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Komor Kommando – Hail The Rhythm (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Mondträume – Life Is Short (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Növö – I Flee (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Parralox – Recovery (CD Album – Conzoom Records/Subterrane Records)
The Sound Of The Crowd – Life Is Calling (CD Album – Conzoom Records/Subterrane Records)
Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Gone Together Again (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
XMH – The Business (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
V/A Electropop 9 (CD Album – Conzoom Records)
Bionulor – Theatre Music For “Coriolanus” (CD Album – Oniron)
Darkhaus – My Only Shelter (CD Album – Oblivion/SPV)
Dolls Of Pain – Déréliction (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
First Black Pope – Excommunication (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Hydrus – Nodes (CD EP – Narrominded)
Massiv In Mensch – The Cortex Zero Effect (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Maurizio Bianchi + Massimo Croce + DBPIT + XxeNa – Isometrie Sonore + Artemisio (Vinyl 12’ + Tape – Dischi Gatto Alieno)
Niko Skorpio – Khôra (CD EP – Some Place Else)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Contemporary Transformation (CD EP – Advoxya Records)
Wormhole – The String theory (CD Album – Wormhole Music/Lady Music Records)
Das War Krach – Protokino (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Elias Matt & (The) Rescue Mission – Conditio Humana (CD Album – Wannsee Records)
The Flood – In Love Or Despair (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Löwenritter – Prelude / Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (CD Album – Kalinkaland Records)
Monica Richards – Kindred (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Stereomotion - Days Of Faith (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Symbiotic Systems – Unheard-Of Tales (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Synthetica – The City Of Dis (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Tarana – The Soul Laden Desires The Sun (CD EP – Plasma Torus Records)
Theodor Bastard – Oikoumene (CD Album – Danse Macabre)

December 2013
Diffuzion – Insomnia (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Donamorte – Gemini (CD Album – Space Race Records)
Equitant – Retrospekt 2008/2013 (CD Album – EK Product)
Framework – Untold Stories (CD Album – EK Product)
Kant Kino – Ich Liebe Katarina Witt (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Monolog – 2 Dots Left (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Pouppée Fabrikk – H8 U (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Public Domain Resource – Dead Surface (CD Album – Space Race Records)
Ruby My Dear – Form (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Stavros Gasparatos – 7 (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Alien Hand Syndrome – Slumber (CD Album – Hoanzl)
Christopher Kah – Sway (EP CD - International Deejay Gigolo Records)
Exponentia – Sadness (CD Album – Neris Records)
Factrix / Control Unit – Elegy For Rusted Souls (LP Album – Backwards)
Maths And The Moon – Night Train Daydream (CD Album – Inellipse Records)
Mesh – Adjust Your Set (CD EP – Dependent)
Mirt – Heading South (LP Album – Backwards)
Radical G + The Horrorist – Here Comes The Storm (Digital EP – DancedelicD)
TweakerRay – The Collector Chapter 02 (CD Album – TweakerRay)
V/A Square Peg In A Round Hole Vol.5 (Digital Album – Square Peg In A Round Hole)
Colloquio – L’Entrata – L’Uscita (CD Album – Eibon Records)
Hunter Complex – Heat (LP Album – Narrominded)
The Imaginary Suitcase – Full Moon Fever (CD Album – The Imaginary Suitcase)
Kajkyt – II (CD Album – GOD Records)
Martin Hall – Phasewide, Exit Signs (CD Album – Panoptikon/VME)
M.E.S.S.Y And Friends – Anthology 1988-2013 (CD Album – EE Tapes)
Midnight Syndicate – Axe Giant - The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan (CD Album – Linfadia Records)
Panyoba – Folklore Interior (CD Album – Panyoba)
The Stargazer Lilies – We Are The Dreamers (CD Album – Graveface Records And Curiosities)
VNV Nation – Transnational (CD Album – Anachron Sounds)
Beyond Sensory Experience – Faint (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Dead Hand Projekt – Control (CD Album - Vendetta Music)
Dead Voices On Air – Bundle 1995 - 2013 (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
The Floating World - The Wood Beyond The World (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Funerary Call – The Mirror Reversed Part 1 (CD Album - Cyclic Law)
iVardensphere – Break The Sky (Digital CD EP – Metropolis Records)
Kloq – Begin Again (CD Album - Metropolis)
Parhelion & Zac Keiller – Farthest North (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Taphephobia – Escape From The Mundane Self (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Vortex - Kali Yuga (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Ambassador21 – X (CD Album – Hands)
Cervello Elettronico – Anima Meccanica (CD Album – Hands)
Endanger – Larger Than Life (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Esplendor Geométrico – Ultraphoon (CD Album – Geometrik)
Maschinenkrieger KR52 Vs. Disraptor – rotTEN Years (CD Album – Hands)
Proyecto Mirage – Steam Tech (CD Album – Hands)
Shorai – Interference (CD Album – Hands)
Tatlum – Mechanical Rite (CD Album – Hands)
Zeromancer – Something For The Pain / The Best Of (DCD Album – Trisol)
Zinovia – The Gift Of Affliction (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)

November 2013
Cryogenic Echelon – Anthology (Digital Album – Static Distortion Records)
The Dark Unspoken – Beyond Your Control (CD Album – Echozone)
[De:ad:cibel] – Globalizer (CD Album – Echozone)
Krankheit – Sanatorium (CD Album – Echozone)
Lowfield – Start The Machine (CD Mini-Album – Lowfield/Echozone)
Machine Rox – Shout (CD Album – Static Distortion Records)
MiXE1 – Lights Out (Digital EP – Static Distortion Records)
NFD – Reformations (CD Album – Jungle Records)
Synapse – Audio/Visceral (CD Album – Synapse)
Vaselyne - The Fire Within (CD Album – Echozone)
Auswalht – Pagan Theory (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Cold Fusion - Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt Act II / ORP Orzeł (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Dracul – Auf Grund (CD Album – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Escalator – Let There Be Lie (CD Album – EK Product)
Interface – The Perfect World (CD Album – Nilaihah Records)
Ľahká Múza - Byť Tvojím Zrkadlom / To Be Your Mirror (CD Album – Excentrix Records)
Legionarii – Disciples Of The State (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Marc Houle & Click Box - Razzamatazz (Digital EP – Items & Things)
Nikaya – Vacuum (LP Album - Pale Musc Int.)
Sonik Foundry – Chaos (CD Album – Nilaihah Records)
Bruderschaft – Return (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Capital X – Superleague XXX 666 (Single CD – Power Pack Records)
Diamond Version – EP4 (Digital EP – Mute)
Diamond Version – EP5 (Digital EP – Mute)
Distorted Memory – The Eternal Return (CD Album – Disciples Of The Watch)
Hanzel und Gretyl - Fur Immer (CD Album - Metropolis Metal Records)
Hybryds – The Silent Whisper (CD Album – Sleepless Records Berlin)
Kaos Krew – Corruption Rules This World (CD Album – Kaos Krew)
Solar Fake – Reasons To Kill (CD Album – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Virgins O.R Pigeons – Gotta Get Mad (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Aengeldust – Dancefloor Killer (Digtal EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Aesthetische – Statement / Amplitude Zero (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Cynical Existence – Erase, Evolve And Rebuild (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Diskonnekted - Yesteryears / Radio Existence (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Freakangel – The Ones To Fall (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Junksista – Bad Case Of Fabulous (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Plastic Noise Experience – Control (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Technoir – We Fall Apart (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Totem Obscura vs. Acylum – Waldgeist (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Totem Obscura vs. Acylum – Forgotten Time (CD Album – Alfa-Matrix)

October 2013
Empire State Human – Soul Of The Machine (CD Album – Empire State Human)
Frozen Plasma – Herz (EP CD – Infacted Recordings)
iVardensphere – Cycle Of The Sun/Remixes Vol.1 (CD EP – Metropolis Records)
Kevorkian Death Cycle – God Am I (CD Album – Negative Gain)
Lost In The Woods – The Meadowland Suite (CD Album – Hulterstad Sound)
Ludovico Technique – We Came To Wreck Everything (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Midnight Syndicate – Monsters Of Legend (CD Album – Linfaldia Records)
Roman Leykam – Corridors (CD Album – Frank Mark Arts)
Torul – The Fall (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
UK Decay – New Hope For The Dead (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
#366: A Life Lived – Demo 2013 (CD EP - #366: A Life Lived)
Joy Shannon & The Beauty Marks – The Oracle (CD Album – Joy Shannon)
No:Carrier – Last Scene (EP CD – Electric Heresy)
Phelios – Gates Of Atlantis (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
Shock Frontier – Mancuerda Confessions (CD Album – Malignant Records)
Stolearm – Glasslight Schwarzfaçade (CD Album – Urgence Disk Records)
T.O.M.B. – ThirdWave Holocaust (CD Album – Black Plagve Records/Malignant Records)
The Vomit Arsonist – An Occasion For Death (CD Album – Malignant Records)
Wicked King Wicker – Evolving (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
V/A Colonization: Empty Channels Of Mars (CD Album – Lagunamuch Records)
Amduscia – Filofobia (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Flesh & Fell – Flesh & Fell (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Funker Vogt – Companion In Crime / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Henric De La Cour – Mandrills (CD Album – Progress Productions)
Hocico – Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego / 20 Years Keeping The Blood Boiling (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Lord Of The Lost – We Give Our Hearts / Live Auf St. Pauli (CD Album + CD EP – Out Of Line)
Marc Houle & Miss Kittin – Where Is Kittin? (Digital EP – Items & Things)
Signal Aout 42 – Inspiration (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Staubkind – Wo Wir Zu Hause Sind / Akustik Tour – Live (CD Album + DVD – Out Of Line)
V/A Amphi Festival 2013 (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Alternine – 2.0 (CD EP – Alternine)
Bella Lune – Secrets (CD Album – Aetheria Music)
CKSNL – Orlando (Digital EP - Baker Street Recordings)
Delete – Neva (CD EP – Mindtrick Records)
Land Lines – Land Lines (LP Album – Cash Cow Production)
Machinista – Demo 2013 (CD EP – Machinista)
Murcof & Philippe Petit – First Chapter (CD Album – Aagoo Records/Rev Laboratories)
Social Ambitions – Hunger (CD Album – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Topgun – Container (CD Album – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Virtual Intelligence – Faith (CD Album – Virtual Intelligence)
22Hertz - Detonate (CD Album - 22Hertz)
AAAK – Buildingscapebeat XXV (DCD Album – Eromeda Records)
Die Krupps - The Machinists Of Joy (CD Album - Synthetic Symphony/SPV Records)
Distortion Of Events – Permeate (CD Album – Zodarion Records)
Genre Peak – 9 Microspheres (CD Album – Genre Peak)
Jonteknik – The Satellites Of Substance (CD Album – Jonteknik Music)
Movement Ten – Build Them And They Will come (CD Album – Movement Ten Recordings)
Mythos – Grand Prix (CD Album – Sireena Records)
[ówt krì] – The New Seed (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Spacebuoy – Breathe (CD EP – Spacebuoy)
Absenth – Erotica 69 (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
Сонцесвiт – Tenebrae (CD EP – Artificial Sun)
D W – Between The Strophes (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
D W – Personal Necropolis (CD EP – Artificial Sun)
Electric Resistance - S-Боеустойчивость (S-Boeystoichivost) (CD EP – Artificial Sun)
Hydra Division V – Ostracized (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
KaaK – Pro-Love (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
Rosa Infra – Инфраморфозы (CD EP – Artificial Sun)
Type V Blood – Penta (CD Album – Artificial Sun)
Ultimate Soldier – Cage (CD EP – Artificial Sun)
V/A Stahlbar Vol.1 (CD Compilation – Artificial Sun)

September 2013
Alkemic Generator – The Oniric Geometry (CD Album – Nilaihah Records)
Autoclav1.1 – Portents Call (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
First Aid 4 Souls - Beyond The Galaxy (CD Album – Electro Arc)
Cat Rapes Dog - Life Was Sweet (CD Album - Artoffact Records)
Geomatic / Lagowski – Cosmochemistry (Digital Album – Strange Place)
Esplendor Geometrico – EG-1 (LP Album – Geometrik)
Lux Interna – There Is Light In The Body, There Is Blood In The Sun (CD Album - Pesanta)
Loomec – Personal Drugstore (Digital album – Loomec)
Ministry - Enjoy The Quiet - Live At Wacken 2012 (DVD + DCD Album 13th Planet Records/UDR Music/Wacken Records)
Tyske Ludder – Bambule (CD EP – Black Rain)
Demian Clav – Adrift (CD Album – Yajna Editions)
D:/ – Seek Help CD Album – Static Distortion Records)
Mario Grönnert – Waters Drown In Stone (CD Album – Conga Records)
Philippe Petit – Needles In Pain (LP Album – Alrealon Musique)
V.e.N. – Last Seconds (Digital EP – Electro Arc)
V/A New Sonic Strategies (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Covenant – Leaving Babylon (CD Album – Dependent)
Holm/Mirland – Europa Machine (CD Album – Audio Visual Algebra)
iVardensphere – Scatterface V3 (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Ministry - The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen (Book - Da Capo Press)
Moon.74 – How I Feel (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Neon Electronics – 99 to 12 Comp (CD Album – DanceDelic D)
Night Club – Love Casualty (CD EP – Gato Blanco)
Peter Andersson – Music For Film And Exhibition 3 (CD Album – Wrotycz Records)
The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus – After The End (3CD Album – Infrastition)
Anna Aliena – Alien Pop (EP CD – Go!Diva Records)
Sunset Wings – Shining Thro’ The Veil Of Night (CD Album – Wrotycz Records)
Aube L – Wake Up The Joy (CD Album – Aube L)
The Blank VRS – The Idiots And The Envious (CD Album – Muskox Productions/Swamp Circle/Pale Music)
Electric Sarajevo – Madrigals (CD Album – Electric Sarajevo)
Ex Machina – No One (CD Album – Fuego)
Kool Thing – Kool Thing (CD Album – Mad Dog & Love Records)
Luuma – Tessera (Digital EP – ChordPunch)
Mercy Giants – Steel Dungeons, Mighty Foes! (CD Album – Tonefloat Records)
Sir.O – Someone You’re Thinking Of (CD EP – Sir.O)
Strugg – Kamikaz (CD Album – Compimusic)
The Unkindness Of Ravens – Virus (CD Album – Sonic Fire Records)
Vanity – Occult You (CD Album – Church Independent)
V/A Ever Alive / A Tribute To Snowy Red (Double LP – Weyrd Son Records)

August 2013
Agent Side Grinder – Hardware / SFTWR Included! (DCD Album – Artoffact Records)
Embryoid – Dead Cells (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
ESR – Time Of Fear (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Ministry - From Beer To Eternity (CD Album - 13th Planet Records/AFM-Records)
The Mission – The Brightest Light (CD Album – Oblivion/SPV)
Pride And Fall – Of Lust And Desire (CD Album – Dependent)
Schyzzo.Com – Striptease And Revolt (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Shadow Image – Kiss The A​shes (CD Album – Danse Macabre Records)
Tzolk’in – The Sixth Sun (CD Album – Ant-zen)
X-In June – Choose Your God! (CD Album – Danse Macabre Records)
A.T.Mödell – Apocalyptophilia (CD Album – Danse Macabre Records)
Cold Divide – Weaponized (CD single – Cold Divide)
Devilskiss – Albtraüm (CD Album – Danse Macabre Records)
The Eden House – Half-Life (CD Album – Jungle Records)
Huminoida – Mystic Summer (10” Vinyl + CD - Out Of Range Records)
Instans – Understatement (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Kshatriy – From Heart To Heart (CD Album – Muzyka Voln/Zhelozebeton)
Larva – Where The Butterflies Go To Die (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Marcus Fjellström – Epilogue -M- (CD EP – Aagoo Records/Rev Laboratories)
Nigdeniya – Nigdeniya (CD Album – Zhelozebeton)
Stupre – Das Ist Electro Dark (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
SubatractiveLAD – The Language Of Flowers (CD Album – SubatractiveLAD)
Wander – Wander (CD Album – Zhelozebeton)
V/A Dependence 2013 (CD Album – Dependent)
ASP – Maskenhaft / Ein Versinken In Elf Bildern (DCD Album – Trisol)
Atiq & Enk – Fear Of The Unknown (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Disharmony – Room 78 (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
ESA – Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt.2: Deceit (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Roppongi Inc. Project – RiPerbahn (EP Album - Roaring Disc Records)
Sandblasting – Dread (DCD Album – Rustblade)
Sorrow – Dreamstone (CD Album – Monotreme)
Technomancer – System Failure (CD Album – Emmo.Biz Records)
Totakeke – Digital Exorcist (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Velvet Condom – Vanity And Revolt (CD Album – Rustblade)
Angellore – Errances (CD Album – Worm Hole Death/DreamCell11)
Ben Lukas Boysen – Gravity (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Army Of The Universe – The Hipster Sacrifice (CD Album – Metropolis)
Blank – Dark Retreat (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
Comaduster – Hollow Worlds (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Foretaste – American Terrorist TV-Show (CD Album - BOREDOMproduct)
Francis International Airport – Cache (CD Album – Siluh Records)
Lyke Wake – The Long Last Dream (CD Album – Final Muzik)
Miss FD – Comfort The Desolate (CD Album – Quantum Release Records)
Pröjekt F – Skins (CD Album – Pröjekt F)
Sulli & 5657 featuring Alexander East – Up All Night (CD EP – Hype&Soul Recordings)
Sunao Inami – Abolition To Solution 1 (CD Album – Electr-ohm)
Sunao Inami – Abolition To Solution 2 (CD Album – Electr-ohm)
Undermathic – Indistinct Face (CD Album – Tympanik Audio)
Volt 9000 – Conopoly (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
V/A Move That Mass (CD Album – Emmo.Biz Records)
Words And Actions – Time Can’t Be Turned Back (CD Album – Finalmuzik)

July 2013
Aderlating – Gospel Of The Burning Idols (CD Album – Black Plagve/Malignant Records)
Ayria – Plastic Makes Perfect (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Helalyn Flowers – White Me In / Black Me Out (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Implant – The Productive Citizen (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Merzbow vs Nordvargr – Partikel III (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Orange Sector – Vorwärts Nach Weit (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Pouppée Fabrikk – The Dirt (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Samsas Traum – Best Of / Leben Bedeutet Kämpfen (DCD Album – Trisol)
Skyla Vertex – Blut (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
SN-A – Transmissions (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Aircrash Bureau – Zerstörer Der Welt (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Babel 17 – Leviathan (CD Album – Infrastition)
Capital X – Eagle Hawk (CD Single – Capital X)
Frozen Plasma – Live At WGT 2012 (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Gothminister - Utopia (CD Single - AFM Records)
Gadje Scum – Gadje Scum (CD EP – Gadje Scum)
Hatchling – Other (CD EP – Hatchling)
I.R.O.N. – Evolving (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Joxfield Projex & Colonel XS – What About Me? (CD Album – Santos Productions)
Mantus – Fatum 2000-2012 (DCD Album – Trisol)
Moon.74 – How I Feel (EP CD – Infacted Recordings)
Nimh & Antikatechon – Out Hunting For Teeth (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Non-Bio – The Game (CD EP – Non-Bio)
Phragments – New Kings And New Queens (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
Rome – Hate Us And See If We Mind (CD EP – Trisol)
Script 6 – Orgiastic Paradise (CD Album – Popbeat Music)
Style Sindrome – A Mysterious Design (CD Album – Infrastition)
Syrian – Death Of A Sun (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Vice – 1981-1984 A Plain Reprise & More (CD Album – Infrastition)
V/A Square Peg In A Round Hole Vol.4 (Digital Album – Square Peg In A Round Hole)
V/A Throne (DCD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Robert Marlow - The Future (CD Album - Electro-Shock-Records)
Abandoned Asylum – Derelicts Of Distant Hope (CD Album – Malignant)
Atiq & Enk – Fear Of The Unknown (Digital Album – Mindtrick Records)
Daemonia Nymphe – Psychostasia (CD Album – Prikosnovénie)
Liquid G – Overdose (CD Album – EK Product)
Oniric – Mannequins (CD Album – Caustic Records)
The Saint Paul – Consequence (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
waveTangent – waveTangent (Monstrum Media)
Wumpscut – Madman Szpital (CD Album – Beton Kopf Media)
X-Fusion – What Remains Is Black (CD Album – Scanner)
Xotox – Schwanengesang (DCD Album – ProNoize)
Bloody Dead And Sexy – Bad Ambient (CD Album – Alice In…)
Cinemascape – Cold Heaven (CD Album – Conzoom Records)
DI*ove – Di*ode (CD Album – EK Product)
Epoch – Purity & Revolution (CD Album – Carbon 12 Records)
Fatal Casualties – Paria (CD Album – Seja Records)
The Frozen Autumn – Is Anybody There? (CD Album – Calembour Records)
Fliehende Stürme – Fallen (CD Album – Alice In…)
Gothminister - Utopia (CD/DVD - AFM Records)
Hardwire – Sedition: Reworx (CD EP – Danse Macabre)
Keith Howden & Matt Howden – Barley Top (Book + CD Album – Redroom Records)
Nine Seconds – Poladroids (CD Album – Space Race Records)
Niton Decay – Cage (LP Album – Seja Records)
Ordo Equitum Solis – Killing Time Killing Love (CD Album – Cynfeirdd/Infrastition)
Partly Faithful – Lazarus Under Glass (CD Album – Partly Faithful/Danse Macabre)
Place4Tears – Whales Don’t Cry For Suicide (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Shock Therapy – Live From Hell (CD Album – Echozone)
Steel Hook Prostheses – The Empirics Guild (CD Album – Tumor/Malignant Records)
Stress – The Big Wheel (LP Album – Other Voices Records)
Synthetic Dream Foundation – Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer (CD Album – Mythical Records)
Wumpscut – DJ Dwarf 13 (CD EP – Beton Kopf Media)

June 2013
.com/kill - .com/kill (CD Album – Accession Records)
Covenant - Last Dance (CD EP – Dependent)
Dive – Compiled (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic (CD Album – Dependent)
Love In Prague – Ghost Note (CD Album – Kalinkaland Records)
Neutral Lies – Cryptex (CD Album – BOREDOMproduct)
Noblesse Oblige – Affair Of The Heart (CD Album – Repo Records)
Nullgrad – Seeds (CD Album – Hands)
Solitary Experiments – Trial And Error (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Triangular Ascension – The Chronos Anomaly (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Ah Cama-Sotz – Obsession Diabolique (CD Album – Hands)
Ah Cama-Sotz – Murder Themes II (LP + CD Album – Hands)
Attrition – The Unraveller Of Angels (CD Album – E-Klageto)
DKDENT – 368MB Grand Cru (CD Album – Mrs. Green Records)
Fausten – Fausten (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Forgotten Sunrise – Cretinism (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Havan – Yajna (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Kaibun – Illogism (CD Album – Hands)
Kentin Jivek – Six Diamonds (CD Album – Kentin Jivek)
Kirlian Camera – Black Summer Choirs (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Lamia Vox – Sigillum Diaboli (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Le Moderniste – Too Rough Is Never Enough (CD Album – Hands)
Monstrum Sepsis – From Concept To Final (CD Album – Monstrum Media)
Nothing But Noise – Music For Muted TV 1 (10” Vinyl – Future Noise Music)
Phasenmensch – Tagebuch Eines Eremiten (CD Album – Hands)
Vestigial – Solar/Aeon (CD Album – Cyclic Law)
Yura Yura – Be Sexual (CD Album – Hands)
V/A Electrostorm Volume 4 (CD Album – Out Of Line)
V/A Forms Of Hands 13 (CD Album – Hands)
V/A Inside The Volcano (DCD Album – CC Productions)
Controlled Collapse – Babel (CD Album – Alchera Visions)
Dawn Of Ashes – Anathema (CD Album – Metropolis)
Genetic Disorder – Sinusrhythmus (CD Album – Echozone)
Informatik – Playing With Fire (CD Album – Metropolis)
Samsas Traum – Niemand, Niemand Anderem Als Dir (DCD Album – Trisol)
Skinny Puppy – Weapon (CD Album – Metropolis)
Snog – Babes In Consumerland (CD Album – Metropolis)
Spiritual Front – Open Wounds (DCD Album – Trisol)
System:FX – Twentyfirst Century (CD EP – System:FX)
Zandoz Corp. – Personal Apocalypse (CD Album – Signigier)
The Ambient Society – Down The Hatch feat. Spades (CD Album – The Ambient Society)
Autumn – Parzival / Magenta Emerald II – III (DCD Album – Autumn)
Fearpassage – Our Children (CD Album – Shinto Records)
Garten Der Asche – Nemesis (CD EP – Garten Der Asche)
Hyperbubble + Manda Rin + Hyperbubble + Manda Rin (CD EP – Pure Pop For Now People)
Les Fleurs Du Mal – Concrete Ravings (CD Album – Malicious Release)
Levania – Parasynthesis (CD Album – DreamCEll 11)
Neurobash – Rise Before The Fall (CD Album – Tigon Media)
Plastic Noose – Fractured Despondency (CD Album – Plastic Noose)
Revenant Cult – Spectral Heresy (CD EP – Revenant Cult)
Saints Of Ruin – Elevatis Delum (CD Album – Echozone)
V/A Foundations (DCD Compilation – Juggernaut Services)

May 2013
Autodafeh – Blackout Scenario (CD Album – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Combichrist – No Redemption (CD Album – Out Of Line)
ESC – Breathing Salt (CD Album – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Faust Degada – Lux&uria (CD Album – Cherryno Music)
Mechanical Moth – Unendlichkeit (CD Album – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Meinhard – Beyond Wonderland (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Melotron – Stuck In the Mirror (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Mental Discipline – Constellation (CD Album – SkyQode)
Suicide Commando – When Evil Speaks / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
THYX – Below The City (CD Album – Thyx Records/Metropolis Records)
Electric Bird Noise – Desert Jelly (CD Album – Silber Records)
Days We Are Even – Himalaya (CD Album – Sonic Revolution)
Elastik – Instrumental (CD EP – Koma Records)
Evestus – No God (CD EP – Evestus)
Human Flesh – The 35th Human Attempt (CD Album – EE Tapes)
Human [Is] – Ghosts In The Machine (CD EP – Humazn [Is])
Kaviar Kavalier feat. Necrocock – Musik Aus Ordinationen (CD Album – Gummi Studio Y)
Land Of Pines – The Long Defeat (LP - Fin Records)
Liquido – From Eternity To the Next Beat (CD Album – Liquido)
My Dear Killer – Delusions (CD Album – My Dear Killer)
Long Distance Poison – Gliese Translations (LP / DVD - Fin Records)
Nude – Plastic Planet (CD Album – My Kingdom Music)
Othila – Titouan (7” Picture Disc – ODS)
RLW – Fall Seliger Geister (CD Album – Dirter/Black Rose Recordings)
Silent Scream – Public Execution (CD Album – Stupido Records/Danse Macabre)
Spaceheads – Sun Radar (CD EP – Electric Brass Records)
THYX – Network Of Light (Digital Single – Thyx Records/Metropolis Records)
Un-Reason – Un-Reason (CD Album – Patetico Recordings)
Adeonesis – The Rite Of Our Cross (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
AD:Key – Astrogator (DCD Album –
Aktivehate – X-Synthesized (DCD Album – Advoxya Records)
Code 64 – Accelerate (CD EP – Progress Productions)
Desireless & Operation Of The Sun – L’Oeuf Du Dragon (CD Album - Urgence Disk Records)
Doubting Thomas – The Infidel (DCD Album – Metropolis Records)
Radical G – Wasp (Digital EP – DanceDelic D)
Soldout – More (CD Album – Flatcat Records)
Spektralized – In Between The Opposite (CD Album – Space Race Records/EK Product)
Torul – Tonight We Dream Fiercely (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
A7ie – Tabula Rasa (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Deadcell - The Dark Side Of Light (CD Album - Zero To Midnight Records)
God Module – Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends & Perception EP’s (DCD Album – Metropolis Records)
Kite – V (CD EP – Progress Productions)
Larva – Broken Hopes Of A Waster Youth (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Mechatronic – Dreams (CD Album – Space Race Records/EK Product)
Obszön Geschöpf - Highway Of Horrors (CD Album - Cemetery records)
Panic Lift – Is This Goodbye? (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
PsioniC – Alteration (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Noise (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
The Pulsar – Transformation Of The Flight (CD Album – Advoxya Records)
Tenek – Another Day (CD EP – Alien Six Productions)
Terrortek X – Bio Chemical Warfare (Digital EP – Diabolic Records)

April 2013
Delete – Predatory Things Of A Minute (CD Album – Mindtrick Records)
Bocksholm – Caged Inside The Beast Of The Forge (CD Album – Wrotycz Records)
Dunkelwerk – Operation: Duesterland – Limited Edition (3CD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Glis – Phoenix / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Juno Reactor – The Golden Sun Of the Great East (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Kant Kino – Father Worked In Industry / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Krystal System – Rage / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Sleepless – Decision (CD EP – Sleepless)
Tangent – 1 mk 2 (Digital Album – Mindtrick Records)
V/A Absolute Grrrls Manifesto / Chapter 1 (4CD + Bonus Download Card – Alfa-Matrix)
Aesthetische – Nachtbrenner (CD EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Astorian Stigmata – A Dark Summers Sunrise (CD EP – Astorian Stigmata)
Cynical Existence – Come Out And Play / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Denoisary – Ten (CD Album – Denoisary)
Filiamotsa – Sentier Des Roches (CD Album – Stylobrique/Les Disques De Plomb/Whosbrain)
Freakangel – Porcelain Doll (CD EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Fundetta – Diktator Der Lust (CD Album – Raumer Records)
Israel Martinez – The Minutes (CD Album – Aagoo Records)
Joan & The Sailors – Home Storm (CD Album – Little Jig Records)
Junksista – You’re My Favourite Thing To Do (CD EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Lovelorn Dolls – The House Of Wonders / Limited Edition (DCD Album – Alfa-Matrix)
Midas Fall – Wilderness (CD Album – Monotreme Records)
United And Identified – At The Border Of The Line (CD EP – United And Identified)
Cryo - Холод (CD Album – Razgrom Music)
Frontier Guards – Interface (CD Album – Aliens Production/Signifier)
G.A.S. – Politicians Are Not People (CD Album – Antyscena Records)
Ghost & Writer – Red Flags (CD Album – Dependent)
Gothika – Yomi (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Lowe – Evolver / Russian Edition (CD Album – Razgrom Music)
KMFDM - Kunst (CD Album - KMFDM Records/Dependent)
Mesh – Automation Baby (CD Album – Dependent)
Monospore – Control the Game… Regain Control! (CD Album – Delta Ego)
SoundSequence – Top Of The Mountain: 1997 - 2012 (CD Album – Razgrom Music)
Amnistia – Эгоtrap / Russian Edition (CD Album – Razgrom Music)
Analog Angel – Pride (CD EP – Carbon 12 Records)
AX – Metal Forest (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Demoncast – Livewire (CD EP – Danse Macabre)
Dumb Machine – H.P. Kittencraft (CD EP – Carbon 12 Records)
Edward Ka-Spel – Tanith And The Lion Tree (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Effter – Comorbidity (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Electro Spectre – Dangerous Game / Russian Edition (CD Album – Razgrom Music)
Father Murphy – Any Way Your Children Will Deny It – The Remix Series (CD EP – Aagoo Records)
I, Synthesist – Somewhere Everywhere (CD Album – I, Synthesist)
Khadaver – New World Disorder (CD Album – Khadaver)
RMEDL – Chthonian Music (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Schloss Tegal – Oranur III “The Third And Final Report” (CD Album – Cold Spring Records)
Teleoptyk – City Of Dis (CD Album – Octofoil Records)
Tonal Y Nagual – New York Studio Edition II (CD EP – Confusibombus)
Tragic Black – The Eternal Now (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Vanligt Folk – Vanligt Folk (EP CD – Progress Productions)
Warszawa – Kintetica (CD EP – Carbon 12 Records)

March 2013
Blutengel – Monument (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Gentleman Junkie – Soul To Soul (CD Album – Negative Gain Productions)
Chainreactor – The Silence & The Noise (CD Album – ProNoize)
The Klinik – Eat Your Heart Out (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Manasuna – Breath Beyond (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Martin Kleid – 8lights (CD Album – Alice In…/Dark Dimensions)
Na-Hag – Fragments Of Human (Digital Album – X-Line)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – 4Play (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Pankow – And Shun The Cure They Most Desire (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Spetsnaz – For Generations To Come (CD Album – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
∆Aimon – Flatliner / Expanded (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
Aniaetleprogrammeur – The Friendly Expectations Of The Stars (CD Album - Force Royale Records/Pale Music Int.)
The Beauty Of Gemina – The Myrrh Sessions (CD Album – NoCut/SPV)
Boudoir – Separation Anxiety (CD Album – Wave Records)
Dark Awake – Epi Thanaton (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Dead Musician – Martyrilty (CD Album – Deathwatch Asia/Vendetta Music)
Dethcentrik – I Think You Got The Clean Version (CD Album – Dethcentrik)
Diamond Version – EP3 (Digital EP – Mute Records)
Diamond Version – EP2 (Digital EP – Mute Records)
Doganov - Pre1ncarnat1on (CD EP - Doganov)
Fleischdolls – So Geht Es Jedoch Nicht (LP Album – Pale Music Int.)
Half Light – Black Velvet Dress (CD Album – Conzoom Records)
Harvest Rain – Gentile Peasantry (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
The Juggernauts – Phoenix (CD EP – Out Of Line)
La Lune Noire – Exster (CD Album – Svinx Records)
Legend – Fearless (CD Album – Artoffact Records)
Lolita Komplex feat. Kitty In A Casket – All The Things she Said (CD EP – Echozone)
Mono Inc. – My Deal With God (EP Album – NoCut/SPV)
Mystigma – Unzerbrechlich (CD Album – Echozone)
The Rose Phantom – Abandon (CD Album – The Rose Phantom)
Organisation Toth – The Living Forces Of Evil (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
Struma – The Industrial Prayer (CD EP – Struma)
The Three Blind Mice – Early Morning Scum (CD Album – Pale Music Int.)
Tjaere+Fjer – II (LP EP - Tjaere+Fjer)
Tusk – Sacrifice (CD Album – Freudian Slit/Pale Records Int.)
Tying Tiffany - One (Digital EP - ZerOKilled Music)
Vanguard – Goodbye (Digital EP – Conzoom Records)
Vir Martialis – Hierophanie / Prelude To A War Of The Future (CD Album – Rage In Eden)
V/A 80s compilation EP (7” EP - EE Tapes)
Depeche Mode - Delta Machine (2CD Album - Columbia/Sony)
Ad Inferna – Im Mortelle (CD Album – DSM Music)
Contemplatron – Prabhashvara (CD Album – Wrotycz Records)
Dark Control Operation – Fight Against (CD Album – EK Product)
Equitant – Body Vehement Remixes (Digital EP – Black Montanas Records)
The Horrorist – Fire Funmania (CD Album – Things To Come Records)
Leather Strip – Serenade For The Dead II (CD Album – Records)
Parzival – Die Kulturnacht (CD Album – Euphonious/VME)
Shiv-R – Shadow Between Worlds (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Titans – My Sorrow (Digital EP – Progress Productions)
Welle: Erdball – Computerklang Vollversion (CD EP – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Akubi Object – Akubi Object (CD Album – Malaise Music)
AMFJ – BÆn (CD Album – Evil Falk)
The Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World (CD Album – The Cellophane Flowers)
David Fonseca – Seasons : Falling (CD Album – Universal Music Portugal/Castle Of The Amazing Cats)
David Fonseca – Seasons : Rising (CD Album – Universal Music Portugal/Castle Of The Amazing Cats)
Gerald Krampl – Wonder Way (CD Album – Sandrose Records/Indigomusic)
Happiness Project – Poupée Mecanique (Digital EP – BOREDOMproduct)
Holy Orange – The Black Noise (CD - Cathedral Music)
The Infant Cycle – Drop-Out Center (CD Album – Zhelezobeton)
Machine Wraith – Machine Wraith (CD EP Demo – Machine Wraith)
Mira Drevo – Heaven Of Lakes (CD Album – BioSonar Elektro/Zhelezobeton)
Mordacious – Kingdom Of Fire (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Mythos – Surround Sound Evolution (CD Album – Sireena Records)
No Sleep By The Machine – Quadrilateral (Double LP Album – Dödsdans Records)
Saline Grace – Fog Mountain (CD Album – Deeper Waters Records)
Taxim – Monitoring (CD Album – Ionium Records)
Unitary – Misantrophy II (Digital Album – Infacted Recordings)

February 2013
Diorama - Even The DEVIL Doesn't Care (CD Album - Accession Records)
Download – Furnace Re:Dux (DCD Album – Metropolis Records)
Enduser / Needle Sharing / The Teknoist - Enduser Shares Needles With The Teknoist (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Mesh – Born To Lie (CD EP – Dependent)
Noisuf-X – Warning (CD Album – ProNoize)
Project Pitchfork – Black (CD Album – Trisol)
Slave Republic – Quest For Love (CD Album – Accession Records)
Techdiff – P.Conv (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Throbberstalk – Lest / We / Forget (CD Album – Monopol Records)
Zeromancer – Bye-Bye Borderline (CD Album – Trisol)
Agent Side Grinder – Hardware Comes Alive (CD Album – Complete Control Productions)
Army Of The Universe – Until The End (Digital Single – Metropolis Records)
Centhron – Asgard (CD Album Scanner)
Fecalove – Void Chaos And Cum (CD Album – Crucial Blast)
Femina Faber – Amplexum Mentis –Ut Cosmo Concordent Voces- (CD Album – Calembour Records)
The Frozen Autumn – Chirality (CD Album – Calembour Records)
The Frozen Autumn – Emotional Screening Device (CD Album – Calembour Records)
God Module – Empath 2.0 (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Hidden Place – Novecento (CD Album – Calembour Records)
Igorrr – Hallelujah (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Inure – The Call (Digital EP – Metropolis Records)
Niveau Zero – Jasmine (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Noir – My Dear (EP Album – Metropolis Records)
The Outside Agency – The Dogs Are Listening (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Oyaarss – Smaida Greizi Nākamība (CD Album – Ad Noiseam)
Raggedy Angry – Dead Beats (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Theologian – The Chasms Of My Heat (CD Album – Crucial Blast)
The Twilight Garden – Hope (CD Album – Metropolis Records)
Art Of Infinity – Raumwerk (CD Album – Prudence Cosmopolitan Music/BSC Music)
Chemical Sweet Kid – Broken Wings (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Christopher Kah – Hart (Digital EP – The RedHotHellRecords)
Death In June – Lives At The Edge Of The World / Brest – France (DVD – SMR)
The Enchanted Wood – Monster Parade (CD Album – SMR)
Golden Apes – Riot (CD Album – AF-Music)
Horologium – Du Grand Désir (CD Album – Ur Muzik)
Inter-Connection – Chrome (CD Album – A Different Drum)
K. – There’s A Devil Waiting Outside Your Door (CD Album – Ur Muzik)
Meller – Anthology 2012 (CD Album – Ovnimoon Records)
][ | ][ - [ _ _ ] (CD Album – SMR)
Contagious Orgasm / Babylone Chaos – Altered Beats (CD Album – SKM)
Dead Man’s Hill vs. The Earth King – Cycling Between Sun And Moon (CD Album – Kristall Blut Records)
Felsenreich – Tanz Auf Dem Bilderberg (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Frank Meyer | Roman Leykam – Primal Ocean (CD Album – Frank Mark Arts)
Midnight Caine – Mirrors (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
Solid Grey – Pull the Strings Tighter (CD album – Runenstein Records)
Synthetica – The End Of It All (CD Album – Danse Macabre)
This Drowning Man – Melancholia My Love (CD Album – Danse Macabre)

January 2013
Attrition – Invocation (CD Album – Infinite Fog Productions)
The Birthday Massacre – Hide And Seek (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Hocico – El Ultimo Minuto (Antes De Que Tu Mundo Caiga) (CD Album + CD EP– Out Of Line)
Nitzer Ebb – Live At The Markthalle (DVD – Major Records)
Officers – On The Twelve Thrones (CD Album – Out Of Line)
Orange Sector – Der Maschinist (CD EP – Infacted Recordings)
Pankow – Hogre (CD EP – Out Of Line)
Rajna – Babel (CD Album – Rajna)
Vomito Negro – Fall Of An Empire (CD Album – EK Product)
V/A Visions Of Machines (DVD – Out Of Line)
Aircrash Bureau – Pack Leader (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis – Distance (CD – Cézame Carte Blanche)
Blindness – Glamourama (Digital Single – Club AC30)
Combat Voice – Chaotic Universe (CD Album – EK Product)
Dulce Liquido – Contaminacion Armonica (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Eschaton Hive – Eschaton Hive (CD – Southern Darkness Recordings)
Fausto Balbo – Login (CD – Afe Records)
Halo Effect – Recoding (CD Album – EK Product)
Hanzel und Gretyl - Born To Be Heiled (CD Album - Metropolis Metal Records)
Ien Oblique – Drowning World (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
It-Clings – I’m The Biggest Fucking Thing In The Whole Fucking World (DCD Album – Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
John 3:16 – Visions Of The Hereafter – Visions Of Heaven, Hell And Purgatory (CD Album – Alrealon Musique)
Lords Of The Lost – Die Tomorrow (DCD Album – Out Of Line)
Movement Ten – Movement Ten (Digital Album – Movement Ten Recordings)
Night Club – Night Club (EP – Gato Blanco Music)
Old Celtic & Nordic Ballads (Book + CD – Prikosnovénie)
Plastic Noose – Zu Allen (CD – Plastic Noose)
Rabia Sorda – Eye M The Blacksheep (CD EP - Out Of Line)
RetConStruct – Dear Doomsday (CD Album – Engraved Ritual)
Robotiko Rejekto – Corporate Power (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)
Satanismo Calibro 9 – Isis Rising (CD Album – Old Europa Cafe)
Synoiz – Darkling (EP – Synoiz)
Treha Sektori - Endessiah (CD – Cyclic Law)
Tyler Milchmann - Strange Days (CD Album – Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
V/A Graines De Berceuses (Book + CD – Prikosnovénie)
V/A Machineries Of Joy Vol.5 (DCD – Out Of Line)

December 2012
Aniaetleprogrammeur – The Friendly Expectations Of The Stars (Force Royale/Pale Music Int/Tacuara Records)
Velvet Condom – Stadtgeil (CD – Cymbeline/Pale Music Int)
Collide – Bent And Broken (DCD – Noiseplus Music)
Grausame Töchter – Alles Für Dich (CD – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Incubite – Collision Course (EP – ProNoize/Dark Dimensions)
Nachtmahr – Veni Vidi Vici (DCD + Book – Trisol)
Samsas Traum – Asen’ka – Ein Märchen Für Kinder Und Solche Die Es Werden Wollen (CD – Trisol)
Sleepwalk – Nibiru (DCD – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Trakktor – Halo Of Lies (DCD – Katyusha)
Xiphoid Dementia – Secular Hymns (CD – Malignant Records)
Day Before Us/Nimh – Under Mournful Horizons (CD – Rage In Eden)
L’Effet C’Est Moi – Il Sole A Mezzanotte (CD – Rage In Eden)
Legionarii – Iron Legion (CD – Rage In Eden)
00tz 00tz – Alter Eden (CD – Nilaihah Records)
Sweet William – Kind Of Strangest Dream (CD – Infrastition)
Andreas Gross – Grounds Of Ashes (CD – Echozone)
Arnaud Rebotini – Pagan Dance Move (Digital EP – Zone Records)
Avoid-A-Void – Musique Noire (CD – Echozone)
!Distain – 20th Anniversary (DVD – Echozone)
Frontline Assembly – AirMech (CD – Metropolis Records)
The Horrorist – Haywire (EP – Things To Come Records)
Inertia – Universal Blood (CD – Metropolis Records)
The Mission – 25th Anniversary Celebration / Silver (Double DVD + CD – Echozone)
Nyodene D / Sektor 304 (CD – Malignant Records)
Pavla Mikulasova – Mirror (CD – Decadence Records)
Acidcell – Feelin’ The Doom (CD – Echozone)
Dynamic Syndicate – Noises (CD – Echozone)
Feuerseele – Erntezeit (CD – Echozone)
Gates Of Dawn – Sepia (CD – Echozone)
Me.Man.Machine – Reviver (CD – Echozone)
Moonrise – Ten Flowers For The Shade (CD – Echozone)
My Dear Killer – Bleeding Angels (CD – My Dear Killer)
My Dear Killer – Heaven (CD – My Dear Killer)
Nyodene D – Edenfall (CD – Malignant Records)
Voodoma – Bridges To Disturbia (CD – Echozone)
Hysteresis – Manifest (CD – Hands)
The Legendary Pink Dots – Chemical Playschool 15 (CD – Rustblade)
Linea Aspera – Linea Aspera (CD – Dark Entries Records/Genetic Records)
Mantus – Wölfe (CD – Trisol)
Mono No Aware – Tatemae Honne (DCD – Hands)
NeuroRythm – Dissent (CD – EK Product)
Red Industrie – Destroyer (CD – EK Product)
Rome - Hell Money (CD - Trisol)
Syntech – Trans-Neptunian Objects (EP – Hands)
Wieloryb – Namaste (CD – Hands)
ADN’Ckrystall – Jazz’ Mad (LP – Dark Entries Records)
ASP - Geisterfahrer (EP - Trisol)
Endless Shame – Elevator (CD – EK Product)
Flux – Defences/All Out (EP – Na-No Tuotanto/Electric Fantastic Sound)
Geistform – Data Transmission (CD – Hands)
Imaginary War – Replacing The Ghosts (CD – 7Music)
Inertia – Alive (EP – Metropolis Records)
Lives Of Angels – Elevator To Eden (LP – Dark Entries Records)
MonsterGod – Resurrected (CD – EK Product)
Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Morphogenic (CD – DiN)
Scarlet Soho – Solo KO (EP – Scarlet Soho)

