Psyclon Nine Kickstarter campaign to be fulfilled at the end of March

Posted on 17/03/14

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Psyclon Nine Kickstarter campaign to be fulfilled at the end of March

Last year Metropolis signed act Psyclon Nine launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming 5th album, "Order of the Shadow, Act I", and accompanying music video. The campaign ended on June 23, 2013 with a nice $12,620 pledged (their goal was $6,000). However, almost 9 months have passed, the album got released in November, but nobody received their perks from the Kickstarter campaign. Combine this with a total lack of silence from the band, band members leaving and leaving unclear (deleted) Facebook updates and you have the recipe for internet drama of course.

Side-Line also got quite some questions from readers who had pledged to check out what the heck was going on with the perks of this fifth studio album with Chris Vrenna mixing. So after failing to get a hold of Nero, we got in touch with Carissa White, girlfriend of frontman Nero Bellum to see if she could shed some light.

Needless to say that White is not exactly having the best time of her life dealing with what is actually not her fault at all since she is not even in the band. In a reaction she reconfirms that all perks will be handled by Nero at the end this month.

To the why Nero didn't respond in public nor to our messages on the whole matter White says: "He hasn't responded YET because he is trying to battle his internal wars and keep his sanity. Amongst dealing with a ton of other personal things. He is going through some rough things right now and intends to set everything straight."

We also were informed that Nero intends to give a long elaborate statement once he ships everything. We'll keep you informed.

One lesson has to be learned from this and that is that running a crowd funding project does not only include creating perks and getting the campaign boosted, it also includes administration and keeping up with the promises. But better late than never of course, and truth has to be told, Psyclon Nine is not the only industrial band which has run into trouble in getting their perks out on time. And not all can count on a girlfriend who is sticking out her neck to get tons of garbage thrown her way as a thank you.


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