Blutengel single 'Kinder dieser Stadt' out next month

Posted on 28/06/13

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Blutengel single 'Kinder dieser Stadt' out next month

A new Blutengel single, "Kinder dieser Stadt", will be out next month, more precisely on July 19th. This will already be the third single from the "Monument" album. Next to 2 remixes, the track also holds the B-side song "She Tries".

Next to MCD and download, the "Kinder dieser Stadt" single will also be released as a picture vinyl, the first one for the band actually, limited to 499 copies.

In related news, there will also be a re-release of the "Soultaker" album. Re-released as a limited jewel box in March 2011, this 3rd edition comes in super jewel box and features CD1 of the original double-CD only. Here's the track list:

  1. Soultaker*
  2. Addicted to the Night*
  3. World of Ice*
  4. Why do even angels have to die?*
  5. Engelsblut (Fallen Angel Remix)
  6. Engelsblut (Eternal Life Remix)
  7. Behind the Mirror (Shadow Remix)
  8. The Princess (Princess of Ice Remix)
  9. City Lights (City Nights Remix by ASHBURY HEIGHTS)
  10. Soultaker (Black Soul Remix)
  11. Soultaker (Lost Area Remix)
  12. World of Ice (Club Mix)
    *exclusive songs


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