November 2012
Angelic Foe – Oppressed By The Heavens (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Chrysalide - Don't Be Scared, It's About Life (CD – Dependent)
Cryogenic Echelon – Antipode (CD – CRL Studios)
Day Behavior – Follow That Car! (CD – Conzoom Records)
Dead When I Found Her – Rag Doll Blues (CD – Artoffact Records)
Diary Of Dreams – The Anatomy Of Silence (CD – Accession Records)
Ludovico Technique – Some Things Are Beyond Therapy (CD – Metropolis Records)
Sinine – Dreams Come True (CD – Accession Records)
Tardive Dyskinesia – The Letter (CD – Audiophob)
Unitary – Misantrophy (CD – Infacted Recordings)
2kilos &More – Kurz Vor 5 (CD – Audiophob)
Deison – Quiet Rooms (CD – Aagoo Records)
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing (EP – Ego Likeness)
Funerary Call – Fragments From The Aethyr (Cd – Crucial Blast)
Grunt – Someone Is Watching (CD – Force Majeure/Nuit Et Brouillard)
Grunt – Europe After Storm (CD – Force Majeure/Nuit Et Brouillard)
HE3Dless – Perspective Change (EP – Mindtrick Records)
Little Sap Dungeon – Seven Trumpets Of Death (CD – Dungeon Recordings)
Maison Close – S/t (CD – Force Majeure/Nuit Et Brouillard)
Malfaktor – Absolute Zero (CD – Electronic Warfare Productions)
Minamata – Niigata 2002 (CD – Zone De Confusion/Nuit Et Brouillard)
Null White – The Birth/Special Edition (CD – Sinergei Releases)
Objekt/Urian – Tonfragmente II (CD – Zone De Confusion/Nuit Et Brouillard)
(((S))) – The Moon Is My Sun (CD – AF Music)
Sinsect – A Broken Hero (CD – Noisenbassen Records)
Unzucht – Todsünde 8 (CD – NoCut/SPV)
V/A 4 In 1 Volume 3 (CD – EE-Tapes)
V/A Disco Pop Volume 02 (DCD - Conzoom Records)

October 2012
Clan Of Xymox - Kindred Spirits (CD - Trisol)
The Daughters Of Bristol - The Ave (CD - Danse Macabre)
Diamond Version - Technology At The Speed Of Life / Empowering Change (Digital EP - Mute Records)
Evokateur - Chime Hours (EP - Evokateur)
Radical G - Sinner (Digital EP - DanceDelic-D)
r.roo - Mgnovenie (Digital CD - Tympanik Audio)
Santa Hates You - It's Alive! (CD - Trisol)
Sibelian - Gothic Opera 1999-2011 (CD - The Fossil Dungeon)
Tineidae - Lights (Digital CD - Tympanik Audio)
V/A Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI] (4CD Box + Sound Card + Alfa-Matrix)
Anna Aliena - Cinderella (EP - Go!Diva Records)
The Breath Of Life - Whispering Fields (CD - Danse Macabre)
ErilaZ - First Of the Vortices (EP - Danse Macabre)
Exponentia - Allein (CD - Neris Records)
Leykam | Mark | Panasenko - Boundless (CD - Frank Mark Arts)
Nanochrist - Erase The Sky (CD - Moody Loner Records)
Nine Seconds - Irresolution (12" - Nine Seconds)
Nova-Spes - Leben Ist Krieg (CD - Danse Macabre)
Organic - Under Your Carbon Constellation (CD - Complete Control Productions)
Proteque - Screaming Silently (CD - Proteque)
The Razor Skyline - Dark Water Oasis (CD - C.O.P. International)
Redrum Alone - De Redrum Natura (CD - UFO Solar)
Rome - Fester (EP - Trisol)
Scandacross - Shellacksin (CD - White Rose Music)
ADMX-71 - Second System (CD - Sonic Groove Experiments/Sleepless Records)
Anklebiter - Raintree (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Autoclav1.1 - Embark On Departure (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Dirk Geiger - Elf Morgen (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Les Secrets De Morphée - Chimères (CD - Les Secrets De Morphée)
Lights Of Euphoria - Schwarze Sonne (EP - Infacted Recordings)
Maculatum - The Nameless City (CD - Malignant Records)
Mentallo And The Fixer - Music From The Eather (3CD - Alfa Matrix)
Metroland - Mind The Gap (DCD - Alfa-Matrix)
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - T.A.L.O.S. (CD - Infacted Recordings)
(A) Brilliant Massacr(E) - Science Fiction (CD - Nagative Gain Production)
Aesthetische - Powerswitch (3CD - Alfa-Matrix)
Aube L - Stars In Your Scars (CD - Aube L)
Chrysalide - Don't Be Scared, It's About Life (CD - Artoffact Records)
David Griffin - Between The Lines Of Time And Space (CD - David Griffin)
The Deadfly Ensemble - An Instructional Guide For Aspiring Arsonists (CD - Projekt)
ESA - Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt.1: Lust (CD - Tympanik Audio)
History Of Guns - Whatever You Do, Don't Turn Up At Twelve (CD - Line Out Records/Zero State Media)
Kant Kino - LRSBSS DJ EP (EP - Alfa-Matrix)
Madness Of The Night - We Are The Gothrockers And We Don't Care (MCD - Madness Of The Night)
Metroland - Mixing The Gap (EP - Alfa-Matrix)
Psy'Aviah - OK/Virtual Gods DJ EP (EP - Alfa-Matrix)
The Rose Phantom - Picking Up The Pieces (Digital CD - The Rose Phantom)
Sphäre Sechs - Tiefschlaf (CD - Malignant Records)
V/A Splicewerk (CD - Popular Front Systems)

September 2012
Steven Severin – Vampyr (CD – Cold Spring)
Diskodiktator – Degraded Faces (CD – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Happiness Project – 9th Heaven (CD – BOREDOMproduct)
Hirsute Pursuit – Tighten That Muscle Ring (CD – Cold Spring)
NDE – Kampfbereit (CD – Cold Spring)
Nexus Kenosis – Elsewhen (CD – Progress Productions)
Ost+Front – Ave Maria (CD + DVD – Out Of Line)
Uberbyte – Five Year Plan (CD – Vendetta Music)
Velvet Acid Christ – Maldire (CD – Dependent)
X-Marks The Pedwalk – The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Cauda Pavonis – Peace Through Superior Firepower (CD – CPX Records/Danse Macabre)
Dead Man’s Hill – Transformation (CD – Midnight Records)
Lord Of The Lost – Die Tomorrow (EP – Out Of Line)
Miel Noir – Honey & Ash (CD – Steinklang Records)
Retronic Voice – Awakening (CD – Space Sound Records)
Unitcode:Machine – Nosophobia (CD – Unitcode:Machine)
V/A Symphonies From The Abyss (CD – Out Of Line)
Aniaetleprogrammeur – Die Kir(s)che Auf Dem Kopf (CD – Force Royale Records/Pale Music Int)
Borghesia – Clones (LP – Dark Entries Records)
Espermachine – Dying Life (CD – 23db Records)
Invoke The Insult – Let The Greedy Stand Trial (CD – Invoke The Insult)
Luno – Litato (CD – Banality Records/Pale Music Int.)
Mind & Flesh – Martyr Generation (CD – Nuit Et Brouillard)
The Pain Machinery – Restart (Digital CD – CC Productions)
Tiny Boys – Tiny Boys (CD – AF Music)
Vanguard – Sanctuary (CD – Conzoom Records)
X Ray Pop – The Dream Machine (LP – Dark Entries Records)
Amber Asylum – Live In Wroclaw (LP – Cathedral Music Group)
Absent Music – Absent (7” – EE Tapes)
Cinderfall – In Memoriam (CD – Cinderfall)
Clara Engel – Tender (LP – Backwards)
Control Unit – The Fugitives (LP – Backwards)
Crawling Chaos – Spookhouse (CD – EE Tapes)
Dark Day – Exterminating Angel (LP – Dark Entries Records)
DBPIT & XxeNa – The Return Of Mr. Mallory (EP + DVD – Ozkye E-Sound)
D.E.P. featuring MiXE1 – In:Parallel (EP – D.E.P./EmuBands)
Desdemona – Endorphins (CD – Danse Macabre)
Dream Into Dust – So Beautiful And So Dangerous (CD – Chthonic Streams)
ErilaZ – First Of The Vortices (EP – ErilaZ)
Future Perfect – Escape (CD – Conzoom Records)
Ghost In The Static – Fallout (CD – Static Distortion Records)
Inhalt – Vehicle (12” – Dark Entries Records)
Long Distance Poison – Signals To A Habitable Zone (12” + DVD – Fin Records)
MiXE1 – Module 01 & Module 02 (CD – Static Distortion Records)
Mono Inc. – After The War (CD – No Cut/SPV)
Schizoid – The Next Extreme (CD – D-Trash Records)
Sharon Next – Der Hase (EP – AF Music)
Stress – Conspiracy Theory (LP – Dark Entries Records)
Vocoder – Cuadro Sinóptico (12” – Dark Entries Records)
Wakinyan – Copal Flow (LP – Backwards)
V/A Rose Of Memory, Rose Of Forgetfulness (CD – Wrotycz Records)

August 2012
Celluloide – Numériques (2) (CD – BOREDOMproduct)
De/Vision – Rockets & Swords (CD – Popgefahr Records)
ES23 – Heaven Or Hell (CD – Infacted Recordings)
FGFC820 - Homeland Insecurity (CD - Noitekk)
Funerary Call – Nightside Emanations (CD – Malignant Records)
God Destruction - Illuminatus (CD - Engraved Ritual)
Human Decay – Credit To Humanity (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Modulate – Robots (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Patenbrigade: Wolff - Der Brigadier Trinkt Bier! (EP – Zweieck Records)
Underwater Pilots – Endless (CD – Zweieck Recordings)
6Aborted6Fetus6 – 6Aborted6Fetus6 (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Cynical Existence – A Familiar Kind Of Pain (CD – Engraved Ritual)
Distortion Of Events – Eventuality (mini-CD – Zodarion Records)
Empire State Human – The Art (CD – House Of Analogue)
FFT Error – Revolution Planet Flesh (EP – D-Trash Records)
Hall Of Mirrors – Altered Nights (DCD – Malignant Records)
Hexis - Pornoise (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Linekraft – Bouryoku Kikai (CD – Black Plague/Malignant Records)
The Mask Of Sanity – Sickness, Thy Name Is Human (CD – The Mask Of Sanity)
Minim – 0001: Yesterday I Was In The Room Of The Thought (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Mordacious – Suicide Club (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Pittersplatter – The Dawn Of Carnage (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Press Gang Metropol – Checkpoint (CD – D-Monic)
Propulsion – Decatronics (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Say Just Words - The Perfect Killer (EP - DSBP/Engraved Ritual)
Schuster – The Circle Of Angst (CD – Adeptsound)
Traumatize - Servant Of God (DCD – Mutant-E Records)
Zilverhill – Loadicean (CD – Adeptsound/Blind Shouter)
V/A Gastarbeit / A Finest Selection Of Delicious Remixes by Patenbrigade: Wolff (DCD – Zweieck Recordings)
Alter Der Ruine – There’s Always One More Son Of A Bitch (CD – Negative Gain Productions)
Arcana – As Bright As A Thousand Suns (CD – Cyclic Law)
Assemblage 23 – Bruise (CD – Accession Records)
Beyond Sensory Experience – Modern Day Diabolists (CD + DVD – Cyclic Law)
Cruise [ctrl] - …Are Not What They Seem (CD – Signifier)
Desiderii Marginis – Procession (CD – Cyclic Law)
Fox Hunting – Masquerade (CD – Spoke Digital Agency)
Parade Ground – The 15TH Floor (LP – Minimal Maximal/Daft Records)
Restricted Area – Wear & Tear (EP – EK Product)
Tribal A.D – Tempest (Digital CD – X-Line)
Anniversary Circle – Woe Betide (CD – Sun & Moon Records)
Corvuz – Invisible Landscapes (CD – Corvuz/Zhelezobeton)
Robert Marlow - The Blackwing sessions (EPCD - Elektro-Shock-Records)
Impakt – Imperia (CD – EK Product)
Jason Crumer – Let There Be Crumer (CD – Second Layer Records)
Kshatriy – Transforming Galaxy (CD – Muzyka Voln/Zhelezobeton)
Moonlight Cove – Hearts Of The World (CD – Kinetophone)
Needle Fac7ory – Jubilee (CD – D-Trash Records)
Roughhausen – Throb (EP – TinderBox Records)
Shrine – Somnia (CD – Cyclic Law)
Spyweirdos – Feeling Of Movement (CD – Creative Space)
Stephen Hummel – Meld (CD – Stephen Hummel)
V/A This Is What We Call British Industrial (DCD - DEProjects)

July 2012
16Pad Noise Terrorist – Evilution (CD – Hands)
<1979> - FM Interface (CD – Hands)
Death of Self – Embracing The Things We Hate About Ourselves (CD – Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
Greyhound – Prototype (CD – Hands)
Mlada Fronta – Contrast 2005-2011 Unreleased And Rare Tracks (CD – Sounds Of Industry)
Mlada Fronta – Contract 1998-2004 Unreleased And Rare Tracks (CD – Sounds Of Industry)
September Mourning – Melancholia (CD – Repo Records)
Sonik Foundry – Explosive (CD – Nilaihah Records)
S.P.O.C.K. – Another Piece Of The Action / The Best Of The SubSpace Years (CD – Artoffact Records)
Sylvgheist Maëlström – Skaftafell (CD – Hands)
Adrian H And The Wounds – Adrian H And The Wounds (CD – Projekt)
Kentin Jivek – Third Eye (CD – Kentin Jivek)
Kill The Dandies! – Those Who Hold The Flame (CD – Drug Me Records/Pale Music Int.)
Mlada Fronta – Le Cycle Du Soleil (CD – Sounds Of Industry)
Neon Rain - Of The Dead (3CD – Steelwork Maschine)
Nostalgie Eternelle – Twee Keerlkes Kwamm Van Leer/Oostfreesland (DCD – Infrastition)
Stalker – Girls (Digital EP – Stalker)
Steve Morell & Monica Pokorna – Lady Pheres (Digital EP – Pale Music Int.)
Trop Tard – Ils Etaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité/Photodrame (CD – Infrastition)
Unto Ashes – Burials Foretold (CD – Projekt)
V/A Forms Of Hands 12 (CD – Hands)
Agonoize - Wahre Liebe (EP - Out Of Line)
Be My Enemy - This Is The New Wave/Japanese 2CD Limited Edition (DCD - Deathwatch Asia)
Celluloide - Numériques (1) (CD - BOREDOMproduct)
Equitant - Body Vehement (Digital EP - Black Montanas)
Fear Factory - The Industrialist (CD - AFM Records/Candlelight Records)
Funker Vogt - Hard Way (EP - Out Of Line)
Gecko Sector - Enter (CD - Out Of Line)
Sagittarius - The Kingdom Come (CD - Cold Spring Records)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Bloody Rain (EP - Advoxya Records)
Terrolokaust - Your F**king Dubs (EP - Deathwatch Asia)
Ad Ombra - Almost Eternity (CD - Rage In Eden)
Antikatechon - Chrisma Crucifixorum (CD - Rage In Eden)
Auswalht - Paroxysm (CD - Rage In Eden)
Blakopz - Blood Sweat And Fear (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Burial Hex - Book Of Delusions (CD - Cold Spring Records)
Ceremony - Safranin Sounds (CD - No EMB Blanc)
C-Lekktor - X-Tension In Progress (DCD - Deathwatch Asia)
Cyferdyne - Genesys (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Darker Days Tomorrow - False Prophets (CD - Erisian Records)
Dekad - Strange Situations (The Singles) (CD - BOREDOMproduct)
Drowning Susan - The End Of Everything (CD - Drowning Susan)
Drowning Susan - The Long Count/A Remix Collection For The End Of Everything (CD - Drowning Susan)
High Level Static - Carrier Waves (CD - Advoxya Records)
Kirlian Camera - Immortal (EP - Out Of Line)
Legionarii - Europa Rex (Cd - Rage In Eden)
Mulphia - Pereat! (CD - Advoxya Records)
Nitronoise - Total Nihilism (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Nothing Nada - Violence Nada (CD - Advoxya Records)
Psyche - The Influence (CD - Final Muzik)
ReAdjust - Alive…! (CD - Advoxya Records)
Scarlet Soho - When The Lights Go Out (EP - Scarlet Soho)
Sin DNA - Revelate (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Sleep Research Facility - Stealth (DCD - Cold Spring Records)
Surgyn - Sharp As Stars (EP - Deathwatch Asia)
The Surreal Funfair - Navigation Lost (CD - No EMB Blanc/Genetic Music)
Suveräna - Vanguard (CD - Rage In Eden)
THYX - The Way Home (CD - Dreamweb Music)
UV PØP - Anyone For Me / Bendy Baby Man (CD - Genetic Music)
Wavefall - Future Rock ‘N' Roll (CD - Advoxya Records)
V/A DWA Festival Tour - Europe 2012 (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
V/A Resistanz 2012 (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
AAAK – Totalitarian Tip-Toe (CD – Electric Tremor Dessau)
And One – S.T.O.P. (CD – Synthetic Symphony)
Caprice – Girenwodan Part 1 (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Decoded Feedback – Dis|Konnekt (CD – Dependent)
Gin Devo – Errata (CD – EK Product)
KMFDM - Amnesia (EP - Dependent)
Oldschool Union – Älä Ole, Elä! (CD – EK Product)
Ostrich – The Ostrich Effect (CD – Conzoom Records)
Pixelpussy – Das Mewntz (CD – Moonslave Radio)
X-In June – Hall Of Truth (CD – Danse Macabre)
2ND Civilization – Report From The Dark (CD – EK Product)
4 Times Insane – Broken Bones (EP – 4 Times Insane)
Carved Souls – Waveform (CD – Conzoom Records)
Cinemascape – The Falling Impossible (CD – Conzoom Records)
Darkmen – Living On Borrowed Time (CD – EK Product)
Digitalis Purpurea – 30 Hole & Fred Perry (EP – Danse Macabre)
Experiments In Darkness – About Facts And Murders (CD – Midnight Records)
The Hollow Hearts – The Hollow Hearts (CD – The Hollow Hearts)
Lestat – Arisen (CD – Nilaihah Records)
LPF12 – Circular Collapse (CD – LPF12)
Model Kaos – Ghost Market (CD – Danse Macabre)
Optic – Killing The Brave (EP – United Machine Records)
Psyche – As The Brain Collapses (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Skinny Puppy – (Live) Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas (CD – Dependent)
Slick Idiot – Sucksess (CD – Danse Macabre)
Substaat – Refused (MCD – Danse Macabre)
Syndrome – Now And Forever (CD – ConSouling Sounds)
Torul – Glow (Digital EP – Infacted Recordings)
V/A Electropop 7 (CD – Conzoom Records)

June 2012
Alien Vampires – Clubbers Die Younger (EP – Alfa Matrix)
Freakangel – Let It All End (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Diskonnekted – Hotel Existence (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Grendel - Timewave Zero (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Mentallo And The Fixer (& Associated Projects) – A Collection Of Rare, Unreleased & Remastered (4CD Box – Alfa Matrix)
Pakt – Berlin (CD – Out Of Line)
Parade Ground – The Golden Years (LP – Dark Entries Records)
The Planets Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight – The Planets Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight (CD – The Planets Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight)
Portion Control – Pure Form (CD – Other Sounds/Cherry Red Records)
Stray – Letting Go (DCD + CD – Alfa Matrix)
Bionic – Meadowland (CD – Echozone)
Buzz – See You Sioux (LP – Dark Entries Records)
Dark Princess – The World I’ve Lost (CD – Out Of Line)
Der Klinke – The Second Sun (CD – Echozone)
Essence Of Mind – Indifference (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Flux – Motivational Chants (CD – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Genre Peak – Redux (CD – Gonzo Multimedia)
Godless Procession – Godless Procession (LP – El Juicio Final Records)
Hit By A Rock – Wounded (CD – Other Sounds/Cherry Red Records)
Horse Gives Birth To Fly – Langue De Fièvre (CD – Horse Gives Birth To Fly)
Jovian Spin - Shapes Of Perception (CD – Echozone)
Kalt – Der Sturm (CD – Echozone)
The Luna Sequence – This Is Bloodlust (CD – The Luna Sequence)
Mari Chrome – Georgy # 11811 (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Mirrored In Secrecy – Day Of Renewal (CD – Echozone)
Mono Inc. – After The War (EP – No Cut/SPV)
Mundtot – Spätsommer (CD – Echozone)
Northern Valentine – Fin De Siècle (CD – Silber Records)
OOMPH! - Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute (CD - Sony Music/Columbia)
PMDS – PMDS (CD – Thisco Records)
Raindancer – Hearts And Machinery (CD – Divided Productions)
Schwarzblut – Maschinenwesen (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
SIC – Thought Noises (LP – Dark Entries Records)
Suicide Inside – Homicide (DCD + CD – Alfa Matrix)
Zeitgeist Zero – The Blackout EP (EP – Zeitgeist Zero)
V/A Dependent 2012 (CD – Dependent)
V/A Electrostorm Vol.3 (CD – Out Of Line)
V/A Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music! (CD – AF Music)

May 2012
C-Lekktor – X-Tension In Progress (CD – COP International)
Frontline Assembly – Plasticity (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Hex Rx- Serial Hex Addict (EP - Negative Gain Productions)
L’Âme Immortelle – Fragmente (DCD – Trisol)
La Santé – Poulave (CD – Halotan Records)
Lords Of Acid – Deep Chills (CD – Metropolis)
Saltillo – Monocyte (CD – Artoffact Records)
Skyla Vertex – Urwerk (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Talvekoidik – Negotiate The Distance (CD – Hands)
Underhill – Silent Siren (CD – Ad Noiseam)
3 Cold Men – A Cold Decade (CD – Wave Records)
7JK – Anthems Flesh (CD – Redroom Records)
Black International – In Debt (CD – Spiralchords Records)
Come With Reverse – Come With Reverse (EP – Come With Reverse)
Deathcamp Project – No Cure (EP – Alchera Visions)
Deathcamp Project – Painthings (CD – Alchera Visions)
Detroit Diesel - Coup D’Etat (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Dirty K – Torrent Of Fury (CD – Hands)
Ext!ze - Arschloch (EP - Trisol)
Fear Falls Burning – Disorder Of Roots (CD – Tonefloat Records)
Hardwire – Insurrection (CD - Danse Macabre)
Larvae – Exit Strategy (CD – Ad Noiseam)
Latexxx Teens - Adrenochrome Redux (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Logic & Olivia – Playground Of The Past (CD – Danse Macabre)
Mona Mur & En Esch – Do With Me What You Want (CD – Danse Macabre)
The Mescaline Babies – Crush (CD – Danse Macabre)
Oyaarss – Bads (CD – Ad Noiseam)
SaturmZlide – BeVor (CD – Hands)
Schwarzbund – Von Der Suche Nach Wärme Une Licht (CD – Danse Macabre)
Soaked – Aftermath (CD – Topkapi Müzik)
Sutcliffe Jugend – Blue Rabbit (CD – Crucial Blast)
T.O.M.B – UAG (CD – Crucial Blast)
Tom Wax – WaxWorx 2 (CD – Infacted Recordings)

April 2012
Chrom – Synthetic Movement (CD – Out Of Line)
Guilt Trip – Feed The Fire (CD – Complete Control Productions)
Inure – The Offering (CD – Metropolis)
K-Bereit – Positiv Sound / Negativ Beat (CD – EK Product)
Macabro – We Live Lies (Digital CD – X-Line)
Na-Hag – Obscurant (Digital CD – X-Line)
Necrotek – Blacklight Magick (CD – Vendetta Music)
Spektralized – My Needs (EP – EK Product)
Unit 187 – Transfusion (CD – Vendetta Music)
Wumpscut – Women And Satan First (CD – Beton Kopff Media)
2L8 – New Battles, Without Honor And Humanity (DCD – No More Happy Music Productions)
Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (CD – Out Of Line)
And One – Shouts Of Joy (EP – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
BeNe GeSSeRiT – A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry Of Joy (CD – EE Tapes)
Beta Plus Embryo – Time Kills Everything (CD – Spiralchords Music)
Brotherhood – Turn The Gold To Chrome (CD – Brotherhood)
Candor Chasma – Rings (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Chaos All Stars – I Need It All (CD – Epos)
Dead Hand Projekt – The Lost (EP – Vendetta Music)
The Exaltics/Gosub – The Exaltics Meets Gosub (12” – Solar One Music)
Formalin - Wasteland Manifesto (CD – Out Of Line)
Tatlum / Hezzel – Split Cycles (Digital CD – Absetzer)
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester – Overlook Hotel (CD – Malignant Records)
Lord Of The Lost – Beside & Beyond (EP – Out Of Line)
Mythos – Quasar (CD – Sireena Records)
Nolongerhuman – Depersonalization (CD – COP International)
Premature Ejaculation – Part 3 (DCD – Malaise Music/Cathedral Music Group)
Scream Silence - Scream Silence (CD - Out Of Line)
Staubkind – Kannst Du Mich Seh’n (MCD – Out Of Line)
Trakktor – Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Digital EP – Katyusha)
Wumpscut – DJ Dwarf XII (EP – Beton Kopff Media)
V/A Discover (CD – Conzoom Records)
Access To Arasaka – Geosynchron (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Atzmann Zoubar – Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit (CD – Binturong Music)
The Eden House – Timeflows (EP – Jungle Records)
Nothing But Noise – Not Bleeding Red (DCD – Future Noise Music)
Known Rebel – Hollow (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Object – Mechanisms Of Faith (DCD – Electro Aggression Records)
Ojojoj – On The Bright Side, We Had Fun (CD – Clubstream Green)
Orbital – Wonky (CD – Future Noise Music)
Samsas Traum – Unbeugsam – Unberechenbar – Unsterblich / Live In Bochum (DCD – Trisol)
Titans – For The Long Gone (CD – Progress Productions)
Ad Inferna – Ultimum Omnium (CD – DSM Music)
Agent Side Grinder – Hardware (CD – Klangarkivet/Headstomp Productions)
ASP - Eisige Wircklichkeit (EP – Trisol)
The Beautiful Dead – Moonlight And Hollywood (CD – Sonorium)
Black Light Discipline – Against Each Other (CD – Raw Entertainment/Danse Macabre) - At The End Of It All (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Deadly BLVD – Giallo (EP – Twins For Video Production)
Echo Us – Tomorrow Will Tell The Story (CD – Absolute Probability Recordings)
Empire State Human – December Rose (Digital CDS – House Of Analogue)
Glenn Love – Delusion Of Reprieve (CD – Sonic-X)
Irrlicht – Collection 1997 – 2011 (CD – Danse Macabre)
Lettercamp – Raccoon Panda / EU Edition (CD – Substream)
Mondrian Oak – Aeon (CD – Eibon Records)
The Name – The Journey (EP – [Ikoz]/Beatbox)
Nehl Aëlin – Le Monde Saha (CD – Danse Macabre)
Netz – Exit Märchenland (CD – Sonic-X)
Orcus Nullify – Orcus Nullify (MCD – Orcus Nullify)
Oxyd – Liveforms (CD – Aliens Productions/Signifier)
The Sexbots – Don’t Stop (CD – Ilima Considine)
Sophya - Words & Sounds (LP – Out Of Print Records)
Taxim – 2011 (Digital only CDS – Taxim)
Temple Of Venus – Messiah Complex (CD – Temple Of Venus)
Vanguard – Vanguard (EP – Vanguard)
Waiting For Words – Follow The Signs (CD – Waiting For Words)
Weena Morloch – Terror Über Alles (4CD – Trisol)

March 2012
And One – Back Home (EP – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
18 Summers – The Greatest Showing (CD – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Arcana Obscura – Lemuria (CD – ConSequence Records)
Artesia – Wanderings (CD – Prikosnovénie)
E-Craft – The Roots (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Henke – Herz (EP – Oblivion/SPV)
Ministry - Relapse (CD - 13th Planet Records/AFM-Records)
Peter Bjärgö – The Architecture Of Melancholy (CD – Cyclic Law)
Simi Nah – 5 – (CD – Sonic Angel)
V/A Fetish Body Music.1 (CD – Advanced Energy)
Brigade Werther – Killbeat (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Disastrous Din – 4 / Labyrinth Of Steel (CD – ConSequence Records)
Eternit – Metaporno 1 (CD – ConSequence Records)
Everything Goes Cold - The Tyrant Sun (EP – Metropolis Records)
F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay – Celebration (2CD Box + EP – Selenophonia)
Gin Devo – Surface (CD – EK Product)
Grandchaos – Rumours Of My Life (CD – EK Product)
Heldentod – The Ghost Machine (CD - Cold Spring)
Hide & Seek – Clouds Are Beautiful (CD – Cynfeirdd)
Human Decay - A Credit To Humanity (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Kreuzweg Ost – Gott Mit Uns (CD – Cold Spring)
Lights Of Euphoria – Subjection (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles – Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured (CD – Cold Spring)
Machinefabriek – Veldwerk (CD – Cold Spring)
Mediavolo – Modern Cause (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Modell Doo – Dinky Diamond (CD – Klanggalerie)
Monoton – Realtime (CD – Klanggalerie)
Rarefaction - …The Dancer, The Dance … (EP – Rarefaction/Leperkiss)
The Party Favors – The Slice Is Gone (MCD – The Party Favors)
Retrogramme – For Our Dearly Departed (CD – EK Product)
Sektor 304 – Subliminal Actions (CD – Malignant Records)
Skin Area – Rothko Field (CD – Malignant Records)
Sutcliffe Jügend – With Extreme Prejudice (CD – Cold Spring)
Therradaemon – Den Mørke Munnens Språk (CD – Cyclic Law)
UCNX – Generation Damaged (CD – DSBP)
V/A Till Dawn Do Us Part BE (CD - Dead By Dawn)
32 Crash – Y2112Y (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed (DCD - Out Of Line)
Aiboforcen – Dédale (DCD + EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Amduscia – Death, Thou Shalt Die (CD – Out Of Line)
Blutengel – Nachtbringer & Tränenherz Live (CD + DVD – Out Of Line)
Hocico – Blood On The Red Source / Live In Russia (CD + DVD – Out Of Line)
Mindless Faith - Just Defy (CD – Alter Culture Records)
Javelynn – Chimaera At Heart (CD – Out Of Line)
Psy’Aviah – Introspection/Extrospection (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Neikka RPM – Chain Letters (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Auto Auto – Dancing Through Dark Times (CD – Out Of Line)
Cephalgy – Leid Statt Liebe (CD – Out Of Line)
Diffuzion – Winter Cities (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Janosch Moldau – In Another World + Second Best (MCD – Janosch Moldau Records Ltd.)
Kirlian Camera – Nightglory (DCD – Out Of Line)
Love In Cage – Position (miniCD – Une Records)
My Terminal And The Trip – Behind The Black Curtain (Digital CD – Marylebone Records)
Overmamba – Crawl Out (CD – Keep Out Recordings)
RendezVous – The Murf (EP – Moot Records/Rough Trade)
Seventh Harmonic – Garden Of Dilmun (CD – Out Of Line)
Teichmann – They Made Us Do It (CD – Festplatten)
V/A Zero State Media – Upload 2011 (CD – Zero State Media)

February 2012
1N.C1.D3.N7 – Primer (CD – Moonslave Radio)
Anne Marie Hurst – Day Of All Days (CD – Jungle Records)
The Beauty Of Gemina – Iscariot Blues (CD – Danse Macabre)
Esplendor Geometrico – Desarrollos Geométricos (CD – Geometrik)
Indians In Moscow – Indians In Moscow Expanded (CD – Other Voices Records)
[In]Toxin – Pioneers Of The High Frontier (CD – X-Line)
Liquid Red - Deadly Touch (EP – X-Line)
June 11 - The Temple Of Wood (CD – EE Tapes)
Monica Richards – Naiades (CD – Danse Macabre)
Spark! – Hela Din Värld (CD – Progress Productions)
Adrian H. And The Wounds – Dog Solitude (CD – Danse Macabre)
The (Almost) Insanely Happy EP (Split 7” – EE Tapes)
Ars Phoenix – Hanging Fire (CD – FDO Recordings)
Bone Orchard – Stuffed To The Gills – And Other Fishy Tales (CD + DVD – Jungle Records)
Chaos All Stars / Ninedee – Split 12” (12” – Epos MD)
Daniel Colletti’s Electric Bat Cave – Berlin (MCD – Danse Macabre)
Dead Voices On Air – 001.Simon Fisher Turner And Dead Voices On Air, MzMzLaLaLa (7” – Tourette Records)
Eleven Pond – Bas-Relief (CD – Other Voices Records)
Eycromon – Awake From The Sleepers (CD – Danse Macabre)
Flue – Vista (CD – Infrastition)
Inline.Sex.Terror – The Architecture Of Madness (CD – Mutant-E Records)
M.B. – Hibernum (CD – EE Tapes)
Morlocks – The Outlaw Of Fives (CD – Non Aligned Media)
Nahtaivel – Midnight Sessions (CD – Wave Records)
The New Division – Shadows (CD – Progress Productions)
No Sleep By The Machine – I & II & III (3 EP – Murti Records)
Operation Of The Sun – Désir Parabolique (CD – Urgence Disk Records)
Red-Line – Out Of Business (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Rome – A Cross Of Wheat (CD – Trisol)
Rome – A Cross Of Fire (CD – Trisol)
Rome – A Cross Of Flowers (CD – Trisol)
The Saint Paul – Rewind The Time (EP – UCM Records/Danse Macabre)
Sieben – No Less Than All (CD – Redroom Records)
Xperiment – Visions Of Destruction (DCD – Mutant-E Records)
X-Ray Pop – Radio Pilot (DCD – Infrastition)
Sweet William – Kind Of Strangest Dream (CD – Infrastition)
Lacrimosa – Singles Collection/Deluxe (DCD + DVD – End Of The Light)
L'Âme Immortelle – Momente (CD - Trisol)
Mind.In.A.Box – Revelations (CD – Dreamweb Music)
Neon Electronics – Keylogger (CD – DanceDelic D/M-Tronic)
Pankow – Kunst Und Wahnsinn (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Phosgore – Warhead (CD – ProNoize)
Terrorkode – Corrosive Audio (CD – Deathwatch Asia)
Torul – In Whole (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Umbra Et Imago - 20 (Double DVD – Oblivion/SPV)
V/A Septic X (CD – Dependent)
Atari Cowboy – The Fuzz (EP – Electric Fantastic Sound)
BA’ – This House (Digital CDS – Black Montanas Records)
Distortion Of Events – Congeners (CD - Zodarion Records)
Equitant feat. Lea X – Flash Of Light (Digital CDS – Black Montanas Records)
FabrikC – Widerstand (CD - ProNoize)
Geistech – Texturas (Digital MCD – Black Montanas Records)
Grandchaos – Refuge (CD – Urgence Disk Records)
Hypsiphrone – And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes (CD – Black Plague Productions/Malignant Records)
Jack Or Jive – Tenshou (CD – Cynfeirdd)
New Risen Throne – Loneliness Of Hidden Structures (CD – Cyclic Law)
Nicolas Estany – Third Eye Of Child (Digital MCD – Black Montanas Records)
The Nothing Machine – NMTRv1 (CD – Acrobiotic Records)
Non-Bio – Blue Horned Humanoids (CD – Non-Bio/MrsVee)
Oestral – Apocalypse Electronische (Digital MCD – Black Montanas Records)
Orline – Addicted To Discord (Digital MCD – Black Montanas)
Paranoid – I Still Dominate You (CD – Infacted Recordings)
PsioniC – Self Revelation (EP – Infacted Recordings)
S.E.T.I. – Baikal (CD – Loki-Found)
Sewer Goddess – Disciples Of Shit: Live Waste (CD – Black Plague/Malignant Records)
Sin D.N.A – Afterlife (EP – Deathwatch Asia)
Slutet / K0ng – Split Mini Album (mini-CD – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Stahlfrequenz – Tectonic Structures (CD – ProNoize)
Structural Fault – Intro/Version (CD – Aliens Production)
Suicidal Romance – Memories Behind Closed Curtains (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Tabor Radosti – Agartta (CD – Aliens Production)
Terra Sancta – Sunken | Buried | Forgotten (mini-CD – Tumor/Malignant Records)
Vortex – Rockdrill (CD – Cyclic Law)
You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – You Love Her Coz She’s Dead (CD – Glasstone Records)

January 2012
Acylum – Karzinom (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Click Click – Skin And Bones (EP – Dependent)
FGFC820 - Defense Condition 2 (EP - Noitekk)
Industriegebiet – Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Sterben (CD – Körperschall Records)
Integral – The Past Is My Shadow (DCD – Tympanik Audio)
Mantus – Sünder (EP – Trisol)
Minerve – Repleased (DCD – Echozone)
NTRSN – Hardlines (CD – EK Product)
Thirteenth Exile – Into Nothing (CD – Memento Materia)
Tying Tiffany - Dark Days, White Nights (CD - Trisol)
Alien Hand Syndrome – The Sincere And The Cryptic (CD – Echozone)
The Arch – Engine In Void (CD – Echozone)
Arsine Tibé – Good Evening, The Mountain Said (CD – Echozone)
Black Heaven – Dystopia (CD – Trisol)
Channel-East – Window To Earth (CD – Echozone)
D.O.C – Songs From A Vanishing World (CD – Echozone)
Dr. Arthur Krause – Solutions (CD – Echozone)
Dr. Kranck – Haus 13 (CD – Körperschall Records)
Ellipse – Verlorene Zeit (CD – Körperschall Records)
Gedankenrasen – Innere Apokalypse (CD – Körperschall Records)
God Module – Séance (DCD – Out Of Line)
Haujobb – New World March (DCD – Tympanik Audio)
Herzparasit – Fromme Lämmer (CD – Echozone)
Lakobeil – Strange Encounter (CD – Echozone)
The Last Cry – Walking To The Edge (CD – Echozone)
Liquid Grey – Grey Matter (CD – Echozone)
Lost In Desire – Reborn From The Ashes (CD – Echozone)
NEO – Sindustrial (CD – Körperschall Records)
Northern Sadness – Riddles Of Lunacy (CD – Echozone)
Priscilla Hernandez – The Underliving (CD – Yidneth)
Samsas Traum vs. Weena Morloch – Käfer Maden Würmer Spinnen (DCD – Trisol)
Vlad In Tears – Welcome To Vladyland (CD – Echozone)
`Xiescive – Nexus (CD – Nilaihah Records)
V/A Körperschall Remixed Volume 2 (CD – Körperschall Records)

December 2011
Angelspit – Hello My Name Is (CD – Artoffact Records)
Artz+Pfusch – Lictor Evaporated (CD – CCP)
H.Exe – Killing Monsters (CD – Halotan Records)
Diary Of Dreams – Ego:X (CD – Accession Records)
IC 434 – Anhedonia (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Otto Dix – Wonderful Days (CD – Danse Macabre)
Premature Ejaculation – Dead Whorse Riddles (DCD – Malaise Music/Cathedral Music)
Quartersized – Observe The Fall (CD – What A Carve Up Records)
[:SITD:] – Icon:Koru (CD – Accession Records)
V/A Old School Electrology Volume One (4CD Box – Electro Aggression Records)
The Ambient Society – Too Much Inspiration On Raspberry Days (CD – The Ambient Society)
The Ambient Society – Joachim Zemmour’s Ambroisie (CD – The Ambient Society)
Black Izolentah - DDsX2 (Digital CD – Space Radio)
Charly Linch – Filthy Pleasures (LP – Mindtrick Records)
Choop Project – Starlight (Digital CDS – Space Radio)
Dark Drive Clinic – Noise In My Head (CD – Danse Macabre)
Dead Voices On Air – Michael And The Angels Fought (CD – Lens Records)
Dicepeople – It Gets Darker (CD – Sonic Serendipity Records)
Erp – Caos (LP – Erp)
The Exaltics – Irresistible (12” – Last Known Trajectory)
Håkan Ludvigson – Soulroom (CD – Substream/Clubstream)
Hardboiled Wonderland – As Small As A World (CD – Gonzo Multimedia)
Human Steel – Crankshaft Crash (CD – Halotan Records)
Impakt – Resonant Escape (CD – Solar One Music)
Impakt – Resonant Escape (12” – Solar One Music)
Larry Kucharz – Unit IA42 (CD – International Audiochrome, Inc)
Mighty Sphincter – Rare Unearthed Videos (DVD – Cathedral Music)
Mobthrow – Pitch Black (12” - Mindtrick Records)
My Dear Killer – La Paura Dei Mondi (CD – My Dear Killer)
Nano Infect – Circuitry Of Blades (CD – Danse Macabre)
Neuropa – Plastique People (CD – Conzoom Records)
Psychopathic Terror – Revolt (CD – Psychopathic Terror)
Rosa Krüger – Orquidea (EP – Tacuara Art Media)
RSM – Rozwijfij Swojfi Muzyke (CD – Halotan Records)
Sky Burial – Threnody For Collapsing Suns (CD – Phage Tapes)
Torul – Partially Untamed (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Uchu – Shamen Funk (CD – Space Radio)
Uchu – Invisible (Digital CDS – Space Radio)
Unterschicht – Drecking Und Laut (CD – Danse Macabre)
Versailles – Sacrifice (MCD – Versailles)
V/A Strange Tales From The Future 3 (12” – Solar One Music)
Acretongue – Strange Cargo (CD – Dependent)
Foretaste – Love On Demand (DCD – Boredom Product)
Level 2.0 - Battle Sight Zero (CD – Nilaihah Records)
Nachtmahr - Can You Feel The Beat (EP - Trisol)
Satanismo Calibro 9 – Orgasmurder (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Shiv-R - This World Erase (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Syntech – P’Som-Sett (CD – Hands)
System Syn - All Seasons Pass (CD - (Metropolis Records)
VNV Nation – Automatic (CD - Anachron Sounds)
vPROJEKT - Exhilarate & Disgust (CD – Deathwatch Asia)
Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (EP – Out Of Line)
ASP – Fremder-Zyklus, Teil 1: Fremd (CD – Trisol)
Black Light Ascension – Ashes (CD - HauRuck/Tesco)
Division S – Something To Drink 5 (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Cygnosic – Fallen (CD - Deathwatch Asia)
Encephalon – The Transhuman Condition (CD – Dependent)
Folkstorm – Folksongs (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Gnomonclast – Gather Together (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Heimstatt Yipotash – H.Y.Breed (DCD – Hands)
Jesus On Extasy – The Clock (CD – Artoffact Records)
Left Spine Down – Caution (CD – Metropolis Records)
Lowe – Evolver (CD - Megahype Records)
Lux Anodyca – Soul Meshed (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Mona Mur + En Esch – Do With Me What You Want (CD – Artoffact Records)
Mortification Of The Flesh – Le Trésor Maudit (CD – Final Muzik)
Needle Sharing – Gang Bangs! (CD – Hands)
Nostalgie Eternelle – Notre Début (CD – Final Muzik)
Ô Paradis – Carreteras (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Plastique Noir - Affects (CD – Wave Records)
Q4U – Best Of (CD – Wave Records)
Rosa Rubea – The Fire And The Rose (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Saltillo – Ganglion (CD – Artoffact Records)
The Song Sparrows – Days That Are No Hope (Old Europa Cafe)
XX Century Zorro – La Volpe Du XX Siècle (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
V/A Electric Fantastic Sound 8 (CD – Electric Fantastic Sound)
V/A Gothic Visions III (CD + DVD - Echozone)

November 2011
à;Grumh… – We Were à;Grumh… And You Were Not (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Autodafeh – Act Of Faith (CD – Scanner)
Binary Park – The Deviated (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Henric de la Cour – Henric de la Cour (CD – Progress Productions)
Cryo – Beyond (miniCD – Progress Productions)
Lords Of Acid – Little Mighty Rabbit (EP – Metropolis Records)
Melt – Emissions Of Hypocrisy (CD – Metropolis Records)
Placebo Effect - Gargoyles And Galleries (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Skinny Puppy - hanDover (CD - Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Suicidal Romance - Whisper Goodbye (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Art Abscons – Der Verborgene Gott – (CD – HauRuck Records)
Ascension EX – The Hand Of The Sinner (Digital EP – CrunchPod)
Christopher Kah – Burnt (EP – Sonic Angel Records)
Deison – Night Sessions (CD – Silentes Records)
Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand + Aluk Todolo – Untitled (CD – WKN/HauRuck Records)
Draconic Elimination Projects – Draconic Elimination Projects (Digital EP – Draconic Elimination Projects)
Felix Marc – The Muse (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Friends Of Alice Ivy – In The Gloaming (EP – Elysium Sounds)
Genocide Organ - : Under – Kontrakt : (CD – Tesco)
Massive Ego – I Idolize You (EP – Public Disordar Records)
Miserylab - Void Of Life (CD - Carbon Neutral Digital)
Richter featuring Eden – Salvation (EP – Black Leather Records)
Severe Illusion – No More Alive Than You Deserve (CD – CCP)
Soaked – Muzik|o|tek (EP – Soaked)
Silenciopersonal - …Sand & Dust (CD – Silenciopersonal)
Toob – Chromaphon Remixes (EP – Process Recordings)
Venus Fly Trap – Nemesis (CD – Big Blue Records)
Zartbitter 16 – Richtung Zukunft (CD – Intrapop)

