Cynical Existence hits back with 'Erase, Evolve and Rebuild'

Posted on 21/11/13

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Cynical Existence hits back with 'Erase, Evolve and Rebuild'

Out now is the brand new album from the Swedish dark electro power machine Cynical Existence. "Erase, Evolve and Rebuild" can well be considered to be one of the harshest releases of this year in the dark electro scene. Not that Fredrik Croona limited himself to just electronics. Just like his label mates from Freakangel he also incorporated guitars on this new album, next to influences from dance, dubstep and so on without alienating from the project's core sound. The project's recent clubhit "Erase Me" is the perfect example of this.

Also our reviewer DP came to the same conclusion: "The album pleases me by its carrying, impressive leads, the constant driving and pumping rhythms plus the harsh, enraged vocal parts (...) The main characteristic of this new opus probably lays in its diversity. The songs switch in between dark-electronics and dark-EBM. The vocals are a bit more diversified as well, which makes the strength of 'Erase, Evolve And Rebuild'."

Next to the 14-track album you also get the option to lay your hands on a limited deluxe carton box edition with a bonus CD (available via the Alfa Matrix webshop) featuring several exclusive tracks and collaborations as well as remixes by bands like R.I.P., Psy'Aviah, Psionic, Vicious Alliance, etc..

The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and Spotify (see below).


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Buy Industrial Music CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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