Pre-Erasure project from Andy Bell, Dinger - have a listen

Posted on 21/02/13

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Pre-Erasure project from Andy Bell, Dinger - have a listen

Every now and then, we stumble upon a YouTube video that brings back some good old memories. Yesterday we per accident watched a video for Dinger's "Air Of Mystery". Dinger who?

Dinger was the first music project of Andy Bell before he formed Erasure with Vince Clarke. Dinger was Andy Bell on vocals and writing together with Pierre Cope. Production was done by Pete Cage and Pierre Cope. Says Andy Bell when being probed by us on the matter: "Currently he (Pierre) is teaching in Russia, there are many more songs we wrote together!"

The duo only released one record, the 7" "Air Of Mystery" which was released in 1985 by Face Value Records. The 7" featured the title song "Air Of Mystery" (recorded at Berwick Street Studios) and the B side "I Love To Love" (recorded at Wolf Studios). The tracks won't be all that strange to some Erasure fans who also got hold of the now super rare "Erasure ‎– Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3" bootleg CD. The material itself is more than enjoyable and has this typical mid-eighties synth + guitar touch to it (think Duran Duran just to name the most well known exponent of the genre).

The same year, Bell was working in a meat packing plant, he responded to a newspaper advert that was looking for a singer. He was picked by Vince Clarke and together they formed the group Erasure. The pair has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. The rest is history.

You can enjoy both songs from the Dinger 7" after the jump.


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