October 2011
Apoptygma Berzerk – Black EP Vol.2 (EP - Metropolis)
Digital Factor³ - Trialog (CD – Black Rain Records)
Engelsstaub – Nachtwärts (CD – Musique Indépendante Noire)
Imperative Reaction - Imperative Reaction (CD – Dependent Records)
Monolith – The Inner Core (CD – Sleepless Records Berlin)
Na-Hag – Dreams Of A Sick Man (Digital CD – X-Line)
Noisuf-X - Dead End District (CD - ProNoize)
NaRick – Suburban Industrial Landscape (Digital CD – Absetzer)
Straftanz - Mainstream Sellout Overground (CD - Scanner)
Tenek - EP2 (EP - Toffeetones)
][ | ][ - Iter (CDR – Steelkraft Manufactory)
5FAT – In.sec(k)t (Digital CD – Absetzer)
Anni Hogan – Mountain (CD + DVD – Cold Spring Records)
Azalia Snail – Celestial Respect (CD – Silber Media)
Attrition – The Truth In Dark Corners… (CD – Other Voices Records)
Bruno De Angelis – The Box (CD – XBDA)
Code 64 – Deviant (Digital EP - Progress Productions)
Cyclotimia – Celestis: Space Ceremonial Music (CD – Zhelozebeton/Shadowplay Records)
Cyclotimia – Soundtrack To A Nonexistent Movie (CD – Zhelozebeton/Shadowplay Records)
Deadcell - The Heart Of The Sun (CD - Remote Music)
Electric Bird Noise – The Silber Sessions (CD – Silber Media)
Exworks – Monade (CDR – Steelkraft Manufactory)
Emma Ya – Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems (CD – Cold Spring Records)
Hezzel – Randomize Before Use (Digital CD – Absetzer)
The Ghost Effect – TGE (CD – Breakdown Records)
Hikikomori – Far From The World (CD – Steelwork Maschine)
Hypnoz – A Score For Iron Blues (CDR – Zhelezobeton)
Kite – IV (EP - Progress Productions)
Kutulu – Ph’Nglui Mglw’Nafh Cthulhu R’Lyeh Wgah’Nagl Fh-Tagn (CDR – Steelkraft Manufactory)
Kryptogen Rundfunk – Live 2005 (CDR – Zhelezobeton)
Mana ERG – Idiosyncratic (CD – XBDA)
Majdanek Waltz / Sal Solaris - Tenebrae (CD – Zhelezobeton/Shadowplay Records)
Midnight Syndicate – Carnival Arcane (CD – Linfaldia Records)
Mind Area – Means To An end (Digital EP – X-Line)
Nostalgie Eternelle – EP (7” – EE Tapes)
Remora – Scars Bring Hope (CD – Silber Records)
Skullflower – Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses (CD – Cold Spring Records)
Thar Mapsal Program – Space (CDR – Steelkraft Manufactory)
You Shriek – Somewhere Between Heaven & Sorrow (CD – Suicide Note Music)
V/A Schlagstrom - !KRRRBRRRTZTZKRRRBRRRTZTZ! Vol.6 (CD – Sleepless Records Berlin)
The Birthday Massacre – Imaginary Monsters (EP – Out Of Line)
Erotic Elk – Solitary (CD - Major Records)
Ex_Tension – Desert (EP – Tympanik Audio)
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Machine District (CD – Vendetta Music)
Project Pitchfork – Quantum Mechanics (CD – Trisol)
Roppongi Inc. Project - Temporary Evacuation (EP – Vendetta Music)
Santa Hates You – Jolly Roger (CD – Trisol)
Sopor Aeternus – Have You Seen This Ghost? (CD – Apocalyptic Vision Records GmbH/Trisol)
Suicide Commando – The Suicide Sessions (6CD-Box – Out Of Line)
V/A Awake The Machines Vol.7 (3CD – Out Of Line)
ASP – Wechselbalg (EP – Trisol)
asІof – asІof (CD – Radio-Active-Music)
compUterus – compUterus (CD – Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
Cassandra Syndrome – Satirex (CD – Cassandra Syndrome)
Dacaboya – Tagged (CD – Moonslave Radio)
Dead Hand Projekt – Horror (Digital MCD – Vendetta Music)
Doktryn – All U Need Is Love (MCD – Doktryn)
Eisenfunk - Pentafunk (CD - Danse Macabre)
Elastik – Critik (CD – Koma Records)
Entrzelle – Part Of The Movement (CD – Entrzelle)
Erode – Horizon (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Ex Machina – Line Of Time (Digital CD – Fuego)
Haujobb – Dead Market (EP – Tympanik Audio)
Jäger 90 – Fleisch Macht Böse (CD – Out Of Line)
Hoarfrost – Last Message… Unknown (CD – Exploratory Drilling Productions)
Minusheart - The Big Idea (CD - Echozone)
Normotone et alii – Inward Structures (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Organic Cage – Kill Your TV (Digital EP – Vendetta Music)
Organic Cage – Brain Surgery Machine (CD – Vendetta Music)
Pakt – Freiheit (EP – Out Of Line)
Popelectronique – Retro (CD - Dreambox Records)
Past The Mark – Hakhel Tribulation (CD - Nujazz Europe)
The Psychogeographical Commission – Widdershins (EP – Acrobiotic Records)
Sonitus Niger – Rest In Pieces (CD – Moonslave Radio)
Spiral69 – No Paint On The Wall (CD – Mega Sound Records)
Sunday Strain – Destiny.Done (CD - Wrotycz)
T.K.M.F – Nähe (MCD - Multiple Konnektion Label)
W.A.S.T.E – Liquor, Drugs & Hate (CD – Vendetta Music)

September 2011
Antythesys – Over Dose (CD – Advoxya Records)
Bang Elektronika – Aktivierung (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Felix Marc - Parallel Worlds (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Omne Datum Optimum – Les Moissons Ecarlates (CD – Cynfeirdd)
Madre Del Vizio – Amare L’Amore (CD – Cathedral Music)
Prager Handgriff - Arglistige Täuschung (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Ohgr - Undeveloped (CD – Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Robotiko Rejekto – Umsturz Jetzt! (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Syncrotek - Subwoofer (CD Infacted Recordings)
Unitary – Safe From Harm (CD – Infacted Recordings)
A7ie – Narcissick (CD – Advoxya Records)
Asseptic Room – Visceralofobia (CD – Advoxya Records)
Ceremony – Extended Play (EP – Killer Pimp)
Dolls Of Pain - The Last Conflict (CD – Advoxya Records)
Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway – Uranium 238 (CD – Lens Rcords)
Polluted Axis – The DubSuck Chronicles (Digital CD – CrunchPod)
Soundpool – Re-Mirrored (EP – Killer Pimp)
The Truth About Frank – Cannibal Work Ethic (CD – LYF Recordings)
V/A ClubTrax Vol.3 (DCD XTrax/Danse Macabre)

August 2011
Accessory - Underbeat (DCD – Out Of Line)
13TH Monkey – Return Of The Monkey (CD – Hands)
Electrosexual & Mz Sunday Luv – I Feel Love (EP – Rock Machine Records)
Dance Or Die - Nostradamnation (DCD - Out Of Line)
:Golgotha: - The Horns Of Joy (CD – Trisol)
Noiz+Zilenth Methamorfika (CD Moonslave Radio)
Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud – Every Single Lining Has A Cloud (CD - Projekt)
Restricted Area – Core Excess (CD + EP – EK Product)
Samsas Traum – Anleitung Zum Totsein (CD – Trisol)
Vision Talk - Distances (CD - Conzoom Records)
AlterRed – Mind-Forged Manacles (CD – Red Electric Records)
Army Of The Universe - Mother Ignorance (CD - Metropolis)
Atrium Animae – Dies Irae (CD – Projekt)
Blank Disco – From Zero (CD – Subexotic Records LLP)
Bona Head – Colours Doors Planet (CD – Bona Head)
Chrysalide - Don’t Be Sacred It’s About Life (CD – Audiotrauma)
Boom Merchant (EP - Process Recordings)
Emmon - Nomme (CD - Wonderland Records)
En Nihil / Elyseum – En Nihil / Elyseum (CD – Syndrom Records)
Erotic Elk - Monoton (MCD - Major Records)
Evi Vine - …And So The Morning Comes (CD – Evi Vine)
Hidden Place – Fantasia Meccanica (CD – Twilight Records)
Igor Bardo – My Sweet Nightmare (CD – Some Place Else)
Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds – Exit Strategy (CD – DiN)
Karbu38 – Tour De Chauffe (CD – EK Product)
Kirlian Camera - Ghlóir Ar An Oíche (EP – Out Of Line)
K-Oz Office – 2000-2012 Was A Gas (CD – Sinzic Records)
Les Fleurs Du Mal – I (EP – A Malicious Release)
Liquid G – Biohazard & Medical Waste (CD – EK Product)
Mechanical Cabaret – Disco Vandalism (CD – Soiled Records)
MZ.412 – Internal Affairs (CD – Cold Spring Records)
MZ.412 – Domine Rex Inferum (CD – Cold Spring Records)
Perception Cleanse Perception – inVersions (CD – Dungeon Recordings/Backscatter)
Quimera Music – More Than Human (EP – Quimera Music)
Sarah Fimm – Near Infinite Possibility (CD - Sarah Fimm LLC ASCAP)
The Soil Bleeds Black – Quintessence (CD – Twilight Records/The Fossil Dungeon)
Seadem – Skhôlé (CD – The Eastern Front)
Sombre Printemps – Ambient & Film Music 1 + 2 (DCD – Out Of Line)
Synthetic Minister – Cult Following (CD - Radio-Active-Music)
Toob – Chromaphon (EP - Process Recordings)
Tech Nomader – Domotica (CD – EK Product)
Vic Anselmo – In My Fragile (CD – Vic Anselmo Management/Danse Macabre)
Weena Morloch – Amok (CD – Trisol)
V/A Born Evolve Progress 3 (CD - Progress Productions)

July 2011
Absolute Body Control – Surrender No Resistance (EP – Sleepless Records/Daft Records)
Ad Inferna – There Is No Cure (DCD – Nilaihah Records)
Displacer – Night Gallery (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Head-Less – Imperfect: [Mensch] (CD – Danse Macabre)
Monica Richards – The Strange Familiar (EP – Danse Macabre)
Negru Voda – Våld.De.Luxe (3CD – Malignant Records)
The Pain Machinery – Surveillance Culture (CD – Complete Control Productions)
Rasalhague – Rage Inside The Window (CD – Malignant Records)
The Spiritual Bat – Cruel Machine (CD – Danse Macabre)
Trakktor – Force Majeure (CD – Katyusha)
Analog Angel – The Thin Line (Between Love & Hate) (CD – Analog Angel)
The Chemical Sweet Kid – Tears Of Pain (CD – Advoxya Records)
Haberdashery – Tonight The Angels (CD – Haberdashery)
Effter – Bilateral 602 (CD – Danse Macabre)
Huminoida – Whiter Album (CD – Out Of Range Records)
In Broken English – Sometimes The Scars (CD – Str8line Records)
Jo Quail – From The Sea (CD – Jo Quail)
Ke/Hil – Hellstation (CD – Tesco Organisation)
Objekt/Urian – Agitation (CD – Tesco Organisation Germany)
Mental D-struction – Extrapolation Of Human Perspectives (CD – Contagious Programm)
Schuster – Blac Flies Resplendent On The Black Moon (CD – Adeptsound)
Shotgun Club – Love Under The Gun (CD – Stupido Records/Danse Macabre)
Teenage Bad Girl – Backwash (CD – Citizen Records)
Utopia:Banished – Escape Strategies (EP – Æntitainment Records)
Val Denham & Ô Paradis – Transform Thyself (CD – Hau Ruck!)
Xykogen – Carnevale (CD – Line Out Records)
Andreas Gross – Autumn Inventers (CD – Echozone)
Arnaud Rebotini – Someone Gave Me Religion (CD – Blackstrobe Records)
Haujobb – Dead Market (EP – Zweieck Recordings)
Clan of Xymox – Darkest Hour (CD – Trisol Records)
Krystal System – Nuclear (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Pail – Faith In The Void (CD – Caustic Records)
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Der Schallplattenunterhalter (EP – Zweieck Recordings)
Manufactura  - The Pleasures Of The Damned (2001-2011) (CD - Rustblade)
Nullvektor – I Walk Alone (CD – Hands)
V/A World Wide Electronics Vol. 1 (CD – Out Of Line)
Der Klinke – Square Moon (CD – Echozone)
!Distain – On/Off (CD – Echozone)
Dust Of Everyday – Dust Of Everyday (CD – Echozone)
Ikon – In The Shadow Of The Angel (DCD – Echozone)
Ikon – Flowers For The Gathering (DCD – Echozone)
Incite – Dare To Dance (CD – Hands)
In The Nursery – Blind Sound (CD – ITN Corporation)
Kalt – Dein Gott + The Blood (CD + EP – Echozone)
Laissez Faire – No Land For Escape (CD – Echozone)
Leichenwetter – Zeitmaschine (CD – Echozone)
Libido Formandi – Insignificancy Rising (CD – Hands)
Lolita Komplex – Le Cabaret Des Marionnettes (CD – Echozone)
Saints Of Ruin  - Glampyre (CD – Echozone)
Siva Six - The Twin Moons (DCD - Alfa-Matrix)
Six Times Zero – Stuffed Animals Never Think Of Suicide (CD – Echozone)
Skold - Anomie (CD - Dependent)
Statik Sky - They Look To The Sky (CD - Vendetta Music)
Vendemmian – One In A Million (CD – Echozone)
White Rose Transmission – Spinning Webs At Night (CD – Echozone)
Zill – Wundland (CD – Fastball Music)
V/A Forms Of Hands 11 (CD – Hands)
Re-Covered Vol 2. – A Tribute To Depeche Mode (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Bad Sector – Chronoland (CD – Loki-Found)
The Girl & The Robot – Silence / Borderline (EP – Trisol)
Henke – Seelenfütterung (CD – SPV/Synthetic Symphony)
Necro Facility - Wintermute (CD - Progress Productions)
Mesh – An Alternative Solution/Limited Edition (DCD – Dependent)
Orphx – Radiotherapy (CD – Hands)
Stendeck – Scintilla (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Sleepwalk – Revenge Of The Lost (EP – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
SY9 – Instances (Digital CD – Absetzer)
Zynic – Fire Walk With Me (CD – Conzoom Records)
Blood Box – Funeral In An Empty Room (CD – Loki-Found)
Amnistia – Egotrap (DCD – Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Corde Oblique – A Hall Of Bitter Almonds (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Cercueil – Erostrate (CD – Le Son Du Maquis)
Corrosion – MXM (CD – Corrosion)
Diezel Xzaust – Death Certificate (Digital EP – Absetzer)
Cylix – Alpha (CD – Life Is Painful Records/Nova MD)
Dismantled – The War Inside Me (CD – Dependent)
Fabious Corpus Act – Alien Sky (Digital CD – X-Line)
Fliehende Stürme – Warten Auf Raketen (CD – Alice In…/Dark Dimensions)
Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1/Transistor – Zoran’s Equation (CD – Funkwelten/Black Rain Records)
Gates Of Dawn – Lucid Dreaming (CD – Sonorium)
Forthcoming Fire – Set The World On Fire (CD – Other Voices Records)
Hanin Elias – Get It Back (CD – Rustblade)
Homo Futura – Der Neue Mensch (CD – SPV/Synthetic Symphony)
Individual Industry – Twenty Years In One Hour 1989-2009 (CD – Other Voices Records)
Hysteresis – There Is No Self (CD – Hands)
Jesus And The Gurus – Wut+Zorn=Revolution (CD – Black Rain Records)
Mantus – Zeichen (CD – Trisol)
The PCP Principle – Rhythmus Ex Heretica (CD – Hands)
Rome – Masse Mensch Material (CD – Trisol)
Per Aspera – Heaven Body Sabbath (Digital EP – Absetzer)
RSM – Realizuj Swoje Marzenia (Digital EP – Absetzer)
Schwarzer Engel – Träume Einer Nacht (CD – Trisol)
Vision Talk – Unlike (EP – Conzoom Records)
V2A – Machine Corps (CD – NoiTekk/Black Rain Records)
Wieloryb – Empty (CD – Hands)
V/A Electropop 6 (CD – Conzoom Records)

June 2011
The Echoing Green – In Scarlet And Vile (CD – A Different Drum)
DJ 3rr0r – Tekknology (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Emma Ya – Beyond The Secret Flame (The Aiwass Manifesto) (CD – The Mercurius Collective)
Laurent Pernice vs. Laurent Perrier – Play Piano And Sounds (CD – Sound On Probation)
KMFDM - WTF?! (CD – Dependent/KMFDM Records)
The Pain Machinery – AutoSurveillance (EP – Complete Control Productions)
PixelPussy – This Is Meower Noise (CD – MoonSlave Radio)
Sonik Foundry – Parish Of Redemption (CD - Nilaihah Records)
Social Ambitions – Almost Gone (CD – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Sylvgheist Maëlström – Lahar (CD – Connexion Bizarre)
Blood – X-Cultura (CD – Mutant-E Records)
The Being – Through Madness To Mercury (CD – The Mercurius Collective/New Era Productions)
Devout  - Love For The Unusual (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Digital Geist – The Apollo Program (CD – Digital Geist)
Fakir – We’ll See When We Get There (CD – Phenix Records)
End: The DJ – Fires On The Shore (EP – Nilaihah Records)
Flesh Eating Foundation – Dead Shall Rise (CD – Rebco Records)
France – Grand Tour (EP – Rectangle Astral)
Guerre Froide / Gegenacht / Pour L’Exemple – Cryogenisation Report (4CD Box – Infrastition)
Future Perfect – Dirty Little Secrets (CD – FP Recordings)
Grimorium Verum – Of Seals Spells And Spirits (CD – The Mercurius Collective)
ITI – Xposed (EP – ITI)
Infiltrator – Black Light Therapy (CD – Complete Control Productions)
Killus – Nunca Algo Fue Tan Real (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Melmac – Le Désert Avance (CD – Label Ronda)
Koacha – Mr.Down (CD – Infrastition)
Midnight Configuration – The Unquiet Void (CD – Nightbreed Recordings)
Miserylab - Lab Samples (CD - Carbon Neutral Digital/Shadowplay Records)
Nekrotech – Interactiv@ (CD – Mutant-E Records)
Miserylab - From Which No Light Escapes (CD - Carbon Neutral Digital)
No:Carrier – Between The Chairs (CD – Electric Heresy)
Reism – Something Darker (CD – Reism)
Silent Scream – In The Cinema (CD – Stupido Records)
Code 000 – Secret Societies (CD – MoonSlave Radio)
Theologian – The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face (CD – Crucial Blast)
Tom’s Midnight Garden – To Kill A Klown (CD – Infrastition)
V/A Surge & Subside (DCD – Aphotic Audio)
V/A Label Noir Vol.1 (CD – Label Noir)
V/A Wave Klassix Volume 05 (CD – Wave Records)

May 2011
Binary Park – Worlds Collide (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Combichrist – Throat Full Of Glass (EP – Out Of Line)
Christopher Kah – The RedHotHell 002 (EP – The Redhothell Records)
Dekad – Monophonic (CD – Boredom Product)
John Lord Fonda – Supersonique (CD – Citizen Records)
Distorted Memory – Swallowing The Sun (CD – NoiTekk)
Millimetric – Reconfiguration (CD – M-Tronic)
Prager Handgriff – Arbeit Sport Und Spiel (CD – Electric Tremor Dessau)
Mr Jones Machine – Monokrom (CD – Progress Productions)
Wumpscut – Schrekk & Grauss (CD – Beton Kopf Media)
And One – Tanzomat (CD – Out Of Line)
Aircrash Bureau – Exhibition (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Aun – Black Pyramid (CD – Cyclic Law)
Blackhouse – 25th Years Anniversary + Hope (DCD – M-Tronic)
Centhron – Dominator (CD - Scanner)
Canaan – Contro.Luce (CD – Eibon Records)
Chainreactor – Insomniac (CD – ProNoize)
Concrete Lung – Versions Of Hell (CD – Armalyte Industries)
CH District – Conclusion (CD – M-Tronic)
Demian Clav – Wisteria Lodge (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Digicore – Without Freedom (CD – Armalyte Industries)
Dolls Of Pain – Strange Kiss (EP – Advoxya Records)
The Eerier Child – Rabid Dogs (12” – Black Sunday Recordings)
DYM – Swarm (EP - NoiTekk)
The Eerier Child – Nightmare Concert (CD – Redrum Recordz/Mindtrick Records)
Endanger – Die Show Muss Weitergehen (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Liquid Divine – Sojourner (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Elias Matt & (The) Rescue Mission – Achtung! Alpha (CD – Wannsee Records)
Erotic Elk - Rest In Pieces (MCD - Major Records)
Flux – Claws And Teeth (CDS – Electric Fantastic Sound)
Grausame Töchter – Mein Eigentliches Element (CD – Scanner)
Gifts In Secret – Reaching (CD – Other Voices/ The Fossil Dungeon)
Lord Of The Lost – Antagony (CD – Out Of Line)
Miss FD – Love Never Dies (CD – Quantum Release Records)
My Enemy Complete – My Enemy Complete (EP – Radio Active Music)
Mr Jones Machine – De Månbleka Tingen (CDS –Progress Productions)
Neotek – Brain Over Muscle (Digital CD – Black Rain Records)
Noise Control – My Fight (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Parhelion – Midnight Sun (CD – Cyclic Law)
Rummelsnuff – Brüder/Kino Karlshorst (EP + DVD – Out Of Line)
Plasmodivm – The Post-Modern Prometheus (CD – Caustic Records)
Sensuous Enemy – Parity (EP – Radio Active Music)
SoogoWonk – Fase Due (MCD – Process Recordings)
Tholen – Neuropol (CD – Cyclic Law)
Terrorlokaust - God Loves The Violence (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Torul – Try (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Vigilante – Army Of Time (Digital EP – Black Rain Records)
Triangular Ascension – Leviathan Device (CD – Cyclic Law)
Vigilante - New Resistance (CD – Black Rain Records)
Vomito Negro – Slave Nation (EP – Out Of Line)
Wumpscut – DJ Dwarf Eleven/ Schrekk & Grauss (CD – Beton Kopf Media)

April 2011
Blutengel - Traenenherz (CD - Out Of Line)
Das Ich – Egodram/Edition (DCD – Danse Macabre Records)
Project Pitchfork – First Anthology (DCD – Trisol)
Ghost & Writer – Shipwrecks (CD – Dependent)
Rome – Nos Chants Perdus (CD – Trisol)
Scorn – Refuse: Start Fires (CD – Ohm Resistance)
Substaat – Substaat (DCD – Danse Macabre Records)
X-Fusion – Thorn In My Flesh (CD – Scanner)
V/A Club Anthems (CD – Dependent)
V/A EBM 1 (4CD Box + download card – Alfa-Matrix)
Artcore Machine – Polybius (CD – Xonar)
Alan Starck – Farrago (CD - Ominum Records)
Atomic Neon – Change (CD – Black Rain Records)
BeNe GeSSeRiT – First Time In Aachen (CD – EE Tapes)
Awen – The Bells Before Dawn (CD – Triskele Recordings)
Brandon Ashley – Nightmare Factory 82 (EP- Brandon Ashley)
Cold Cold Ground – This Side Of Depravity (CD – Danse Macabre Records)
Danzca – Naphtalina/Rework (Digital 12” – Signaletik Records)
Cyclobe – Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (LP – Phantomcode)
Dead Man’s Hill – Spirits (CD – Steinklang Records)
Die Sektor – Applied Structure In A Void (CD – NoiTekk)
Dissamonix – The Swamp (CD – Dissamonix)
Fractured – Beneath The Ashes (CD – Dependent)
Extize – Paradize 2009 (DCD – Trisol)
Gothminister - Anima Inferna (CD - Danse Macabre)
Imaginary Forces – Filth Columnist (CD – Ohm Resistance)
Hellfire Society – Black-OP (CD – Danse Macabre Records)
Incubite – Toxicum (CD – ProNoize)
Jan Swerts – Weg (CD - Bastart)
KMFDM - Krank (MCD - KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records/Dependent)
Lola Dutronic – Musique (EP - Red Star Digital Music)
Martin Philip – Recumbent (CD – Martin Philip)
Massiv in Mensch – Niemand Weiss Was Die Zunkuft Bringt (CD – Artoffact Records)
The Misz – The EE EP (7” – EE Tapes)
The Mission Veo – Strangers (CD – Spiralchords)
Necessary – Voldsløkka (CD – Ohm Resistance)
Metallspürhunde - Moloch (DCD – Danse Macabre Records)
Pleq – Sound Of Rebirth (CD – Impulsive Art)
Replica Mine – 7 Ends (CD – Replica Mine)
Pyrroline – Behind The Horizon (CD – Pyrroline)
Shirayas Dream - Venus Calls – (CD – Shirayas Dream)
Shy Guy At The Show – The Birth Of Doubt (CD – Danse Macabre Records)
Silent Killer & Breaker  - Amongst Villains – (CD – Ohm Resistance)
Sjelløs – Gestalt Der Nacht (CD – Sjellos)
Skalpell – Nothing Important To Tell So Far (CD – Audiophob)
Spherical Disrupted – Nature Limited (CD – Le Petit Machiniste)
Stereomotion – Stolz Und Demut (CD – Danse Macabre Records)
Stoneman - Human Hater (CD - Twilight Zone Records)
Sweet Sister Pain – The Seven Seas Of Blood And Honey (CD – Danse Macabre Records)
The Stripper Project – Brilliant Life (CD – HeadSpin)
TAT III – Testament (CD – TAT III)
Troum – Mare Idiophonika (CD – Tourette Records)
True Zebra – True Zebra (CD - Electrock DIY Recordings)
VoidWork – Dark Corners (CD -  VoidWork)
Veil Veil Vanish - Change In The Neon Light (CD – Dependent Records)
Waves Under Water – All Of Our Light (CD - Danse Macabre Records)
The Wyrm – The Wyrm (CD – Gradual Hate)
Zero A.D – All My Beliefs (CD – Zero A.D)
V/A Dependence 2011 (CD – Dependent)
V/A Manifest Destiny (CD – Triskele Recordings)
Caprice – Masquerade (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Collection D’Arnell-Andréa – Vernes-Monde (CD – Prikosnovénie)
Cruise [CTRL] – How’s Annie? (CD – Divine Comedy Records)
Dead Voices On Air – From After All Stars Spark And Glee (CD – Lens Records)
K-Nitrate – Voltage (CD – Advoxya Records)
Individual Industry – Dreams Never End (CD – Wave Records)
Palo Alto – Time Capsule / 1990 – 2010 (CD – Infrastition)
Servitor Sanctum 7 – The Marriage Of Earth And Iron (CD – Octofoil Records)
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Verbundstoff (CD – Zweieck Recordings)
Steven Severin – Blood Of A Poet (CD – Cold Spring Records)
Alien Produkt – The Next Chapter (EP – Advoxya Records)
Antichristus – The Antichrist LP (CD – Independenza Recordings)
Bazooka – 1980 – 1984 Plus (DCD – Infrastition)
Coïtus Int. – 1980-1982 (CD – Infrastition)
Goatvargr – Black Snow Epoch (CD – Cold Spring Records)
MZ.412 – In Romine Dei Rostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi (CD – Cold Spring Records)
Khadaver – Goa-Rw (EP – Khadaver)
Politique – Secret Shock (CD – Digital Zen)
Quartersized – Questions (EP – What A Carve Up!)
Quartersized – Bingowings (EP – Momt Records)
Sky Burial – Kiehtan (CD – Lens Records)
Snog – Audio Panic Buying (CD – Advoxya Records)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Blood And Passion (CD – Advoxya Records)
The Stygian – Myths Of Forbidden Passages (EP – Dungeon Recordings/Backscatter)
Synoiz – Shock! Horror! (EP – Synoiz)
The Young Werewolves – Sins Of The Past (CD – The Young Werewolves)
The Throttler & Lowbss Project – Time Flow (EP – Independenza Recordings)

March 2011
Razorfade – This Clear Shining (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Alien Vampires – Harshlizer (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
And One - Zerstörer (EP - Out Of Line)
Komor Kommando – Oil Steel & Rhythm (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Escalator – Out Of My Ego (CD – EK Product)
Leather Strip – Mental Slavery (3CD + ‘Mental Recovery’ Sound Card – Alfa-Matrix)
Lambda – Weites Land (CD – Sonorium)
Marc Hurtado & Alan Vega – Sniper (CD – Le Son Du Maquis)
Malakwa – Street Preacher (DCD –Alfa-Matrix)
Psy’Aviah feat. Ayria – Into The Game (EP – Alfa-Matrix)
Adversus – Der Zeit Abhanden (CD – Sonorium)
Studio-X – Neo-Futurism (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Dexy Corp_ - Uchronopolis (CD – Black Rain)
Armageddon Dildos – Untergrund (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Diverje – Burn Away (CD – DSBP)
Les Fragments De La Nuit – Demain, C’Etait Hier (CD – Equilibrium Music)
Haus Hetaere – Syndicate (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Hexperos – The Veil Of The Queen Mab (CD – Equilibrium Music)
Inertia – Deworlded (CD – Cryonica Music)
Leather Strip – Dark Passages + Seasons Change I Don’t (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Lotte Kestner – China Mountain (CD – I’ll Be Fine Music/Silber Records)
Produkkt – Invasion (EP - Citizen Records)
Remora – Mecha (CD – Silber Records)
Southcentral – Demons (EP - Citizen Records)

February 2011
C/A/T – We Make Music To Piss You Off (CD – Crunch Pod)
Alice In Videoland – A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You (CD – Artoffact)
[De:ad:Cibel] – Klondike (CD – Echozone)
Covenant – Modern Ruin (CD – Synthetic Symphony)
IN[TOXIN] – The Future Is Now (Digital CD – X-Line)
The Mist Of Avalon (CD – Echozone)
Matta – Prototype (CD – Ad Noiseam)
Opera Multi Steel – Le Légende Dorée (CD – Wave Records)
Subheim – No Land Called Home (CD – Ad Noiseam)
System – Circle Of Infinite Radius (CD – Progress Productions)
Black Lung – The Soul Consumer (CD – Ad Noiseam)
Beata Beatrix – In The Garden Of Ecstasy (CD – Wave Records)
C/A/T – Chaos And Terror Megamix (CD – Crunch Pod)
Captive Six – Receding Credit Line (Digital EP – Crunch Pod)
Concise feat. Flaque – Ingénue (CD – Wycombe Music)
Chant – Strong Words For Strong People (CD – Chant Project Music)
Diversant:13 – Soulreaper Redux (Digital EP – X-Line)
The Dark Unspoken – Diode In Your Head? (CD – Echozone)
Downstairs Left – Waiting For The Golden Age (CD – Echozone)
Goja Moon Rockah – Libido Cowboys (CD – Echozone)
Igorrr – Nostril (CD – Ad Noiseam)
In Viro – Gehorche! Fühle! Glaube! (CD – Echozone)
Koalips – Defeat (Digital CD – X-Line)
Leichenwetter – Legende (CD – Echozone)
Lexincrypt – Of Unsound Mind (CD – Cruch Pod)
Moon.74 – Newborn (CD – Echozone)
Minerve – Please (CD – Echozone)
Mystigma – Andagony (CD – Echozone)
Pink Industry – New Naked Technology (CD – Wave Records)
Polluted Axis – The Trepanation Nation (Digital EP – Crunch Pod)
Psy-Virus – Eternity (Digital CD – X-Line)
Schacht – Abwärts (CD – Schachtmatt)
Sobria Ebreitas – Esion (CD – Sobria Ebreitas)
Tunes Of Dawn – Goodbye Cruel World (CD – Echozone)
Traumtaenzer – Der Weisse Raum (CD – Echozone)
V/A Dark Allure (DCD – Echozone)
V/A NachtAktiv – Gothisch Zusammengewürfelte Soundfiles 1 (DCD – Echozone)
V/A Plasmatic Mutation (DCD – Echozone)
Amgod – Dreamcatcher (DCD – Alfa-Matrix)
Dernière Volonté – Immortel (CD – Hauruck Records)
Der Blutharsch – Live In Leiden (CD – WKN)
Deviant UK – Very Bad Things (CD – Remote Music)
Halo In Reverse - Trials And Tribulations (DCD - Alfa Matrix)
Eonic - Secret Land (CD – Zhelezobeton)
The Neon Judgement – Early Tapes (LP - Dark Entries Records)
I:Scintilla – Dying & Falling (CD – Alfa-Matrix)
Vampire Lovers - A Book of Undead Pin Ups / Gavin Baddeley (Book - Plexus Publishing)
The Alacrity – Resolve (CD – Shinto Records)
Voice Of Eye – The Portland Improvisations (CD – Conundrum Unlimited)
The Ambient Society ft. Spades – Livin Da High Life (CD – The Ambient Society)
Anthesteria – Phobos 1953 / Ost (CD – Zhelezobeton)
Anthesteria – Phobos 1953 / Ost (CD – Zhelezobeton)
Corrugated Tunnel feat. Martin McCann – Threadbare (EP – Process Recordings)
Dark Day – Window (LP - Dark Entries)
The Dead Of Night – Inert (CD – Invisible Eye Productions)
Fahl – The Paths To Emptiness (CD – The Eastern Front)
Deviant UK – Wreckhead Remix EP (Digital EP – Remote Music)
Hunter Complex – Hunter Complex (CD – Narrominded)
My Dear Killer – Nightmare People (CD – My Dear Killer)
Nagamatzu – Sacred Islands of the Mad (LP - Dark Entries)
Pesteg Dred – Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice (LP - Dark Entries Records)
Noises Of Russia – Humility (DCD – Zhelezobeton)

Redrum Alone – My First Kernel Panic (MCD – UFO Solar)
Strip In Midi Side – Your Stripping Experience (CD – New Model Label)
Those Attractive Magnets – Electromagnetic Pulse (LP - Dark Entries)
Xiescive – Vs (EP – Xiescive)

January 2011
Autoclav1.1 – All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon (CD – Tympanik Audio)
5F-X – Flight Recorder (CD – Hands)
C.H. District – Conclusion (CD – Tympanik Audio)
F.O.D. – Maschinentanz (CD – Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Geistform – Transistor Music (CD – Hands)
Reaper - Dirty Cash (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Reaxion Guerrilla – I Hate You (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Soman – Noistyle (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Suicide Commando – Death Cures All Pain (EP – Out Of Line)
Wolfskin – Last Industrial Estate (CD – Malignant Records)
Amorticure – A Bleeding Soul In A Dying World (CD- Amorticure/Danse Macabre Records)
Control – Deadly Sins (CD – Malignant Records)
Detroit Diesel – Terre Humaine (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Edgey – Misfire (CD – Hands)
False Mirror – Derelict World (CD – Malignant Records)
Famine – Nature’s Twin Tendencies (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Inertia - Repeat and Follow (EP - Cryonica Music)
The Neon Judgement – Smack (Digital EP – Dancedelic)
Shiv-R – Incision (EP – Infacted Recordings)
Schachtanlage Gegenort . Denise Ritter – Aufgelassen (CD – Hands)
Tapage & Meander – Etched In Salt (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Spectra*Paris – Christmas Ghouls (CD – Out Of Line)
V/A Lullabies & Legends from Brocéliande (CD + Book – Mandalla Music/Prikosnovénie)

December 2010
Anima Mundi – Another World III (Digital CD – Aliens Production)
Access To Arasaka – Void() (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Die Braut – World Of Lies (CD – Orion Records)
De_Tot_Cor – Dead Heart (EP – Vendetta Music)
Nachtmahr – Semper Fidelis (CD – Trisol)
Gnome & Spybey – At Willie’s Place (CD – Tourette Records)
Parralox – Metropolis (CD – Conzoom Records)
Sopor Aeternus – A Strange Thing To Say (EP – Apocalyptic Vision Records GmbH/Trisol)
Reaver – Leviathan (CD – Radio Active Music)
V/A Electronic Overseas Vol.1.0 (CD – Tacuara Records)
Ambassador21 – Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers) (CD – Invasion Wreck Chords)
Arian 1 – Immersion Global Edition (CD – Orion Records)
Diarmaid O’Meara – Maxx020 (EP – Mastertraxx Records)
Destini Beard (with Midnight Syndicate) – The Dark Masquerade (CD – Linfaldia Records)
Dual Density – Fake (Digital EP – Conzoom Records)
Dirk Geiger – Autumn Fields (CD – Tympanik Audio)
Half Light – Night In The Mirror (CD – Muzodajnia Music)
Headdreamer – Antihuman (Digital CD – Aliens Production)
Headdreamer – Words Have Nothing To Say (Digital EP – Aliens Production)
Jacques C – Layers (CD - Funk Noir)
Humanoides – Morbo (CD – Orion Records)
Meller – Spanish Fly EP (EP - Plasticage Music)
Midnight Syndicate – The Dead Matter (CD – Precinct 13 Entertainment/Linfaldia Records)
Janosch Moldau – Second Best + Into This Life (MCD – Janosch Moldau Records)
Midnight Syndicate – Halloween Music Collection (CD – Linfaldia Records)
Monostrip – The Grand Youth (CD - Wonderland Records)
Mikroben Krieg – Final Cut (CD – Thisco)
Nausea – Consequences Of Selfmutilation (CD – Orion Records)
Mystified – Passing Through The Outer Gates / Eulogy Series, Vol. 1 (CD – First fallen Star)
Nude – Basic Guerilla Moves (CD – Sabotage-Concept Records)
Parralox – Supermagic (EP – Conzoom Records)
Obverse Reality – Endless (Digital EP – Observe Reality)
00tz 00tz – Frequency Damage (CD – Island City Records)
Rapido De Noir – Broken (EP – Rapido De Noir)
Rome – Nera (CD – Trisol)

REIZstrom – Dwarfs Like Giants (CD – REIZstrom)
Santa Hates You – Post Apocalyptic Nude Industrial Corps (EP + DVD – Trisol)
Schwarzer Engel – Geister Und Dämonen (EP – Trisol)
Savage Ideal – Ghosts (CD – Connexion Bizarre)
Secret Druid Society – Restless (CD – First Fallen Star)
Sheep On Drugs - Medication Time (CD - Real Recordings)
Stolearm – An Index Of Failures (CD – Stolearm)
Third Realm – Love Is The Devil (CD – Radio Active Music)
Undermathic – 10:10PM (Cd – Tympanik Audio)
V/A Black Snow (CD – Black Rain)
Unit 187 – Out For Blood (CD – Vendetta Music)
V/A Electropop 5 (CD – Conzoom Records)
V/A Einsturzende Neubauten / Ibero-Amerikanisches Tribut (CD – Tacuara Records)
V/A Hypercommunity (CD – Aliens Production)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Imagine There’s No Lennon (CD + DVD - Hard: Drive / 2006 Records)
Culture Kultür – Spirit (CD – Caustic Records)
Faith And The Muse – Shoumei (DVD – Danse Macabre)
Formalin – Bodyminding (CD – Out Of Line)
Hocico - Tiempos De Furia (DCD - Out Of Line)
John Zewizz – 2012 (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Kant Kino - You Are Not (DCD - Alfa Matrix)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Songs 4 Hate & Devotion (CD – Out Of Line)
Poésie Noire – Sense Of Purpose (CD – Body Electric/CNR Records)
Tenek - On The Wire (CD - Toffeetones)
V/A Infacted Vol. 5 (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Bella Lune - Synesthesia (CD - Aetheria Music)
Albireon – Mr. Nightbird Hates Blueberries (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Berliner Bomben Chor – With Greetings From Hell (CD – Danse Macabre)
Code 64 – Trialogue (CD – Progress Productions)
Code 64 – Masquerade (Digital EP – Progress Productions)
Code 64 – Trialogue (CD – Progress Productions)
Das Präparat – Unschuldsblicke (CD – Scanner)
Deep Imagination – Awareness (CD – BSC Music)
Detroit Diesel – Lost Signals (Digital MCD – Death Watch Asia)
Dreamgaze – Sound Colour (CD – Aetheria Music)
Die Krupps - Als Wären Wir Für Immer (EP - SPV/Synthetic Symphony)
Dupont – Dope Of Love (Digital EP – Progress Productions)
Elevated Sins - Myth (EP – BND Productions)
Flintology – Backstabber Pt1/Pt2 (DCD – Urgence Disk Records)
Extinction Front – Destruction Show (CD – Danse Macabre)
Gorgot – Schmerzkiller (CD – Danse Macabre)
Gnomonclast – Tempus Null (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Heroes & Zeros – Simian Vices Modern Devices (Cd – Redfield Records)
Konzept – Hypnautic Beats (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Hatbrott – Death To Disco (MCD – Hatbrott)
Kordan – The longing (CD – Last Bummer Records)
Luftwaffe – Ere I Perish (CD – Old Europa Cafe)
Munich Syndrome - Electronic Ecstasy (CD - Syndrome Sounds)
The LoveCrave – Crisalide (EP – Repo Records)
Project Pitchfork – Continuum Ride (CD – Trisol Records)
Shadow Minds – The Arc Of Truth (CD – Danse Macabre)
Solitary Experiments – Compendium 2 (CD – Out Of Line)
Psyche – Re-Membering Dwayne (CD – Artoffact)
Stayte – The Two Sisters (CD – Erk’s Dream Music/Spiralchords)
Venus Hum – Mechanics & Mathematics / A concert Film by Neil Smith (DVD – Mono-Fi)

November 2010
Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns (CD - Warner Bros. Records)
Celluloide - Hexagonal (DCD - Boredom Product)
Donovans - Freakshow Krosscut (EP - Citizen Records)
Christopher Anton - Destination: X (CD - A Different Drum)
Ground To Dust - Everything Ends: A Cycle Of Entropy And Regeneration (CD - Ground To Dust)
Jesus On Extasy - No Gods (CD - Artoffact)
Machinefabriek - Daas (CD - Cold Spring Records)
TenHornedBeast - Hunts & Wars (CD - Cold Spring Records)
Void Work - Horror/Forsaken (CD - Black Drone)
T3RROR 3RROR - Digital Infection (CD - Mutant-E Records)
Alter Red - Blind Until It Breaks (EP - Red Electric)
anaROBIK - Operator's Manual (CD - Incidental Records)
Blindness - Confessions (EP - Blindness)
Argine - Umori d'Autunno (CD - Ark records)
Deformer - Diabolical (12" - Mindtrick Records)
Collapse - In Despair (CD - Collapse)
Elyseum - Bipolar (CD - Syndrom Records)
Ever Orchid - Dryad Anthousai (CD - Fire Line Records)
Fire In The Head - Confessions Of A Narcissist (CD - Cold Spring Records)
Fatboy Slim and Hervé - Machines Can Do The Work / Remixes (EP - Skint Records)
Ion - Immaculada (CD - Equilibrium Music)
Kaos Krew - GlobalFobia (CD - Kaos Krew)
Metaform - The Electric Mist (CD - Just Records)
Kinetix vs. Pylône - Sonology (Split CD - Sound On Probation)
MINIM - 9567: Here Even It's Yesterday (CD - Mutant-E Records)
Schuster - 1 - 5 Microns (CD - Adeptsound)
Schultz - War n' Sex (CD - Soviet Media Kontrol)
Sinister Souls - Borderline (12" - Mindtrick Records)
To Avoid - Passion And Pain (EP - To Avoid)
Tex Taiwan - Damned Hearts (CD - Glasstone Records)
Unzucht - Engel Der Vernichtung (MCD - Unzucht)
Turmion Kätilöt - Usch! - (CD - Raha Records/Mutant-E Records)
Von Thronstahl - Conscriptum (DCD - Cold Spring Records)
Versus - Different Twilight Places (CD - Echozone)
White Shadow - The Wastelands (CD - White Shadow Music)

