NordarR returns with ‘Alles Auf Null’ – also available as a 2CD set

It took almost 6 years for C. Moltisanti and C. Dupont aka NordarR to complete the album “Alles Auf Null”, the follow-up to “Hass”, but the album is now ready to order via Emmo Biz Records, as anormal CD but also as a 2CD set including a bonus MCD (“Ein Mann mehr”) with no less than 9 bonus tracks.

The MCD included in the exclusive 2CD digipack holds the following tracks: “People”, “Ein Mann Mehr”, “Buanas Tardes Amigo (Ween Cover)”, “Loyalty”, “Ich Bin (Orange Sector Remix)”, “Ein Mann Mehr (SPARK! Remix)”, “Ein Mann Mehr (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)”, “Ein Mann Mehr (Liebknecht Remix)” and “Warnung (’97 Early Edit)”.

For the duo “Alles auf Null” is a ‘necessary new beginning’ as they call it: “But we do not just want to preach, a fat bass is also danceable. “Alles Auf Null” is more brutal, more direct and more constructive than all the releases released so far.”

Formed in 2010 by André Schitteck and Christoph Lemke (aka Chris Dupont) the band debuted at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2011. Since then the band released various albums and EPs.

You can order the CD here, the 2CD set right here.