Painter, sculptor, architect and Alien designer H.R. Giger dies at 74

Posted on 13/05/14

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Painter, sculptor, architect and Alien designer H.R. Giger dies at 74

(Via DJ Wildhoney) Yesterday the world reknown Swiss artist H.R. Giger passed away. The Swiss public television (SRF) reported that Giger died in a hospital after having suffered dangerous injuries when he fell down some stairs.

Hans Rudolf Giger was especially known for his airbrush-artwork in fantastic realism and surrealistic genres (3D biomechanoid). His paintings were mostly inspired by his experiences with sleep disorder. He was a great influence for many tattoo- and fetish-artists worldwide, especially in the cyberpunk genre.

Giger received an Oscar for special effects in the movie "Alien" in 1980. He also contributed to the movies "Dune", "Poltergeist 2", "Aliens", "Alien 3" and "Species". Furthermore he also worked together with many artists and bands as Mylène Farmer, Atrocity, Dead Kennedy's, Blondie, Danzig and he designed the microstand for Korn's singer Jonathan Davis. Ibanez guitars released an H.R. Giger signature series as well.

He was definitely one of the pioneers of late-20th century macabre surrealist art.
Currently the exhibition "Zeitgeist" is still running in the Galerie Sansvoix in Leipzig (DE).

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