October 2010
Android Lust - The Human Animal (CD - Synhtellec Music)
Blind Passenger - Next Flight To Planet Earth (CD - Wannsee Records)
The Birthday Massacre - Pins And Needles (CD - Repo Records)
Deine Lakaien - Indicator (CD - Chrom Records)
Endless Asylum - Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Metal Illness (CD - Caustic Records)
Erotic Elk - Design With Cicuitry (CD - Major Records)
Heimataerde - Malitia Angelica (MCD - Infacted Recordings)
Serpents - Immer Vorran! (CD - Electronic Music Biz)
Informer - Black Propaganda (CD - Pale Music Int.)
V/A Hands 2010 (DCD - Hands)
Ad Inferna - DSM (CD - Nilaihah Records)
Aerial FX - Same River Twice (CD - Other Voices Records)
Anklebiter - I Will Wait (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Angelzoom - Nothing Is Infinite (CD - Wannsee Records)
Dead Voices On Air - The Silent Wing (LP - Tourette Records)
Death Domain - Ethidium Bromide (7" - Dark Entries Records)
Equitant and Yasmin Gate - That's All - Adriano Canzian Remix Live Version 2010 (Digital CDS - Black Montanas)
Glamour To Kill - Creatures Without Soul (CD - Pale Music Int.)
Huminoida - Loves You E.P. (7" - Out Of Range Records)
Jonathann Cast featuring Demetra Vox - No More Pain - Equitant Remix (Digital CDS - Black Montanas)
Kite - III (MCD - Progress Productions)
Lugburz - Songs From Forgotten Lands (CD - Ars Musica Diffundere)
Lucidstatic - Symbiont Underground (DCD - Tympanik Audio)
Mono No Aware - Pachinko To Hanbaagaa (EP - Hands)
Obszön Geschöpf - Symphony Of Decay (CD - Twilight Vertrieb)
Phenotract - Shifting (CD - Phenotract)
Second Decay - La Décadence Electronique (LP - Dark Entries Records)
Rome - Berlin (CD - Trisol)
Sieben - Star Wood Brick Firmament (CD - Redroom Records)
Silent Auction - H On Earth (CD - Nilaihah Records)
Spiritual Front - Rotten Roma Casino (CD + DVD - Trisol)
Steve Morell - Loneliness (12" - Pale Music Int.)
Sub Luna - Awake (CD- Cyclic Law)
Typhoid - Simulazione Di Divinita (CD - Hands)
Totakeke - On The First Of November (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Van Raveschot - Eden East (CD - Pale Music Int.)
Zeller - Turbulences (CD - Tympanik Audio)
V/A Amphi Festival 2010 (CD - Out Of Line)
Zwischenfall - Heute (12" - Dark Entries Records)
V/A Kamp Holland (2 LP - Enfant Terrible Productions)
V/A Bustin'Out 1983 (CD - Year Zero)
V/A Modern Synthpop Vol.1 (CD - BND Productions)
A7IE - The Shattering (CD - Advoxya)
Compulsive Shopping Disorder - Compulsive Shopping Disorder (CD - Compulsive Shopping Disorder)
Combichrist - Making Monsters (CD - Out Of Line)
Dead When I Found Her - Harm's Way (CD - Artoffact Records)
Dust Is Noise - Fractured Forms (CD - Vendetta)
K.I.F.O.T.H. - Violence Corporation (CD - Vendetta Music)
Lily Storm - If I Had A Key To The Dawn (CD - Songbat Records)
MF30D - Road Through The Bog (Digital CD - X-Line)
T_Error 404 - Modify (Digital CD - X-Line)
Voice Of Canvas - Geniune (EP - Electric Fantastic Sound)
5FAT - Balanced Hills (Digital Cd - Absetzer/Alter-X)
Alien Sex Fiend - Death Trip (CD - 13th Moon Records)
Ainoma - The Stone Room (Digital CD - Alter-X)
Black Light Discipline - Aggressor (CDS - Osasto-A)
The Blood Of Heroes - The Blood Of Heroes (CD - Ohm Resistance)
Alizbar & Ann'Sannat - Welcome Into The Morning" (CD - Prikosnovénie)
Dead Hand Projekt - Dead Hand Projekt (CD - Vendetta Music)
DJ S1C - Creatures Of Digital Hell (Digital CD - Absetzer/Alter-X)
Dperd - Io Sono Un Errore (CD - My Kingdom Music)
Empty Zen - Empty Zen II (CD - Empty Zen)
Epsilon Eridani - Ahau 3 Kankin (Digital CD - X-Line)
Eybec - Espurnes D'Anima (CD - Eybec)
The Garland Cult - Monster (CD - Electric Fantastic Sound)
Hezzel - In Focus (Digital CD - Absetzer)
L'Effet De Fee - Al Trop (CD - L'Effet De Fee)
Liquid Red - Mother-Fucker (Digital EP - X-Line)
Lesbian Mouseclicks - Low Dig Recording Sessions (12" - Wharf Records)
Nafta-2 - 5 Pieces Of Art (MCD - Nafta-2)
Promonium Jesters - EP2010 (EP - P Rrecords)
Per Aspera - Kyrie Eleison (Digital EP - Absetzer/Alter-X)
Rubber Band Banjo - Synthetic Biology (CD - Fringe Biology Recordings)
Slutet - Slutet (CDS - Electric Fantastic Sound)
Pseudocode - Europa (CD - EE Tapes)
V/A Electric Fantastic Sound N°6 (CD - Electric Fantastic Sound)
V/A Other Voices (CD - Intuition Records/Other Voices Records)

September 2010
Tenek - Blinded By You (MCD - Toffeetones)
Beati Mortui - Let The Funeral Begin (DCD - Danse Macabre)
Dual Density - Soul Ecstasy (CD - Conzoom Records)
Combichrist - Never Surrender (MCD - Out Of Line)
Hocico - Dog Eat Dog (MCD - Out Of Line)
FirstBlackPope - Spiritual Spiral (CD - Advoxya Records)
Oberer Totpunkt - Stiller Zoo (CD - Danse Macabre)
NamNamBulu - Distances - The Black Edition (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Rotersand - Waiting To Be Born (EP - Trisol)
Sadiztik:Injektion - Global Genocide (CD - Advoxya Records)
Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections / Japanese Limited Edition (CD - Death Watch Asia)
Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion / Japanese Limited Edition (CD - Death Watch Asia)
AD:Key - That's It (CD - Electric Tremor Dessau)
Alice Moving Under Skies - Curiouser & Curiouser (CD - Alice Moving Under Skies)
Aktivehate - In Terrorem (CD - Advoxya Records)
Alice Moving Under Skies - Curiouser & Curiouser (CD - Alice Moving Under Skies)
Aktivehate - In Terrorem (CD - Advoxya Records)
Ashbury Heights - Take Cair Paramour (DCD - Out Of Line)
Andreas Gross - Stone Thrower (EP - Echozone)
Bionic - Close To Nature (CD - Echozone)
Bak XIII - Ibi Deficit Orbis (CD - Bak XIII)
Born For Bliss - Between Living & Dreaming (CD - Echozone)
Canal Pop feat. Lara Sambert - The Covers Series Vol 01 / An electro tribute To Oasis (CD - Eternal Sunday)
Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone (CD - Glacial Movements)
Defence Mechanism - Invasion Of The Robot Brains From Planet Zero (CD - Danse Macabre)
Christopher Kah - The RedHotHell (EP RedHotHell Records)
Distance - At The End Of All Things (CD - Echozone)
Denight - Human Reflection (CD - Echozone)
E.S.T. - Secret Destroyer (CD - Danse Macabre)
Golden Apes - Denving The Towers Our Words Are Falling (CD - Echozone)
Double Elvis - Vampyre Songs (EP - Echozone)
Impact Pulse - Remix Module's (EP - Advoxya Records)
Inertia - Kloned (CD - Cryonica)
In Meditarivm - The Great Limbo (CD - Wrotycz Records)
Larva - Entre Agujas (EP - Advoxya Records)
Instans - Nuke Fight/Leading The Way (EP - Advoxya Records)
Lost In Area - Memoria (CD - Echozone)
Lost In Desire - Lost In Desire (CD - Echozone)
Lone Wolves - Skeleton Tracks (EP - MoMt Records)
Menschdefekt - The Human Parasite / Japanese Limited Edition (CD - Death Watch Asia)
Nexus VI - Apocalypse (CD - Advoxya Records)
No Comment - Like A Records (EP - Echozone)
The Pain Machinery - Urban Survival (CD - Advoxya Records)
Quatersized - Party Politics (EP - MoMt Records)
Remember Twilight - Musik Über Niedergang & Verderben (CD - Echozone)
Reactive Black - A New Dawn (CD - Echozone)
Savier - Serenade My Enemy (EP - MoMt Records)
Sharon Next - Fast Farewell (CD - Danse Macabre)
Roman Rain - Roman Rain (CD - Danse Macabre)
Shiv-R - Hold My Hand /Japanese Limited Edition (CD - Death Watch Asia)
Spectra*Paris - License To Kill (CD + DVD - Out Of Line)
This Drowning Man - Big Faint Lane (CD - Danse Macabre)
Total Pain Kollapz - Survive The Everyday (CD - Advoxya Records)
Wavefall - EP-Tronics (EP - Advoxya Records)
Whispers In The Shadow - The Eternal Arcane (CD - Echozone)
White Pulp - Lost Inc. (CD - Echozone)
X-RX - Update 3.0 (CD - ProNoize)
Zeritas - Metamorphose (CD - Echozone)
V/A Electropop 4 (CD - Conzoom Records)
V/A Echozone - Correlation (DCD - Echozone)

August 2010
Ceremony – Rocket Fire (CD – Killer Pimp)
Freakangel – The Faults of Humanity (DCD – Alfa Matrix)
Goethes Erben – Zeitlupe (DCD – Trisol)
Funker Vogt – Live Execution ’99 (DVD – Repo Records)
Killing Joke – In Excelsis (MCD – Spinefarm Records)
Mantus – Die Hochzeit Von Himmel Und Hölle (Limited CD Digibox – Trisol)
Nordarr – Neues Von Gestern (CD – Electric Tremor Dessau)
Orange Sector – The War Comes Home (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Project Pitchfork – Continuum Ride (CD – Trisol)
SAM – Brainwasher (CD – ProNoize)
Alien Skin - The Unquiet Grave (CD – A Different Drum)
Access Zero – Living In Transition (CD – A Different Drum)
Boc Scadet – Temporary Oceans (CD – Sun Sea Sky Productions)
Diva Suicide – Scars (EP – Battered Vinyl Records)
Boy Is Fiction – Broadcasts In Colour (CD – Sun Sea Sky Productions)
Extize – Gothic Pussy (EP – Trisol)
Hrossharsgrani / Dead Mans Hill – Dead Meat (CD – Steinklang Industries)
Girls On Film – Mental Image (EP – Soulow Records)
Maleficent – Depize (CD – Sicktronic)
Kit – Animals (EP – Personne Records)
Mundtot – Endzeit (EP – AF Music)
MT. Sims – Revaluation (12” – Punch Records)
Northcape – Captured From Static (CD – Sun Sea Sky Productions)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Sinister Whisperz (Volume One: The
Phaenon – His Master’s Voice (CD – Malignant Records)
Paranoid Motives – Disruptive Potential (CD – Paranoid Foundation)
Punish Yourself vs Sonic Area – Phenomedia (Cd – Audiotrauma Releases)
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – The Kosmokrator (CD – Infacted Recordings)
Soundpool – Mirrors In Your Eyes (CD – Killer Pimp)
Rebentisch – Unter Der Stadt (CD – AF Music/Danse Macabre)
Sow – Dog (CD – I-Absentee)
Templebeat - The Grey Space (CD - Silentes Minimal Editions)
Taphephobia – Black City Skyline (CD – Reverse Alignment)
Twice A Man – Icicles (CD – Xenophone International)
Thieves Like Us – Again And Again (CD – De Bonton)
Vidi Aquam – The World Dies (CD – Rosa Selvaggia)
Yen Pox – Blood Music (DCD – Malignant Records)
Zoot Woman – Friends Of Mine (EP – Citizen Records)
V/A End: The DJ – Endtrovert (CD – Shinto Records)
V/A 30 Years With(out) Ian Curtis (CD – Infrastition)
V/A Limael3ctronica (CD – Tacuara Producciones)
V/A Sound On Probation (CD – Sound On Probation)

July 2010
Combichrist - Noise Collection Vol.1 (DCD - Out Of Line)
Dark Orange - Clouds, Paperships and Fallen Angels (CD - Kalinkaland Records)
Frontline Assembly - Improvised Electronic Device (CD - Dependent)
ESC - Eight Thousand Square Feet (CD - Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Geomatic - 64 Light Years Away (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Inade - The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects (CD - Loki-Found)
Kirlian Camera - Not Of This Earth (3CD - Trisol)
Memmaker - How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition (DCD - Artoffact Records)
Solemn Novena - Kiss The Girls (CD - Alice In)
V/A Electrostorm Volume 2 (CD - Out Of Line)
Allseits - Hel (Cd - Cyclic Law)
Ambiguous - Stone Cross (CD - Aliens Production)
Alarmen - Next (CD - Audiophob)
As Able As Kane - The Collection (DCD - Electric Tremor Dessau)
Attention System - Wait For My Signal (CD - Surrounded By Light Recordings)
b.o.s.c.h. - Einsam (CD - Major Records)
Candle Nine - The Muse In The Machine (CD - Tympanik Audio)
The Chemical Sweet Kid - Demo (CD - The Chemical Sweet Kid)
Dark Sanctuary - Dark Sanctuary (CD - Avantgarde Music/Wounded Love Records)
DeadStar Assembly - Coat Of Arms (CD - Spiralchords/Somatic Recordings)
Chrom - Electroscope (CD - Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Deison/KK.Null - Into (CD - Silentes)
Fractional - Blood (CD - Tympanik Audio/Brume Records)
Eldar - Amaterasu Shiroi (CD - Caustic Records)
Elastik - Metalik (CD - Sounds Around Records)
Frontline Assembly - Shifting Through The Lens (MCD - Dependent)
Kopfer Kat - Skrammelpop (CD - Progress Productions)
LPF12 - Inhibition Level (CD - Abstrakt Reflections)
The Ludovico Technique - The Ludovico Technique (EP - CrunchPod Records)
Minusheart - Healed (CD - Echozone)
Mandelbrot - Evolution (CD - Audiophob)
Penjaga Insaf - Sama Sadja (CD - Power And Steel/Loki-Found)
Sasha Wins & Igor Shep - Charoplet (12" - Signaletik Records)
Sasha Wins & Igor Shep - Charoplet Remix EP (12" - Signaletik Records)
Sensuous Enemy - Fragments (CD - Sonic Mainline)
SE - L36 (CD - Tympanik Audio)
Spherical Disrupted - Quasar (CD - Audiophob)
Starmachines - Fatal Drone (EP - Starmachines)
Visions - Summoning The Void (CD - Cyclic Law)
statiCViolence - Auf Die Fresse ??? (CD - Bensch Audio)
V/A Bustin' Out 1982 (CD - Year Zero/Future Noise Music Ltd)
V/A Electronic Manifesto 4 - Epitaph - The End Chapter (CD - M-Tronic)
V/A Electronic Body Music (CD - Out Of Line)
V/A Main Control Board (CD - Lagunamuch Records)
16Pad Noise Terrorist - Utopia (CD - Hands)
Cryo - Hidden Aggression (CD - Progress Productions)
Curl - We Are Complex (CD - D-Monic)
Front 242 - Moments In Budapest (DVD - Black Head Agency Ltd/Alfa Matrix)
Noisuf-X - Excessive Exposure (CD - ProNoize)
Shiv-R - Hold My Hand (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Nullgrad - The Shepherds Satellite (CD - Hands)
Teenage Bad Girl - Tonton Funk (EP - Citizen Records)
Upsland - Once Upon A Time (CD - Upsland)
Tying Tiffany - People's Temple (CD - Trisol)
Bitch Brigade - Dendrite (CD - Crunch Pod)
All My Faith Lost - Decade (CD - Finalmuzik)
Bloody Dead And Sexy - An Eye On You (CD - Alice In/Dark Dimensions)
C-Lekktor - Tendencias Suicidas (EP - COP International)
Blind Faith And Envy - Into The Calm (EP - Silver Echo Records)
The Crystal Method - Devided By Night (CD - Tiny E Records)
The Crystal Method featuring Emily Haines - Come Back Clean (Digital MCD - Black Hole Recordings)
Dead Man's Hill vs. Kenji Siratori (CD - Midnight Productions)
Dead Turns Alive - Maelstrom (Digital CD - Vendetta Music)
Dinamics - Ignition (EP - Citizen Records)
Dunkelheit - Temps Modernes (CD - Steelwork Maschine)
Iberian Spleen - Dracula-Vampire Hunter's Club Version (MCD - Caustic Records)
Jonteknik & Martin Philip- Pride In Your Pocket/Omnidirectional (CDS - Jonteknik Music)
Hikikomori - A Story Of Monstrosity (CD - Steelwork Maschine)
Liquid G - Black Liquid (CD - Liquid Produkts)
Manufactura - As They Drown In Their Lies (CD - CrunchPod)
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor - Meltdown (CD - Hands)
Liquid G - Black Liquid/The Remix Remake Revolution (CD - Liquid Produkts)
The Mission - Dum Dum Bullet (CD - Oblivion/SPV Records)
Mondkopf - Deaf House (Digital MCD - Asphalt Duchess)
Mondkopf - Galaxy Of Nowhere (CD - Asphalt Duchess)
Neutral Lies - A Deceptive Calm (CD - Boredom Music)
Morbus M - Forget The Past (CD - Hands)
Orange Sector - Krieg Und Frieden (CD -Infacted Recordings)
Operation Of The Sun - Solar Squirrels Exodus (CD - Urgence Disk Records)
Parralox - Isn't It Strange (EP - Conzoom Records)
The Penelope[s] And Morpheus - Licked By Love (EP - Citizen Records)
Shorai - It Was Listening With Mechanical Precision (CD - Hands)
Sewer Goddess - With Dirt You Are One (CD - Black Plagve Productions/Malignant Records)
Sweet William - Brighter Than The Sun (CD - D-Monic)
Snuttock - Carved & Sutured (CD - Snuttock)
Westwind - Eliminate Exterminate Eradicate (miniCD - Steelwork Maschine)
Westwind - Ravage (DCD - Steelwork Maschine)
XMH - State Of Mind (CD - Danse Macabre)
Wild Shores - Illusion Of Movement (CD - M-Tronic)
V/A Forms Of Hands 10 (CD - Hands)
V/A One Year (CD - Personne Records)

June 2010
Ascii.Disko - Stay Gold Forever Gold (CD - ArtOfFact Records)
Cervello Elettronico - Process Of Elimination (CD - Rustblade)
Ataraxia - Llyr (CD - Prikosnovénie)
Decoded Feedback - Aftermath (CD - Dependent)
Collection D'arnell-Andréa - Cirses Des Champs (CD - Prikosnovénie)
Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflection (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Red Industrie - Switch (CD - Electro Arc)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Mechanical Serpent (CD - Mythical Records)
Vision Talk - Elevation (DCD Space Sound Records)
Uberbyte - EXS (Cd - Crunch Pod)
Ad Inferna - Hèroïne (CD - Ionium Records)
Axodry - Feel It Right (EP - Infacted Recordings)
Code 64 - Stasis (MCD - Progress Production)
Dandelion Wine - All Becompassed By Stars (CD - Ars Musica Diffundere/Black Rain)
Dazibao - Complete Works 1983 - 1993 (4CD Box - Infrastition)
Defcon - Flat Black Philosophy (CD - Bit Riot Records)
Felix Bernhardt - The Wireless Beat (Digital EP - Signaletik Records)
Evils Toy - Organics (CD - Infacted Recordings)
The Love Crave - Soul Saliva (CD - Repo Records)
Florence Foster Fan Club - Everyday Theatre (CD - Wave Records)
Menschdefekt - The Human Parasite (CD - Infacted Recordings)
Mekanik Disorder - Cold & Strong (CD - Caustic Records)
Noblesse Oblige - Malady (CD - Repco Records)
Mindarea - Long-Distance Side Trip (CD - Ionium Records)
Porn - A Decade In Glitter And Danger (CD - Freaksound Entertainment/Black Rain)
Pecadores - Rogai Por Nós, Pecadores! (CD + MCD -Wave Records)
Prospective - Perfect Evolution Of Humanity (CD - Fire Zone Records/Black Rain)
Quartersized - Industrial Cliché (EP - MoMT Records)
Schwarzer Engel - Apokalypse (CD - Trisol)
Slowscan - What I Saw (CD - Slowscan)
This Is The Girl - This Is The Girl (EP - This Is The Girl)
Spark! - Genom Stormen (MCD - Progress Productions)
TourdeForce - Colours In Life (CD - Breakdown Records)
Miss FD - Monsters in the industry (CD Quantum Release Records)

May 2010
Diorama - Cubed (Limited Edition CD - Accession Records)
Ego Likeness – Breedless (CD – Dependent)
Lacrimosa - Schattenspiel (CD - Hall of Sermon)
Painbastard – Kriegserklaerung (CD – Accession Records)
Mesh – How Long (MCD - Dependent)
Rome – Nos Chants Perdus (CD – Trisol)
Phelios – Astral Unity (CD – Malignant Records)
Squarehead - Voltage Controlled Body Music (CD - FiXT)
Santa Hates You – Crucifix Powerbomb (CD - Trisol)
Welle:Erdball – Operation:Zitsturm (CD + DVD – Synthetic Symphony)
Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer (CD - Scanner Records)
Ancestor II – Machine (DCD Special Edition – The Seventh Media)
Delicate Noise – Filmezza Remixes (CD – Lens Records)
Dead Body – Premature Autopsy (mini CD – Dead Body)
Eoto – Fire The Lazers (CD – Sci Fidelity Records)
Ego Boss – Needles & Fibers (Digital EP – Signaletik Records)
Exit State – Death Of A Rockstar (CD – King Prawn Records)
Equitant featuring Yasmin Gate – That’s All (The Remixes) (Digital EP Black Montanas)
Fjernlys – Beyond The Undulmant Quiescence (CD - Loki Found)
Francisco López – Amarok (CD Glacial Movements)
Halo Effect – The Fourth Zone (Digital CD – Halo Effect)
Halo Manash – Taiwaskivi (CD + DVD – Aural Hypnox)
Joy/Disaster – Stäy GätôW (CD – Manic Depression Records)
Khamsa Khala – All Rites Reserved (CD + DVD – Lens Records)
Low Frequencies – The Styx (CD – Low Frequencies)
Landscape Body Machine – Manifest Destiny (CD Interdimensional Industries)
MT.Sims – Happily Ever AfterAgain (CD – Punch Records)
Miniature Island – Miniature Island (CD – Hexod Records)
My Flea Circus – Flee Flaa Floo (CD – My Flea Circus)
Mythos – Unabsteigbar (EP – Mellow Jet Records)
Nihil Novi Sub Sole - Jupiter Temple – (CD – My Kingdom Music)
Plan Quinquenal – Destruyendo La Nueva Moral (mini CD – Plan Quinquenal)
Once A Barge – Sköll (CD – Holzruna)
Strange2 – Ciclos (EP – Love The Chaos)
Sonik Foundry – Mechanized (CD - Hitman Records USA)
Synoiz – Ever Emptiness (CDS – Synoiz)
Twenty Six Tears – Let’s Split Up It’s Safer (CD -Twenty Six Tears)
X: THC – X: The Human Condition (CD + DVD - Hypnotical Entertainment)
V/A Dependence 2010 - Next Level Electronics (CD – Dependent)

April 2010
Edge Of Dawn - Anything That Gets You Through The Night (CD Dependent)
The Girl And The Robot - The Beauty Of Decay (CD Trisol)
Leæther Strip - Retention n°3 (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Psy'Aviah - Eclectric (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Resist - The Ride (CD Remote Music)
Omega Lithium - Dreams In Formaline (Digital CD ArtOfFact Records)
System Syn - Strangers (CD Dependent)
Tokyo Mask - Route Painless (CD Low Impedance Recordings)
Unter Null - Moving On (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Atmogat - Trigger Event (CD Impulsive Art)
V/A Endzeit Bunkertracks Act V (4CD Box Alfa-Matrix)
Bleiburg - Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter (CD The Eastern Front)
Blume - Rise From Grey (CD A Different Drum)
Brume - After The Battle (CD EE Tapes)
Gregorio Bardini & Gerstein - Arise Of A Bleeding Rose (CD The Eastern Front)
Interconnected - Current Flow (CD VU-US)
Mind.In.A.Box - 8 Bits (MCD Dependent Records)
Necrotek - None More Black (Digital EP Vendetta Music)
Pulcher Femina - Darkness Prevails (CD Decadance Records)
Panic Girl - Burn And Rise (Digital EP Shadybrain)
Semi0n - Sex, Death & Repetition (EP MoMT Records)
Schwarzblut - Das Mausoleum (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Sister Overdrive - Annick / Philomela (CD Low Impedance)
Simulacra - There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood (CD Consouling Sounds/No Angels Prod.)
Unter Null - Mixing On (EP Alfa-Matrix)
Spyweirdos & Floros Floridis - The Sound Between Us (CD Creative Space)
V/A Under The Weight Of Light (CD Projekt)
Destroid - Silent World (EP Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Hioctan - Under Control (CD NoiTekk/Black Rain)
God Module - The Magic In My Heart Is Dead (EP Out Of Line)
Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex - Belgian Edition (CD Alfa Matrix)
Kriminal Minds - Resistance Against (CD Out Of Line)
Sadman - 9th And Last Life (CD Memento Materia)
Rajna - Offering (CD Equilibrium Music)
Sarah June - In Black Robes (CD Silber Records)
Terminal Choice - Übermacht (CD Out Of Line)
Wumpscut - Siamese (CD Beton Kopf Media)
Analog Angel - Dischord (CD Rage In Eden)
Buzz - Cyberclash (CD Buzz)
Bashed Nursling - Every Sunday Morning Kills Us (CD Enough Records)
CeDigest - Walking In The Flesh (CD Noitekk/Black Rain)
Carta - An Index Of Birds (CD Silber Records)
I Electric - The Falling Through (EP Stun Records)
Deleyaman - Fourth, Part One (CD Equilibrium Music)
KMFDM - Krieg (CD KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records)
Julien-K - Death To Analog (CD Tiefdruck Musik/Metropolis Records)
Moodorgan - Process Remixes Volume 2 (CD Moodorgan)
Project-X - Needles And Control (MCD Memento Materia)
Mantus - Demut (CD Trisol)
Psyborg Corp - The Mechanical Renaissance (CD Noitekk/Black Rain)
Severe Illusion - Infidelity To Ritual (EP MedCon III)
Vanessa - Ave Agony (CD X Production)
Sleep Slid In - The Open Diary (CD Sleep Slid In)
Whatley & Stone - Woven (CD Whatley & Stone)

March 2010
Bad Sector – CMASA (CD Power And Steel)/Loki-Found)
Fla Vector – Magnifying Virus State (Digital CD Absetzer)
Hungry Lucy – Pulse Of The Earth (CD Hungry Lucy Music)
Land:Fire – Shortwave Transmission (CD Power And Steel/Loki Found)
Kaos-Frequenz – Sadistic Monsters (EP Sonic-X/Danse Macabre)
OOMPH! - Truth Or Dare (CD Sony Music)
Missill – Chuppa (EP Citizen Records)
Zeromancer – The Death Of Romance (CD Trisol)
Sora – Heartwood (CD Corvid Media)
V/A Incendium II (CD Loki-Found)
Attrition – Dante’s Kitchen (CD Two Gods)
Actnoir – Shape A New Start (CD Eibon Records)
Black Light Discipline – Empire (CD Osasto-A)
Attrition – Ephemera (CD Two Gods)
Cape Fear – Winds Of The Dead Air (LP Sound On Probation)
Black Sun Productions and Val Denham – Somewhere Between Desire And Despair (CD Tourette Records)
Celluloide – Make Things Last (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Celluloide – Synchronise (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Celluloide – Seven And Forever (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Celluloide – People Like Me (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Celluloide – Wounds of Love (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Danzca – Naphtalina (Digital 12” Signaletik Records)
Dekad – Dive (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Dekad – Dare (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Foretaste – Beautiful Creatures (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Divine Muzak – Maison Skinny (CD Punch:Records)
Foretaste – Porn Star Baby (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Foretaste – That Smiling Man (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Foretaste – Dying For The First Time In My Life (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Guilt Trip – Branded (CD Revolting Art Productions)
I.M.M.U.R.E. – The New Circle (CD Zhelezobeton)
Innfallen – Three Days Of Darkness (CD First Fallen Star)
Jahcoozi – Barbed Wire (EP Citizen Records)
Kshatriy – Slepok Soznaniya (CD Muzyka Voln/Zhelezobeton)
Nerofosco – Mithrasliturgie (CD Monochrome Art)
Musterion – The Wondrous Journey Through The Catacombs Of Life (CD Horus Cyclic Daemon)
OOtz OOtz – Death By Numbers (CD Island City Records)
Project Rotten – Bleed You Dry (Digital EP Project Rotten)
Panicforce - Cyber Steel Zero-One Processor (Digital CD Alter-X)
Resist – I Am Not The Enemy (Digital MCD Remote Music)
Simon Fisher Turner – Music From Films You Should Have Seen (CD Optical Sound)
Schuster – Breaking Down Into His Own Oblivion (CD Adeptsound)
Sister Loolomie – Signals (CD Zhelezobeton)
Sphere Rex – For Electronics And Piano (CD Muzyka Voln/Zhelezobeton)
Thee Hyphen – Half Dead (Digital EP BoredomProduct)
Vlad In Tears – Underskin (CD Rough Trade Records)
Xandria – Kill The Sun (CD ArtOfFact)
V/A Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome Vol. 3 (DCD Advoxya Records)
Concrete Lung - Waste Of Flesh (EP Armalyte Industries)
The Girl And The Robot - Whole/Flowers (MCD Trisol)
Cages - Folding Space (CD Cold Spring Records)
Mergel Kratzer - Isotop (DCD Trisol)
NTRSN - People Like Gods (CD Sigsaly Transmissions)
Tobias Bernstrup - 1984 (12" Enfant Terrible)
Wicked King Wicker - God Is Busy Save Yourself (CD Cold Spring Records)
Ikon - Love, Hate And Sorrow (DCD Nile Records/Apollyon)
Brume – The Sun / The Moon (DCD Elsie And Jack Recordings)
In Strict Confidence – La Parade Monstrueuse (CD Minuswelt Musikfabrik)
Mind.In.A.Box – R.E.T.R.O (CD Dependent)
Nachtmahr – Mädchen Im Uniform (EP Trisol)
The Pain Machinery – Total Recall (EP Advoxya Records)
Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex (CD Major Records)
State Of The Union – Dancing In The Dark (EP Infacted Recordings)
Signal Aout 42 – Vae Victis (DCD Out Of Line)
X Marks The Pedwalk – Inner Zone Journey (CD Infacted Recordings)
Alien Produkt – Honour Vs. Falsehood. The First Step (CD Advoxya Records)
Aidan Casserly – White Soul (CD Ninthwave Records)
Deadjump – Animus Necandi (CD Advoxya Records)
Blue Velvet – Rotation (CD Breakdown Records)
Dirk Da Davo – Back Yard (Digital CD Dancedelic)
De/Vision – Popgefahr (CD Popgefahr Records)
Eco – Hass Und Liebe (Digital EP Infacted Recordings)
Drained Scorn – Release The Hate (CD Advoxya Records)
Everything Goes Cold – VS. General Failure (CD Bitriot Records)
Engelsstaub – Ignis Fatuus: Irrlichter (CD Apollyon Records)
Hidden Place – Punto Luce (CD Twilight Records)
Iron Fist Of The Sun – Behavioural Decline (CD Cold Spring Records)
Lewsor – No Error It’s Lewsor (CD Audiotrauma Records)
Ionic Vision – Complete Isolation (CD Machineries Of Joy/COP International)
Martin Philip – Fraudulent (CD Martin Philip)
The Murder Of My Sweet - Divanity (CD Frontiers Records)
Overdust – You Wont Be Alive Forever (CD Overdust)
NDE – Krieg Blut Ehre Asche (CD Cold Spring Records)
TWZ – Serpent Column Portal (CD Advoxya Records)
Rescua Aurora – Things We Promised To Keep (EP Rescue Aurora)
Vomito Negro – Skull & Bones (DCD Out Of Line)
TriORE - Three Hours (CD Cold Meat Industry)
V/A Bustin’Out (CD Year Zero)
X-Divide – X (EP Infacted Recordings)
V/A Dark Sonus: Discretise (CD Dark Sonus)

February 2010
Diorama - Child Of Entertainment (MCD Accession Records)
Mommy Hurt My Head - Mommy Hurt My Head (Cd Progress Productions)
Leaether Strip – Yes, I’m Limited V (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Baustoff [Popmusik Für Rohrleger] (CD Zweieck Recordings)
Norma Loy - Un/Real (CD Infrastition)
Santa Hates You – Rocket Heart (EP Trisol)
Solitary Experiments – In The Eye Of The Beholder (DCD Out Of Line)
V/A Berceuses Des Fées (CD Mandalia Music/Prikosnovénie)
Wave Under Water – Serpents And The Tree (CD Calorique Records/Danse Macabre)
V/A EO3 (DCD Tympanik Audio)
Action Directe - Vanguard (Digital Release CD Action Directe)
Aeterna – New Dawn (CD Cold Meat Industry)
Astorian Stigmata – Existential Suicide (CD Astorian Stigmata)
Babylonia – Motel La Solitude (CD Halidon)
Battle Scream – Suffering vs. Salvation (CD Attack Promotion)
Caprice – Six Secret Words (CD Mandalia Music/Prikosnovénie)
Backlash – Divine (Digital Release MCD Memento Materia)
Chaos Order – Significance Of Blood (CD Rustblade)
Concrete/Rage – Chaos Nation (CD Danse Macabre/COP International)
Die Bunker - Mother/Histoires D'Amour (DCD Infrastition)
Das-Kollektiv.Net – Eichenriegel (CD Danse Macabre)
Black Sun Productions & Bahntier - Anoeraew (CD Rustblade)
Eden Weint Im Grab – Der Herbst Des Einsamen (CD Winter Solitude Production/Danse Macabre)
ESA – The Immaculate Manipulation (CD Tympanik Audio)
Electro Synthetic Rebellion - Distorted Memories (EP DSBP/Urgence Disks/Gravitator)
Essence Of Mind – Try And Fail (DCD Alfa Matrix)
Flint Glass – Nyarlathotep + From Beyond (CD + EP Funkwelten)
Floating Signal – Floating Signal (CD TiConZero Records)
ForeSin - Enarxim (CD Danse Macabre)
Gothika – Zeitgeist (CD Danse Macabre)
Laurent Pernice – Details (CD Infrastition)
Impurfekt – Human (CD Aaron Russell)
The Ludovico Technique – Ludove’ko (MCD The Ludovico Technique)
Phallus Dei – A Day In The Life Of Brian Wilson (CD Big Blue Records)
Shadow-Minds – Extend The Line Rebuild (CD Danse Macabre)
Opposite Exhale – Nothing Lasts (CD Tympanik Audio)
Stereomotion - Sehn:Sucht (CD Danse Macabre)
Strange Attractor – Youth (MCD Big Blue Records/Music For Speakers)
Strange Attractor – Mettle (CD Big Blue Records/Music For Speakers)
Sub-Division – Ten Years Before The Dream (CD Danse Macabre)
Tranquilatwist – Down About The Ceiling (CD Trouble Street Records)
Texas Trauma – Top Gun Patsy (CD Sleepwalking)
Zombie Girl - Halloween (EP Alfa Matrix)
Z-Effektor – Zwischen XII Uhr (CD Danse Macabre)
V/A Thesis Vol.1 (CD Impulsive Art)

January 2010
Acylum - The Enemy (DCD (Alfa-Matrix)
And One - Live (DCD Out Of Line)
C-Drone-Defect – Dystopia (CD NoiTekk)
Antrabata – Dark & Bright (CD Prikosnovénie)
Endless Shame – Unspoken Words (CD A Different Drum)
Equitant featuring Yasmin Gate – That’s All (Digital CDS Black Montanas)
Lost Kisses – My Life Is Funny And Sad (DVD Silber Records)
Kash – Feuermord (CD Wannsee Records)
Parralox – State Of Decay (CD Conzoom Records)
Nik Page – Rocketqueen (CD Wannsee Records)
Aarktica – In Sea (CD Silber Records)
Sektor 304 – Soul Cleansing (CD Malignant Records)
And One - Live (DCD Out Of Line)
Aglaia – Three Organic Experiences (CD Italian Way Music/Hic Sunt Leones)
Aspectee – Morben (CD First Fallen Star)
Attrition – Wrapped In The Guise Of My Friend (CD Two Gods)
Attrition – The Hidden Agenda (CD Two Gods)
Attrition – Keepsakers And Reflections (CD Two Gods)
Dicepeople – Time To Play (CD Dicepeople)
Die Perlen – Zehn (CD Fire Zone Records)
Diarmaid O Meara – Structured Noise (CD Gobsmacked Records)
Dunkelwerk – Hollenbrut (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
First Aid 4 Souls – Brutpop (CD Electro-Arc)
:Golgotha: – The Waste Land (CD Cold Meat Industry)
Hatbrott – To Hell With Poverty And The Rest (CD Hatbrott)
Grimm – Kalt Wie Dein Herz (CD Danse Macabre)
Parralox – I Am Human (EP Conzoom Records)
Parralox – Hotter (EP Conzoom Records)
Psychological Commission – Genius Loci (CD Acrobiotic Records)
Quatersized – Robotic Funk (MCD Momt Records)
Phenotract – Shades & Color” (EP Phenotract)
Quatersized – Samhain (MCD Momt Records)
Saudade – The Guts To Be Good (CD A Different Drum)
Tolchock – Rewinded (Digital MCD Tolchock)
Retrogramme – Season Of Scars (EP Octofoil Records)
Vlor – Six-Winged (CD Silber Records)
V/A Black Snow (CD Black Rain)
Wench – Satori (CD Wench Music)
Eurocide - Regen Aus Asche (CD Remote Music)
In Strict Confidence - My Despair (MCD EP Minuswelt)
Blutengel - Soultaker (DCD Out Of Line)
Kaball & Diver - Experimental Laboratory (digital CD Black Montanas)
IN[TOXIN] - UFO Rave (digital CD X-Line)
Leaether Strip - Haervaerk (CD Alfa-Matrix)
Stellamara - The Golden Thread (CD Prikosnovénie)
Krystal System - Voodoo Night Session 3 (MCD EP Alfa-Matrix)
Wynardtage - Walk With The Shadows (DCD Rupal Records)
V/A Kod.eX (DCD Brume Records)
Andreas Gross - We Like Ghost Girls (CD Echozone)
Avoid-A-Void - Abyss Desires (CD Echozone)
C/A/T - We Are Still Alive (MCD EP Crunch Pod Records)
Blind Faith And Envy - Remixes And Rarities (CD Silver Echo Records)
Cute Heels - Love And Hate (digital CD Black Montanas)
Conscience - Gravity Has Gone (CD Echozone)
[Die!] - Still (CD Echozone)
Deadcell - Black Rooster (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Downstairs Left - Nothing But Memories (MCD Echozone)
D.J.GOLUBb - Underground Pathos (digital CD X-Line)
Erben Der Schöpfung - Narben Der Zeit (CD M.O.S Records)
Even More Vast - Would You Believe? (CD Pandaimonium Records)
Faderhead - Horizon Born (digital MCD L-Tracks)
Gooja Moon Rockah - Disco Dracula (CD Echozone)
Helalyn Flowers - Spacefloor Romance (MCD EP Alfa-Matrix)
Implant - Violence (MCD EP Alfa-Matrix)
Helalyn Flowers - Stitches Of Eden (DCD Alfa-Matrix)
Kirlian Camera - Odyssey Europa (DCD Out Of Line)
Lola Angst - Viva Lola (DCD Out Of Line)
Neotek - Sex, Murder And Rock'n'Roll (CD Black Rain)
Nexus-6 - Party Doll (digital CDS Black Montanas)
Seeing Thingz - You'll Be Glad You Did (CD Seeing Thingz)
Project Rotten - Machine Made flesh (CD Project Rotten)
Stupre - Priceless (CD Cortex Records)
Synoiz - Ambients (CD Synoiz)
Undermathic - Return To Childhood (CD Tympanik Audio)
Transbeauce - Storries On The Radio (LP Noko)
V01d - This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore/Burnt Upon Re-Entry (DCD Artoffact Records)
V/A Electropop 3 (CD Conzoom Records)
V/A Klangstahler Records (CD Klangstrahler Records)
V/A Menagerie Vol.1 (CD C/FE Records)

December 2009
13TH Monkey – Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang (CD Hands)
Diary Of Dreams – King Of Nowhere (MCD EP Accession Records)
H.E.R.R – XII Caesars (CD Cold Spring Records)
ADMX-71 – Luminous Vapors (CD Hands)
In Auroram – When Daylight Fades (DCD Wave Records)
Liquid Divine – Autophobia (CD Infacted Recordings)
Neuroactive – Antidote (CD A Different Drum)
Punish Yourself – Pink Panther Party (CD Season Of Mist)
Wayne Hussey – Bare (CD EchoZone/ Eyes Wide Shut Recordings)
1997EV / Luna Dopa – Twin Beings Mutopia (CD Neue Kultur)
X-Fusion - Ultima Radio (CD Scanner)
Agent Side Grinder – Irish Recording Tape + The Transatlantic Tape Project (2 x CD Enfant Terrible)
All Hail The Transcending Ghost – All Hail The Transcending Ghost (CD Cold Spring Records)
Abstract Sound Project – Desert In The City (MCD EP Citizen Records/Personne Records)
Android Lust – Resolution – Collector’s Edition (3CD Box Synthellec Music)
Blank & Jones - Mark Reeder Reordered (CD Soundcolours/So80s)
Donovan – Chord (MCD EP Citizen Records)
Collide – These Eyes Before (CD Noiseplus Music)
Ereipia – Mercy (CD Ereipia)
Empusae – Mortusae (DCD Hands)
Hadewych – Hadewych (CD Tuchtunie)
Greyhound – Tactical Evolution (DCD Hands)
Holeg Spies – Toxic (EP Horns And Hoofs Entertainment/Cinetiks)
Index AI – Topiary En Hades I (CD AuralSX)
Heimstatt Yipotash – Urban Night Motifs (CD Hands)
I:Scintilla – Prey On You (MCD EP Alfa-Matrix Records)
Karjalan Sissit - Fucking Whore Society (CD Cyclic Law)
Last Days Of S.E.X. – Great Irony And The Politically S.E.X.Plosive (CD Hands)
Luna Dopa/Tzii – Zed Om Breathing (CD Neue Kultur)
Masters Of Dark Fire - Dead Spots (CD Danse Macabre)
P24 – Stimmen Bleiben Stumm – Remixed! (CD Phobotaxis Media)
Moodring – Scared Of Ferret (Silber Records)
Red Painted Red – Colours (MCD Red Painted Red)
Scrap.Edx – Merciless Protraction (CD Hands)
The Rabid Whole – Autotraumaton (CD Synthetic Sounds)
Splinterskin - Wayward Souls (CD Cold Spring Records)
Stahlnebel & Black Selket – Lifeless (Digital Release EP Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
Sunao Inami - Disinfectant (CD Electr-Ohm)
Tenek - Club Mix Promo (MCD Toffeetones)
Touch The Spider - Souls For Sale (CD Where Are You From Records)
V/A Frequencies Of The Mind (CD Mindtrick Records & Redrum Recordz)
Transcendent Confusion – Bleeding Sun (CD Transcendent Confusion)
V/A Help Can’t Wait (DCD Black Rain)

November 2009
Rotersand - Random Is Resistance (CD Trisol)
Access To Arasaka - Oppidan (CD Spectraliquid/Tympanik)
The Dielectric - Rapid Eye - Volume 3 (MCD Urbcom)
Assemblage 23 - Compass (CD Accession Records)
Phosgore - Domination (CD ProNoize)
Marsheaux - Lumineux Noir (CD Out Of Line)
Schwester Seziert - Annexe (CD Mass Control Records)
Suicide Commando - Die Motherfucker Die (CDS Out Of Line Records)
Velvet Acid Christ - The Art Of Breaking Apart (CD Dependent Records)
Xotox / Detune-X - We Are Deaf (CD Rustblade)
Ambassador 21 - Power Rage / Face Your Future Killers (CD Invasion)
Arktau Eos - Ai Ma Ra (DCD Aural Hypnox)
ASP - Wer Sonst? (MCD EP Trisol)
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - 10 Neurotics (Cd Projekt)
Audra - Everything Changes (CD Audra Music)
Candiria - Toying With The Insanities Volume One (CD Rising Pulse Records)
Cities Last Broadcast - The Cancelled Earth (CD Cyclic Law)
Collapsar - Beyond The Event Horizon (CD Malignant Records)
Carol Blaze - Carol Blaze (CD Carol Blaze)
Crisis - Reactor 4 (CD Syndrom Records)
The Devil & His Witches - The Vigil (CD The Devil & His Witches)
Der Blaue Reiter - Nuclear Sun (CD Ars Musica Diffundere)
Die Untoten - Grabsteinland IV / Die Schwarze Feder (CD German Horror Records)
Dialis - Precatio (CD Dialis Music)
The Exploding Boy - Afterglow (CD Ad Inexplorata)
Ext!ze - Fall Out Nation (CD Trisol)
Gregorio Bardini & Thierry Jolif - Kantalon (CD The Eastern Front)
Garden Hall - Myriad Trails (CD Garden Hall)
Having Thin Moonshine - Having Thin Moonshine (CD Ark Records)
Isis Signum - Music Is My Heart (Digital Single Sango Music)
Lady Haidee - Feral (CD Lady Haidee)
MFMB - MFMB (miniLP La Bulle Sonore Records)
Mina - Mina (mCD Mina)
Minusheart - Disease (CD Echozone)
Mythos - Gallery Concerts (CD Mellow Jet Records)
My Dear Killer - This Blackness (CD My Dear Killer)
One For Jude - Bonheur Dynamique (CD One For Jude)
Oniric - Cabaret Syndrome (CD Caustic Records)
Noblesse Oblige - Privilege Entails Responsibility (CD Repo Records)
Pythia - Beneath The Veiled Embrace (CD Golden Axe Records)
Phaser Kontrol - Electro Warriors (CD Italian Way Music)
Rabia Sorda - Noise Diary (CD Out Of Line)
Pythia - Sarah (Bury Her) (MCD Golden Axe Records)
RazorBladeKisses - Ballerina/The Butterfly (CDS RazorBladeKisses)
RazorBladeKisses - Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar (CD RazorBladeKisses)
Schultz - Psykiatrik Area (CD Soviet Media Kontrol)
Roughhausen - Someones Got To Pay (MCD TinderBox Records)
Soundgazer - Like Gravity (MCD Soundgazer)
Sell System - RedRoom (CD Breakdown Records)
Static Brigade - Static Brigade (miniCD Static Brigade)
Teleseen - Fear Of The Forest (CD Percepts)
Touch The Spider - I Spit On Your Grave (DCD Where Are You From Records)
Voice Of Eye - Seven Directions Divergent (CD Conundrum Unlimited)
Transistor 6 - Virgin Venom (CD The Black Lodge Records)
V01d featuring Ayria - Weakener (CDS Artoffact)
Vox Populi! - Mystic Entertainment (CD Infrastition)
We Got This Far - Blunt Force Volume (CD Spiralchords)
V/A Closing Mouths (MCD EP Properproud)
V/A Dixybait / Pestaña / Plan Quinquenal - Demasiada Responsabilidad (CD Ya Estas Ya Producciones)

