Pouppee Fabrikk return with unexpected 4-track EP download 'Bring Back The Ways Of Old'

Posted on 26/03/13

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Pouppee Fabrikk return with unexpected 4-track EP download 'Bring Back The Days Of Old'

Those who tuned into this weekend's 'Syntetisk' radio program on the Norwegian radio station RadiOrakel got an exclusive airing of the new Pouppée Fabrikk single "Bring Back The Ways Of Old". Yep, that's right, after 12 years, there is finally a new single from this Swedish EBM cult act! "Bring Back The Ways Of Old" is the follow-up to the 2001 released "Elite Electronics" 4-track EP.

The 4-track download only single "Bring Back The Ways Of Old" is out now on Bandcamp (with other platforms to follow in the next days).

The EP clearly shows that Pouppée Fabrikk is back in EBM waters. And to fortify this move even more, the band had the new track remixed by the likeminded EBM buddies of Spetsnaz, Autodafeh and Polyfuse. Recommended old school EBM with a release title that couldn't be more appropriate. Listen to it right here.

Download 'Matrix Downloaded 02'

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Buy Pouppee Fabrikk CDs at Storming The Base (worldwide shipping!)


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TECH-TALK: Leif Holm (Pouppée Fabrikk, CAP)

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