Debut single dance electro project Studio-X vs. Simon Carter predicts a bright future

Posted on 20/12/13

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Debut single dance electro project Studio-X vs. Simon Carter predicts a bright future

(By Elise Din) This is the first time ever - I really mean the first time ever - that a debut single of a project has knocked me off my feet in such a way. The "Gone together again" EP by Studio-X vs. Simon Carter arrived in my mailbox last week and has been on my daily playlist ever since. A coincidence? Not really, the project combines 2 musicians who have both proven already what they are capable of.

The project is the brainchild of UK Hardcore/Breakbeat artist/DJ Simon Carter and Australia's Lawrie Masson (Studio-X). The merge of both their backgrounds results in hard dance beats fusing techno trance ingredients (in a slick production quality that will make many scene bands ashamed of theirs). Add to that a vocoded male and female vocals and you have the perfect club mix.

The title track is backed by a remix by Electrovot, the B-side "Say my name", and a remix of another track, "Truth", by the Norwegian powerhouse Kant Kino.

The EP is available as an immediate download via Bandcamp, iTunes and can also be streamed. Hint: Use the 50% discount code alfamatrixmas2013 when checking out on the Alfa Matrix Bandcamp page.

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