October 2009
Mesh - A perfect solution (CD Dependent/Metropolis)
Empire State Human - Audio Gothic (CD Ninthwave Records)
Diary of Dreams - If... -The Memento Ritual Project (CD Accession Records)
Geist - Apocalyptica (CD Elsass Kunst/Geist)
Disharmony - Evolution (CD Tympanik Audio)
Novakill - I Hate God (CD Repo Records)
Jäger 90 - Drischne Skasal (CD Electric Tremor Dessau)
Roma Amor - Roma Amor (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Psyclon Nine - We The Fallen (CD Dependent Records)
[Syndika:Zero] - Blindness (CD Crunch Pod Records)
Stratvm Terror - Pain Implantations (CD Old Europa Cafe)
V/A Futureclash 2 (CD Advanced Synergy)
A Challenge Of Honour - Leonidas (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Adaptive Reaction / Promonium Jesters - Nithmare And Gangrene / Skull Duty (7" Adaptive Reaction/Promonium Jesters)
9 Elma - Coeur Liquide (CD M-Tronic)
Ad Inferna - Trance n' Dance (MCD EP Aural Music)
Autoclav1.1 - Where Once Were Exit Wounds (CD Tympanik Audio)
Ad·ver·sary - A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky (CD Tympanik Audio)
Black Lung - Full Spectrum Dominance (CD Tympanik Audio)
Black Sun Productions - The Milky Smell Of Phantom Sperm (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Brume - The Sun (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Captive Six - Noizemaker (MCD Crunch Pod)
Dexy Corp_® - Fragmentation (CD Black Rain)
Clair Voyant - Lustre (CD Dependent)
Displacer - X Was Never Like This (CD Tympanik Audio)
Eric Chamberlain Music - Telepheriq Chamberlain (CD Eric Chamberlain)
Dupont - New Dawn (CDS Progress Records)
Future Trail - Breaking New Ground (CD Rupal Records)
Folkstorm - The Forgotten Tapes (CD Old Europa Cafe)
History Of Guns - When You Don't Matter (CDS Line Out Records)
[Haven] - Plastic (CD Tympanik Audio)
Informatik - Arena (CD Dependent)
Individual Totem - Mumia Vera + Collectotem (DCD Artoffact)
K. Meizter - Tetraphobia (CD Old Europa Cafe)
The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab - Modern Expressing Machines Of Revolutionary Youth (CD D-Trash Records)
Njurmännen - Terror In The Dollhouse (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Nordvargr - Evolution (DCD Old Europa Cafe)
Peacemakers Inc. 1 - Config.Sys / Contagious Orgasm / Boot-Sector-Viruz (CD Invasion Wreck Chords)
Peacemakers Inc. 2 - Chrysalide / ambassador21 / Punish Yourself (CD Invasion Wreck Chords)
PJ22 - In The Garden (CD Ice/Fontastix)
Poordream - Immaterial Monarch (CD Spectraliquid/33 Recordings)
Red Industrie - Ciencia Ficcion (CD Advanced Synergy)
Razorfade - Liberation (MCD EP Distracted Release)
Resignation - 1897 (CD 205 Recordings/Old Europa Cafe)
Spectre - 10 Pezzi Facili (CD Old Europa Cafe)
Trimetrick - Utopia Deleted (CD Trimetrick)
Vienna Psychoanalytic Society - State Of Mind (CD Chard/Kreutzweiser)
Xentrifuge - Coverting Infinity (CD Noitekk)
Assemblage 23 - Spark (Mcd Accession Records)

September 2009
Clan Of Xymox - In Love We Trust (cd Trisol)
Esplendor Geométrico - Pulsion (cd Geometrik Records)
Ext!ze - Hellektrostar (Mcd EP Trisol)
Perfidious Words - Feels Like Me (cd + dvd Trisol)
Necrophorus - Drifting In Motion (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Satanismo Calibro 9 - Supernova (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Prometheus Burning - Plague Called HuMANity (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Sinine - Butterflies (cd Accession Records)
[SITD] - Rot (cd Accession Records)
V/A Septic VIII (cd Dependent Records)
16 Volt - American Porn Songs (cd Metropolis Records)
Ain Soph - October (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Autumn - Eurasia (cd Karma Records)
ASP - Von Zaubererbrudern : Live & Unplugged (2 dvd Trisol)
Dead Man's Hill - Via Occulta (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Darkmen - Guilty By Association (cd Machineries Of Joy/COP Int)
Dense Vision Shrine - Time Lost In Oblivion (cd + dvd First Fallen Star)
Eisheilig - Imperium (cd E-Wave Records/Drakkar)
Death Pact International - Siege - 1999-2009 (cd Old Europa Café)
Horologium - Earthbound (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Hyios - Consuetudines (cd Malignant Records)
Karsten Hamre - Through The Eyes Of A Stranger (cd + dvd First Fallen Star)
Kilowatts & Vanek - Focus & Flow (cd Dependent)
Most Significant Beat - Musica Y Electr?nica (dcd Geometrik)
Leaves' Eyes - Njord (cd Napalm Records)
Omega Lithium - Dreams In Formaline (cd Drakkar Entertainment)
Saltatio Mortis - Wer Wind Sät (cd Napalm Records)
Urceus Exit - The Worst That We've Become (digital release cds Artoffact)
Zonk't - Beat Wins You And Me (12" EP Sound On Probation)
cB - Evil (cd Advoxya Records)
Darank - Sinister (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)
Jonathan Cast - Hurt Me (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)
Mesh - Only Better (Mcd Dependent)
Dupont - Entering The Ice Age (cd Progress Productions)
Peter Bjärgö - A Wave Of Bitterness (cd Kalinkaland Records)
Red Industrie featuring Yasmin Gate - Electro Body (digital release cds Black Montanas)
Rotersand - War On Error (Mcd EP Trisol)
Sara Noxx - In(t)Oxxication (cd Prussia Records)
Snog - Thirteen Remakes For The Rapture (cd Advoxya Records)
Airbag - Identity (cd Karisma Records)
Autodafeh - Re:Lectro (mcd SigSaly Transmissions)
Angelspit - Hideous And Perfect (cd Black Pill Red Pill)
Biomekkanik - State Of Perfection (cd Prussia Records/Subspace Communications)
Dead Voices On Air - Fast Falls The Eventide (dcd Lens Records)
Brisker & Magitman - Just Another Remixes (Mcd Tribal Vision Records)
The Eternal Afflict - [-ion] (dcd Afflict Me Records)
Down Below - Wildes Herz (cd Premium-Records)
The Kick - Metal Heart (cd Prussia Records/Subspace Communications)
Hezzel - Magnets (digital release cd Absetzer)
Larva - The Hated (cd Advoxya Records)
Massiv In Mensch - Hands On Massiv: The Remixes (cd Advoxya Records/Artoffact Records)
Left Spine Down - Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited (cd Synthetic Sounds)
Millimetric featuring Drey - Suffoque (digital release cds Black Montanas)
Northern Kind - Wired (cd Electronically Yours)
Mulphia - Wartorn (cd Advoxya Records)
Portion Control - Crop (cd + Mcd SigSaly Transmissions)
Növö - Architecture & Severity (digital release cd Black Montanas)
Requiem For Delinquency - Hobs End (cd Massive Music America)
Pro-Jekt - Reign Of Scars (cd Rebco Records)
Terrorfrequenz - In Der Dunkelheit (cd Wannsee Records)
Schyzzo.Com - Sexshop (cd Advoxya Records)

August 2009
Equitant - Dynamism (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)
FAQ - Whitechapel (cd FAQ Music)
Haujobb - Homes & Gardens 2.0 (dcd Dependent)
Maeror Tri - Yearning For The Secret(s) Of Nature (cd EE Tapes)
Notes From The Underground - Crossing The Rubicon (cd AF Music)
Oberer Totpunkt - Erde Ruft (cd Danse Macabre Records)
Tony Wakeford - Not All Of Me Will Die (cd The Eastern Front)
Zilverhill - Latent-Active-Descent (cd Adeptsound/Blind Shouter)
Virtual Cage - Elektro Gangstar (Mcd EP Virtual Cage)
Accomplice Affair - Jezioro Wspomnien (cd My Hands Music/Black Pyramid Records)
V/A Orbit Elektro (cd Major Records)
Art Noir - Silent Green (cd AF Music/Danse Macabre)
Agnivolok / Chaos As Shelter - Henbane (cd The Eastern Front)
Big City Orchestra - Eerily (cd EE Tapes)
Big Robot featuring Conrad Schnitzler - Aquafit (cd Karisma Records)
Biomass - Electrozali (cd Low Impedance Recordings)
Contrast - Antidote (cd Triple Handshake Records)
Crow Nest - Forgotten Pleasures (cd Mutant-E Records)
Dementi - Wer Bettelt Wird Nicht Gegüttert (cd Nemrod/Creative Commons)
Depressive Disorder - The Chronicle Of Fear (cd Monopol Records)
Cryonik - Soulcure[d] (Mcd Frozenforce)
Diarmaid O'Meara - Murdering Disco (cds Gobsmacked Records)
Diarmaid O'Meara & Luke Creed - Dirt Frequencies (cds Gobsmacked Records)
Dragon Mandole - Bard's Tale 1: Esprits Du Soleil Levant (cd Dragon Mandole)
Eleventh Fear - Flee (cd Eleventh Fear)
Elite! - Work Or Riot (digital release cd Black Montanas)
Elite! - Totenkopf (digital release cd Black Montanas)
Equitant - Mekanik (digital release Mcd Black Montanas) + Mekanik Remix (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)
Exit State - Bad Days (Mcd EP King Prawn Records)
Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs (cd Season Of Mist)
Heal - Supernatural (lp Sound On Probation)
Human Being - Live At The Zodiac - Berlin 19868 (cd Nepenthe Music)
Janosch Moldau - Clear. One With The Sinner. Remixed (Mcd EP Janosch Moldau Records)
Laurent Perrier - As Far As (cd Sound On Probation)
Jääportit - Voimasuo / Vigor Swamp (cd Epidemie Records)
The Medullary Paralysis - We Don't Drink, We don't Take Drugs, We Don't Have Sex, We Feel Compassion (Mcd The Medullary Paralysis)
Lvcvs - Semen Roris (cd Ars Aeterna)
Olaf Seider Coincidence - Zeitenwandel (cd Danse Macabre)
Moonshot - No Sign Of Morning (cd Moonshot Music)
Pylône - Grounded Hands (cd Sound On Probation)
Paranoid Entity - 4Closure (mcd Paranoid Foundation)
Traject - Birting (cd Creative Space)
Volkmar - Wrath Of Centuries (cd Danse Macabre)
6Comm - Like Stukas Angels Fall / Retrospective 1984-1990 (cd Kenaz)
Amberian Dawn – The Clouds Of Northland Thunder (cd Ascendance Records)
Angina P – Sensitive Files (cd Hands)
Anni Hogan – Kickabye (dcd Cold Spring Records)
Attrition – Heretic Angels – Live In The USA 1999 (cd Two Gods Recording)
AquaDorsa – Cloudlands (cd Glacial Movements)
Attrition – A Tricky Business (cd A Two Gods Recording)
Attrition – The Hand That Feeds – The Remixes (cd A Two Gods Recording)
Attrition – Across The Divide – Live In Holland 1984 (cd Two Gods Recording)
The Blister Exists – Raw (cd Electric Tremor Dessau)
Bleeding Heart Narrative – All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World (cd Cold Spring Records)
Chainreactor – X-tinction (cd ProNoize)
Centhron – Roter Stern (cd Scanner)
Domina Noctis - Second Rose (cd Black Fading Records)
Enochian Theory – Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio (cd Anomalousz Music Records)
The Cold - Last Embrace (cd Alice In)
Envenomist - The Helix (cd Killer Pimp)
Frozen Plasma – Earthling (Mcd EP Infacted)
Frozen Plasma – Momentum (cd Infacted)
The Ilusion Fades – Killing Ages (cd Pandaimonium Records)
HexRx – D (cd Negative Gain Productions)
Implant – Implantology (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Incite – Mindpiercing (cd Hands)
K-Bereit – Distört Neural Unit (cd Sigsaly Transmissions)
Nachtmahr – Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit (cd Trisol)
Life Cried - Banished Psalms (cd Noitekk/COP International)
The PCP Principle – Electronic Violence Phenomena (cd Hands)
Noorglo – Hard Body Music (cd Rustblade)
The Raven – One Last Time (Mcd Purple Rose Records)
Risqué – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Dawn (cd Some Bizarre)
Retarder – Enquiries (cd Tourette Records)
Saverio Evangelista and Federico Spini – Works II (cd Hands)
Rose Rovine E Amanti – Demian (cd Cold Spring Records)
The Selfcentered Spacecadet – Killers (Mcd Cynical Minds Records)
Seize – Constant Fight (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Sistrenatus – Sensitive Disturbance (cd Cold Spring Records)
Sequenz-E – Körperkraftkontrolle (cd Electric Tremor Dessau)
Syntech – Rising From The Ashes (cd Hands)
Steve Roach - Dynamic Stillness (dcd Projekt)
Twila.Too – Crossed Lines (cd Serve & Destroy Records)
Ulterior - Kempers Hands (cd Killer Pimp)
Ultima Bleep – I (cd Major Records)
Z’Ev – Sum Things (cd Cold Spring Records)
V/A A Tribute To Pier Paolo Pasolini (cd Rustblade)
V/A Forms Of Hands 09 (cd Hands)
V/A Fairy World V – Part 1 Fées De Lumière (cd/dvd Prikosnovénie)

July 2009
A Spell Inside - Log_Inside (cd Dark Dimensions)
Bow Ever Down - The Product Of My Pain (cd Bow Ever Down)
Blood Money - Blood Brotherhood (cd Killer Pimp)
Aidan Baker / Thisquietarmy - A Picture Of A Picture (cd Killer Pimp)
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Lost In Reflections (cd Killer Pimp)
SE - Epiphora (cd Tympanik Audio)
Tamtrum - Fuck You, I'm Drunk / Stronger Than Cats (dcd Alfa-Matrix Records)
Tapage - Fallen Clouds (cd Tympanik Audio)
Alae Noctis - Alae Noctis (cd Mutant E Records)
Aqualite - Waveforms 1994-2009 (cd Infacted Recordings)
Backlash - Quiet Men (Mcd Memento Materia)
Brighter Death Now - Where Dreams Come True: Live In Chicago (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Blood - Seppuku (cd Mutant-E Records)
Brillig - The Red Coats (cd Black Rain)
Darkmen - Guilty (Mcd EP Machineries Of Joy/COP International)
Das Merman - Tief In Der Nacht (Mcd Hopeless Endeavors)
Die Form - Noir Magnétique (cd Out Of Line)
Disharmony - Malignant Shields (cd Aliens Production)
Dolls Of Pain - Cybersex (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Echo Us - The Tide Decides (cd Musea Records)
Endless Shame - Pure (Mcd A Different Drum)
Fitalic - Shangai Road/Far East (mcd Tribal Vision Records)
Flug 8 - Lösch Dein Profil (12"LP Doxa Records)
Griffonvox - Control Lost (Mcd EP Grentzwert)
Legion Within - Mouth Of Madness (cd KMFDM Records)
Hellbone - Pollinctor (cd Hellbone)
Magnitudo 8 - Lucro Chemica (cd X-Records)
Mantus - Königreich Der Angst (Mcd EP Trisol)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat (cd Rustblade)
NoyceTM - Un:Welt (cd Focile Art Tribe/In-d Records)
Omasphere - Prélude (cd Prikosnovénie)
Of The Wand And The Moon - Solanaceae (cd Heiðrunar Myrkrunar/Tesco)
OrganicMusic - Organic Circuits (Mcd OrganicMusic)
Oxyd - Astral Border (cd Aliens Production)
Raven Soul - 100 Bleeding Hearts (cd Raven Soul)
Releveler - Your Flavor (Mcd EP Interdimensional Industries)
ReleveleR - Incipient (cd Interdimensional Industries)
Samhain - Violent Identity (cd Aliens Production)
Saudade - Bad Dreams (Mcd A Different Drum)
Saudade - Like You (Mcd A Different Drum)
Second Disease - While The Masses Sleep (cd Infacted Recordings)
Skorbut - Phantom Pain (Mcd EP Sonic X/Danse Macabre)
Stellan Wahlström Drift Band - Across The Room (cd Belpid Records)
S.V.D. - No Ordinary Man (Digital Mcd ArtOfFact)
Tenek - Stateless (cd Toffeetones)
Tribantura - Lack Of Sense (Mcd Infacted Recordings)
Tenek - Submission (Mcd Toffeetones)
Xperiment - First Vision (Mcd EP Mutant Records)
Tyske Ludder - Anonymous (cd Black Rain)
Zeitgeist Zero - Dead To The World (cd Zeitgeist Zero)
V/A (Ae)quilibrium - Man Vs. Machine (cd Mutant E Records)
V/A Subconscious Primitiv Musick (cd Neuek Kultur)

June 2009
Crimfall – As The Path Unfolds (cd Napalm Records)
Aphorism – Surge (cd Tympanik Audio)
Eldar – Sapere Aude (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Deflore – Egodrive (cd Subsound Records)
Escama Serrada - La Reina Está Mala (cd Tourette Records)
Famine – Cocytus (MP3 cd Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
Fractional – Still Life? (12” The Centrifuge)
Fukkk Offf – I Give You Bass (cds Citizen Records)
Interlace - Nemesis (Mcd Artoffact Records)
Grauwelt – Obsolete (cd Lab-Oratory Records)
Lunatica – New Shores (cd Napalm Records)
Marilyn Manson - The High End Of Low (cd Interscope Records)
Knifeladder – Music/Concrete (cd Cold Meat Industry)
NaRick – Transcendental Storm (digital release only – cd Absetzer)
Moonrise - Blackest Blue (cd AF-Music/Danse Macabre)
New Risen Throne – Crossing The Withered Regions (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Ô Paradis - La Corte Del Rey Pescador (cd Tourette Records)
Paternbrigade: Wolff – Feind Hört Mit (Mcd Zweieck Records)
Root4 – Vorstellungskraft (cd Sonic Boom Records)
The Sleep – Never In A Million Years (cd The Sleep)
Rome - To Die Amongst Strangers (Mcd EP Trisol)
Stahlnebel vs Black Selket – Unexpected (dcd Stahlnebel)
SPC ECO – 3-D (cd Noiseplus Music)
Stream Of Passion – The Flame Within (cd Napalm Records)
Totakeke - The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes (dcd Tympanik Audio)
Venus Fly Trap – Metamorphosis 1987 – 2007 (cd Big Blue Records)
Trail Of Tears – Bloodstained Endurance (cd Napalm Records)
VNV Nation - Reformation 1 (dcd/dvd Anachron Sounds)
VNV Nation – Of Faith, Power And Glory (cd Anachron Sounds)
V/A Alfa-Matrix Re:covered : A Tribute to Depeche Mode (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Vortex – Phanopoeia (cd Tesco)
V/A Electrostorm (cd Out Of Line)
V/A Close Diode Compilation (7” Tissel &Tassel)
V/A Remixes (cd Citizen Records)
Anhedonia - Ontology (cd Aliens Production)
Accomplice Affair - Samotny Horyzont (cd My Hands Music)
Ava Inferi - Blood Of Bacchus (cd Season Of Mist)
Ahrayeph - Eden (mcd D-Monic)
The Cemetary Girlz - Smoke My Brain (cd Manic Depression Records)
Christian Death - Catastrophe Ballet (cd Season Of Mist)
Clair Obscur - We Gave A Party For The Gods And The Gods All Came (cd Optical Sound)
Crossover - Space Death (cd Punch Records)
Dead Sea Surfers - Dead Sea Surfers (cd Dead Phish Records/Aleisters Playground)
Deep Sleep - Shadow Of A Dream (cd Deep Sleep)
Die Perlen - Stadt (10” Firezone Records/Black Rain)
Epochate - Chronicles Of A Dying Era (cd Subsound Records)
eXcubitors - Operation Observation (cd Prussia Records/Lukotyk Records)
Fornax - Space Travel (digital release only - Mcd EP X-Line)
Frontierguards - Predestination (cd Aliens Production)
The Fragile Path - False Reality (cd Sin Salvation Records)
Funker Vogt - Warzone K17/Live In Berlin (dvd Synthetic Symphony)
Huminoida - Other Side/The Other (7” Plastic Passion/Out Of Range)
Hezzel - Under Pressure (digital release only - cd Absetzer)
Imprint - The Wisdom Out Of the Wound (cd Feral Intuition Records)
IP Neva - Symbiosis Of Contradiction (cd Impulsive Art)
In Broken English - In Broken English (cd Antonn/Noko/Believe)
Kora! Kora! Kora! - The Cabaret Voltaire Versions (cd Shiva Records)
Last Influence Of Brain - Two Faces (cd Aliens Production)
Meller - Spacewalk (cd Crotus Records)
Lilies On Mars - Lilies On Mars (cd Elsewhere Factory)
The Mobile Homes - Today Is Your Lucky Day (cd Megahype)
Mithra - Unghie Come Lane (cd Killer Pool)
Navicon Torture Technologies - The Gospels Of The Gash (dcd Malignant Records)
Nolongerhuman - Antipathy (cd COP International)
November-7 - Angel (Mcd Dark-S Records)
Pandora’s Black Book - Black Brothel (cd Tympanik Audio)
Patenbrigade:Wolff - Feind Hört Mit! (Mcd Zweieck Recordings)
The Penelope[s] & Morpheus - Priceless Concrete Echoes (cd Citizen Records)
Protuberanzed - Doomsday Machine (digital release only - mcd Abstetzer)
Phase III - Es wird Dunkel (cd Darkmusix)
Rebentisch - Herz Zerrissen (cd AF-Music)
RSM - Roztrwon Swoj Majatek (digital release only - mcd Absetzer)
Rupesh Cartel - Anchor Baby (cd Megahype)
Saine - Break A Pattern (double lp Cymbidium Records)
Sensor - Naked (cd Intuition Records)
Sobria Ebrietas - The Secret Chord (cd Sobria Ebrietas/Abyssa Netlabel)
S.K.E.T - Depleted Uranium Weapons (cd Hands)
Soul Stalker - A Way Out (cd Manic Depression Records)
SY9 - Visions (cd X-Line)
Sunset Wings - Covering For Solace (cd Wrotycz Records)
Synth-Etik - Waiting For The Rapture (cd Hands)
Documentary DVD - Synthnation (dvd DJ Warlock)
T_Error 404 - Mecanizmo (digital release only - cd Absetzer)
T_Error 404 - Million Thoughts (digital release only - cd Absetzer)
Uberbyte - DOS (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Total Harmonic Distortion - The Evolution Of Our Decay (cd 23db Records)
Unto Ashes - The Blood Of My Lady (cd Projekt)
Vision Talk - Dirty Italo Disco (cd Spacesound Records)
Wintry - Atmosphere Around Us (cd Wave Records)
Xabec - Just A Grain Of Sand (dvd Hands)
Zi - Parla-Pana (digital release only cd X-Line)
V/A Auto Reverse (cd Boredom Product)

May 2009
A.D.A.C 8286 - Love, Hate 'N' Rage (cd Electric-Tremor Dessau)
AD:key - Thema Nummer Eins (cd Electric-Tremor Dessau)
Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs (cd Code666/Aural Music)
Autonomous - Tell Us We Can't Fly And We'll Still Jump From Buildings (Mcd Todd Anderson Kunert)
The Birthday Massacre - Show And Tell/Live (cd RepoRecords)
Aythis - Glacia (cd Prikosnovenie)
Caustic - This Is Jizzcore (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Cesium 137 - Advanced Decay / Version 2 (cd Metropolis Records)
Com.Pulsion - Made In China (dcd Com.Pulsion)
Corde Oblique - The Stones Of Naples (cd Prikosnovenie)
Deleyaman - Fourth / Part One (cd TTO Records/Naregatsi Art Institute)
Dead Mans Hill - Songs From The Forthcoming Apocalypse (cd Midnight Productions)
Digital Factor2 - Look Back To Go Forward (cd Prussia Records)
Doomsday Virus - Drink the Kool-Aid (cd Doomsday Virus)
Drev - Failure (cd Labile Records)
Eisblume - Unter Dem Eis (cd B1/Universal)
The Eden House - Smoke & Mirrors (cd Jungle Records)
Escape With Romeo - History (cd Zeitklang Records)
Escalator - Antologia 1989 2009 (cd Electric-Tremor Dessau)
Ex_Tension - Legacy (cd M-Tronic)
Essence Of Mind - Watch Out (Mcd EP Alfa-Matrix)
Flesh Eating Foundation - Purging (Mcd EP Rebco Records)
Flux - Safe + Sound (cd Na-No Tuotanto/Electric Fantastic Sound)
Heimataerde - Unter Der Linden/Vater (cd COP International)
The Gathering - The West Pole (cd Psychonaut Records)
Helium Vola - Fr Euch, Die Ihr Liebt (dcd Chrom Records)
Komor Kommando - Das EP (Mcd EP Alfa-Matrix)
Lacrimosa Sehnsucht (cd Hall Of Sermon)
Kubix Sieve (cd Erisian Records)
Luigi Rubino A Theme For The Moon (cd Prikosnovnie)
Mckmn Orphan Ristophe (cd Mockmoon Records)
Lether Strip ngelmaker (3cd Alfa-Matrix Records)
Metallsprhunde Bse Wetter (cd Danse Macabre)
Mechanical Cabaret Damaged Goods (cd Major Records)
The Moon And The Nightspirit sforrs (cd Equilibrium Music)
Mondkopf Nuits Sauvages (Mcd/12 Citizen Records)
Naevus - Relatively Close To The Sea (cd HauRuck)
Neon Synthesis Alchemy Of Rebirth (cd Killer Pool Records)
The Neon Judgement Smack (cd LC Music)
Noisuf-X Voodoo Ritual (cd ProNoize)
Oil 10 Retrofuture (cd Funkwelten)
Niko Skorpio - Psilocybe Necrophila (cd Some Place Else)
Parallel Worlds Shade (cd Din)
Scarlet Soho Warpaint (cd Major Records)
Schwarzblut Sehlenwolf (Mcd Alfa Matrix)
Resist Polarity (cd Resist)
^|SiCk0|^ - Sickness Volume Three (cd Intolerance Records)
Splatterpunk Channel 83 (cd Caustic Records)
Stjarna Stjarna (cd Kalinkaland Records)
Strawberry Fields Rivers Gone Dry (cd Metal Mind Productions)
V2A Mechanized Infantry (cd Biohazard Records) AtmoSphere (cd Groove Unlimited)
V/A Electric Manifesto French Tribute To Mute Records (cd M-Tronic)
Wertham - Memories From The Pigsty (cd Tesco)
V/A Sky So Grey A Boston Dark Music (cd Decorative Records)
V/A Electropop 2 (cd Conzoom Records)
V/A Reload (cd Invasion Wreck Chords)

April 2009
Depeche Mode - "Sounds of the universe" (CD Mute/EMI)
Agapesis Mistress of Blood (cds Danse Macabre Records)
Artesia Llydaw (cd Prikosnovnie)
Art Of Infinity New Horizon (cd Prudence)
Anouk Weber Demo (cd Anouk Weber)
Assemblage 23 Early, Rare, and Unreleased: Volume Two (cd 23DB)
Atrium Carceri Souyuan (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Cassandra Syndrome Of Patriots And Tyrants (cd Figmental Records)
Blutengel Schwarzes Eis (dcd Out Of Line)
Christopher Kah Rise To the Unknown (Mcd Dotkah.Com Records)
Dark Diamonds Das Gift (cd Danse Macabre)
Client Command (dcd Out Of Line)
Darkroom - Some Of These Numbers Mean Something (cd Burning Shed)
Der Blutharsch Everything is Alright! (cd Tesco/WKN)
Deadwood Ramblack (cd Cold Spring Records)
Din [A] Tod Westwerk (cd Out Of Line)
Die Krupps - Volle Kraft Null Acht (cd SPV Records)
Emmon Closet Wanderings (cd Wonderland Records)
Emerald Park For Tomorrow (cd Af Music/Danse Macabre)
Fading Colours Come (dcd Big Blue Records)
Feeding Fingers Baby Teeth (cd Stickfigure)
Evestus Sacrifice (Mcd EP Evestus) Youre Not Good Enough To Be My Enemy (Mcd Evestus)
Fractal Sequitur (cd Fractal)
Entertainment Gender (cd A Distant Records/Stickfigure Recordings)
Gothika 120 Days Of Sodom (cd Danse Macabre)
Heavy Current Push The Fire (cd Poisonic/Danse Macabre)
John Lord Fonda Composite (cd Citizen Records)
Kirlian Camera - Shadow Mission Held V (cd Out of Line)
Ikon Amongst The Runes (Mcd Nile Records)
Kobold Blowback (Mcd Artoffact Records)
Marlow Inside/Outside (cd Electro-Shock Records)
Metallsprhunde Die Letzte Grosse Fahrt (Mcd Danse Macabre)
Massiv In Mensch Hands On Massiv: The Remixes (cd Artoffact Records)
The Mission - Live And Last (dcd Eyes Wide Shut Recording)
Millimetric Expriences Modernes (cd M-Tronic)
Nanko Schimmelblits (cd Laterax Recordings)
The Mission - The Final Chapter (3 dvd boxset Eyes Wide Shut Recordings)
Orange Sector Mindfuck (cd Infacted Recordings)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Onani (Practice Makes Perfect) (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Necrotek Menschenfeind (cd Vendetta Music)
Post Death Soundtrack Music As Weaponry (cd Post Death Soundtrack)
Red Painted Red Preach (Mcd Red Painted Red)
Satori Kanashibari (cd Cold Spring Records)
Richard Christ Richard Christ (cd Killerpool)
Scarelett Vs. U! (cd Danse Macabre)
Satori - Contemptus Mundi (cd Cold Spring Records)
Skare - Solstice City (cd Glacial Movements)
Skold vs. KMFDM - Skold vs. KMFDM (cd Kmfdm Records/Danse Macabre Records)
Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Teach Me Love (cd Schizophrenia)
Soul In Sadness ZwischenWelt (cd Danse Macabre)
Submerged Violence As First Nature (dcd Ohm Resistance)
To Mega Therion The Blood Rituals (Mcd EP Vendetta Music)
Terra Sancta Disintegration (cd Malignant Records)
Virtigo Rituals Of Broken Flesh (cd Virtigo)
Ubik Loop Finding (cd Recycling Records)
Wertstahl Kontrol (cd Danse Macabre Records)
Volkmar Blessed Sins (cd Volkmar/Modern Invision Music/Danse Macabre)
[X]-RX Stage 2 (cd Pronoize)
Wolfskin O Ajuntar Das Sombras (cd Malignant Records)
V/A Interbreeding X: Kagefighters - Sex, Blood, & Electro Vol. 1 (cd BLC Productions)
Xykogen Terminology (cd Line Out Records)
V/A Switch 13 (dcd News)
V/A - Table for Six: All Quiet? #3 (cd EE Tapes)

March 2009
ADN Ckrystall COD-ADN (mcd + 7 Clogsontronics)
Alien Sex Fiend - R.I.P. - A 12 Collection (dcd 13th Moon Records)
Alien Vampires - Fuck Off And Die (cd (BLC Productions)
Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot Sixteen Years Of Videomaterial (dvd Monitorpop Entertainment)
Alter Der Ruine - Giants From Fay Away (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Andrea Baroni Traces Of Humanity (cd Andrea Baroni)
Anima Virus End Of The Eden (cd Decadence Records)
And One - Bodypop 1 1/2 (cd Out Of Line)
A Wake A Week - Little Black Cloud (cd Spectraliquid)
Ataraxia Oil On Canvas (cd + book Ultra-Mail Productions)
Bain Wolfkind The Swamp Angel (cd Hauruck Records/Tesco)
The Axis Of Perdition Urfe (dcd Code 666/Aural Music)
BC Sinecure (cd Crispin Glover Records)
Cesium 137 - The Fall (Mcd EP Metropolis Records)
City Paranoid A Means To No End (cd City Paranoid)
Cygnosic A Deity In Pain (cd BLC Productions)
Coph Nia Qliphothic Phantasmagoria (Mcd Wrotycz Records)
Deadcell - State Of Fear (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Das Ich Kannibale (Mcd EP Danse Macabre Records)
Die With Me Tonight Die With Me Tonight (cd Radio-Active Music)
Disreflect Mnemophobia (cd A Different Drum)
Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan Silence/Niels van Gogh vs Thomas Gold Remixes (Mcd EP Nettwerk/News)
Empty - Never Get To You (Mcd EP Aphotic Audio)
The Eternal Kartika (cd Firebox)
Eisenfunk Schmerzfrequenz (cd Danse Macabre)
The Eternal Afflict featuring Qntal San Diego 2K9 (Mcd EP Afflict:Me Records)
KMFDM - Blitz (cd KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records)
Larva Voces Del Laberinto (cd Advoxya Records)
Jesus And The Gurus Blood, Sweat And Tears (cd Black Rain Records)
Mona Mur & En Esch 120 Tage - The Fine Art of Beauty And Violence (cd Pale Music Int.)
The Last Hour The Last Hour (cd Intuition Records)
Obszn Geschpf Erection Body Mutilated (dcd BLC Productions)
Oomph! - Sandmann (cds GUN Records/Sony Music Entertainment)
Non Not Everything Is Made In China (cd Non Music)
Opera Multi Steel - Parachvement De lEsquisse (dcd Wave Records)
Plasmodivm Paradise Under Fire (cd Caustic Records)
Prurient The Black Post Society (cd Cold Spring)
Project Pitchfork Dream, Tiresias! (cd Trisol)
The Pussybats Famous Last Songs (cd Black Rain)
QEK Junior Ausverkauf (cd Danse Macabre/COP International)
The Pulsar Never (cd Advoxya Records)
Scarlet Leaves Outlying States Of Mind (cd Wave Records)
Schallfaktor - Sittenverfall (cd Infacted Records)
SaraLee Damnation To Salvation (cd Firebox Records)
Stendeck Sonnambula (cd Tympanik Audio)
Stille Volk Nueit De Sabbat (cd Holy Records)
Techny Call X Evolution (cd Danse Macabre Records)
Synaptic Defect World-Wide Life & Death (cd Advoxya Records)
Yamma-Re Eden (cd My Kingdom Music)
Zeromancer Sinners International (cd Trisol)
Whispers In The Shadow Into The Arms Of Chaos (cd + dvd Echozone)
V/A Emerging Organisms Vol. 2 (dcd Tympanik Audio)
V/A Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act 4] (4cd box Alfa-Matrix)

February 2009
Andrew Liles & Daniel Menche - The Progeny Of Flies (cd Beta-Lactam Ring)
Aidan Baker - Book Of Nods (cd Beta-Lactam Ring)
ASP - Akoasma "Horror Vacui" Live (3cd Trisol)
Blue October UK - Walk Amongst The Living (cd A Different Drum)
Apoptygma Berzerk Rocket Science (cd GUN Records)
Buzz Blitz Klub (cd Buzz)
C-Lekktor - The Silence Procession (cd COP Int.)
Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons (dcd Out Of Line)
Con-Dom The Eight Pillar (A Confession Of Faith) (cd Functional/Tesco)
Frightdoll - Assimilation Illusion (cd Quantum Release Records)
The Crystalline Effect Identity (cd Advoxya Records)
HDK System Overload (cd Season Of Mist)
High Wycombe Reverser (cd Wycombe Music)
Genetiks De Bello Genetiko (cd Amoebenklang/Broken Silence)
Kommando XY Welcome To Gestrikland (cd Electric Tremor Dessau)
Letzte Instanz Schuldig (cd Drakkar)
Lip Service Black Cat Remixed (Mcd Devotchka Records)
Lip Service Black Cat (Mcd Devotchka Records)
Metus The Heritage (cd Metus)
Mandelbrot Thorns (cd Audiophob)
Ostara The Only Solace (cd Trisol Music Group)
Mike Alike Model Male (Mcd Mike Alike)
P24 Stimmen Bleiben Stumm (cd Phobotaxis Media)
Pilori Until The Day Dawn (cd Trisol Music Group)
Parzival Zeitgeist/Noblesse Oblige (dcd Euphonious Records)
Rajna Duality (cd Holy Records)
Ravens Moreland Sin Has A Soundtrack (mcd Raven Moreland)
Suite Opus 1 (cd Suite)
Supreme Court Keep Calm + Carry On (cd Infacted Recordings)
Shiv-R Parasite (Mcd Shiv-R)
UCNX Run Your Body (Mcd MoMt Records)
The Triple Tree Ghosts (cd Cold Spring Records)
Zero Degree The Inner Realm (cd Audiophob)
Wumpscut Fuckit (cd Beton Kopf Media)
V/A Fabriksampler V2 (cd Pharmafabrik)
V/A 12.Elektrisch Festival (cd Black Rain)
V/A Nikolaevka (cd Palace Of Worms)
V/A Hyperakusis (cd Audiophob)
V/A Radio Resistencia (cd Enfant Terrible)
V/A Return To The Classix Volume One (cd Infacted Recordings)

January 2009
Albireon I Passi Di Li (cd Palace Of Worms)
Andreas Gross Hail To The Employee (cd Echozone)
Atomic Neon Darkenia (cd Black Rain)
Autodafeh - Hunt For Glory (cd Sigsaly Transmissions)
Autopsia - Radical Machines Night Landscapes (cd Illuminating Technologies)
Blind Faith And Envy Media Motel (cd Silver Echo Records)
Bodysnatcher The Ninth Floor (cd Manic Depression)
Broken Fabiola Severed (cd Tympanik Audio)
Cyber Psychosis Industrialization (cd Erisian Records)
Die Baader-Meinhof Gruppe/Red Army Faction - Die Baader-Meinhof Gruppe/Red Army Faction (cd Self Released)
ESA The Sea & The Silence (cd Tympanik Audio)
The Dielectric Flicker Of An Eye (Mcd EP Urbcom Records)
History Of Guns Accedia (cd Line Out Records)
Janosch Moldau Motel Songs (cd Janosch Moldau Records)
June 11 Matter Is Alive (cd EE Tapes)
Louisa John-Krol Djinn (cd Prikosnovnie)
Mantus Requiem (cd Trisol)
Kontrast Vision Und Tradition (cd Danse Macabre)
Merzbow Anicca (cd Cold Spring Records)
Maple Bee Home (cd Prikosnovnie)
Neon Dream Metropolitan West (cd Equinoxe Records)
MS Gentur End Chapter (cd Hands)
Schwefelgelb Alt Und Neu (cd Tapete Records)
Schneewittchen Perlen Vor Die Sue (cd Konstantin Records/Danse Macabre)
Slicnaton Noisefloor (Mcd EP Digital, Slicnaton Publishing)
Second Skin Illa Exuro In Silentium (cd Palace Of Worms)
Vicious Alliance - Crushed By The System (Mcd EP COP International)
Wynardtage - The Grey Line (cd Rupal Records/COP International)
Teleoptyk Bloodfile (cd Octofoil Records)
V/A Carry On Lovin (cd MOMT Records)
V/A Electropop 1 (cd Conzoom Records)
V/A - Electr-Ohm Compilation 2 (cd Electr-Ohm)
V/A 2009 Hands (dcd Hands)
V/A Incendium II (cd Loki Found)
V/A Keep The Fire Burning (cd Equinoxe Records)
V/A Messages Des Fes 2 (cd Prikosnovnie)
V/A Sin-Tech (cd Shinto Records)
Agonoize - For The Sick And Disturbed (Mcd EP Out Of Line)
Amduscia Madness In Abyss (dcd Out Of Line Records)
The Azoic Re:Illumination -The Mixes (cd Nilaihah Records)
Auto-Auto Celeste (cd Out Of Line Records)
Burikusu!!! 2080 (cd 23DB)
Bella Lune Abstracted Visions (cd Bella Lune/Aetheria Music)
Collide Two Headed Monster (cd Noiseplus Music)
Corvus Corax Cantus Buranus / Das Orgelwerk (cd Pica Music)
Geistform Pro Analogic (cd Hands)
Frozen Plasma Tanz Die Revolution (Mcd EP Infacted Records)
Halo Manash Am Kha Astrie (cd Aural Hypnox)
Heyaeb Close To Dawn (cd DSD Records)
Hocico Tora! Tora! Tora! (cd Out Of Line Records)
The Human Voice Exit Lines (cd Eibon Records)
Kite Kite (Mcd EP Progress Productions)
Juan Trip Fireplace (cd Citizen Records)
Krystal System Underground (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Klaus Schulze feat. Lisa Gerrard Rheingold / Live at the Lorelei (dvd Synthetic Symphony)
Lme Immortelle Jenseits Der Schatten (cd + dvd Trisol)
Leather Strip Retention N2 (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Massiv in Mensch Meanwhile Back In The Jungle (cd Artoffact Records/Caustic Records)
Manufactura - Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony (dcd CrunchPod)
Mono No Aware Ketoujin (cd Hands)
Monosurround Hello World (cd Citizen Records)
Mediavolo Unaltered Empire (cd Prikosnovnie)
Panic Lift Witness To Our Collapse (cd Hive Records)
Patenbrigade: Wolff Stalinallee (Mcd Zweieck Recordings)
Orphx Teletai (dcd Hands)
Phragments Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood (cd Malignant Records)
O Quam Tristis Les Chants Funestes (cd Palace Of Worms Records)
Plastic Noise Experience Reiz Und Reaktion (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Punto Omega Noche Oscura Del Alma (cd Trisol)
Siva Six Rise New Flesh / Flesh And Will Resurrected (dcd Decadence Records)
Rise And Fall Of A Decade Love It Or Leave It (dcd Ars Musica Diffundere)
Star Industry Black Angel White Devil / Live In Madrid (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Standeg UltraHighTechViolet (cd ArtOfFact)
Wardruna Gap Var Ginnunga (cd Indie Recordings)
Von Magnet Ni Prdateur Ni Proie (cd Jarring Effects)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz No! (cd Tympanik Audio)
William Control - Hate Culture (cd Victory Records)
V/A Extreme Women In The Dark Future (cd MachineKunt Records)
V/A My Dear Freaks 2 (cd Caustic Records)
V/A Advanced Electronics Vol.7 (dcd + dvd Synthetic Symphony)
V/A Re:Connected [3.0] (dcd + dvd Alfa Matrix)
V/A "Saw V" Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (cd SPV)

