Classic Zoth Ommog albums by Mentallo & The Fixer remastered and re-released in 3CD boxset / download 'Zothera'

Posted on 07/08/14

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Classic Zoth Ommog albums by Mentallo & The Fixer remastered and re-released in 3CD boxset / download 'Zothera'

Out in September but available now as a 3CD boxset or as a download (with immediate download of 3 tracks) is "Zothera" by Mentallo & The Fixer. This limited edition 3CD box not only holds fully remastered versions of the classic albums "Revelations 23" and "Where Angels Fear To Tread", but also the exclusive "Apocrypha" bonus disc offering 16 hidden old-school treasures (over 70 plus minutes) with a majority of previously unreleased remixes/versions

"The remastering made such a huge difference. I'm so very pleased with the quality. It's amazing! It's like reliving a specific defined memory for me…", proudly says Gary Dassing about these 2 remastered albums.

A free bonus 18-track CD label compilation is included in the box when ordering online at : "Sounds From The Matrix 015" featuring previously unreleased songs from most recent & forthcoming releases on the Alfa Matrix label.


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Buy Mentallo & The Fixer CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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