Out now, Desireless & Operation Of The Sun album 'L'oeuf du dragon'

Posted on 26/03/13

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Out now, Desireless & Operation Of The Sun album 'L'oeuf du dragon'

Earlier this month we reported that french electropop icon Desireless had returned with a smashing reprise of "John". We also reported that Desireless had started working together with Operation of the Sun's Antoine Aureche to release a first CD album, "L'œuf du dragon" under the Desireless & Operation Of The Sun moniker. That album is now available as a digipak, signed by Desireless.

You can also listen for free to "L'œuf du dragon" on the duo's bandcamp page.

We talked to Antoine Aureche to know how the duo got together: "In 2011, I was working on a new OOTS album ("Désir Parabolique"). This album had some 80s tunes, and I thought that it would be very surprising to invite Desireless, an icon of the 80s, to sing with me. It happened a little bit accidentally that I contacted Desireless and asked her to sing on one of my tracks. She accepted and recorded "Uchronia". And... we had a very very good feeling! I discovered that she was really punk and open minded! Naturally we decided to continue to work together…"

We also asked him whether this is a one-off release or if there are more planned: "Since the beginning, we wanted to plan nothing in advance and to remain totally free. We only play gigs without worrying about tomorrow. Maybe this CD will be unique, and maybe that it will be followed by other productions... We don't know yet!"

You can listen to this fine release after the jump.


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