November 2008
ACL The Father (cd Hagshadow)
Alex Tiuniaev I Knew Her (cd Cold Spring Records)
Aesthetic Perfection - A Violent Emotion (cd Out Of Line)
Alternine Alternine (Mcd Alternine)
Anakrid - Banishment Rituals Of The Disenlightened (cd Beta-lactam Ring)
Bacio Di Tosca Und Wenn Das Herz Auch Bricht! (cd Caput Medusae Records)
Cephalgy Herzschlag (dcd Out Of Line)
Charlottes Shadow Eternal Sleep (cd Charlottes Shadow)
Boeoes Kaelstigen Commuting Colour (12 Adrian Recordings)
Container 90 World Champion Shit (cd Out Of Line)
Compulsive Shopping Disorder In The Cube (mcd Rage In Eden)
Cosmic Love Child We Are Medicine (cd Steve Fields)
Contrastate A Live Coal Under The Ashes (cd Tesco Organisation)
Curious Arrhythmia (cd Sonorium)
Dada Pogrom Happy Happy Happy! (7 Beatkamp Inc)
Criminal Asylum Zeit (cd Rustblade)
Die Form Best Of XXX (3cd-box Out Of Line)
Deadly Apples Infected (Mcd Deadly Apples)
Electric Bird Noise Le Vestibule Vestibule Transitoire (cd No More Stars Records)
Eisschock Play The Game (Web-Mcd TS-Musix)
Elegant Machinery A Soft Exchange (cd Out Of Line)
Entertainment Gender (cd Stickfigure/A Distant sound)
Error 144 Shot A Man (7 Beatkamp Inc)
Faderhead FH3 (cd LTTracks Recordings)
Femme Fatality Ones Not Enough (cd Stickfigure Recordings)
FGFC820 - Law & Ordinance (dcd Noitekk)
Feeding Fingers Wound In Wall (cd Tephramedia & Stickfigure Records)
Frederik Klingwall The Resilience (cd Last Entertainment Productions)
Friends Of Alice Ivy Hereafter Moth (mcd Galasono Records)
First To Phoenix First To Phoenix (Mcd EP First To Phoenix)
genCAB II Transmuter (cd Hive Records)
Herbst 9 The Gods Are Small Birds But I Am The Falcon (cd Loki Found)
Iambia Provocateur (cd Progress Productions)
Infestation Bastion Intouchable (cd Rage In Eden)
Hotel Hotel The Sad Sea (cd Silber Records)
Interface Destination (Mcd EP Nilaihah Records)
Jenny Dalton Rusalkas Umbrella (cd Glossy Shoebox)
Lost Area Man Machine (cd Thexoomo)
Melodrom - Variacije (cd Nika Records)
Mina Harker Tiefer (cd MachXX/Out Of Line)
Metal Music Machine Angels Of Destruction (cd Rustblade)
Neon Memories 1980-1986 (cd Intuition Records)
Necro Stellar Dissaturating Stellar Space/Saturating Cemetery (vers.2008) (dcd Shadowplay Release)
New Critical Illness In The Eye Of The Controller (cd New Criticall Illness)
Noblesse Oblige In Exile (cd Repo Records)
Neonrain We Are Meat / The Vultures (dcd Steelwork Maschine)
Northern Valentine The Distance Brings Us Closer (cd Silber Records)
The Other Colors 361 (cd LAC Records)
Philosophers Point Sucht! (cd Lukotyk Records/Prussia Records)
Paranoid Foundation Life Death Indifference (cd Paranoid Foundation)
Polarlicht 4.1 Famos (cd Funkwelten/Black Rain)
Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - Extinction Programmed (cd Infacted Recordings)
Psychic Space Invasion Transitions (cd Persepolis Records)
Rebotini Music Components (cd Citizen Records)
Rukkanor Despartica (cd Rage In Eden)
Un Festin Sagital - Epitafio A La Permanencia (cd Beta-lactam Ring Records)
Sagittarius Songs From The Ivory Tower (cd Cold Spring Records)
Veljanov Knigin Aus Eis (cds Premium Records)
Uw Hypotheekadvies - Nature Or Nurture (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Xuberx Intelligent Demise (cd Radio Active Music)
V/A Elektro Shock 2 (cd Katakomb)
Veljanov Porta Macedonia (cd Premium Records)
V/A The 5th Anniversary Compilation (cd Monopol Records)
Ariel Kalma - Le Temps Des Moissons (cd Beta-lactam Ring Records)
:Bahntier// -V3nal (cd Rustblade)
Black Heaven Negativ (cd Scanner)
Art Of Infinity Endless Future (CD BSC Music)
Black Wedding 11000 Virgins (cd Machineries Of Joy)
Boy From Brasil - LAmour, Le Sexe, La Drogue, La Mort (Mcd Pale Music)
Clair Obscur Antigone (cd Infrastition)
Clair Obscur - The Pilgrims Progress Live In Paris 1984/Live At Festival Des Musiques Mutantes 1986 (cd Infrastition)
Darker Days Tomorrow Nothing (cd Erisian Records)
Descendants Of Cain - The Tao Of Wisdom And Misery (cd Echozone)
Dead Industrie - Distant Whispers (cd ContraMusik Productions)
E.V.P. Postmortem Canticles Of Necromancy (cd Autumn Wind Productions)
Ellipse vs. Industriegebiet - Elipse vs. Industriegebiet (cd Krperschall Records)
Felix Marc Pathways (cd Infacted Records)
Flint Glass Circumsounds (cd Brume Records/Tympanik Audio)
Gothminister - Happiness In Darkness (cd Drakkar/SonyBMG)
Hardwire Konflict (cd Glow Room Records)
Funker Vogt White Trash/K17 Live Excerpt (Mcd Synthetic Symphony)
Headtapes - Love Is Suicide (Limited 7 Dogamusic Records)
Jarboe Mahakali (cd Season Of Mist)
Heavy Current - Ratrace (cd EP Sonorium Records)
LXT Death Club Entertainment (Decadance Records)
Krperwelten Avatars Of Rape And Rage (cd Malignant Records)
Man And Machines Analog Hearts Digital Minds (cd DSBP)
Madre Del Vizio - Un Mondo Dove... (cd Independante Noire Musique)
Midnight Resistance Remote (cd A Different Drum)
Midnight Syndicate The Dead Matter Cemetery Gates (cd Linfaldia Records)
Massiv In Mensch feat. Mind.In.A.Box Supermassive Gravity (cds Artoffact Records)
Le Moderniste Modern Struktur (cd Le Moderniste)
MT.Sims - A Grave (12 Hungry Eye Records)
MT. Sims- Happily Ever After (cd Hungry Eye Record)
Mythos Surround Sound Offensive (cd Mythos Music Berlin)
Nadia Sohaei Talking To Myself (cd Decadence Records)
Neonman - Knights Of Error (cd Pale Music)
Punx Soundcheck - Black & Gold (cd Pale Music)
Radio Jesus Reaper In The garden (cd Peppers Ghost)
ohGr Devils In My Details (cd SPV Records)
Redemption Unamed - Silent Shadows (cd Sikotick Records)
sToa Silmand (cd Alice In)
Terminal Sound System Constructing Towers (cd Extreme)
The Strand - Destroyers Of That Which Is Destroyed (cd The Strand)
Uberbyte SIC (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Totakeke Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks (cd Tympanik Audio)
V/A Were Punch Addicted (cd Punch Records)

October 2008
Absentia Otherside (cd Insomnya Records)
Akai Ikuo - Language Without Words (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
AK1200 and Gridlok Autopsy (dcd Green Galactic)
Alice In Videoland Shes A Machine (dcd Prussia Records)
A Spell Inside - Essential (cd Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Artifact - The Only Salvation (cd Spiralchords Records)
Autoclav1.1 Love No Longer Lives Here (cd Tympanik Audio)
Avoid Kharma No Paradise (cd Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Caul & Kirchenkampf Sleep, Night, Death (cd Malignant Records)
The Beauty Of Gemina A Stranger To Tears (cd tBoG Music/Danse Macabre)
Control Alt Deus Control alt Deus (mcd Control Alt Deus)
DadaJugend Polyform Sellout (Mcd Auf Die Platze)
Clint Listing My Father, My Keeper (cd Autumn Wind Productions)
Detroit Diesel Dancing With Terror (Mcd Detroit Diesel)
Der Blaue Reiter Silencis (cd Caustic Records)
Displacer The Witching Hour (cd Tympanik Audio)
Dezeption Human Eyes (cd Dezeptive Musc)
DYM The Invilid (cd NoiTekk)
Eidulon Idolatriae (cd Malignant Records)
D.Stop - Nouvelles Du Front (cd+dvd Infrastition)
Foretaste Terrorist TV (cd Boredom Product)
Glen Love Cryptesthesia (cd Sonic-X Records)
Greater Than One All the Masters Licked Me (dcd Brainwashed Archives) London (dcd Brainwashed Archives) G-Force (dcd Brainwashed Archives)
I.A. Serpentor Onoskelis (cd Insomnya Records)
Hydra Worship Your Diseases (cd Kairotic Records)
Imatem - Journey (cd Prussia Records)
Informatik Beyond (cd Metropolis Records)
Ionic Vision - Bitter Isolation (cd Machineries Of Joy/COP Int.)
Integral Rise (cd Tympanik Audio)
Letzte Instanz Weigold (dvd Drakkar Entertainment)
MDM - Modern Digital Militia (cd Spiralchords)
Lux Interna - A Lantern Carried In Blood And Skin (cd Projekt)
Metaorganism I: Baphomet (cd Some Place Else)
Nahtaivel - Killer Speaks (cd Wave Records)
Modulate - Detonation (cd Infacted Records)
NG-Pro The Place To Be (cd NG-Pro)
Nordvargr Pyrrhula (cd Cold Spring Records)
Novalis Deux Ghosts Over Europe (cd Ars Musica Diffundere)
The Peoples Republic Of Europe Singularity (cd Vendetta Music)
Rotersand - I Cry (cd EP Trisol Records)
S.H.P. Atrocitizer (cd Malignant Records)
Ruth - Polarod/Roman/Photo (cd Infrastition)
The Silverman - Blank For Your Own Message (cd Beta-Llactam Ring Records)
SubtractiveLAD Apparatus (cd n5MD) Divine Legions Beyond Psyche (cd Malignant Records)
Systemvirus v1.5 (cd Systemvirus)
Tapage The Institute Of Random Events (cd Tympanik Audio)
Toob Push Me, Pull You (cd Process Recordings)
Unexploded Unexploded (Mcd Unexploded Music)
Trmmerwelten Psycho Ttungs Equipment (cd Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Violet Vortex Violet Vortex (Mcd Violet Vortex)
V/A Nacht Der Maschinen Volume Two (cd Infacted Recordings)
V/A Rckwrts im uhrzeigersinn (double 12 Das Drehmoment)

September 2008
Achenar All Will Change (cd Earthen Records)
Ayria - Hearts For Bullets (cd Alfa-Matrix)
Blame Water (cd Klangdynamik Records)
Bit Pixel - The All Clear (cd A-Frame Media)
Chapeau Claque Fabelweiss (cd 1st Decade Records)
Brighter Death Now Necrose Evangelicum (dcd Cold Meat Experience)
Cold Fusion & Rukkanor Silk Road (cd Rage In Eden Records)
Cold Fusion & Rukkanor Wunderwaffe (cd Rage In Eden Records)
Dagoba Face The Colossus (cd Season Of Mist)
Concrete Cookie & The Maggot Farmer - Mondegreen (cd Force Of Nature)
Dawn & Dusk Entwined and :Golgotha: Sang Graal (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Digitalis Purpurea Aseptic White (cd Dreamcell11/Aural Music)
Elegant Machinery Move (Mcd Out Of Line)
Experiment Haywire Annihilation Chic (cd Machinekunt Records)
Haven A2982 (cd Rage In Eden Records)
Endif Carbon (cd Tympanik Audio)
In The Nursery The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (cd ITN Corporation)
Imperative Reaction Minus All (cd Metropolis Records)
Lachaise Silent Cries For Help (cd MP Records)
Kloq - Move Forward (cd Out Of Line)
Lucidstatic Gravedigger (cd Tympanik Audio)
The Long Dead Sevens The White Waltz & Other Stories (cd Beta Lactam Ring Records)
Mono-Amine Industrial Thought Patterns (cd Vendetta Music)
Nachtmahr Katharsis (Mcd EP Trisol)
Oomph! - Monster (cd GUN Records)
Passione Nera Research (Mcd EP Cold Meat Industry)
Redzone Abstract Revolution (cd Phasechange Recordings)
Perfection Plastic Triomphe De La Matire (cd Force Of Nature)
Synnack v2 (cd Force Of Nature Productions)
Sixteens Into The Gold Wave (cd Hungry Eyes Records)
Tacit Act Tacit Act (mcd Tacit Act)
Vestigial Translucent Communion (cd Cold Meat Industry)
V/A Awake The Machines Vol. 6 (dcd Out Of Line)
V/A Villa Rouge Vol.5 (cd Citizen Records)
Intercity 3 Love The Way You Are (mcd Urbcom music)
V/A Machines Against Hunger (dcd Sigsaly Transmissions)
6Comm & Freya Aswynn The Fruits Of Yggdrasil (cd Hauruck)
Ashbury Heights - Morningstar In A Black Car (cd EP Out Of Line)
Abandoned Place Shadow Of Memory (cd Thonar Records)
Dahlias Tear Under Seven Skies (cd Thonar Records)
Attack The Darkness I Am The Gatekeeper (cd Attacks The Darkness)
DeadJump Post Immortal (cd Advoxya Records)
Everything Goes Gold Prepare To Be Refrigerated (cd Sonic Mainline)
Denergized VHS Recall (cd Advoxya Records)
Front 242 - Moments (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Faux Pride Slap Stick Bitch (cd D-Trash Records)
Gothika Original Songs (mcd Gothika)
Genre Peak Preternatural (cd In-Code Music)
Impulz 21 Best Of Impulz 21 / 1998 2008 (cd Impulz 21)
Impact Pulse Optimal Contrast (cd Advoxya Records)
Invisible Front Bombs Around My Head (cd Thonar Records)
Liquid G Connected (cd Liquid Produkts)
Ionic Vision featuring Orange Sector Sweet Isolation (Mcd EP Machineries Of Joy/COP Int)
Miss Construction Kunstprodukt (cd Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Lull - Like A Slow River (cd Glacial Movements Records)
Noctiferia Slovenska Morbida (cd Master Of Metal/Danse Macabre)
NeonCoil Non-Stop Electronic Cabaret (cd Klangdynamik Records)
Nordschlacht Silence, Beauty And Cruelty (cd Klangdynamik Records)
Onyx Eyes Delights And Tears (cd FireZone Records)
Pantheon Legio Musica Per Aspera Ad Astra (cd Thonar Records)
Project Blue Duality (Mcd Urbcom Music)
Pneumatic Detach - [ko-mor-bid] (cd Tympanik Audio)
Prospero Folie A Deux: The Elements And The Madness (cd Artoffact Records)
Promonium Jesters Psychic Warfare (mcd Promonium Jesters)
PsyAviah Entertainment Industries (cd Alfa Matrix)
Roughhausen The Agony Of The Beat (cd TinderBox Records)
Revue Noir Anthology Archive (cd Projekt)
Tonal Y Nagual The Hidden Oasis (cd Thonar Records)
Tearwave Different Shade Of Beauty (cd Projekt)
TWZ Evolution (cd Advoxya Records)
Undecimber Silence divine (Mcd Circuit Eight Application Records)
Vlaadokk Coma-Lube (cd D-Trash Records)
V/A Forms Of Hands 08 (cd Hands)

August 2008
19 New Project Disconnected (dcd Gilles Boyer)
Amnistia Blackguard (cd Scanner Records)
Antenne - #3 (cd Helmet Room Recordings)
Arditi Omne Ensis Impera (cd Equilibrium Music)
Arcade Cyclic Sound From The Form (cd Divine Comedy)
Avenue In Oceania Avenue In Oceania (cd Oceania Industries)
Ars Phoenix Engines Of Progress (cd Ars Phoenix)
Billy Gone Bad The Acceptable Face Of Rioting (cd Cen:Sore Records)
Blood Dead-Hearted (Mcd EP CureCreate) Chain (cds CureCreate)
Brand New Day featuring Aidan Casserly Style (Mcd EP BND Music)
Destination:Oblivion Winter Solstice (cd Apocalypse Machine)
Combichrist - Frost: Sent To Destroy (Mcd EP Out Of Line)
Doxa Sinistra Conveyer Belt (lp Enfent Terrible)
Destination:Oblivion Hardwired (dvd Apocalypse Machine)
Eisbrecher Snde (cd AFM Records)
EraseTheVirus Songs In The Key Of Filth (cd Gut Records)
Ebola Mutant Dub Step Vol.1 (Mcd Spectraliquid)
Glissando With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Burning Sea (cd Gizeh Records)
Haggard Tales From Ithiria (cd Drakkar Records)
Hyperdriver Naked Aggression (cd/dvd D-Trash Records)
Horologium & Moljebka Pulse Penfield Mood Organ (cd Divine Comedy)
In Vein Strangled Voices (cd Codeline Records)
Keplers Odd Strena Seu De Nive Sexangula (cd Fractured Spaces Records)
Keen K Structures (Mcd EP Das-Drehmoment)
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard Farscape (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Kiethevez Non-Binary (cd A Different Drum)
Lowe A 1000 Miles (cds Megahype)
Lambwool - And The Angel Is Gone (cd Divine Comedy)
Lowe Kino International (cd Megahype)
Northern Lite Small Chamber Works (cd 1st Decade Records)
Matamachete Tanin No Kao (cd D-Trash Records)
Psycho Shop My Sweet Holocaust (cd Firefly)
Puissance - Mother Of Disease (cd Equilibrium Music)
Oblique Wonderful Opulence (cd Greenland Productions)
Razorblade Twins Black Pills (Mcd Razorblade Twins)
Ready Fire Aim This Changes Nothing (cd Expansion Team Records)
Roppongi Inc. Project Hard Times No Future? (cd Q-Code Records)
Seelenlicht Gods And Devils (cd Cold Spring Records)
Soil & Eclipse - The Mirror (cd COP International)
Skitliv Amfetamin (cd Cold Spring Records)
The Strand Destroyers Of That Which Is Destroyed And Rules Of That Which Is Not Destroyed (cd The Strand)
Somegirl The Velvet Hour (cd A Different Drum)
Turnbull A.C'S - Lets Get Pissed (cd Out Of Line)
System Syn - End (cd (Metropolis Records)
While Angels Watch History & Heritage Vol.1 (cd Eislicht)
V/A A Compilation 3 (dcd Black Rain)
V/A Cabaret (Tribal Vision Records)
V/A Mumm! Culture Against Racism, Violence, Intolerance (Head/Shot) (dcd Biohazzard Records)
V/A Fairy World IV (cd Prikosnovnie)
V/A Switch 12 (dcd News)

July 2008
Vox Celesta Via Regia (cd Infacted Recordings)
Travailleur En Trance Cobra Coded Escalation (cd Manoeuvre Records)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation Behind The Gates Of Horn And Ivory (cd Mythical Records)
Straftanz - Forward Ever, Backward Never! (cd Scanner)
Stillste Stund Von Rosen Und Neurosen (cd Alice In)
Strung This Is Future (cd/lp Clogsontronics)
Shnarph! Lautlos (cd ProNoize)
Soman - RE:UP (Mcd EP Infacted Records)
Portion Control - Slug (cd Prosumer Electronic Music)
SAM - Destruction Unit (cd Pro-Noize)
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Audio-Phobie (cd Hands)
Left Spine Down - Fighting For Voltage (cd Synthetic Sounds/Bit Riot Records)
Last Days Of S.E.X First s.e.x.u.a.l Experience (cd Hands)
Ladytron Velocifero (cd Major Records)
Individual Totem - Aspects Of Theories And Reality (cd Artoffact Records)
Lacrimas Profundere Songs For The Last View (cd Napalm Records)
Ice Ages Buried Silence (cd Napalm Records)
Les Fragments De La Nuit Musique Du Crpuscule (cd Equilibrium Music)
Geomatic Blue Beam (cd M-Tronic)
Fixmer / McCarthy - Into The Night (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Fractional - Come Mierda (cd Brume Records)
Endanger Revolt (cd Infacted Recordings)
Essexx Bridges (dcd Prussia Records)
El Soter Appletree Of Discord (cd + dvd Neversun Records)
Empusae - The Hatred Of Trees (cd Hands Productions)
Disharmony Cloned (cd Tympanik Audio)
Charles De Goal R Est Ruc Turat Ion (cd Self-Control)
C/A/T - The Great Crisis (cd Crunch Pod Media)
Buzz Minimal & Electronique (cd Buzz)
Carphax Files Revolutions Vol.1: Dirt (cd COP International)
Bitcrush - Epilogue In Waves (cd n5MD)
Blackfilm Blackfilm (cd Spectraliquid)
Ahryeph Marooned On Samsara (cd D-Monic)
Attrition All Mine Enemys Whispers (cd Projekt)
Action Nano Select And Start (cd M-Tronic)
25Men The Dancing Wu Li Masters (cd D-Monic)
3 Cold Men Photogramm (cd Lado Z/Wave Records)

June 2008
Melodyguild Aitu (mcd Projekt)
Sonne Hagal Jordansfrost (cd Luftschutz Entertainment/Tesco)
W.a.r.d.r.o.b.e. Body Cracker (cd Advanced Synergy)
Sara Noxx featuring Project Pitchfork Earth song (Mcd EP Prussia Records)
V/A The Projekt 2008 Sampler (cd Projekt)
ESC Enhancer (cd Scanner)
Jack Dangers Music For Planetarium (cd Brainwashed)
Ad-ver-sary Bone Music (cd Tympanik Audio)
System Syn Like Every Insect (Mcd EP Metropolis Records)
Moonspell - Night Eternal (cd Steamhammer)
Nurse With Wound Images/Zero Mix (dcd + book Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Xsoz Basic Topology (cd Fich-Art)
V/A Underground. Invasion & Friends 2K8 (cd Invasion Wreck Chords)
See Me Running featuring Phrunxe Demo (Mcd See Me Running)
Allez Allez Best Of Allez Allez (cd Eskimo/News)
Tyske Ludder - Scientific Technologies (Mcd EP Black Rain)
Rome - Massive Mensch Material (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Straftanz Tanzt Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht (Mcd EP Scanner)
Autumns Grey Solace Ablaze (cd Projekt)
Enochian Theory - A Monument To the Death Of An Idea (cd Anomalousz Music)
Sara Noxx XX-Ray (3cd Box Prussia Records)
X-Fusion - Vast Abysm (cd Dark Dimensions Records)
Xotox -In Den Zehn Morgen (dcd Pronoize)
Seabound Come Forward / Live In Berlin (cd Metropolis Records)
Leather Strip - When Blood Runs Dark (digital cd EP Alfa-Matrix)
Theatres Des Vampires - Anima Noir (cd Aural Music)
Greifenkeil Blood Mystery (cd Grentzwert)
Stray Abuse By Proxy (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Edenbridge - My Earth Dream (cd Napalm Records)
Freeze Etch Vessels (cd Force Of Nature)
Nebula-H - rH (dcd Alfa-Matrix Records)
The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass (Mcd EP Repo Records)
Robert Grl Dark Tool Symphony (cd Prussia Records)
Red I Clan Killohead (cd Rezzonator Records)
Ad Ombra Rites Of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum) (cd Rage In Eden)
The Grid Doppel Gnger (cd Some Bizarre)
Mono Inc (& Lisa Middelhauve) Teach Me To Love (Mcd NoCut)
Neutral Serpents In The Dawn (cd Eislicht)
Pale Obsession Songs Of Love And Death (Mcd Pale Obsession)
Jack Or Jive Kakugo (cd Prikosnovnie)
Kraken Drift (cd Spectre Records)
Eternal Deformity Frozen Circus (cd Code666)
Skincage - Things Fall Apart (cd Spectre Records)
Mattsson Dream Child (cd Lion Music)
Crisk - Machlaut (cd Alfa-Matrix Records)
V/A Music From And Inspired By Saw IV (cd Trisol)
Harvest Rain - Night's Glow (cd War Office Propaganda/Rage In Eden)
Client Untitled Remix (cd Out Of Line)
State of the Union - Evol Love Industry(cd Infacted Records)
V/A Advance Electronics 6 (dcd + dvd Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
BeatUnderControl Cosmic Repackage (cd Malicious Damage Records)
Diskonnekted - Old School Policies (Ltd dcd Alfa Matrix)
Arkane Enraptured Serene Mesmerism (cd Seduction Prod)
Camp Z Violent Memories (cd Manic Depression Records)
Lethargy Music Biz (cd Zoo Recordings)
Dooom Psychonaut (cd Mescalinum Music Research)
Pedro Inf S/T (cd Some Bizarre)
Midnattsol Nordlys (cd Napalm Records)
Cell Division Chymeia (cd Thunderdome)
Midnight Syndicate The Rage/Original Motion Soundtrack (cd Linfaldia Records)
The Young Werewolves Cheat The Devil (cd The Young Werewolves)
Caned & Able Smoke (cd Malicious Damage Records)
Gary Lucas vs The Dark Poets Beyond The Pale (cd Some Bizarre)
Kontour Scanners (cd Some Bizarre)
Montecalvo 146 Chaves De Casa (cd Beluga Recordings)
Retractor - The False Memory (cd Infacted Records)
Colony 5 - Burried Again (Memento Materia/Infacted Records/ArtOfFact)
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht (cd Napalm Records)
Hocico - Memorias Atras (cd Out Of Line Records)
No Tears Obsessions (cd Str8line Records)
Halo Manash Language Of Red Goats (cd Aural Hypnox)
Junkie XL Booming Back At You (cd Nettwerk Music Group)
Lost Reality What Remains (cd UK Division Records)
Zga vs. Figs Who Has Stolen The Air? (cd Some Bizarre)
Chandeen Teenage Poetry (cd Kalinkaland Records)
System - Self-Organising (cd Progress Productions)
The [Law-Rah] Collective - As It Is ((2 x 3 cd Spectre Records)
!Distain - Raise The Level (dcd Synthphony Records)
Pecadores - 10% For Jesus (cd Hellion Records)
Ayin Aleph - Ayin Aleph 1 (cd Invencis)
UCNX Absolute Zero (mcd MOMT Records)
F.O.D. Synthesizer Tanzmusik (cd Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Caprice Kywitt! Kywitt! (cd Prikosnovnie)
Cyclotimia Algorithms (cd Rage In Eden)
Blank - Impact Zone (cd ArtOfFact)
Cobson Like A Bike Without Brakes (cds Cobson)
Klinik Projects (dcd Hands)
Eternal Deformity Frozen Circus (cd Code666)

May 2008
Ad-ver-sary Bone Music (cd Tympanik Audio)
Juno Reactor - Gods and Monsters (cd Metropolis Records)
Arkane Enraptured Serene Mesmerism (cd Seduction Prod)
F.O.D. Synthesizer Tanzmusik (cd Fear Section/Out Of Line)
Lost Reality What Remains (cd UK Division Records)
No Tears Obsessions (cd Str8line Records)
Wumpscut Schdling (cd Betonkopfmedia/Soulfood)
Kraken Drift (cd Spectre Records)
Klinik Projects (dcd Hands)
Herrschaft Tesla (cd Aural Music/Code 666)
Lethargy Music Biz (cd Zoo Recordings)
Pecadores - 10% For Jesus (cd Hellion Records)
Pridon Apnea Eina (cd Low Impedance Recordings)
Flesh Eating Foundation Seethe (cd Rebco Records)
Dreddup Future Porn Machine (cd Insurrection/Dark Revolution)
ElvisGhettoBlaster Love Is A Schizophrenic Hungry Monster (cd ElvisGhettoBlaster)
V/A Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten (cd Enfant Terrible)
Caned & Able Smoke (cd Malicious Damage Records)
Midnattsol Nordlys (cd Napalm Records)
Accessory - More Than Machine (cd Out Of Lline)
Absent - Children (mcd Gurilla Underground)
Atrox Binocular (cd Season Of Mist)
Hanzel Und Gretyl - 2012: Zwanzig Zwlf (cd Metropolis)
Novastorm Bitch To The Bone (cd Sonic-X)
Ayin Aleph - Ayin Aleph 1 (cd Invencis)
Kaos-Frequenz Never Ending Torture (cd Sonic-X)
Diskonnekted - Old School Policies (Ltd dcd Alfa Matrix)
Red I Clan Killohead (cd Rezzonator Records)
Karelia Restless (cd Season Of Mist)
Mono Inc (& Lisa Middelhauve) Teach Me To Love (Mcd NoCut)
Blank - Impact Zone (cd ArtOfFact)
Halo Manash Language Of Red Goats (cd Aural Hypnox)
V/A Advance Electronics 6 (dcd + dvd Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Client Untitled Remix (cd Out Of Line)
The Young Werewolves Cheat The Devil (cd The Young Werewolves)
Slicks Kitchen Half Evil Half Album (mcd Slicks Kitchen)
Scud Hero Who Is Who (cdS Disco Necesarios)
Crematory Pray (cd Massacre Records)
Macbeth - Superangelic Hate Bringers (cd Dragonheart)
Gary Lucas vs The Dark Poets Beyond The Pale (cd Some Bizarre)
Skincage - Things Fall Apart (cd Spectre Records)
Sequencia Algo En Tu Ser (cd A Different Drum)
!Distain - Raise The Level (dcd Synthphony Records)
Empty Aeon Xpand (Mcd ep Aphotic Audio)
Subheim Approach (cd Tympanik Audio)
Colony 5 - Burried Again (Memento Materia/Infacted Records/ArtOfFact)
System - Self-Organising (cd Progress Productions)
Pitchtuner Riding The Fire (cd Doxa)
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht (cd Napalm Records)
Neutral Serpents In The Dawn (cd Eislicht)
Eternal Deformity Frozen Circus (cd Code666)
Crisk - Machlaut (cd Alfa-Matrix Records)
Jack Or Jive Kakugo (cd Prikosnovnie)
Kontour Scanners (cd Some Bizarre)
Caprice Kywitt! Kywitt! (cd Prikosnovnie)
The [Law-Rah] Collective - As It Is ((2 x 3 cd Spectre Records)
Mattsson Dream Child (cd Lion Music)
Pale Obsession Songs Of Love And Death (Mcd Pale Obsession)
V/A Electro Arc Vol3 (cd Electro Arc)
Adam X - State Of Limbo (cd Rustblade)
Ikonoklast - Dead Inside (mcd Screeching Harrasment Entreprises)
Trouble Over Tokyo Pyramides (cd Klein Records)
Glis - A Shot And A Bassline 2001-2008 (cd Alfa-Matrix Records)
V/A Music From And Inspired By Saw IV (cd Trisol)
Mannequin Depressives Girls Are Evil (cd Klankboom Productions)
Red Harvest The Red Line Archives (cd Indie Recordings)
Rekonnekted - 4-D Mode 1 (cd 4-d label)
Pedro Inf S/T (cd Some Bizarre)
Draconian - Turning Season Within (cd Napalm Records)
Midnight Syndicate The Rage/Original Motion Soundtrack (cd Linfaldia Records)
Romina Daniele Aisthnomai, Tragedy Of consciousness (cd Romina Daniele)
ShameBoy Heartcore (cd Sputnik/News)
Aestetic Idiosyncrasy Past Tales (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
The Grid Doppel Gnger (cd Some Bizarre)
Faith Assembly Descent Into Madness (cd A Different Drum)
Lether Strip - Civil Disobedience (Ltd 3cd Alfa Matrix)
Ava Inferni - The Silhouette (cd Season Of Mist)
V/A Solid Sounds 2008.1 - (3cd News)
BeatUnderControl Cosmic Repackage (cd Malicious Damage Records)
Chandeen Teenage Poetry (cd Kalinkaland Records)
Helangr KwinTes Sens (cd Helangr)
Junkie XL Booming Back At You (cd Nettwerk Music Group)
Slovo Todo Cambia (Briwtown)
Camp Z Violent Memories (cd Manic Depression Records)
State of the Union - Evol Love Industry(cd Infacted Records)
Sunao Inami Laid Back Computing (cd Electr-Ohm)
Diffuzion - Bodycode (dcd Alfa-Matrix)
Ad Ombra Rites Of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum) (cd Rage In Eden)
Montecalvo 146 Chaves De Casa (cd Beluga Recordings)
Zga vs. Figs Who Has Stolen The Air? (cd Some Bizarre)
Behind The Scenes Fragmented (dcd In-D Records/Infacted Recordings)
Cobson Like A Bike Without Brakes (cds Cobson)
Harvest Rain - Night's Glow (cd War Office Propaganda/Rage In Eden)
Assemblage 23 Early, Rare And Unreleased 1988-1998 (cd 23DB Records)
Silica Gel Exodo (cd A Different Drum)
Elmodic Monoism (cd A Different Drum)
Sadman Cold In The State Of Me (cd Memento Materia)
Cell Division Chymeia (cd Thunderdome)
Dooom Psychonaut (cd Mescalinum Music Research)
Retractor - The False Memory (cd Infacted Records)
Scud Hero Landin Of The Weird (CD Discos Necesarios)
Cyclotimia Algorithms (cd Rage In Eden)
Hocico - Memorias Atras (cd Out Of Line Records)
UCNX Absolute Zero (mcd MOMT Records)

April 2008
Black Comedy Instigator (cd Season Of Mist)
Der Blutharsch - The Philosopher's Stone (c Tesco/WKN)
Nasu Blue Take A Breath (mcd Nasu Blue)
Agent Side Grinder Debut LP (lp Enfant Terrible Productions)
Qntal Translucida (cd E-Wave Records/Drakkar Entertainment Gmbh)
Gl1tchgor3 Gearball (cd Some Bizarre)
Zibir Life Begins (cd Haunted House Records)
Tenek Tenek (Mcd Tenek/Alien 6 Productions)
Scorn Stealth (cd Ad Noiseam)
V/A Emerging Organisms (Hidden Forms Compilation Series Volume
Electric Colony Electric Colony (cd Electric Colony)
KMFDM - Brimborium (cd KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records)
Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial (cd Loki Found)
Mil Longing Speaks With Many Tongues (Premium Records)
Position Parallle Position Parallle (cd Hauruck Organisation/Tesco Distribution)
V/A Vgform Volym 1 (cd Vgform Records)
Rise Ad Fall Of A Decade - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow / 1987-2007 Anthology (cd Intuition Records)
Arcana Raspail (cd Kalinkaland Records)
ESA How Pure Would Your Utopia Be? (cd Hive Records)
Manufactura - In The Company Of Wolves (cd Crunch Pod)
Ayria - The Gun Song (Mcd EP Alfa-Matrix Records)
HellboundHeart Demo (mcd HellboundHeart)
Kash & Nik Page Kommunion (Mcd EP Wannsee Records)
Condanna E I Vermi Ameranno La Mia Carne (cd Rustblade)
Bardoseneticcube & Noises of Russia - New Orthodox Line (cd Some Place Else)
Narsilion Namri (cd Ars Musica Diffundere)
Dark Distant Spaces Dark Like My Soul (cd Intelligent Communications)
Nebelung - Vigil (cd EisLicht)
Agitprop 666 Mind control (cd Agitrop 666)
Recently Deceased Cellardoor (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
Stereomotion Apocalypse:Forever (cd E-Noxe)
Spyweirdos Ten Numbers (cd/dvd Creative Space)
Alien Vampires No One Here Gets Out Alive (cd BLC)
Lapsed & Nonnon The Death Of Convenience (cd Ad Noiseam)
Punx Soundcheck The Legends EP (Mcd Pale Music)
Yendri Dreams Of An Undead Girl (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
Run Level Zero - Arctic Noise (cd Artoffact)
V/A Black Stork Dancing On White Russia Land (cd Somord Productions)
Sinke Ds Akrasia (cd Cyclic Law)
Hot Chip - Made In The Dark (cd DFA/EMI)
Gradual Hate - Asfixiated World (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
Lingua Fungi Howery Dreams (cd War Office Propaganda)
The Machine In The Garden XV (cd Deus Ex Musica)
Marvin Ayres Eccentric Deliquescence (cd Mandalic Records)
Memmaker How To Enlist A Robot Uprising (cd Hive Records)
Tholen Sternklang (cd Cyclic Law)
Cromax International Electric Pussy Boogie (Mcd Wannsee Records)
Gelsomina & No Xivic Furnace (cd Some Place Else)
V/A Mental Mood Music (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Patenbrigade:Wolff Demokratischer Sektor (cd Zweieck Release/Harbeat Propaganda)
Elegant Machinery - Feel The Silence (Mcd Out of Line)
IC 434 Bacteriate (cd Infacted Recordings)
Tegma Lo-Fi Adventures (cd Tribal Vision records)
Bain Wolfkind Wasteland (cd Hauruck Organisation/Tesco Distribution)
Missouri Run with The People And Hunt with The Hare (cd Artoffact)
Soul Merchants 1985-1987 (dcd Smooch Records)
Antlers Mulm Of Withered Sparks (cd Loki)
Autoclav1.1 Broken Beats For Broken Hearts (cd Hive Records)
Nik Page Vicious Girls (Mcd EP Wannsee Records)
Detritus Fractured (cd Ad Noiseam)
Die Form - Bach project (cd Trisol/Matrix Cube
Ketvector The Infinite Regress (cd Rustblade)
Songs Of Lemuria Shake The Disease (Mcd Wannsee Records)
Raoul Sinier Huge Samurai Radish (cd Ad Noiseam)

March 2008
Angie Damage - Nicotine Tongue (epcd Intuition Records)
Dekad - Confidential Tears (cd Boredom Product)
Songs Of Lemuria Deep (cd Wannsee Records)
Zeroin The Death Of A Man Called Icarus (cd Subsound Records)
Annakin - Falling Into Place (cd Akin Records)
Ayria - The Gun Song (Mcd ep Alfa Matrix)
Romantica - Visby vs The World (cd EFS)
KiloWatts Ground State (cd Native State Records)
V/A Nacht der Maschinen (cd Infacted Recordings)
Testphasen Negativ How I Won The War (cd Serpn Heli Music)
Silbernacht Libe Und Verfall (cd Ajna Offensive)
Bulldose Overdose (Mcd ep Umbruch Recordings)
Di Evantile Inertia (cd Oleg Somov)
TzolkIn Haab (cd Ant-Zen)
Ascension Of The Watchers Numinosum (cd 13th Planet Records)
Ligne Clair Ligne Clair (cd Steelkraft Manufactory)
Olhon Underwater Passage (cd Eibon Records)
The Seven Mile Journey The Metamorphosis Project (cd Fonogram Agency)
Blind Before Dawn Distance (cd Danceflaw Recordings)
Marina Siertis The Much Needed Second Cold War (cd Shadowplay Music)
Dissamonix Disharmonic Universe (cd Umbruch Records)
Hexperos - The Garden of The Hesperides (cd Equilibrium Music)
Violet Tears Breeze Of Solitude (cd Ark Records/Season Of Mist)
L'Ame Immortelle - Namenlos (dcd Trisol Records)
Creature Distant Horizon (cd Haunted House Records)
Destroid Loudspeaker (cd Scanner)
IWR - Cold Asylum (cd Black Rain Records)
Poets To Their Beloved - Embrace The Fool (cd Equilibrium Music)
V/A Konkrete (cd Spectraliquid)
Soriah Ofrendas De Luz A Los Muertos (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Run Level Zero - Shattered Silence (Mcd Artoffact Records)
Seven That Spells The Men From Dystopia (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
V/A Weatherhead 3 (dcd Hypervoxx)
Totakeke Elekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks (cd Tympanik Audio)
Leandra Metamorphine (cd E-Wave Records/Drakkar Entertainment Gmbh)
Maxx:Impact Talk To The Machines (cd Liquid Produkts)
Saline Grace Border Town Shades (cd Deeper Waters Records)
Lorin Morgan-Richards An Occurrence Remembered (cd Lorin Morgan-Richards)
Bobby Autumn Never Leaves (Mcd Memento Materia)

February 2008
Grandchaos - Open source (cd Urgence Disk)
FabrikC Impulsgeber (cd Pro-Noize Records)
Cryo - Mixed Emotions (cd ep Progress Productions)
LXT - Moloko & Ultraviolence (mcd LXT)
Asrai - Pearls In Dirt (cd Season of Mist)
The Cnk - LHymne A La Joie (cd Season Of Mist)
V/A Endzeit Bunkertracks III (4cd Alfa-Matrix Records)
Love Spiral Downwards Ardor (cd Projekt Records)
Jacquy Bitch - Stories From The Old Years (cd Alone Prod)
La-Ventura - A New Beginning (cd La Ventura)
Atrocity - Werk 80 II (cd Napalm Records)
De/Vision - Da*Mals (cd Synthetic Product Records)
Sopor Aeternus - In Der Palstra (dvd Apocalyptic Vision Records)
Moonspell - Under Satanae (cd Steamhammer/Spv)
Raindancer - Response (cd A Different Drum)
Niceville - Murder Of Sandfleas (cd Niceville)
Oomph! Wach Auf! (cds Gun Records)
Null Device - Excursions (cd Nilaihah Records)
Fantazje - Help Yourself (cd A Different Drum)
Dream Disco - Take Me Home (12 Das Drehmoment)
Krill.Minima - Nautica (cd Native State Records)
Miss Kittin - Batbox (cd Nobody's Bizziness / News)
Vigilante - War Of Ideas (cd Black Rain Records)
Love Spiral Downwards - Idylls (cd Projekt Records)
Rename - First Bounce (cd A Different Drum)
Celluloide Napthaline (cd BoredomProduct)
Y-Luk-O - Sin(n) (cd Final Dusk Records)
Christian Death - American Inquisition (cd Season of Mist/Little Squaw Entreprise)
Letzte Instanz - Das Weisse Lied (cd Drakkar Records)
V/A Infactious Vol. 3 (cd Infacted Recordings)
Ashbury Heights - Three Cheers For The Newly Deads (cd Out Of Line)
Die Krupps - Too Much History (The Metal Years) (cd Arabella/Dreamhome)
V/A John Barleycorn Reborn (dcd Cold Spring Records)
Rogue Thief - The History Of Things To come (Mcd Rogue Thief)
Individual Totem - WWW (cd Artoffact Records)
Synkro - Dr. Tuesday (cd Pseudo Media)
Adaptive Reaction - Irrelevant Music + The Dumb Leading The Blind (mcd + cds Conduktiv Produkt)
Crowdcontrol - The War On Error (cd BLC Productions)
Near The Parenthesis - Of Soft Construction (cd n5MD)
Samsas Traum - Heiliges Herz Das Schwert Deiner Sonne (cd Trisol)
Unheilig - Puppenspiel (cd FanStation/Four Rock Entertainment)
Drifting In Silence - Fallto (cd Labile Records Inc)
Cassette Electrik - Electromagnetic (cd Cassette Electrik)
Jger 90 - Muskeln & Ksse (cd Electric Tremor)
New Risen - Dark Winter (mcd Blue Forest Productions)
Shivan - When Wishes Sicken (cd My Kingdom Music)
Cousin Lou - Moody Dollar (cd Beluga Recordings)
Formication - Agnosia (cd/mp3 Harmful/Dark Winter)
Vive La Fte - Jour De Chance (Mcd Uncivilized World)
Mind.In.A.Box - What Used To Be (Mcd Dependent)
Patenbrigade:Wolff - (cd Zweieck Recordings)
Stin Scatzor - Industruction (mcd Stin Scatzor)
Patenbrigade:Wolff - Turmdrehkran + Maurerradio (Mcd Zweieck Recordings)
Glaukom Synod - Ogre (cd Glaukom Synod)
Till Down Do Us Apart 07 (cd Dead By Dawn)
X-RX - Unmglich Erregend (cd ProNoize)
Orient Express - Illusion (cd My Kingdom Music)
VAWS Vol.1+ (cd Vaws)
Klinik - Nineties (dcd Hands)
Requiem In Black - Requiem In Black (cd Requiem In Black)
MWVM - Rotations (cd Silber Records)
Plumerai - Without Number (cd Silber Records)
Mankind Is Obselete - Trapped Inside (cd Mankind Is Obselete)
Skin Contact - The Fine Line (Mcd ep Skin Contact)
The Sun Of Weakness - Trompe lOeil (cd My Kingdom Music)
MephistoSystem - Endless Crawl (cd Monkey Music)
One Five Zero (dcd n5MD)
New Days Delay - Splitterelastisch (cd Alice in)
W.O.M.P. - The Other Side (cd Vaws)
Liars Rosebush - Circle The Squares (cd Hive Records)
Origami Arktika - Trollebotn (cd Silber Records)
Point Of View - Pop Music (cd Macchiatorecords)
Electro Arc Compilation - Compilation (cd Electro Arc)
Talvekoidik - Silent Reflections (cd Brume Records)
La Nuit Des Fes - Compilation (cd Prikosnovnie)
Switch 11 (cd News)
Wasteful Consumption Patterns - Solder (cd Intolerance Records)
Klangstrahler Project - Pick Me Off The Dirt (cd Klangstrahler Records)
Luca Formentini - Tacet (cd Extreme)
Mindless Self Indulgence - Our Pain Your Gain (dvd UCR)
Prometheus Burning - nBoyde raRepi (cd Hive Records)
Von Thronstahl - Sacrificare (cd Cold Spring)
Ljungblut - Capitals (cd Voice Of Wonder)
Oblivio - Dreams Are Distant Memories (cd My Kingdom Music)
Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants (cd Gnostic Records)
The Pain Machinery - Chaos Transmissions (dcd BLC Productions)
I Love Techno mixed by Dave Clarke - Compilation (cd News)
Phenotract - Transient Messages (cd Souvenir Records)
Rapoon - Time Frost (cd Glacial Movements)
Tor Lundvall - The Seasons Unfold Sampler (Mcd Strange Fortune)
Reaper - The Devil is Female (Mcd ep Infacted)
Spetsnaz - Dead Pan / Dead Angle (dcd Out Of Line)
Lycia - Cold (cd Silber Records)
Werstahl - Kontrol (cd Werstahl)
Noise Terror Vol. 2 (cd Noise Terror Productions)
Solar Fake - Broken Grid (cd Synthetic Symphony)
H.E.R.R. - Fire And Glass: A Norwood Tragedy (cd Cold Spring)
Inversion Effect - A Brief History (cd Artificial Music Machine)
Illectronic Rock - Angel Suicide (cd Blacksolaris Records)
Isis Signum - Electro Sensual (dcd Advanced Synergy)
Homicide Division - No Tears To War (cd BLC Productions)
HIV+ - We Are All Haunted Houses (cd Divine Comedy Records/Caustic Records)
Imagination - Just An Illusion / Burnin Up (Mcd ep Juno Records)
Individual Totem - WWW (Mcd ep Artoffact Records)
Funckarma - Refurbished Two (cd n5MD)
Fin De Sicle - Nine Barns (cd OPN Records)
Fallen Tears - Faith (cd Architectseye)
GASR - Reptile (cd Nilaihah Records)
Frozen Entropy - Conspired Amnesia (cd Thirteen Records)
Fall Of Snow - Right (cd Self released)
Golgotha - Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Elephant Leaf - Emotional Power (cd Tutuguri)
Din [A] Tod - The Sound Of Crash (cd Out Of Line)
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Pan European (Mcd ep Adrian Recordings)
Cherry Sunkist - Ok Universe (cd 22jahrhundertfuchs)
Dismantled - When I'm Dead (cd Dependent)
Electric Bird Noise - Fragile HeartsFragile Minds (cd No More Stars Records)
Cultural Amnesia - Press My Hungry Button (Ltd dlp + 7VOD Records)
Cyan Inc. - Better Leave Me Dying (cd Scanner)
Black Horizon - Speculum Animae (dvd MCCHM Meerbach & Sume Productions)
The Pain Machinery - Chaos Transmissions (dcd BLC Productions)
Liars Rosebush - Circle The Squares (cd Hive Records)

