Metroland returns with vinyl single 'Thalys' including a remix by Paul Kendall, Northern Kind etc. - order now

Posted on 01/08/14

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Metroland returns with vinyl single 'Thalys' including a remix by Paul Kendall, Northern Kind etc. - order now

The boys from Belgium based electronic act Metroland stroke a deal with the European high speed train company Thalys to release a 4-track 180 gram vinyl called "Thalys" (limited to 333 copies). The vinyl - which can be ordered right now on Bandcamp - is accompanied by a CD holding 7 tracks of which 3 are on the vinyl too. Note that the Paul Kendall (aka PK known from his Recoil work and much more) remix is only available on the vinyl and will never be released in other form than this. In other words, audiophiles will just love this!

The B-side is the song "From Station To Station" and was created from recycled parts of the "Thalys" original song. The included CD edition of the "Thalys" EP features alternative versions of both songs including remixes by Jonteknik and Northern Kind. These tracks will also be downloadable on the day of release.

But it doesn't stop there. There are also 3 different language version download singles, a French, a German and an English. Each of these singles holds a different version of the title track. You can only download these 3 versions on the band's Bandcamp page as iTunes and co will only have the territorial version once the single is released.

Oh and for our readers, use the code 'metrolandpreorder' on Bandcamp to get a 25% reduction on your purchase. The code seemingly also works on the 2 other Bandcamp releases the Alfa Matrix label has put out on pre-order, namely the new Sebastian Komor album "Vikings, Thrones & Dragonbones" and the new Mentallo & The Fixer album "Zothera" (which is also out on CD). But more on these 2 in the next days.

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Buy Metroland CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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