Live DVD Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: 'Big in Europe Vol.1: Warsaw'

Posted on 02/10/13

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Live DVD Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: 'Big in Europe Vol.1: Warsaw'

Out on November 29 as a digipak 2DVD+CD set is the live release "Big in Europe Vol.1: Warsaw" by Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard. One must know that Schulze has a history with Warsaw. We write 1983. The time of the starting process of change behind the Iron curtain, the time of solidarność (for the younger readers, please check Wikipedia). Klaus Schulze is one of the few West-German musicians who is allowed to go on a tour in Poland. As a pure instrumental artist the system mistakes him for quite safe. But Klaus Schulze
does not miss an occasion to show his solidarity with the protesting population. After the political change many of the former attendees of his concerts ended up in the Polish government.

They in return invited Klaus Schulze and asked him to play at the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Assault on Poland September on September 17, 2009 in Warsaw in the courtyard of the royal palace. Together with Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Schulze plays a live set which will now be released.

"Big in Europe Vol.1" is the first of overall 3 releases, which will include the whole tour in Europe 2009, with additional performances in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. The second DVD contains a documentary and many exclusive encores of this tour. The CD holds extra material from the concert.

Here's the track list:

    DVD 1:
  1. Warsaw, Set 1
  2. Warsaw, Set 2
  3. 'Behind the Stage'

    DVD 2:
  4. A Moogumentary
  5. Encores

  6. Voices of Wielun 07:46
  7. Kampania Wrzesniowa 06:07
  8. Selbsterkennende Ganzwerdung 27:15
  9. A la Recherche du Printemps Perdu 06:58
  10. The da Varsaw Code 10:28

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