January 2008
Asrai - Sour Ground (cds Season Of Mist)
Attrition - This Death House (Incidental Musics Volume 1) & Etude (cd Two Gods Recording)
Attrition - The Eternity (cd A Two Gods Recording)
All My Faith Lost - The Hours (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Ashbury Heights - Three Cheers For The Newlydeads (cd Out Of Line)
Babylon Chaos - Les Machines Ecarlates (cd Opn Records)
Belakaroli - Furnished Rooms (cd Helmet Room Recordings)
Aranis - Aranis (cd Anticlock)
5F-X - The Xenomorphians Your Friendly Invasion (cd Hands)
Agonoize - Seiben (dcd Out Of Line Records)
Age Of Jets - Music By Numbers (cd Age Of Jets)
Alec Empire - The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven (cd Eat Your Heart Out)
Lngtch - Music For An Untitled film by T. Zarkkof (cd Etude Records)
Schwarze Nacht Tanz 1 (cd + Mcd Upscene/Indigo)
Futronik Struktures Vol. 5 (cd DSBP Records)
Heaven, Deep Trance Essentials Volume 5 (dcd 541/News)
Synth-Etik - Phantoms (cd Hands)
Forms of Hands 07 (cd Hands)
SubQtaneous - Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation (cd Mythos Media)
Suicide Booth - Aura (12 Das Drehemoment)
Sturm - Le Prix Du Sang Et Des Larmes (cd War Office Propaganda)
Sonic Violence Experience - Infected (cd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Starchaser Network - Starchaser Network (cd Tarot Productions)
Soiled - Shambolic Psychotic (cd Elm Lodge Records)
Skinjob - Insects & Metaphors' (mcd Skinjob)
Sinamore - Sevens Sins A Second (cd Napalm Records)
Schallfaktor - End Of Love (Mcd ep Infacted)
Schultz - BioMeKaniKal (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Reptiljan - Archaeodermophagia (cd Some Place Else)
The Opposite Sex - Violent Heartstrings (cd Opposite Sex Music)
Re:/Legion - 13Seconds (cd Rupal records/E-Noxe)
Naevus - Silent Life (cd Tesco/Hauruck)
Mezire - Corrosion Effects (cd Rustblade)
Motek - Re:EP (cds Noisesome Recordings / EMI)
Mammal - Lonesome Drifter (cd Animal Disguise Records)
Kom-Intern - Soviet Alien (cd Hands)
Lights Out Asia - Tanks and Recognizers (cd n5MD)
Human Flesh - Penumbra (cd EE Tapes)
Hskkar - Under My Head (Mcd Hskkar)
First Human Ferro feat. Kenji Siratori - Adamnation (cd Eibon Records)
Frederik Klingwall - Chronicles In Decay (cd Last Entertainment Productions)
Final Cut - Tripp Six Fixx (cds Full Effect Records)
Deuterror - La Gueule De Guerre (cd Steelwork Maschine)
Day Eleven - Sleepwalkers (cd Dockyard 1)
Cyanide Regime - Visions Of Order (cd Cyanide Regime)
Colloquio - Si Muove E Ride (cd Eibon Records)
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom - The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom (cd Death To Music Productions)
Book Of Shadows - The Inner World (mcd Artificial Music Machine)
Y-luk-o - sin(n) (cd Lukotyk Records)

December 2007
Edgey - Flawed (cd Hands)
Spherical Disrupted - Barriere (cd Audiophob)
Judgehydrogen - Atheistic God (cd Rising Occulus Recordings/Judgehydrogen)
Lip Service - Copy Kill Original (cd Devotchka Records)
Mute Audio Documents (10cd Mute/EMI)
Cloama & Blutleuchte - From Wasteland Mausoleums (cd New Old Sentinel)
Mayumi - CobaltBlueLight (Mcd Pale Blue Records)
Phanatos - Opus 2 (cd Phanatos Productions)
Cue To Recall - Polarity (cd Prussia Digital)
Grayceon - Grayceon (cd Vendlus Records)
Michelle Darkness - Brand new drug (AMF Records)
Newlydeads - Dreams From A Dirt Nap (cd Full Effects Records)
Extreme Sndenfall 5 (dcd Indigo)
Sigma Octantis - Invocations (cd Divine Comedy)
Pureh - Signia (cd PharmaFabrik)
Evan Bartholomew - Borderlands (cd New Land Music)
Blank - Hellbound (Mcd Artoffact)
Crud - Devil At The Wheel (cd Full Effect Records)
Sturmast - Ibis Redibis Nunquam In Bello Peribis (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Corde Oblique - Volont DArte (cd Prikosnovnie)
Bisclaveret vs Bruno - Les Mannequins (cd Zoharum)
Diverje - Stiched (cd Dsbp)
NDex - Lamentations III (cd Ndex Music)
Cinema Bizarre - Final Attraction (cd Universal/Island)
Michigan - The Nomad (Mcd ep Infacted Recordings)
Detune-X - Purevil (cd Rustblade)
SMP - The Treatment (cd Music Ration Entertainment)
Apoptose - Schattenmdchen (cd Tesco Organisation)
Svartsot - Ravnenes Saga (cd Napalm Records)
MercyDeep - Beyond The Here And Now (cd Only One Way Records)
Rise And Fall Of A Decade - You Or Sidney (cd Ars Musica Diffundere)
The Mimetic Years - All My Lives (cd Hands)
Rubikon - Wonderland (cd Substream)
Crimson Sweet - Wired For The Last Move/Basement Star (7 Slow Gold Zebra)
SicNoise - No Longer Human (cd aB.1oo Prods)
Product.01 - Fix Me (Mcd ep Product.01 Records)
Left Spine Down - Smartbomb (Mcd Synthetic)
101 Icons (dvd Sonic Seducer)
Psycho Luna - Gttin (cd Black Bards Entertainment)
TenHornedBeast - The Sacred Truth (cd Cold Spring)
Bacio Di Tosca - Der Tod Und Das Mdchen (cd Caput Medusae Records)
Hocico - About A Dead (Mcd out of line)
Destination : Oblivion - December Sun (cd Apocalypse Machine)
Mary And The Boy - Mary And The Boy (cd Low Impedance Recordings)
Electronic Manifesto (cd Divine Comedy)
Lola Angst - Schwarzwald (dcd Out Of Line)
Distorture - Revere (mcd Distorture)
Fayrierie - Michelia Campaka (cd Caustic Records)
Hibernate - Away (cd System Recordings)
Lahannya - Lahannya (mcd Kabuki Records)
Ambassador21 - Fuck All Systems (cd Invasion Wrechchords)
Hirsute Pursuit - That Hole Belongs To Me (cd Up & Coming Records)
PsychoAcoustic SoundClash - Volume Zero (cd Un! Recordings)
Last influence Of Brain - Inner Wars (cd Vendetta Music)
Medival Bbes - Mirabilis (cd Nettwerk Productions)
Nachtmahr - Kunst Ist Krieg (mcd Trisol)
Grayceon - Grayceon (cd Vendlus Records)

November 2007
Extreme Cubhits XI (cd/Mcd Indigo)
Gods Bow - Helpline (Mcd Lyre Studios/Minuiswelt)
Gothic Part XXXVI & Gothic Part XXXVII (dcd Gothic Magazine/Indigo)
Iridio - Endless Way (cd Standing Stones Records)
Retrolust - Bad Reception (cd Retrolust)
Terror Punk Syndicate - Extended Playtime (cd Progress Productions)
Dada Pogrom - Rats Live On no Evil Star (cd Beatkamp Inc.)
Edge Of Dawn - Borderline Black Heart - (mcd Dependent Records)
Land - Budapest (10 Divine comedy)
Mono Inc. - Temple Of The Torn (cd NoCut)
In Tenebris - In Tenebris (cd Cortege Recordings)
Access Denied - NonstopDieselErotica (cd Access Denied)
CTRLer - This Is Hardcore (cd Invasion Wreckchords)
Propulsion - X-Treme (cds Propulsion)
Mindless Faith - Medication For The Misinformed (cd Dependent Records)
Genaro - Genaro (cd Benbecula)
Nullvektor - Electrophrenique (cd Hands)
Irfan - Seraphim (cd Prikosnovnie)
The Horrorist - Attack Decay (cd Out Of Line)
Emilie Autumn - Opheliac (cd Trisol Records)
Heimstatt Yipotash - Perpetual Beta (cd Hands)
Edward Ka-Spel - Dream Logik Part One (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
E-Craft - Antisocial Themes (cd Electric Blue/Ausfahrt)
Cenotype - Origins (cd Hive Records)
Serious Beats 56 (3cd Box News)
Dawn Of Ashes - The Crypt Injection (cd Noitekk Records)
Greyhound - Noisewhisperer (cd Hands)
Corvus Corax - Kaltenberg Anno MMVII (cd Pica Music)
Black Heaven - Kunstwerk (cd Scanner)
Blutengel - Labyrinth (cd Out Of Line)
The Neon Judgement - Redbox (cd Pias)
Desiderii Marginis - Seven Sorrows (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Helalyn Flowers - A Voluntary Coincidence (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Autumn Tears - The Hallowing (cd Dark Symphonies)
London After Midnight - Violents Acts Of Beauty (cd Trisol)
Beati Mortui - Modus Operandi (cd Beati Mortui)
Christus & The Cosmonaughts - From Atop This Hill (cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Signal Aout 42 - Transformation (dcd Out Of Line)
Covenant - In Transit (dvd Synthetic Symphony)
Animal Alpha - Pheromones (cd Premium Records)
Extreme Degeneration 1 (cd Upscene/Indigo)
Wim Mertens - Receptacle (cd EMI Classics)
Scrape - Cruelest Intentions (cd Dark Reality Productions)
Octolab - The Timeless Room (cd Cryonica)
Ambassador 21 - Cut & Go (cd Invasion Wreck Chords)
Laurent Garnier - Public Outburst (cd PIAS)
Man1cProject - Square0ne (cd Man1cProject)
Vlad In Tears - Seed Of Ancient Pain (cd Dreamcell 11/Aural Music)
Amnistia - Neophyte (cd Scanner)
Brillig - Mirror On The Wall (cd Black Rain)
Gravemachine - Slut (Mcd ep Subtronic Multimedia)
Electronation 5 Years (cd Lektroluv/News)

October 2007
Red Voice Choir - A Thousand Reflections (Mcd ep Atakra Productions)
Extreme Traumfnger 6 (cd Upscene/Indigo)
Severe Illusion - Armed Evolution (Mcd ep Advoxya Records)
Violent Diva - Six Violent Mornings (mcd Fashion Noise Self Production)
Wynardtage - Praise The Fallen (dcd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Dr. Lektroluv Live At Rock Werchter 2007 (cd Lektroluv/News)
DavaNtage - Over The Pass/Dix Ans (dcd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Mehida - Bood & Water (cd Napalm Records)
Anenzephalia - Ephemeral Dawn (cd Tesco)
Eretsua - Microcosms (cd Divine Comedy)
Phaenon - Submerged (cd Malignant Records)
Harald Bosch - Die Sonne Scheint Fr Alle Umsonst (cd/dvd Dercho Music)
Harald Bosch - Die Sonne Scheint Fr Alle Umsonst (cd/dvd Dercho Music)
Intuition - Stronger (cd Infacted Recordings)
Kratarknathrak - Solstice (cd New Darkness Recordings)
Bestia Centauri - Teratogenesis (cd Eibon Records)
Boy Is Fiction - Boy Is Fiction (cd List Records)
Rise And Fall Of A Decade - Noisy But Empty (cd Ars Musica Diffundere)
David Kristian - Ghost Storeys (cd/dvd C0C0S0L1DC1T1)
Emilie Autumn - A Bit o' This & That (cd Trisol)
Gerg - Gerg (mcd Gerg)
A Place To Bury Strangers - A Place To Bury Strangers (cd Killer Pump)
Lime Light 3 (cd Tribal Vision Records)
May Fly featuring Wynardtage - The Face In The Mirror (cd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Empulse - American Idle (Mcd ep Rambunctious Records)
Xentrifuge - Light Extinguished (cd Noitekk)
Gusto Extermination Fluid - The Cleaner (cd Momt)
Kooper Kain - Hydrogen Echo Girl (cd S/N/Ratio Studio)
Projekt200 (3cd Projekt Records)
Alarmen - Theres No Place Like Hoan (cd Audiophob)
Painbastard - Borderline (cd Accession Records)
Die Puppe - Wonderland (mcd Kamisori)
Obskre Opus I (book)
Veil Of Thorns - Cognitive Dissonance (cd Mythios Media)
Acylum - Mental Disorder (cd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Yelworc - Icolation (cd Baal Records)
Felix Da Housecat - Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco (cd Different)
Magica - Hereafter (cd AMF Records)
Northern Kind - Fiftythreedegreesnorth (cd Northern Kind)
Lux Interna - God Is Not Dead For The Birds (cd Eislicht Verslag)
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Doomjazz Future Corpses! (cd Ad Noiseam)
Oomph! - Rohstoff (dvd Gun Records )
Attrition - Action And Reaction (cd Two Gods Recording)
Spectra Paris - Dead Models Society (cd Trisol)
Blue Birds Refuse To Fly - Xenomorph Angel (cd Decadence Records)
OTX - A World In Red (cd Funkwelten)
Complot Bronswick - Tome 1 1982-1986 (dcd Infrastition)
Alice In Videoland - Maiden Voyage Plus (cd Artoffact Records)
Heimataerde - Leben Geben Leben Nehmen (cd Infacted Records)
Keplers Odd - Gro J1655-40 (cd Desolation House)
Architrav - Arctic Museum (Ltd dcd Polymorph)
Diary Of Dreams - Nekrolog 43 (cd Accession Records)
Coph Nia - The Dark Illuminati (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Diary Of Dreams - The Plague (cds Accession Records)
Elis - Show me the way (Mcd Napalm)
Other Day - Passage Des Sens Fall:Wockenfuss (cd Pandaimonium)
Gods Bow - Follow (cd Alchera Visions)
Schlagstrom!2 (dcd Rustblade)
The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers (cd Repo Records)
The World Domination - Heat (cd 1st Decade)
Parade Ground - Rosary (cd SleepWalking)
[:SITD:] - Bestie Mensch (dcd Accession Records)
Zin - Tourists To This World (cd Brachialpop)
Trisomie 21 - Rendez-Vous En France (cd Alfa-Matrix)
Die best of M'Era Luna 2000-2006 (dvd Sonic Seducer / Crazy Clip TV)
Fuse presents Shinedoe (cd Music Man)
Accessory - Holy Machine (cd Out Of Line)
Orange Sector - Profound (cd Infacted)
Brian Ellis - Silver Creature (cd Benbecula)
Hal 30 - London (mcd Hal 30)
David Engels - Ur Nord Germanisch (cd Aesirs Productions)
Essence Of Mind - Demo (Mcd Essence Of Mind)
Chinese Theatre - Mirror Mirror (Mcd ep Chinese Theatre)
De/Vision - Noob (cd E-Wave/Drakkar)
Extended Electronics vol.2 (dcd Skizzo)
Chant - That Which Divides (cd Chantproject Music)
It Sounds Different (cd Different Recordings/Pias)
Bastards of Love - Rose Sorrow & Red Candies (cd Dj Vu-Music)
A7IE - Distress (cd Rupal Records/E-Noxe)
Emilie Autumn - Enchant (cd Trisol)
Xmh - Time To Play (cd Xmh)
Saltatio Mortis - Aus Der Asche (cd Napalm Records)
A Dark Nol (cd Projekt)
TAT - Le Sperme De Tout Les Mtaux (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Voltaire - Ooky Spooky (cd Projekt)
KMFDM - Tohuvabohu (cd Metropolis Records)
Quantum Dub - The First Mix (cd Quantum Dub Records)
Leather Strip - Retention n1 (cd Alfa- Matrix)
The Garland Cult - Protect Yourself From Hollywood (cd Ninth Wave Records)
32 Crash - Weird News From An Uncertain Future (cd Alfa-Matrix)
Babel 17 - Celeano Fragments (cd Infrastition)
Aaron Spectre - Lost Tracks (cd Ad Noiseam)
32Crash - Humanity (Mcd ep Alfa-Matrix)
Eisheilig - Auf Dem Weg In Deine Welt (cd Drakkar)
Darkmen - Electronic Body Music (mcd Darkmen)
Faster Pussycat - The Power & The Glory Hole (cd Full Effect Records)
Cesium 137 - Proof Of Life (cd Metropolis)
Invisible Asps - Black curtain Lodge (cd Invisible Asps)
Dave Gahan - Hourglass (CD Mute/EMI)

July 2007
Predominant Lunatics - Thirteen Lost Souls (cd Aurora Music)
Ephel Duath - Pain Remixes The Known (cd Earache)
Notstandskomitee - Souvenirs Aus Der Zukunft (7 Herden Media) / Charles Lindbergh n.e.V Nix Los (7 Herden Media)
SleepResearch_Facility - Deep Frieze (cd Cold Spring)
Isis Signum featuring Kindel - Communication (Mcd ep Advanced Synergy)
Tiga - Sexor (dcd Different/PIAS)
Seelenzorn - Gnadenloser Zorn (cd Danse Macabre)
Yelworc - Eclosion (cd Baal Records/Minuswelt Musikfabrik)
Crystal Entity - Divine Collision (Mcd Crystal Entity)
Formication - Icons For A New Religion (cd Lumberton Trading Company)
Minerve - Love Traces (cd Q-Code Records)
Stahlschlag - Acousticophobie (cd Hypervoxx Recordings/Telegrammetry)
Sickboy - Musical Therapy (cd Very Friendly)
Suicide Commando - X.20 1986 > 2006 (dcd/Mcd/dvd Noise Terror Productions)
Von Magnet - El Grito (cd Orkhstra)
Munkie - Dark Corners (cd Sunshine Music)
ReAdjust - Statement (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
Eternal Nightmare - Between the Worlds (cd Koi)
Inanna - Day Ov Torment (cd Cold Spring )
Goth/Industrial 2007 (cd Strangeland Records)
Leichenwetter - Klage (cd Metal Axe Records)
Ascii Disko - MDMA (12 Pale Music Int.)
Zibir - Electrodes (Mcd Haunted House Records)
Shinjuku Thief - The Scribbler (cd Cold Spring) - Cross Roads (cd Dependent)
Throbbing Gristle - Live Volume 1, 1976-1978 (cd Mute/The Grey Area)
Xcross - Kadath The Dream quest (cd Ek Balam Records)
Mordacious - Torture Tactics (cd Telegrametry Recordings)
Novus - Re-Designing The Future (cd Rebco)
Idiot Stare - Idiot Stare Welcome To Babylon (cd Idiot Stare)
16 Volt - FullBlackHabit (cd Metropolis Records)
Book Of Shadows - And Then We All woke Up (cd Ethedrone)
Edenyzed - Vanity Moves the World (cd Acme)
Stahlschlag - Acousticophobie (cd Hypervoxx Recordings/Telegrammetry)
Goth/Industrial 2007 (cd Strangeland Records)
Idiot Stare - Welcome To Babylon (cd Idiot Stare) - Cross Roads (cd Dependent)
Crystal Entity - Divine Collision (Mcd Crystal Entity)
Xcross - Kadath The Dream quest (cd Ek Balam Records)
16 Volt - FullBlackHabit (cd Metropolis Records)
ReAdjust - Statement (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
Minerve - Love Traces (cd Q-Code Records)
Mechanical Moth - The Sad Machina (dcd Scanner)
Worlds End - The Fragile Path (cd Sin Salvation Records)
Neurobash - Spoiled (cds Electric Fantastic Sound)
Predominant Lunatics - Cosmic Trip (Mcd Aurora Music)
Quelles Paroles - What if I would die right here on the spot? (cds Electric Fantastic Sound)
Vajas - Sacred Stone (cd Vajas)
Jan-M Iversen - Wiederkehrende Welten (cd Einzeleinheit)
Holger Czukay vs. Dr. Walker - (dcd Revisited Records/SPV)
MDM - Unified States Of Aggression (cd Zone 5 Msic)
Netherworld - Mrketid (cd Glacial Movements)
Social Ambition - Burning (cds Electric Fantastic Sound)
Hide And Seek - Where Turtles Sleep (cd Cynfeirdd)
Liquid G - Full Explosion (dcd Liquid Produkts)
Breakbeat Science Exercise 6 (cd Breakbeat Science)
Abstract Boundaries Vol.1 (cd Cinetiks)
Insurgent Inc - Kidz (cd Galadisk Records)
Merzbow vs Nordvargr - Partikel II (cd Cold Spring Records)
Tilbury On Cloves - Blindsnow (cd Dead Scarlet Rec)
Dwight Ashley - Ataxia (cd Nepenthe)
Kaos Krew - Devour (cd Top Records)
Recoil - subHuman (cd Mute/EMI)
Neon Electronics vs. The Hacker - Better way (Mcd Destination Records)
Proem - A Permanent Solution (cd n5MD)
F**k The Mainstream - Vol. 1 ([4-cd Box Alfa-Matrix)
ZEv - Forwaard (cd Korm Plastics)
Dolls Of Painv - Slavehunter (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Garden In Black - Garden In Black (cd Dead Scarlet Records)
Silent Scream - Aphelia (cd Plainsong Records)
Obscinity Trial - Daydream (Mcd ep Infacted)
Throbbing Gristle - The Endless Not (cd Mute)
The Dance Inc. - Legs and arms (cd Broken Silence/Audiolith Records)
X-Fusion - Rotten To The Core (dcd Scanner)
Naarmann & Neiteler - Naarland (cd Einzeleinheit)
Deep Sea Shipping (cd Lagunamuch Community)
DJ Hidden - The Later After (cd Ad Noiseam)
Life In Sodom - And Then We Fall (Mcd Nutrix)
Godlike - It will be godlike/Underground (cds Electric Fantastic Sound)
The Mission - Keep It In The Family (cds Oblivion)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Architecture And Morality (cd/dvd Virgin)
Artesia - Chants dAutomne (cd Prikosnovnie)
Insurgent Inc - Stronger (Mcd Galadisk Records)
The Secret Meeting - Ultrashiver (cd Alfa Matrix)
Inertia - Inertia (cd Cryonica Music)
FrightDoll - Reference Version (cd FrightDoll Records)
Helalyn Flowers - Plaestik (Mcd ep Alfa Matrix)
Adam - Adam (cd Fear Section)
Depeche Mode - Black Celebration & Construction Time Again (cd/dvd Mute/EMI)
Klute - The emperor's new clothes (dcd Breakbeat Science)
Damiak - Micalavera (cd n5MD)
Moljebka Pvlse - Sadalsuud (cd Some Place Else)
Noisuf-X - The Beauty of Destruction (cd Pro-Noize)
FMTA - In The End You Dont Exist (mcd FMTA)

June 2007
Skylab (cd Questygoa Records)
Schattenreich Vol.4 (dcd A-Wave Records/Drakkar)
Splinter X - The Sound Of Revelation (cd Rabazco)
Vibrasphere - Floating Free (12 Cloud 99 Music/Tribal Vision Records)
Even Vast - Teach Me How To bleed (cd My Kingdom Music)
Septic VII (cd Dependent)
Purwien - Eins (cd Major Records)
Cybercide - Adrenalin (cd Threatened Witness Records)
The Sandsacks - Folk Show (cd Rabazco)
Spyweirdos - Wetsound orchestra (dcd Poeta Negra)
Ova Looven - Gravity Has Expired (12 Artikal Records)
The Evasion On Stake - Again In the Past Part 1 (cd Herden Media)
Undo LM.END_1 (cd Undo)
Controlled Collapse - Injection (cd Noise Terror Productions)
Infaction Vol.2 (cd Infacted Recordings)
Trimetrick - Amygdala (mcd Trimetrick) / Pandemic (mcd Trimetrick)
Empusae + Nick Grey - Simple Black Lines In A Diagram (mcd Brume Records)
Mortal Decay (dcd Dark Horizons)
Rupesh Cartel - The Disco And The What Not (dcd Megahype)
System Syn - The Mourning Ritual (cd Metropolis)
Mr Jones Machine - Atervndsgrnd (cd Progress Productions)
Ricardo Autobahn - Interrobang (cd Ricardo Autobahn)
Skorbut - Firewall (cd Sonic-X)
Clan Of Xymox -Heroes (Mcd Pandaimonium)
Elusive - Locked Doors, Drinks and Funerals (cd Pandamonium)
Menticide - n.m.e. (cd Infacted Recordings)
Trash Art (cd Tribal Vision Recording)
Dwelling - Ainda Noite (cd Equilibrium Music)
Marsheaux - Peek A Boo (cd Undo Records)
Sirenia - Nice destinies and a downfall (CD Nuclear Blast)
Charlett Schwarz - Behind A Face (cd Sonorium)
Out Out - Pepperbox Muzzle (dcd Radio Valkyrie)
Solitary Experiments - Final assault / Totally recharged (cd Out Of Line)
Dome - 1.2 (cd The Grey Area Of Mute)
The Scandals - Cut Outs, patchworks & rip-offs (cd Pale Music International)
Edge Of Dawn - Enjoy The Fall (cd Dependent)
Noise Process - Groundzero (cd DSBP)
Tyske Ludder - Bombt die Mrder? (cd) Dalmarnock (cd) Creutzfeld (Mcd ep) (Black Rain)
Proceed - Laut (Mcd Out Of Line)
Rotersand - Tentwentythree (cd Dependent)
The Young Gods - Super Ready / Fragment (cd PIAS)
Suicidal Romance - Love Beyond Reach (cd Infacted Recordings)
James D Stark - Music Of The Night (cd James D Stark)
Buzz - Les Musiques nouvelles (cd Buzz)
Promotheus Burning - Beyond repair (cd Hive Records)
Forgotten Sunrise - Willand (cd My Kingdom Music)
Brillig - Te Plagiarist (Mcd ep Black Rain)
Cabaret Voltaire - The Living Legends (cd Mute Records Limited)
Treibhaus - Feindbild (cd Danse Macabre Records)
Das Institut - Zukunftmusik (Mcd Herden Media)
Lakeside X - Exit: Nowhere (cd X-Production)
Elusive - Dream On Sister (Mcd Pandaimonium Records)
Harmonia Mundi volume 1 / Lateinamerika (cd Danse Macabre)
Adversus - Laya (cd Sonorium)
Lacrimosa - Lichtjahre (promo-cd Hall Of Sermon)
Cryotank V2 (cd Cryonica)
Jesus Complex - Greetings From the Dead (cd Not Happy Records)
Purr Machine - Starry (cd Pandaimonium)
Brain Leisure - Methods Of Madness (dcd Vendetta Music)
Das Prparat - THX LD 50 (cd Scanner)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Dancing Horses (dvd Secret Films/Secret Records)
Funker Vogt - Club-Pilot (cds Synthetic Symphony)
Shellito - Benevolent Laser (cd How About Rabbits)
Melotron - Propaganda (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Stone The Crow - Fitting the pieces (cd 22Inc)
A Compilation 2 (dcd Various Labels)
Seelenzorn - Toete Alles (cd Danse Macabre)
Sin Seduction - Embrace the Darkness (cd Danse Macabre)
Electronic Manifesto (dcd Caustic Records)
Harmonia Mundi volume 2 / Israel (cd Danse Macabre)
Klangdynamische Bewegung Vol.1 (cd Klangdynamik Records)
The People's Republic of Europe - Lubrication (cd New Darkness Recordings)
Solitary Experiments - Paradox (Totally recharged) (cd Out Of Line)
Trail of Tears - Existentia (cd Napalm Records)
Puissance - Grace of God (cd Equilibrium Music)
Savak vs Zymosiz - Chemical elements 3.0 (cd M-Tronic)
Tristania - Illumination (cd Steamhammer)
Dependence Vol. 2 (cd Dependent)
Solitary Experiments - Final approach (Totally recharged) (cd Out Of Line)
Born / Evolve / Progress 2 (cd Progress Productions)
De Maxx Long Long Player 10 (dcd N.E.W.S.)
Severe Illusion - Shortcut to Civilization (cd DSBP)
Essential New Wave - Volume 3 (cd EMI Belgium)
Stereomotion - Resistance:2012 (cd E-Noxe)
subtractiveLAD - No Mans Land (cd n5MD)
Zoat-Aon - The triplex bestial (cd Aural Hypnox)
ElectroLounge Vol.1 (cd Infacted Recordings)
Terrence Fixmer - Muscle Collection (dcd Out Of Line)
Tracey Thorn - Out of the woods (cd Virgin)
Patenbrigade:Wolf - Hochstapler (cd Zweieck Recordings)
The Virgin Dolls - Studio live session (cd The Virgin dolls)
Excs Nocturne - 86-06 (cd Infrastition)
Plastik Pleasure - Prozak (cd Plastik Pleasure)
Rupesh Cartel - Ghost White (Mcd Megahype Records)
Necessary Response - Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound (cd Out Of Line)
Snow White - Wonderland (cd Hydra)
Solitairen Effekten - Solitairen Effekten (10 Enfant Terrible)
Monica Richards - Infra Warrior (cd Alice In...)
Stendeck - Faces (cd Geska Records)
Oomph! - Delikatessen (dcd Gun Records)
Phantom West - The rain expedition (cd Sistinas Music)
Mary Goes Round - Highway Planet/Mary In wonderland + Sunset/70 Suns In The Sky (dcd Infrastition)
Aural Holograms - Aural holograms Vol.1 (cd Aural Hypnox)
Purest Spiritual Pigs - Purest Spiritual Pigs (mcd Purest Spiritual Pigs)
Virgin Black - Mezzo Fortem (cd Massacre Records)
Miriam - When Beauty Is Invisible (cd Decadance Records)
Asmodeus X - Sanctuary (cd Kreislauf Records)
Tau Factor - Second Stage Ignition (cd DSBP)
PsyAviah - Creationism (cd PsyAviah)
Mad Juana - Acoustic Voodoo (cd Azra Records)
Isis Signum - Energy (net single null republik records)
Erdem Helvacioglu - Altered Realities (cd New Albion Records Inc)
Recoil - Bloodline / Hydrology (cd Mute)
The Organism - New world (cd The Organism)
Peekay Tayloh - Centrifugal (cd Poeta Negra)
13th Street The Sound of Mystery 2 (dcd ZYX Music)
Seamskin - A smile for murder (cd Seamskin)
Architecture Beats Per Minute (cd Advanced Synergy)
Total Pain Kollapz - Hell is not heaven (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)

May 2007
Oid - Systems Of Mercy (cd Lagunamuch Community)
The Stepford Rejects - Angry young computer (Mcd Un! Recordings)
Songs From The Hydrogen Bar (cd MoMT Records)
Mind:State - Decayed-Rebuilt (cd Alfa-Matrix)
Morthem Vlade Art - Uncertain Bays (best of 1997-2005) (dcd Pandaimonium)
Oomph! featuring Marta Jandova - Trumst du (cds Gun Records)
Anti-Mechanism - The Ending Swallows Us Whole (mcd Anti-Machanism)
The Moon And The Nightspirit - Rego Rejtem (cd Equilibrium Music)
Electrosexual & Scream Club featuring Peaches - Fine as fuck (12 Rock Machine Records)
My Dear Killer - My Dear Killer (mcd My Dear Killer)
Khvarena - The spirit rises (cd Projekt)
Nid & Sancy - Color At The Darkest Disco (cd Surprise/Lowlands)
Mind disruption - Kommunikation (cd D-Trash Records)
Aurah - Etherea Borealis (cd Very Music)
Montel - Dans Mes Rves (cd Discordian Records)
Digital Geist - The Zero Engine (cd Digital Geist)
Dead Guitars - Airplanes (cd Echozone)
Eisdrive - Hours Of Steel (Mcd Eisdrive)
Kreuzdammer - Shot Down In Flames (Mcd ep Armalyte Industries)
Omne Datum Optimum - Opus Mago Cabalisticum (Mcd Cynfeirdd)
Tobias Lilja - Time Is On My Side (cd n5MD)
Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Utopia:Banished - Dirtward (cd Aentitainment)
Electr-Ohm Compilation 1 (cd Electr-Ohm)
Decades - Secrecy (cd Civil Dust Company)
Electric Fantastic X-mas (cd Electric Fantastic Sound)
ICVSPD - The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness (cd Brugs Crawling Out Of People)
Antrabata - Elephant Reveries (cd Prikosnovnie)
Reliquary - Winter world (cd Black Rain)
Marina Siertis - Disease (Mcd Shadowplay Music)
Earthmonkey - Be That Charge (3cd Beta-Lactam Ring Records)
Herrschaft - Architects Of The Humanicide (mcd Code 666)
Lip Service - Copies Will kill The Original (mcd Lip Service)
Rsum (Selected And Mixed By Citizen Crew) (cd Citizen Records)
Darker Days Tomorrow - Zeitgiest (cd Darker Days Tomorrow)
Oblivion Ensemble - Seraphim Hallucino (cd Malignant Records)
Mark Lane - The anti-tech testament 1981 - 1985 (dcd Editions Mark Lane)
Prescription Death - The Death Of Standards (cd Prescription Death)
Mark Nicholas - Duchess 33 (cd Dirty Electronic)
K. Meizter - Dark matters (cd Old Europa Cafe)
Ambassador 21 - Drunken, Crazy, With a Gun (cd Invasion Wreck Chords)
The Dance Inc. - Legs And Arms (cd Broken Silence)
Losing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae - Nearly being (cd Epidemie Records)
Dolls of Pain - Dec[a]dence (cd Hydra)
Jaaportit - Avarrus (cd Epidemie Records)
Bounte - One (cd Positron! Records Inc)
Derma-Tek - Corpus technological (cd Dsbp)
Edgey vs Depth Error - The Abuse Technique (cd Hive Records)
John Watermann - Calcutta gas chamber (cd Cold Spring Records)
Caution! Invasion & Friends 2K7 (dvd Invasion Wreck Chords)
Neuropa - The Blitz (cd A Different Drum)
Daemonia Nymphe - Krataia Asterope (cd Prikosnovnie)
Noxound - Si sedes non is (cd Noxound)
Graboids - Infinite delay (cd Stickfigure)
Grendel - Harsh Generation (dcd Infacted Recordings)
Alien Vampires - Nuns Are Pregnant (Mcd Koldfinger)
Soman - Mask (cd Infacted Recordings)
Diorama - A Different Life (CD Accession Records)
Lilys Puff - Heaven Frowns (cd Ark Records)
God Module - Let's Go Dark (cd Out Of Line)
The Virus Has Been Spread (cd D-Trash Records)
I:Scintilla - Optics (cd Alfa-Matrix)
Northborne - Force It! (cd Out Of Line)
Supreme Court - Hypocrites And Saints (dcd Black Rain)
Caustic - Booze Up And Riot (cd CrunchPod)
Electro-Arc Compilation Vol 1 (cd Electro-Arc)
Combichrist - What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People (dcd Out Of Line)
Genre Peak - Ends Of The Earth (cd In-Code-Music/BMI)
Metallsprhunde - Amokmensch (cd Danse Macabre)
Funker Vogt - Aviator (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Broken Nightlights (cd Suspicious Records)
Dismal - Miele dal Salice (cd Dreamcell 11)
Letzte Instanz - Wir sind Gold (cd Drakkar Records)
Auto Agression - Artefacts (cd Dependent)
Hatestar - Reinvent self destruction (cd D-Trash Records)
Deutsch Nepal - Erotikon (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Jehann Corvus - Cantiques pour une chrysalide (cd Cynfeirdd)
Jvox - QED (cd Ad Noiseam)
32Crash - Humanity (Mcd ep Alfa-Matrix)
Northern Kind - Album sampler (Mcd Northern Kind)
Soysoy - Liquid (cd Li Mohe Music)
Moby - Go remixed (cd Mute)
Foochow - Bass Beyond (cd Je Men Fish)
Isis Signum - Energy (12 Advanced Synergy)
Grinderman - Grinderman (cd Mute)
Jvox - QED (cd Ad Noiseam)
Legion Within - The Empty Men (mcd Wretched World Music)
Liquid Divine - Black Box (cd Infacted Recordings)
M - LAmour est mort (cd Pencilled Songs)
Mind Disruption - Kommunikation (cd D-Trash Records)
Diorama - Synthesize Me (Mcd Accession)
Reaper - Hell starts with an H (cd Infacted Recordings)
15 (cd Infrastition)
Wynardtage - Evil Mind (cd E-Nox)
A Touch Of Class Still Sucks! (cd A Touch Of Class)
Xcor - Evolution (cd Sonic Soul)
SD6 - Between Noise and Transmission (cd 23db Records)
Thanacid - The Beast (cd Pandaimonium)
Yendri - Malfunction (cd Mental Ulcer forges)
Virtual Victim - Transmission (cd Rupal Records)
Fractional - Aliwen (cd AKH Records)
Digitalism - The 12inches EPs (Mcd Virgin)
Monoceros - Tales For Silent Nights (cd Imaginary Nonexistent Records)
Necro Facility - The Room (cd Progress Prod)
Resonance - Cold Heart (Mcd Megahype Records)
Ataraxia and Circuz Kump - Paris Spleen (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Death of Dawn - Daylight extinction (cd Hydra)
Ion - Madre protgenos (cd Equilibrium music)
The Ones - The Ones (dcd ATOC)
Concise - Revive / Flaque - Mindscapes / X-Dynamics - Regular Loader Routine (cd Wycombe Music)
Last Days - Sea (cd n5MD)
Painbastard - No Need to Worry (cd Accession Records)
ESC - Matte (cd Scanner)
Neon - Au Thtre des Sons Imaginaires (cd Poeta Negra)
Moby - In My Heart (cdS Mute)
All my dead friends (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Kobold - The Taste of Copper (cd Artoffacts Records)
SAM - Synthetic Adrenaline Music (cd Pro-Noize)
Zombie Girl - Blood, Brains, & Rock'N Roll (cd Alfa Matrix)
Rabia Sorda - Metodos del Caos (cd Out of Line)
Onetwo - Instead (cd ThereMusic)
Lamia - La maquina de Dios (cd Black Rain)
Paranoid Foudation - The music of chance (cd Crispin Lee)
Mnemonic - Monokultur (cd M-Tronic)
Leather Strip - The giant minutes to the dawn (cd Alfa Matrix)
Lowe - My Song (Mcd Megahype)
Mark Lane - Inner most folds (Mcd Editions Mark Lane)
VAWS Vol.4 (cd VAWS)
Defcon - Endsong (cd Negative Gain Productions)
The Illusion Fades - PsychoBurn (cd Dead Scarlet)
Lily Green - Lily Green (mcd Lily Green)
Displacer - Cage fighters lullaby (cd M-Tronic)
Priscilla Hernandez - Ancient Shadows (cd Yidneth)
Isis Signum - Heartbreaker (Mcd ep Advanced Synergy)
Jesus On Extasy - Holy beauty (cd Drakkar)
Pearls Of Dew - Alpha (cd Major Records)
Diary of Dreams - Nine In Numbers (DVD Accession Records)
Sensazione - Anche I Pesci Hanno Sete (cd Zeta Promotion)
Penitent - Among The Sleepless (cd Hydra)
Gary Flanagan - Rhapsody In Black (cd Gary Flanagan)
Heal - Starting back (cd Sound On Probation)
Foundation Hope - The faded reveries (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Rise Of The Fallen - Bloodline (cd Golem Records)
Keltia - 1666 (cd Li Mohe Music)
Torturecide - The Gospel of Force (cd Hydra)
The Crystalline Effect - Blurred Edges (Mcd The Crystalline Effect/Crash Frequency)
Tristania - Sanguine Sky (Mcd Steamhammer)
Urawa - Parable of the driver (cd Divine Comedy)
VNV Nation - Judgement (cd Anachron Sounds)
Inchoate - Sterile (cd Corporate Demon) / The Sequence Of Prime - The Sequence Of Prime (cd Corporate Demon)
Syrian - Alien Nation (cd Infacted Recordings)
Type O Negative - Dead Again (cd SPV)
Miasma - Spirit Death (cd Triple Silence)
Tor Lundvall - Yule (cd Strange Fortune)
Retconned - Unhappenings (cd Stickfigure)
Wumpscut - Body census (ltd edition) (cd Beton Kopf Media)
Velvet Acid Christ - Wound) (Mcd Metropolis)
Unit 21 - November (cd Peace Technologies)
Unit 21 - November (cd Peace Technologies)
On-U Sound Crash : Slash And Mix - Adrian Sherwood (cd On-U Sound / EMI)
Wumpscut - Body census DJ Dwarf Seven (Mcd ep Beton Kampf Media)
Lady Morphia - Essence And Infinity (cd Lady Morphia)
Nox Arcana - Blood Of The Dragon (cd Monolith Graphics)
Sonic Seducer Mera Luna Festival 2006 (dvd Sonic Seducer)
Ilid - The Shadow Over Arkham (Mcd Alkemist Fanatix)
In The Nursery - Era (cd ITN Corporation)
electron - Atmospherics (cd Electron)
KGC - Dirty Bomb (cd KMFDM Records)
John Cale - Circus Live (dcd EMI)
The Groaning - Dearly Beloved (cd The Groaning)
Deathboy - End of An Error (cd Line Out Records)
Faderhead - FH2 (cd Accession Records)
Forkys - My Spirit Freed At Last (cd Dead Scarlet Records)
Ayin Aleph - My bloody mariage (mcd Invencis)
Human Decay - Apology (Mcd ep Accession Records)
Dark Sanctuary - Exaudi Vocem Meam part 2 (cd Wounded Love Records)
Autumn - 2 decades (dcd Nova Tune)
Satyrian - The Dark Gift (Mcd ep Lion Music)
Gallery - Jas Gripen (cd Karisma Records)
Deep Red - Relics of desire (cd Osiris Soundworks)
Random Touch - Alchemy (cd/dvd Token Boy Records)
Illuminati - Espionage / Meta Medica (cd) (Lotta Continua)
Christopher - Smoke and origination (cd IkonWerk)
Delerium - Nuages du Monde (cd Nettwerk)
Obscyre - Aus Der Traum (Mcd ep Fotorismus/Icare Media distribution)
Von Thronstahl - Bellum, Sacrum Bellum!? (cd VAWS)
Asombria - Base II (cd Godagatt Records)
Lutece - and Ancestors Still Remain (cd Triple Silence)
Autoclav 1.1 - Visitor Attractions (cd Crunch Pod)
De Volanges - The Outcast (cd Str8lineRecords)
Esa - Devotion, discipline and denial (cd HIVE Records)
Imperative Reaction - As We Fall (cd Metropolis)
Kosheen - Damage (cd Island)
The Vital Terms of Rupal Records (cd Rupal Records)
K-Nitrate - Active Cell (cd MOMT Records)
Celluloide - Passion & Excitements (cd Boredom Product)
Dani Joss - Shaper of Form (cd Poeta Negra)
Spineflesh - The Sense Of Flesh (Mcd Spineflesh)
Anders Manga - Blood lush (cd Vampture Records)
Arc.Lab - No Spectre (cd n5MD)
Bleiburg - Pieces of broken dream (dcd Cold Spring Records)
Switch 10 - (3cd NEWS)
Vestigial - Aeon (mcd Vestigial)
Dead Jump - Immortal (cd Resistance Beat Music)
Cruciform Injection - Aftermath (cd Negative Gain)
Glaukom Synod - Uczulony (cd Hydra)
Celadon - Post industrial delicacies (cd Maia Creations)
Affected - Affected (Mcd ep SM Records)
Attrition - Something stirs: the beginning 1981-1983 (cd Two Gods)
Danz Poetry - Pray For Rain (cd Danz Poetry)
Celine - Elapsed Time (cd M-Tronic)
Creature - Mechanical (cd Haunted House Records)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Sonic Diary (cd Gun Records)
The Exploits Of Elaine/Glissando - Stomach Pleasure Golden Sleep/A Whisper Of The Eye (cd Loom)
Cruise [CTRL] - Garmonbozia! (mcd Third Labs)
The Beauty Of Gemina - Diary of lost (cd Monkey Music)
Alberion - Indaco (mcd Cynfeirdd)
Angelspit - Krankhaus (cd Dancing Ferret Discs)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Love blame (cdS Gun Records)
BlutEngel - My Saviour (Mcd Out of Line)
Dynamo Vol.2 (cd Memento Materia)
E-Craft - Unsocial Themes (cd Electric Blue)
Akrn - Origins Of The 7 Deadly sins (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
Client - Lights go out (Mcd Out of Line)
Con Edison - The Occult Technology Of Power (cd Un! Records)
Machineries of Joy Vol. 4 (dcd Out Of Line)
Star Industry - Last Crusades (cd Alfa Matrix)
DerDrakos - Lust For Chaos (cd DerDrakos Music)
X-Perience & Midge Ure - Personal Heaven (Mcd Major Records)
80th Disorder - Transform (Mcd Melotrik)
Darker Days Tomorrow - Zeitgiest (cd Erisian Records)
Accurst - A phantoms noctuary (cd Serpene Heli Music)

