Leaether Strip returns with new album + reissue self-released 'Untold stories'

Posted on 30/01/14

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Leaether Strip returns with new album

Out now is a new Leaether Strip album "Aescapism". The new album was composed and recorded from late summer 2013 to early January this year. Also out is a re-release of Larsen's self-released album "Untold Stories" in a new DCD edition including two songs from the album sung by Anne Goldacker.

You can order "Aescapism" here and "Untold Stories" right here.

Tracklist "Untold Stories":

    CD 1:
  1. Reunited with my bitterness
  2. Listen to the children pray
  3. Blind Mans Bluff
  4. Untold stories
  5. True glory - false heroes
  6. Ever changing landscapes
  7. Love is dead
  8. Connubialis
  9. Giants
  10. I feel no shame
  11. Silver mist
  12. I am him - he is me
  13. The Queen of the dusk
  14. For the ones we lost

    CD 2:
  15. Ever changing landscapes (Feat. Anne Goldacker)
  16. Silver mist (Feat. Anne Goldacker)
  17. Hate me 2011
  18. Budapæst noir
  19. Unerzählte geschichten (Feat. Rummelsnuff)
  20. Vollnarkose (With Rummelsnuff)
  21. Reunited with my bitterness (Club mix by Psychopomps)
  22. The end of the road (Final Words mix by Font Line Assembly)
  23. Reunited with my bitterness (Ehron VonAllen mix)
  24. Reunited with my bitterness (Endless dark mix by Why the Misery)
  25. Listen to the children pray (Gospel mix by Implant)
  26. Reunited with my bitterness (Nu retro rmx by Implant)
  27. Listen to the children pray (Autodafeh remix)
  28. Listen to the children pray (Bitch slap mix by Decoded Feedback)
  29. Listen to the children pray (Robotiko Rejekto Remix)


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Buy Leaether Strip CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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