Freakangel reach IndieGoGo goal & offer free extra EP to all supporters

Posted on 01/10/13

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Freakangel reach IndieGoGo goal & offer free extra EP to all supporters

With 16 days left Freakangel's IndieGoGo campaign just passed their aimed target of 1.500 EURO / US$ 2.000. As promised, the band has now added an extra for every perk that was/will be chosen: an extra free EPCD/download (depending if people went digital or physical in the perk they chose) holding 10 extra tracks including rarities. People can still get the perks right here (including the extra free EP).

Here's the tracklist for the "The Book Of Violence Extended" EP that each supporter will receive:

  1. The Book Of Violence
  2. The Book Of Violence (Aesthetische remix)
  3. The Book Of Violence (Code 64 remix)
  4. The Book Of Violence (Psionic remix)
  5. Frailty ver. 2 (feat. Sylvicious)
  6. My Darling Bullet (demo 2009)
  7. Speed (Unreleased track 2009)
  8. Creatures (Unreleased track 2009)
  9. Sounds From The Underground (Unreleased track 2009)
  10. Used (live 2013)

The band informs they now aim to raise 2.500 EURO (that's US$ 3.333). Later on this week they'll reveal what they'll offer with this extra money, but says the band: "Be sure as hell we won't just put it on the bank. We want to give you something extra AGAIN!"

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