April 2007
Aerospace - Elevation (cd Spintwist Records)
Kloq - We're Just Physical (Mcd Out Of Line)
Modulate - Skullfuck (Mcd Sistinas/Infacted)
And One - Traumfrau (Mcd Out of Line)
64Revolt - Ballads of malice and discontent (Mcd D-Trash Records)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Cambodia (cdS Gun Records)
Assemblage 23 - Binary (Mcd Accession Records)
Mortiis - Some Kind of Heroin (cd Earache)
Barry Adamson - The murky world of Barry Adamson (cd Mute)
Absurd Minds - The Cycle (Mcd Dark Dimentions)
Boytronic - Dependence (cd Major Records)
Head-Less - Rouge Et Noir (dcd Head-Less/Icare Media Distribution)
Daan - The Player (cd Pias)
The Mission - God Is A Bullet (cd Oblivion)
Fake The Envy - Blind (CD Idle Works / Section44)
Cervello Elettronico - Negate The Instigator (cd Crunch Pod Records)
Days Of Fate - Traffic (cd Rabazco Records)
Client - Heartland (cd/dvd Out Of Line)
Hex Rx - X (CD Negative Gain Productions)
Escape With Romeo - Emotional Iceage (cd Zeitklang Records)
Akanoid - Cocktail pop (cd Echozone)
Frontline Assembly - Fallout (cd Metropolis)
Auto Agression - Artefacts (cd Dependent)
Alien Produkt - Ignorance (CD BLC)
Neongrau - Spam n space (CD Das Drehmoment Records)
SXD DJ-Tool #4 (cd SX Distribution)
Wolf Eyes With John Wiese - Equinox (cd Troniks)
Silence & Strength - Le divin Cagliostro (cd The Eastern Front)
Gothic Compilation part XXXIII / Gothic Compilation part XXXIV (dcd Batbelieve Releases/Indigo)
RADIO SLAVE presents Creature of the night (cd NEWS)
Stochastic Theory - Opposite Extremes (cd Sonic Mainline)
Superheroines - Anthology 1982-1985 (cd Cleopatra)
Sleeping Gorilla Museum - Grand opening and closing (cd Equilibre Music)
Winterklte - First album (cd Hands)
Psycomex Tlaloc (cd AP Records)
Extreme Sundenfall Vol.4 (cd Upscene/Indigo)
Zombina and The Skeletones - Death Valley high (cd Ectoplastic Records)
I Love Techno 2006 mixed by Ortin Cam (cd 541/News)
Monica Schroeder - So far (cd A Different Drum)
Noiz + Zilenth - Noirtag (cd Nein Records/Raid Music)
Heavy Current - Advocatus Diaboli - Split-cd (cd Sonorium)
New Input Noise (cd HellektroEmpire)
Rodent & Laura - Crush body (cd Stalking Records)
Soko Friedhof - Jesussaft (cd Gothic Empire Records)
Suicide Inside - Learn to swallow (cd Invasion wreck Chords)
Wicked Wisdom - Wicked Wisdom (cd Womon Records/AFM Records)
AQL / HIV+ / Muckrackers - Paradise now (cd Divine Comedy)
Delicate Noise - Diversion (cd Lens Records)
Psicodreamics - Theatre des vampires (cd Witches On The Radiowaves)
Ex Voto - Dolorosa (cd Poor Alice Music)
The Faces of Sarah - Lament (cd Malicious Damage Records)
Rose Rovine E Amanti - Rituale Romanum (cd Cold Spring)
Negura Bunget - Om (cd Code 666)
Heathcliff and Catherine - Regina della notte (Mcd Heathcliff & Catherine)
Double Yellow Swans - Global Clone (cd PACrec/JYRK)
Spiritual Front - Armageddon Gigolo (cd Trisol)
Colours Of Black (dcd Advoxya Records)
Soulchasm - Love Is Real (cd Soulchasm)
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Dusk and void became alive (cd Napalm Records)
Nurzery Rhymes - Injections (cd COP International)
Dr. Lektroluv Live Recorded at Extrema Outdoor 2006 (cd NEWS)
Stromkern - Reminders (mcd Dependent)
Exillon - A bit young for you (12 ep Puzzling Records)
Klinik & Vidna Obmana - Greed (cd Hands)
Monica Richards - Infra Warrior (mcd Alice In)
Violet Tears - Cold memories & remains (cd The Fossil Dungeon)
Neronoia - Un mondo in me (cd Eibon Records)
Dope Stars Inc. - Gigahearts (cd Trisol)
Euthanasie - Queer chronicle (Mcd Euthanasie)
Missratener Sohn - Maximum hate (cd Kafue Systeme)
Enduser - Pushing back (cd Ad Noiseam)
Depeche Mode - Touring the angel Live in Milan (2 dvd/cd Mute/EMI)
The Cruxshadows - Dreamcypher (cd Dancing Ferret Discs)
Rosewater - Bloodcount (cd Sturmmandat 20)
Portion Control - Filthy white guy (cd Portion Control)
Sky Burial - Spectrehorse (cd Audio Immolation Industries)
ESR - Wounds And Scars (cd DSBP)
Rhythmic Symphony - The Mechanism Fulfilled (cd Section 44)
Nvmph - Diod Man (cd Infacted)
Pieter Nooten - Ourspace (cd I-Rain)
The Jive Inspector - Inspector of the Drum (12 Alternative Blueprint)
The Awakening - Razor Burn (cd Massacre)
Lycosia - Apokalipstik (cd Araknid Records)
Container 90 - Scandinavian masters (cd Sham Recordings)
Re/Move - Uppercut (cd Decadance)
Roppongi Inc. Project - Till the end (cd Russian Gothic Project)
Bodyhammer - Neural base culture (dcd Mizukis Box)
Flesh Eating Foundation - Enhanced (Mcd Flesh Eating Foundation)
The Sisters of Mercy - First last and always / Vision thing / Floodland (cd Rhino/Warner Music)
The Lux - A strange gathering (cd Cleopatra)
Diva Destruction - Run Cold (cd Metropolis)
Der Blaue Reiter - Le paradis funbre, lenvers de la tristesse (cd Caustic Records)
Nvmph - Diod Man (cd Infacted)
Straftanz - Straftanz (Mcd Dependent)
Wilt - Dark meadows (cd Ad Noiseam)
Get Electrofied! Memento Materia 15 years in electronic music (dcd/dvd Memento Materia)
Distorted Memory - Burning heaven (cd Noitekk)
[+] Z.E.T.A. X - Erdbeermund (Mcd ep AMP-Media)
Skink - Skink (cd Momt Records)
Pre-Lachaise (cd Divine Comedy)
Unavox - Angels dance upward (cd New Army)
Beautiful Voices Vol. 2 (dvd+cd Nuclear Blast)
Crash Frequency 02 (dcd Crash Frequency)
Autumn's Descent - Primer (Mcd Windblown Music)
Sophya - Third wish (cd Mutantjasz)
Voltaire - Zombie prostitute (Mcd Projekt)
Blood Money - Axis of Blood (cd Killer Pimp)
The Cure - The Top / The Head On the Door (dcd Rhino/Fiction)
Astrophagus - Casualite (cd Helmet Room Recordings)
Greifenkeil - Greifenkeil (cd Grentzwert)
Lost Signal - Eviscerate (cd 23db)
The Rita - Thousands of Dead Gods (cd PACrec)
Norma Loy - Sacrifice (dcd Infrastition)
Bella Donna - II (cd Etage-Music / Brokensilence)
Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward / A Broken Frame / Songs Of Faith And Devotion (cd/dvd Mute/EMI)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalips (cd Cold Mead Industry)
Electric Six - Switzerland (cd Metropolis/Alive)
Punto Omega - Nostalgias Del Origen (dcd box Trisol)
Shadowlight - Pandamonium My Order (cd Shadowlights)
Hansel - Lorentzian lineshaper (cd D-Trash Records)
Slick Idiot - xSCREWciating (cd Itchy Records)
Autopsia - Berlin Requiem (cd Old Europe Caf)
Hyde - Faith (cd Ki/oon Records)
Cdatakill - Valentine (cd Ad Noiseam)
Mordacious - The emptiness (cd Hypervoxx Recordings)
Untoten - Die Blutgrfin (dcd Gothic Empire Records)
Bathtub - Fono & Serafina (cd Fono Factory)
Ran - Ran (cd Decadance Rercords)
Endif - Meta (cd Crunch Pod)
Zauber - Noise house (mcd Auto-Restriction Production)
Black Lung - The coming dark age (cd Crunch Pod)
Decennium Stvrm (cd Stvrm)
Conetik - Cube Musik (cd Infacted)
The Bat Cave Anthology - Compilation (dcd Cleopatra Records)
Deleyaman - 3 (cd Nech)
Angina P - 8 rooms (cd Notochord Recordings)
Eisschock - Therapie (cd AmortaliaS)
Flux - Protected / Electric woman (Mcd No-No Tuontanto)
Siva Six - Black Will (cd Decadance Records)
The Soil Bleeds Black - Alchemie (cd The Fossil Dungeon/Twilight Records)
Rename - Energize (cd A Different Drum)
Steve Roach - Immersion Two (cd Project)
Rome - Nera (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Toll - Christ knows (cd Cold Spring Records)
Sero.Overdose - Heading for tomorrow (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Tom Wax - Collaborations & Remixes (dcd Infacted Recordings)
Nox Arcana - Carnival of lost souls (cd Monolith Graphics)
Noyce - Coma (cd In-D-Records)
Noisuf-X - Tinnitus (cd ProNoize / Dark Dimensions)
Ovro - Mosaick the serpent/Vipera Aurea (cd Some Place Else)
Projekt - Defiance (cd Resurrection Records)
Rasputeen - Gegen Die Wand (cd Invasion Wreck Records)
Oomph! - Gekreuzigt 2006 + The power of love (Mcd Gun Records)
Moon Far Away - Lado World (Version 2005) (cd Shadowplay)
Michelle Belanger - Blood of angels (cd Monolith Graphics)
Necro Stellar - Pulsing zero (cd Shadowplay Release)
Life's Decay - Lysselia (cd Abstraktsens Produktions)
The Lovecrave - The angel and the rain (cd RepoRecords)
Herr - Vondels Lucifer First movement (cd Cold Spring)
The Future Process - Change (cd The Future Process)
Eyeone - Remember Jack (Mcd ep Buena Onda Records)
Emplosia - Emplosia (cd Q-Code Records)
Dismantled - Thanks For Everything (mcd Dependent)
Dystopiate - Feral city (cd Dystopiate)
Depeche Mode - The best of remixes (cd Mute/EMI)
Deetron - Twisted (cd Music Man/News)
Coreline - Please Keep Moving Forward (cd Infekted Sound)
Audacity - Faceless (cd Momt Records)
Ballistic - Vs. Reality (cd KoldFinger)
And One - Bodypop (cd Out of Line)
Dead Man's Hill - Lakes of sacrifice (cd Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
Black Gold 360 - Black Gold 360 (CD, Beluga Recordings)
Bastards of Love - Summer of destination (Mcd ep Deja-vu Music)
Detritus - Thresholds (Mcd Ad Noiseam)
Cryosphere - Compilation (cd Glacial Movements)
Effleurement - Compilation (cd Prikosnovnie)
De/Vision - Best Of (dcd Drakkar)
Elis - Griegshire (cd Napalm Records)
Amateur God - Xenofeelia (cd Black Rain)
Castle Party 2006 - Compilation (cd Castle Party Productions)
Berlin Insane 4 (dcd Pale Music Int)
The Unquiet Void - The shadow haunted outside (cd Middle Pillar)
Unto Ashes - Songs For a Widow (cd Pandamonium)
W.a.s.t.e. - This Is What We Seek (cd Sistinas)
A Life Less Lived Compilation (3cd/dvd Rhino Records)
Xabec - Using unused methods (cd Hands)
Tori Amos - A Piano Collection (5cd Box Rhino Entertainment )
Racecar - Racecar (cd Racecar)
Psyclon Nine - Crwn Thy Frnictr (cd Noitekk)
Saints of Eden - Shameless (Mcd Metech Recordings)
Sunao Inami - Used Up and Empty (cd Electr-Ohm)
Technoir - Deliberately fragile (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Personal Vindicta - Transience (cd Frequenzwelten Records)
Maplebee - Hello Eve (cd Prikosnovnie)
Necropolis - Necrosphere (cd Cold Spring)
Onethirtyeight - The sister (mcd Tuesdays Music)
Laurent Perrier - Downfall/Disperse (dcd Sound On Probation)
Hungry Lucy - Second Sight video collection vol. 1 (dvd Hungry Lucy Music)
The Human Value - Give me (Mcd Big Deal Records)
Giglinger - Distortion+ (Mcd King Penguin Records)
Jesus and the Gurus - King ov Salo (cd Black Rain)
Dandelion Wine - An Inexact Science (cd Ars Musica Diffundere/Black Rain)
Catherine Duc - Visions and dreams (cd The Orchard)
Ballad Bombs - And then we danced (cd 3 Lanka/Discomania)
Akanoid - On air again (Mcd ep Echozone)
Ebola - Cannibal penis ballet (cd Sublight Records)
Falling You - Human (cd The Fossil Dungeon)
Depeche Mode - The best of (cd/dvd Mute)

March 2007
Leaether Strip - Ftish Box (2Mcd ep Alfa Matrix)
Mentallo & The Fixer - Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst [limited] (2cd box alfa matrix)
Estrange - Interim (cd Life Is Painful Records)
Lovebugs - In Every Waking Moment (cd Gadget Records)
Fad Gadget By Frank Tovey - A Retrospective In Sound And Vision (2dvd/dcd Mute)
Hungry Lucy - Before we stand we crawl (mcd Hungry Lucy Music)
Morgan - and the moon was hungry (cd Obscura Records)
Gum - Cacelorazo (lp Ego Twister)
The Retrosic - Nightcrawler (cd Metropolis)
Advanced Electronics vol.5 (dcd/dvd Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Mashed 3 - Compilation (dcd Ministry Of Sound Australia)
Lith - Gaa (cd Brume Records)
Heavy Current - Edacious (cd Sonarium)
Bella Morte - Bleed the Grey Sky Black (cd Metropolis)
Asylum Party - The Grey Years Vol. 1 (dcd Infrastition)
Anonymous Dream - Hate & Forget (cd AMP-Media)
Act Noir - Automatisme psychique (cd My Kingdom Music)
Analog Pussy (12 AP Records)
IWR - Ground Zero (cd Black Rain)
Only Flesh - Strap on crucifix (cd Mizukis Box)
Kaos Krew - Devour (cd TOP Records)
Les Anges De La Nuit - Under Gods name (cd Infacted Recordings)
Psyche - Unveiling The Secret 2.0. (cd Deja-Vu Music)
The Last Embrace - Inside (cd Logfellow Deeds Records)
Machine Soldier - Unit one (cd Idle Works)
Neon Electronics - Monkey ever after (cd Dancedelic)
Artwork - Inventario (cd/dvd Etage-Music/Brokensilence)
Electronic - Get the message the best (cd Rhino Entertainment)
Dave Clarke - Remixes & Rarities (dcd News)
Frozen Plasma - Emphasize (Mcd ep Infacted)
Schlagstrom Krrrbrrrtztzkrrr01 (dcd Schlagstrom)
XtracX ClubtraX Vol.2 - Compilation (dcd Danse Macabre)
Jack or Jive - Issin
Girls Under Glass - Focus (dvd Celler Door)
Human Body - Digital war (12 Properproud)
And One - So Klingt Liebe (3 Mcd Out Of Line)
Bastards of Love - Decadence Royale (cd Dj vu Music)
Cacophony - Transmissions (cd Sistinas Music)
Laibach - Volk (cd Mute)
Misstrip - Sibylline (cd Prikosnovnie)
Necrotek - Necrotek (mcd Necrotek)
Pow[d]er Pussy - Just 2 annoy you (mcd Pflichtkauf)
Seabound - Double-Crosser (cd Dependent)
Obscyre - Liebe & Wahnsinn (Mcd Obscyre/Icare Media)
Rabia Sorda - Save Me From My Curse (Mcd Out of Line)
Manufactura - We're set silently on fire (cd Crunch-Pod)
Echo RevolutionCompilation (cd Synthcere Records)
The Thought Criminals - Die Young:Stay Pretty (cd Spiky Black Cat Records)
John Alexander Ericson - Black Clockworks (cd Kalinkaland)
The Eastern Front - Letters from the front (cd Front)
Jane's Addiction - Up from the catacombs the best of (cd Rhino Entertainment)
FGFC820 - Urban audio warfare (cd Noitekk)
Adrian Sherwood - Becoming a clich / dub clich (dcd Virgin/Real World)
Bahntier - Blindoom (cd Rustblade)
Cephalgy - Moment der Stille (Mcd Out of Line)
The Glove - Blue Sunshine (dcd Polydor)
Hanzel und Gretyl - Oktotenfest 2006 (Mcd Metropolis)
Depeche Mode - Martyr (cds Mute)
Imiafan / Machinepop - Split ep (7 4mg Records/Cranial Industries)
Platinum Weird - Make Believe (cd Interscope)
Naomi - Aquarium (cd Intergroove)
Industrial For the Masses Vol. 3 Compilation (dcd Out of Line)
The Residents - Tweedles (cd Mute)
Neikka RPM - Rise of the 13th Serpent (dcd Alfa Matrix)
New Skin - New Skin (cd Cleopatra Records)
6comm - Headless (cd Dark Dimensions)
The 69 Eyes - Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed of The 69 Eyes (cd Cleopatra Records)
Mind:State - Bbbc2x (Mcd ep Alfa Matrix)
Moby - Go the very best of Moby (cd Mute)
Zoms Zoms - Yellow rainbow (cd Omega Point Records)
Legendary Pink Dots - Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves (cd Roir)
Notochord (cd Notochord Recordings)
Narsilion - Arcadia (cd Caustic Records)
Libitina - Parhelion (cd Libation Records)
New Skin - New Skin (Mcd Cleopatra)
Steril - Realism (cd Artoffact)
Tactical Sekt - Syncope (cd Noitekk)
Vigilante - Juicio Final (Mcd Black Rain)
Tabor Radosti - Lamat (cd Epidemie Records)
Kristoffer Nystrms Orkester - Brakehead (cd Malignant Records)
Future_Clash Progression 1 (cd Advanced Synergy)
Dead air - Dead Air (cd Mordant Music)
Ashram - Shining silver skies (cd Equilibrium Music)
Erasure - Union street (cd Mute/EMI)
Beat in Zen - Fifth victory? (cd BizArt Productions)
Equitant - Zeit (cd Tarot Productions)
David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees/Secrets of the Beehive/Alchemy and index of possibilities/Gone to earth (cd Virgin / EMI)
Emulsion - Blue sky objective (cd Lens Records)
Starcry - One night stand (cd Cockroach Studio Production)
Noise Terror Vol.1 (cd Noise Terror Productions)
Eo Ipso - Endzeitstimmung (cd GrenTzwert)
System - Sample and hold (cd Progress Productions)
As All Die - Victory (cd Flood The Earth Records)
Autumna et sa Rose - Lart et la mort (cd Ark Records)
K.Leimer - Statistical truth (cd Palace Of Lights)
Zeraphine - Still (cd Phonyx Records)
Leaves Eyes - Legend Land (mcd Napalm Records)
Letalin - La sepoltura delle farfelle (cd Ark Records)
T.M.O.R.O. - Something To Look Forward To <1 (mcd Desperate Diagram)
Motor - Klunk (cd Novamute)
Buben - Breakred manifesto (cd Redstar Budapest Release)
The Venus Fly Trap - Celluloid (1988-2004) (dvd Big Blue Records)
Soon - End isolation (cd Oscillation Music)
Nevarakka - Soft (cd A Different Drum)
Carlos Peron - Nothing is true; everything is permitted (dcd Revisited Records)
Lacrimas Profundere - Again Its Over (mcd Napalm Records)
El Aviador Dro - Electrico (cd Omega Point Records)
Sundealers - Tears Love Religion (cd Something To Listen To)
Archon Satani - 'Mind of flesh & bones' (Cd Cold Spring Records)
Basswood Dollies - EMO mental breakdown (cd Electric Fantastic Sound)
Thoushalnot - Land Dispute (cd Dancing Ferret Discs)
Dark Franklin - What remains (cd Dark Franklin)
Velvet Acid Christ - Lust for blood (cd Metropolis)
Datafreq - Fun for the whole family (cd Das Drehmoment Records)
Mortiis - The Stargate (cd Earache Records)
Empty - Open aeon (mcd Aphetic Audio)
Perception Cleanse Perception - Cross-cutting in cold frames (cd Backscatter)
Xess - Psychoholic bastard crew (cd Xess)
nEGAPADRES.3.3. - Exstrophy Of Amphigouris (cd Hermetique)
Kilowatts - Routes (cd Artificial Music Machine)
Snakeskin - Canta'Tronic (cd Hall Of Sermon)
Lightwaves Part 2 (cd Zeitkristall Music/Kalinkaland)
Welle:Erdball - Chaos total (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode (cd Century Media Records)
Arcana Obscura - Lies (cd Consequence Records)
S.K.E.T. - Baikonur (cd Hands)
Such999 - Dying Light (cd Anton Janzen)
This Morn Omina - Les Passages Jumeaux : Le 25Ieme Degre - Le 33Ieme Degre (dcd Ant-zen)
Carlos Peron - Gold for iron (dcd Revisited Records)
Until Death Overtakes Me - Symphony III: Monolith (cd Flood The Earth Records)
Modulate - Dystopia sampler (cd Modulate)
Babylonia - That big lie (Mcd ep Infacted Recordings)
Trisomie 21 - Happy Mystery Club LADY B Remixes (dcd Productions Spciales)
Infekktion - Suffering Spirits (cd Out of Line)
Monsters Are Waiting - Fascination (cd Retone Records)
Cryo - Cryogenic (cd Progress Productions)
Lektroluv 007 - (cd N.E.W.S.)
Cyborg Attack - Stoerf***tor (cd Black Rain Records)
Orbit Service - Songs of Eta Carinae (cd Beta-Lactem Ring Records)
Implant - Audio Blender (cd Alfa Marix)
Dustmuffin & The Aluminium Cans - Essential recordings 1984 - 2001 (cd Punch Records)
Eisheilig - Elysium (cd Drakkar)

January 2007
Extended Electronics Vol.1 (dcd Angelstar/Zoomica)
Wim Mertens - Partes extra partes (cd Pias/Usura)
The Sin:Decay - Rehabilitation (cd Sin:Decay)
Terrorfakt - Teethgrinder (cd Metropolis)
Strange Day - Music to sleep forever (cd Urgence Disk Records)
Unterart - Noise and Grace (cd Out of Line)
Komposi 003 (cd Positron Records)
Orange Sector - Fr immer Kalt wie Stahl (Mcd ep Infacted Recordings)
Missratener Sohn - Maximum hate (cd Kafue Systeme)
Junk Circuit - Universal Republik (cd A Different Drum)
Code 64 - Departure (cd Memento Materia)
Intuition - Overworked & Underplayed (cd A Different Drum)
Jezebel - Forbidden fruit (cd Triple Silence/PHD)
Dusk - Contrary beliefs (cd Epidemie Records)
Crowd Control - Burn your God (cd Urbcom)
Ego Likeness - The Order of the Reptile (cd Dancing Ferret Records)
Apraxia - Weapons of mass deception (cd Apraxia)
Awax - Intransigent (mcd Urbcom)
Corporate Soldiers - All thats lost (Mcd EP Corporate Soldiers)
The Pulsar - Awakening (cd Advoxya)
Sincere Trade - If you cannot beat them (cd Dross:Tik Records)
Welten Brand - The end of the wizard (cd Napalm Records)
Carlos Peron - Die Schpfung der Welt oder 7 Tage Gottes (cd Revisited Records)
Terminal Choice - New born enemies (cd Out Of Line)
Interbreeding VIII Elements of Violence (dcd BLC Productions)
Unitus - Caretaker (cd Dross:Tik Records)
Vaws Volume 3 (cd VAWS Music Factory)
Oomph! - Die Schlinge feat. Apocalyptica (Mcd Gun Records)
Minukta Square - The price of oil (Mcd Minutka Square Records)

December 2006
Duke - In Bed W/ Her (mcd Dukemusic)
In Strict Confidence - Exile Paradise (cd Minuswelt Musikfabrikk)
Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids / Oil on Canvas / Tin Drum (cd Virgin / EMI)
Insekt - Teenmachine (cd Noise Terror Productions)
Anti Trust - Die Welt ist so schn, viel schner als der Mond (cd Herden Media)
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat Mcd (Out Of Line)
Draconian - The burning halo (cd Napalm Records)
Corde Oblique - Respiri (cd Ark Records)
Autopsia/Kriegsfall-U - Rotation:Pilger/This way we start religious destruction (Split lp Mozgalom Records)
Ultranoir - Reach Me, Helen Keller (mcd Quiet Life Records)
Vinterriket - Lichtschleier (cd Flood The Earth Records)
Infactious Volume Two (cd Infacted Recordings)
Where's Neil When You Need Him? (cd Dancing Ferret Records)
Technoir - Manifesto (EP cd Alfa Matrix)
Sinbeats - Sinbeats (cd Finest Noise)
I:Scintilla - Havestar (EPCD Alfa Matrix)
Indianhead - Trap them and kill them (cd Serial 01)
Celldweller - Switchback (dvd Esion Media)
Mimetic Collective - One by one (cd Urgence Disk Records)
The Opposite Sex - The Opposite Sex (Mcd Opposite Sex Music)
Dolls Of Pain - Dec[a]dence (cd Urgence Disk)
Grandchaos - Sedens In (dcd Vendetta Music)
Diskodiktator - Oh Valerie (Mcd Electric Fantastic Sound)
Collapse - Embryo (cd Lgt Records)
And One - Military Fashion Show (Mcd Out Of Line)
Codename Sugar - Electroschlager (cd Intelligent communications)
Autoclav 1.1 - You Are My All and More (cd Crunch Pod Media)
TAT - Quinta essentia (cd TAT)
Gothic Divas Presents Switchblade Symphony Tre Lux and New Skin (cd Cleopatra Records)
SIIIII - Ancient (cd King Sol Records)
Weatherhead 2 Surrealistic Macrocosm (cd Telegrammetry Recordings)
Schulz - What apology (cd Sudden Death Records)
Ty Lean - When All else Falls (ep Bast Records)
Implant - Fading Away (cd ep Alfa-Matrix)
Opened Paradise - Occult (cd X Paradise Productions)
Goldfish - Coming home (cd Pale Music International)
Midnight Syndicate - Out of the darkness (cd Entity Productions)
Medusas Spell - Mercurian behaviour (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Psyche - Imaginary Life (dvd Endless Records)
Dioxyde - Social phobia (cd NTP/Dependent)
Die Sektor - To be fed upon (cd Noitekk)
C/A/T - The Rogue Pair (cd Crunch Pod Media)
Carlos Peron - Impersonator 1 (cd Revisited Records)
Audiowar - Under enemy control (cd MOMT Records)

November 2006
Altera Forma - Asta La Vista! (cd Q Code)
Das Drehmoment 5th Anniversary Compilation Vol One & Vol Two (2 x cd/Das Drehmoment)
The Eternal Present An Elvis Coffee Records Compilation - (cd Elvis Coffee Records)
Trisomie 21 - The woman is a mix (dcd Productions Spciales)
Tamtrum - Electronic Black Mess (dcd Alfa Matrix)
Oomph! - Das Letzte Streichholz (Mcd Gun Records)
The Nuns - New York Vampires (cd Triple Silence/PHD)
Provocateur - Consider this a warning (mcd Provocateur)
Meller - Copa episi (12 AP Records)
Scandy - 13 Ways To Masterbate (cd Masterhit Recordings)
Godyva - In good and evil (cd Razar Ice Records)
Die Perlen - Telektroponk (cd KP-Production)
Mediavolo - A secret sound (cd Zeitkristall Music/Kalinkaland)
Imperative Reaction - Eulogy for the Sick Child (Re-issue) (cd Metropolis)
Hot Chip - The Warning (cd EMI)
Alien Sex Fiend - Para-Abnormal (cd 13th Moon Records)
Buzz - 1984-1989 (cd self-produced)
Des Esseintes - Mondo macabro (cd Malignant Records)
Camouflage - Relocated (cd Synthetic Symphony)
Attrition - Tearing Arms From Deitis (1980-2005) (cd Two Gods Recording/Voiceprint)
Mortiis - Fodt Til A Herske (Parts I & II) (cd Earache Records)
Propulsion - Mercury skies (Mcd Propulsion)
Shhh - Shhh (cd Thisco)
Dark Awakening Vol.5 (dcd COP International)
NUN - Sunlight (cd Substream)
Innovaders - Acid reign (cd Metal Postcard Records)
Onethirtyeight - The sister (mcd Tuesdays Music)
Scald - Vermiculatus (cd Code 666)
Mechanical Cabaret - Product For Your Insecurity (CD Soiled Records)
Melancholics - A single act of carelessness (cd Deafborn Records)
Systemic 02 (cd Systemic Audio)
Goatvargr - Goatvargr (cd Cold Spring)
Dense Vision Shrine - A voyage of imagination (cd Epidemie Records)
HIV + - Overdose kill me (cd Caustic records)
Alan Sparhawk - Solo guitar (cd Silber Records)
Buben - Modify republic (cd Redstar Budapest Release)
Rully - Mainstream distortion (cd Some Bizarre)
Asseptic Room - Morbid Visions (cd DSBP)
Depeche Mode - John The revelator / Lilian (Mute Records/EMI)
Revolver Modle - Discothque Crypt (cd Majestic Recordings)
Bright Lights, Dark Room (dcd Cryonica)
Switch 9 (dcd NEWS)
Sang Real - Seasons change and illusions fade (cd Sang.Real Music)
Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor - Drittklangtrger / Metronom (dcd Zone 30 Records)
Northaunt - Horizons (cd Cyclic Law)
Nude - Fake Credibility (cd Wohnton)
Oil 10 - Beyond (cd Funkwelten)
The Hacker - A.N.D. N.O.W (cd Uncivilized World/Human)
Mayumi - Myriad Luminescent (mcd Pale Blue Records)
IC 434 - Weathering skies (cd Breakdown Records)
Dawn Of Ashes - The act of violence (cd Noitekk)
Gloria Nuda - Dictate from beyond (cd Frost Foundation Records)
Ardor Dorath - Symbols (cd Shindy Productions)
Chop chop - Chop chop (cd The Archenemy Record Company)
Broken Hands For Brilliant Minds/Dense Vision Shrine - Split-cd (cd Absolute Zero Media)
BRAINCLAW - Dead Monsters (cd BLC)
Arcana Obscura - Evidence (Mcd ep Consequence Records)
Noblesse Oblige - Privilege entails responsibility (cd Noblesse Oblige/Horseglue Records)
Pleasant Fiction - A Smile In The Crowd (cd Koi Records)
Quench - Caipruss (cd n5Music)
Matrix - Deus Lo Volt (cd self-released)
Royksopp - Royksopps Night Out (Mcd ep Virgin)
Saltillo - Ganglion (cd Hive Records)
A Reassuring Voice On The Television (cd Hermetique)
Obscenity Trial - Here and now (cd Infacted Recordings)
Swarm (cd Cold Spring Records)
LV Grid - Hibou goes clubbin (cd LV Grid)
Genre Peak - Always empty (Mcd In-Code Music BMI)
Fronzen Plasma - Artificial (cd Infacted Recordings)
Glenn Love - Belle epoque (cd Sonic-X)
Cineplexx - Restar (cd Testing Ground)
Bloodflowers - Dark Love Poems (cd Silverdust)
BN Loco - Echo en Mexico (cd Sonic360)
Cindergarden - Underground light machine (cd Cindergarden)
Addicted2fiction - Addicted2fiction (cd Heartcore Records)
Anka - Cocoon time (cd I-Rain Records)

October 2006
Pink Floyd - Pulse (2dvd EMI)
Shadows On The Wall (cd Future Worlds)
Quelles Paroles - Everlasting (Mcd Electric Fantastic Sound)
Rome - Berlin (Mcd Cold Meat Industry)
A Mere Invention of the Idle Mind (cd Mechanismz/Crunch Pod Media)
Oblekt 4 - Extermination processing tower (cd Ravenheart)
Freudstein - Mass market misery (cd WASP Factory Recordings)
Loess - Wind and Water (cd N5MD)
Little Sap Dungeon - Empty rooms breathe heavily (cd Backscatter)
No-Big-Silence - War in wonderland (cd NBS Recordings)
Massiv in Mensch - Klang Der Unsterblichkeit (Mcd Artoffact)
Cheerleader 69 - Godriders in the sky (cd Steelwork Machine)
Bitcrush - In Distance (cd N5MD)
Centhron - Gottwerk (cd Final Dusk Records)
Blood - Vengeance for blood Limited edition (cd/dvd Daiki Sound)
Exit - Noisum (Mcd Exit)
Angelsplit - Kranhaus (cd Crash Frequency)
Abstraxion - Chip count (Mcd Biologic Records)
MZ.412 - Infernal affairs (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Feindflug - ...Hinter Feindlichen Linien (dvd Black Rain Records)
Say Hello & Wave goodbye 3 Years of Electronic Lust (cd Electro Shock Records)
Fin de sicle - Patagonie (cd OPN)
Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts (cd Napalm Records)
Leaether Strip - Walking On Volcanos (EP cd Alfa Matrix)
Oakenfold - A lively mind (cd Perfecto Records/Virgin Music)
Accession Records vol.3 (cd Accession Records)
Photophob - Still Warm (cd Hive Records)
Niko Skorpio - Escape from Heaven (cd Some Place Else)
Mortiis - Crypt of The Wizard (cd Earache Records)
The qualia - Nevadas Greatest (cd The Qualia)
C/A/T - ATF (Mcd ep Crunch Pod)
Everything on Black - Stain (cd Something To Listen to)
Bella Donna - II (cd Etage Music)
Bellmer Dolls - The big cats will throw themselves over (Mcd Hungry Eye Records)
1997EV - Dead.ends.sinful (cd punch rec)
Agonoize - Ultraviolent Six (Mcd ep Out Of Line)
Celdweller (cd Esion Media)
Steve Roach - Immersion: One (cd Projekt)
Tyske Ldder - Sojus (dcd Black Rain)
Pzychobitch - Strom aus Fantasie (Mcd ep Minuswelt Musikfabrik)
The Spider Translator - Spinning in my grave (my sodden bedsheets) (cd Octopoid)
Proceed - Neusprache (cd Out Of Line)
Saeko - Life (cd Armageddon Products)
Svartsinn - Traces of nothingness (cd Cyclic Law)
TV - Skin (cd Common Prayer Studios)
Ascii.Disko - Alias (cd Ladomat 2000)
Index Ai - World blade center (cd AuralSX)
The Cascades - Dead of dawn (cd Rabazco)
Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video (cd Metropolis)
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep (Cd Funkwelten / Black rain)
Ohlon - Sinkhole (cd Eibon Records)
Wumpscut - Cannibal Anthem (cd Beton Kopf media)
This Empty Flow - The album (dcd Eibon Records)
Plutonium Showcase V.2 (cd Plutonium Distribution)
The Spherical Minds - Fern (cd Carte Postale Records)
Distorted Reality - Daydreams and Nightmares (cd Scanner/Dark Dimensions)
Beyond Sensory Experience - The dull routine of existence (cd Cold Meat Industry)
The satanic rites of Dracula (dvd Cleopatra)
Capsize - A Perfect Wreck (cd A Different Drum)
Christ - Vernor vinge (12 Benbecula Records)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz - Mutilate (cd COP International)
Past, Present and Forever (cd Kaosthetik)
Blutengel - The Oxidising Angel (Mcd ep Out Of Line)
Charlie Clouser - Saw II (dcd Trisol)
RVB (dvd K-inite Editions)
Atumn - La sanktigo de la atuno de la vintro (mcd Nova Tune)
Undergod - Killove (cd Rabazco)
Yendri - Plandoll (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
The Empire Hideous - Body of work (cd Hells Hundred Records/Middle Pillar)
Dirty Sanchez - Dirty Sanchez (cd Hypnotic Records)
Things Outside The Skin - You Knew It All Along (cd Facility Records)
Spektralized - Capture the moment (cd Accession Records)
Nacht Und Nebel - Live (cd EMI)
Taxim - Ecclesiophobia (cd Telegrammetry Recordings)
Knifeladder - The Spectacle (cd Cryonica)
The Walls Are Whispering Volume III (cd EE Tapes)
Spies under Von Magnet Influence - Suvmi & Shape your shade (cd + Mcd Cinetiks/Celestial Dragon)
Satyrian - Eternitas (cd Lion Music)
Bunker Soldier - The Debris Field (cd Neo Cultural Front)
Neonman - Gift of the gab (cd Pale Music)
Stillstand - Schauer (cd Tosom)
Polystar - Finished (cd The Archenemy Record Company)
Raindancer - Come with me (Mcd A Different Drum)
Sumerland - Imaginary ways (cd Middle Pillar)
Artesia - Hilvern (cd Prikosnovnie)
Orkus Presents The Best Of 2005 (dcd Zoomica)
Unclean - Unclean
Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen (cd Flood the Earth Records)
X-Sanguis - Pavor nocturnus (cd Ainia Records)
Beyond The Void - I am your ruin (cd Fear Section)
History of Guns - Apophenia (cd Liquid Len Records)
Cesium 137 - Intelligent design (cd Metropolis Records)
Telex - How do you dance? (cd Virgin Music)
Recreation-x Display Disobey V2 (dcd Urbcom Music)
Eight To Infinity - Aether (cd Section 44)
Sonic Radiation - The 121 project (cd IUnknown Records)
Moonspell - Memorial (cd Steamhammer)
Sadkarma - Solis (Mcd Onyxia Records)
S.I.N.A. - Nie Und Immer (cd Hands)
Silence - Key (dcd Accession Records)
Life Cried - Drawn + Quartered (cd Noitekk)
Arbeid Adelti - Des duivels oorkussen (cd EMI)
The Weathermen - Embedded with the Weathermen (cd Fire Zone Records)
Lacuna Coil - Our Truth (epcd century media)
Songs Of Lemuria - Shake The Disease A Tribute To Depeche Mode (cd Wannsee/Edel)
Siglo XX - 1980-1986 (cd EMI)
Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental (cd EMI)
Myk Jung - Zenith is Decline (cd Endless Records)
Pecadores - Macumbaria (EP Danse Macabre / Wave Propaganda)
CTRL - Loaded weapons and darkened days (cd Diffusion Records)
Provision - The Consequence (cd Section 44)
Robert Neiteler - Ihbaiklhik (cd Einzel Einheit)
Somatic Responses - Giauzar (cd Sublight Records)
Out Out - Virtual sound images (cd Radio Valkyrie)
Gustaf Hildebrand - Primordial resonance (cd Cyclic Law)
Digital Factor - One more piece (cd Wannsee)
Monoid - Crowd control (cd Invasion Wreck Chords)
Georg Kolbe (cd VAWS)
Cult Of Luna - Somewhere along the highway (cd Earache)
Heimstatt Yipotash - Storegga effect (cd Hands)
Milk - Favorite taste (cd Milkmusic)
Preussak - Werkschau 1989 2005 (cd VAWS)
Pylne - Black grains (cd Sound On Probation)
My Beloved - On happiness hill (cd FonoGram)
Skin Area - Journal noir/Lithium path (dcd Cold Meat Industry)
Rotersand - Dare to Live - Perspectives on Welcome to Goodbye (cds Dependent)
Pride And Fall - Elements Of Silence (cd Dependent)
New Music Sampler 2006-04-18 Compilation
Theatre Of Tragedy - Storm (cd AFM Records)
Into The Hole - Do you want to play with me? (mcd Alkemist Fanatix)
Sengir - Sign of devotion (cd Buzzville Records)
Nitzer Ebb - Body of Work (dcd Mute Records)
IAMX - The Alternative (cd 61 Seconds Records)
Tactical Sekt – Syncope (cd Noitekk)
Proyecto Mirage - Gimmie Your Energy (cd Hands)
V/A - Schattenreich Volume 3 (dcd Drakkar)
Mentallo & The Fixer - Commandments For The Molecular Age [Radio Edition] & Commandments For The Molecular Age (epcd & epcd Alfa Matrix)
Heimataerde - Unter der Linden (Mcd Infacted Recordings)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Shine On (cds Gun Records)
Teresa 11 - Smoky Heaven (cd Eibon Records)
Panzer AG - your world is burning (cd Accession Records)
Interface - Beyond Humanity (cd Nilaihah)
Rebentisch - Weltschmerz (cd Gruftie-Ton)
Militant Cheeleaders On The Move - Strike one (cd Memento Materia)
Severin Bestombes vom Horse Gore Club - Auszug & Abgesang (Mcd ep Punch Records)
Wai Pi Wai - Beat planet (Mcd Hands)
Future Retro (cd Rhino)
Panorama - Panorama (cd Sonic 360)
Hymns Of Steel (cd Machineries Of Joy/COP Int)
Collide - Like The Hunted (dvd Noise Plus Music)
The Grief - Best of (dcd)
Goteki - Revolution (cd Alphastar Records)
Cerebral Apoplexy - Cold heart (cd Mental Ulcer Forges)
Othila - Continents (cd Divine Comedy)
Solvo Propane - Space parasite (cd Nozika)
Terence Fixmer - Silence control (cd International DJ Gigolo Records)
Vinterriket - Zandschaftsmaterische Klangwelten synthetischer Tonkunst 1996-2002 (cd Parasite Records)
In Strict Confidence - Where Sun and Moon Unite (cds Minuswelt)
Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Lethal defence systems (cd Infacted Recordings)
Promis - Promis (cd JFP Music)
Zonk't - Purr (cd Sound On Probation)
Anja Garbarek - Briefly Shaking (cd Virgin)
Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act II] (Ltd. 4cd Alfa-Matrix)
Hatestar - The last day (cd D-Trash)
Clan of Xymox - Weak in my knees (Mcd ep Pandaimonium)
Misery - Nexus (cd Gothtronic)
Silica Gel - Genesis (cd A Different Drum)
Raison d'tre - Metamorphyses (cd Cold Meat Industry)
The Seven Mile Journey - The journey studies (cd FonoGram)
Rome - Berlin (mcd Cold Meat Industry)
Korpiklaani - Tales along this road (cd Napalm Records)
Scrap EDX - Recoil the void (cd Hands)
FIX8:SD8 - Humanophobia (cd Fix8:Sd8)
Blood Ruby - Blood Ruby (Mcd Blood Ruby)
Medusa's Spell - Mercurian behaviour (cd Cold Meat Industry)
Fektion Fekler - Immersed heroics (cd Static Sky Records)
Cephalgy - Finde Deinen Damon (cd Out Of Line)
VAWS Vol.2 (cd VAWS)
Catastrophe Ballet - All Beauty Dies (cd Spirit Production / Indigo)
Resurrection Eve - Ascension (cd GUP/Endless Records)
Klut - Sinner (Mcd ep Alfa Matrix)
Mordacious - Insignificant (cd Mordacious)
Troum - Ajin (mlp Equation Records)
Massiv in Mensch - Clubber lang (cd Artoffact)
Ven Bravo - Changing world (cd Ven Bravo)
Ethelscull - Sentimentalia (cd Amelia Peel)
D-Trash/2005 New Releases Mix V3.0 (cd D-Trash)
George & Caplin - Things past (cd Beta-Iactam Ring Records)
Schandmaul - Mit Leib Und Seele (cd Fame Recordings)
Oomph! - Gott ist ein popstar (Mcd Gun Records)
Anhedonia - Destructive forces (cd Aliens Production)
Orange Sector - Bassprodukt (cd Infacted Recordings)
Negative impact VO.1 (cd Pff Productions)
Anders Manga - Left of an all-time low (cd Vampture Recordings)
Depeche Mode - Suffer well (DVD Mute/EMI) - (cds Mute/EMI)
Konau - Speech from the shadows (cd Eibon Records)
The Plastic Fantastics - The Plastic Fantastics (mcd DNA Productions)
Placebo - Meds (cd Virgin/EMI)
Atonall - Waiting for that day (cd Ora Music)
Lycia - the burning circle and the dust (cd Silber Records)
Encoder - Supernatural (cd DSBP)
Sayag - AnachroMix Experiences (cd + dvd Vision Alternative/PIAS)
Tokyo Mask - Backbone (cd Low Impedance Recordings)
Rein[Forced] - Futile longings of a condescending man (cd DSBP)
Vanvard - Liv I vardens slutskede (cd Deathpropaganda Records)
Shamanic State (cd AP Records)
Dandelion Wine - An inexact science (cd Dandelion)
Mash Up Soundsystem - A great escape from lunacy (cd Hive Records)
Angeltheory - Re-possession (cd GUP/Endless Records)
Dark Sonus Vol.1 (cd Glitch Mode Recordings)
Objekt 4 - World of ruin (mcd Black Orchid Productions)
Ministry - Rio Grand Blood (cd 13th planet)
Katscan - Weapons of crass dysfunction (cd Beat Surgery Records)
Lunar Eclipse (cd Cold fusion Music)
Omega Attraktor - Der Futurologische Kongress (cd + Mcd Namshub Records)
Placebo - Meds (cd Virgin/EMI)

September 2006
Front Line Assembly - Artificial Soldier (cd Metropolis Records)

August 2006
Frozen Plasma – Artificial (cd infacted recordings)
Dismantled - Standard Issue (cd dependent)
Clan Of Xymox - Breaking point (cd Pandaimonium)

July 2006
Hype - Desperately yours (cd Progress Productions)
Das Ich Cabaret (cd Danse Macabre Records)
Faderhead - FH1 (cd Accession Records)
Monolith Talisman (2cd Alfa Matrix)
Spetsnaz Totalitar (cd Out Of Line)

June 2006
Olivia Louvel - Luna Parc Hotel (cd Angelika Khlermann/Universal)
Karacter - Karacter (cd The Archenemy Record Company)
AM INC - Feuchte Hosen (Mcd ep ProNoize)
Daft Punk - Musique Vol. 1: 1993-2005 (cd Virgin)
Minerve - Sensefiction (cd Dephyte)
Astyplaz - Name your slippers (cd L Music)
LV Grid - Acid ear (cd LV Grid)
El Baron Brissetti - Woodpecka shoes (cd Discordian Records)
3 Cold Men - Urban rmxs (cd Lado Z/Wave Propaganda)
Septic VI (cd Dependent)
Infaction One (cd In