Anne Clark + Herr B. release 'Fairytales from the Underground' on vinyl

Posted on 02/12/13

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Anne Clark + Herr B. release 'Fairytales from the Underground' on vinyl

Out on the 10th of January 2014 but available in pre-order right now (in a limited run of 500 copies) is the 7-track vinyl "Fairytales from the Underground" by Anne Clark + Herr B.. Originally released as a 3-track-maxi-CD, this re-release comes as a picture-vinyl containing the 3 tracks from the CD-version + 4 brand new remixes by MRDTC, Angst Pop/Technomancer, B Infinite and Stadt aus Draht.


  1. Darkest Hour 5:04
  2. Eye of a Wolf 6:05
  3. When you think your time has come 4:36
  4. Darkest Hour (Remix by MRDTC) 4:00
  5. Darkest Hour (Angst Pop & Technomancer Remix) 4:34
  6. Darkest Hour (B Infinite remix) 5:23
  7. Darkest Hour (Remix by Stadt aus Draht) 11:26


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Buy Anne Clark CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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