Bomb The Bass returns with 'Time Falls Apart' EP

Posted on 20/07/13

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Bomb The Bass returns with 'Time Falls Apart' EP

Out on July 26th is "Time Falls Apart", the brand new EP from Bomb The Bass aka British musician and producer Tim Simenon. We got an advanced copy from this 6-track EP, and it hasn't left the office playlist since (does it ring a bell?). The original album version of "Time Falls Apart" has something from that good old Manchester sound in it (remember that particular drum sound from The Stone roses for instance) that makes you nod your head instinctively. Featuring the shoe gaze vocals of Paul Conboy, it got remixed 5 times. I'd say that the Broad Bean Band mix and Wranger are my favorites, pulsating beats that for sure will make it end up in our playlist on Spotify the moment they are available on there. Having said that, the other remixes by Nephew, Paul Conboy and Kasper Bjorke are a pure pleasure for the ear too.

Recently Simenon already surprised us with the excellent, but really EXCELLENT, self titled debut of his other project Ghost Capsules, and now it seems Tim Simenon is on a very inspirational trip, because this new Bomb The Bass material promises something sweet indeed.

Note that although the band has been classed as electronic or dance over the years, it serves with this release something in-between, including the remixes which are more down tempo. For the eclectic minds out there this will be gefundenes Fressen.

The track is taken from the "In The Sun" album which will be out on Simenon's own label O*Solo Recordings later this year. The previous Bomb The bass release dates from 2010 when "Back to Light" was released on !K7 / Electric Tones.

Below you can see a video for "Time Falls Apart".

Download 'Matrix Downloaded 02'

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